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I am Ali Ababwa

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    how would I know if I forgot it? 2 years ago  
    still doesn't explain why there's always a big green 'now' next to your name lol plus it's still sad that you always have this site running on your computer XD 2 years ago  
    calmer mon ami, I jest 2 years ago  
    tbh I do this as well 2 years ago  
    I wanna be a burden on everyone 2 years ago  
    one person means nothing 2 years ago +1
    19 years 2 years ago  
    I'm borderline retarded 2 years ago +2
    down syndrome ass boi 2 years ago  
    down syndrome ass boi 2 years ago  
    you never know when a school might need shooting 2 years ago  
    subways 2 years ago  
    I actually do 2 years ago  
    you're 9 years old 2 years ago +4
    that doesn't mean much coming from a guy who's always on here 2 years ago  
    Ali 2 years ago  
    I hate them so much 2 years ago  
    what's funny is the fact that you criticise people for not putting effort into a recreational site also that was a nice attempt at a comeback, lol you really need to get out more. 2 years ago  
    I'm acting like a whiny b*tch? lol you went out of your way to find like 10 questions just so you could complain, also if your calling me a "lazy retard" for not not searching for questions you're have less of a life then I thought, how about you log out for once. 2 years ago  
    Nobody uses that, if you did you wouldn't have thought your questions were so oringnal, also why does it matter if it's been done before? With questions like these opinions change, stop being a little b*tch 2 years ago +1
    "You are 0% Libertarian, which makes you Not Libertarian" and I was answering honestly 2 years ago  
    Even if I could, I wouldn't 2 years ago  
    Calm your tits, obviously they didn't know it's been done before not everyone is always on like you 2 years ago +1
    Shite question 2 years ago  
    lol Wat? 2 years ago  
    I get the feeling you really love being hated or talked about in general 2 years ago  
    Breakfast? 2 years ago  
    she's already dead 2 years ago  
    lol you're such a fag 2 years ago  
    it's okay, I'm also 12 2 years ago  
    no more condoms 2 years ago +2
    eww Florida 2 years ago  
    doesn't matter, had sex 2 years ago  
    one word, 'fish titties' 2 years ago  
    5 3 years ago  
    3 3 years ago  
    6 3 years ago  
    5.5 3 years ago  
    one of my favorites 3 years ago  
    eww no 3 years ago  
    the saltier the better 3 years ago  
    Obviously 3 years ago  
    89 3 years ago  
    hah hahaahha hilarious 3 years ago  
    Dogmeat, because he doesn't judge me 3 years ago  
    ja ja ja you're heaps funny m8 3 years ago  
    Greatest of all time? 3 years ago  
    close, they're both top 5 for me 3 years ago  
    One of the greatest 3 years ago  
    Eminem is irreverent now 3 years ago  
    Harder 3 years ago  
    Cleaner 3 years ago  
    I wanted Africa to win 3 years ago  
    nobody feebs 3 years ago  
    f*ck saber 3 years ago  
    yeah but skinny body doesn't equal sexy body 3 years ago  
    that's not what 'hipon' means tho 3 years ago  
    Option C: A is cringey and B has an average booty but at least she can work with it 3 years ago +2
    Aye? 3 years ago  
    So how do you assume most murders are for real? 3 years ago  
    The nicest guy I've ever met is Filipino but I know two other Filipinos who are diсkheads 3 years ago  
    Nice, cheap pussy 3 years ago +1
    Mandingo 3 years ago  
    Yum 3 years ago  
    Hotter 3 years ago +1
    Especially paganism, uck 3 years ago  
    Your INGROUP DOMINANCE PERCENTAGE is: 100 Your OUTGROUP DOMINANCE PERCENTAGE is: 100 Your TOTAL DOMINANCE PERCENTAGE is: 100 Unlike most people, you prefer a Dominant leader to handle internal matters. Like most people, you prefer a Dominant leader to handle external threats. Overall, your choice of leaders suggests that you are politically right-wing. 3 years ago  
    It's not about hiding a bomb, it's about making or buying one. He was on the watch list 3 years ago  
    What happens to taking your gift back? And yes it would 3 years ago  
    Yes. It would. 3 years ago  
    Obviously 3 years ago  
    A lot of people claim insanity or mentally ill to get lesser charges 3 years ago +1
    Aye 3 years ago  
    I'm not sure why people hate taking pictures with the front camera so much 3 years ago  
    Link. 3 years ago  
    Yes it would 3 years ago  
    That would make it alof harder for him and increase the chance of him being caught before an attack, 3 years ago  
    Source? Because what I read said he legally bought them days before the attacks. 3 years ago  
    Everything, your saltiness 3 years ago +1
    people who know would say that's debatable :( 3 years ago  
    What has education ever done for me? 3 years ago +1
    It really isn't interesting 3 years ago  
    Saggier balls 3 years ago  
    You just danced around my question and started using jargon, who said anything about religiously following the media, you claimed something and I asked for proof 3 years ago  
    Hop off please 3 years ago  
    Are you retarded? 3 years ago  
    Not my problem 3 years ago  
    You get an A for effort 3 years ago  
    "Would you rather masturabate in home" 3 years ago  
    "These hoes ain't loyal" - Gandhi 3 years ago +1
    Croc is nowhere near as strong 3 years ago  
    More meaning 3 years ago  
    Much edge 3 years ago  
    America 3 years ago  
    Only the Mexican Dolphins 3 years ago +3
    How is that relevant to what I said? 3 years ago  
    Lol is that right? Then Why did you bring being more known up? 3 years ago  
    Nah, they say I don't determine my self worth by how many people know me on a dying website enough, I wish I could be just like you and be proud of how much of my life I wasted on here 3 years ago  
    That's kinda the point of being anonymous 3 years ago  
    Awww, well good for you. I bet your parents are proud 3 years ago  
    What are you his knight in shining armor? Hop off, he's been on this site long enough you think this means anything to him? 3 years ago +1
    Nobody knows you either 3 years ago  
    Get off his diсk would you? 3 years ago +1
    I've never understood that logic, how is believing something not thinking for yourself, hell I could ask you the same thing but replace 'media' with 'blogs' or is your opinion correct because you made it up yourself? 3 years ago  
    Lose your soul or your brain 3 years ago  
    You must be jelly 3 years ago +1
    What I'm hearing is you don't have anything, just your conspiracy theories 3 years ago  
    lol so do you think you're some sort of celebrity because you wasted years of your life on here, that's sad bruh 3 years ago  
    God I hate white people 3 years ago +1
    So you think that article is enough to claim that? Oh no I hope you aren't one of those people who are like "this doesn't make sense to me, so it must be this because I find it more logical" 3 years ago  
    Stoping being such a butthurt little bitсh it was just a joke and also stop trying to flex everyone here knows you're stupid af 3 years ago +1
    "Then you clearly haven't heard many things" lol what? try again later 3 years ago  
    that's one of the most retarded things I've ever heard 3 years ago  
    oh look it's hitler but more prepubescent....and autistic 3 years ago  
    *bows down* 3 years ago +2
    I love how some people think we have guns to stop these kind of things 3 years ago  
    what exactly leads you to make a statement like that? 3 years ago  
    write american retard 3 years ago +1
    hmm a guy from Israel, I can't say I did Nazi you voting for B 3 years ago  
    read the f*cking question idiot 3 years ago  
    How else am I supposed to curve this hoes? 3 years ago  
    Yep. Comment of the day 3 years ago  
    Tru savage 3 years ago  
    I don't mind, he's hot 3 years ago  
    Neighter 3 years ago  
    Climb aboard, get ready to explore 3 years ago  
    Sweet, last man standing 3 years ago  
    Even I'm not that much of a loser 3 years ago  
    That was the point idiot 3 years ago  
    "If disbelief in God is a religion, then so is disbelief in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, unicorns and leprechauns" 3 years ago +2
    "Athesim is a religion like baldness is a hair color" 3 years ago  
    Honestly dragonball z deaths mean nothing, they always just come back 3 years ago +1
    Same 3 years ago  
    I'm guessing you're just not smart enough to understand what I was going there 3 years ago  
    Nah m8, I'm not thirsty rn 3 years ago  
    lol you're retarded if you think ilovefreedom came up with this 3 years ago  
    Yeah, I thought you listened to my advice and uploaded a video of you killing yourself, :( 3 years ago  
    That's really inaccurate....they wouldn't give a fuсk 3 years ago  
    Look it's a retarded Hitler 3 years ago  
    So must your parents 3 years ago +2
    I agree it is rather extra genomics 3 years ago  
    Yum 3 years ago  
    Cool guy 3 years ago  
    Your comments are un-oringnal and you should feel un-oringnal 3 years ago  
    Less likely to murder me in cold blood 3 years ago  
    Plz die 3 years ago  
    Stop being an attention whore and delete it if you don't want it up 3 years ago +2
    People who use boredom as an excuse for bad questions should be lined up and shot 3 years ago +3
    I'd let him take the chair and walk away but if he comes after me, we're throwing down 3 years ago +1
    Stop being a butthurt pussy, friend. 3 years ago  
    Good 3 years ago  
    Whitechocolate, because he gives good head 3 years ago  
    How would that work?'re ugly af 3 years ago  
    And? 3 years ago  
    Because I ain't got no life 3 years ago  
    Obviously 3 years ago  
    It's gay af 3 years ago  
    Eww white people music 3 years ago  
    That's so hot 3 years ago +1
    Could you not 3 years ago  
    My life has been a lie 3 years ago  
    What are you going on about and can I eat it? 3 years ago +1
    Sexier and more talented 3 years ago  
    damn, I was hoping you would have killed yourself by now 3 years ago  
    He'd kill himself 3 years ago +2
    Lol no you're not, stfu 3 years ago  
    I'm black 3 years ago  
    Especially if they're white 3 years ago +3
    All these test do is tell people what anyone would want to believe about themselves 3 years ago  
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