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Would you rather WOT or War Thunder 1 year ago 28 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Do you believe the wage gap exists for a good reason? Yes or No 1 year ago 97 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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so torture? sure 1 year ago  
lol even to their own people 1 year ago  
id rather be extremely strong that be extremely weak. How in the world do you die in heaven? You would have to be completely hopeless 1 year ago  
then sell them all and get rich 1 year ago +2
cuz we don't want to change history. Some thing worse might happen. 1 year ago  
i know A is true 1 year ago  
oh wait it says only skin nvm 1 year ago  
deadpool 1 year ago  
i think pc desktops look cooler anyways 1 year ago  
he just said he was joking, and knows that isn't true. What he said about macs having lag is true 1 year ago  
yes 1 year ago  
fun but sometimes productive 1 year ago  
misclick, hal once had a mental breakdown due to him realizing that he is not infallible. 1 year ago  
No hair at all means you would be deaf. There is hair in ears, which can't be regrown, which is why old people are more deaf. 1 year ago  
aliens, in aliens vs predators 1 year ago  
go in the army and phase through enemy bullets, and be a complete badass 1 year ago  
use selective breeding on them to create the zerg hive mind! 1 year ago  
don't give me $50 1 year ago +1
this question is basically asking are you a boy or a girl 1 year ago  
at esports 1 year ago  
shaolin soccer was cancer 1 year ago +1
down syndrome 1 year ago +2
zombies are easier to handle. 1 year ago  
remember what happened when they tried to ban alcohol in the US? Same thing will happen, except this time Texas is going to go to war with California 1 year ago  
alliance is basically the same state but with different leaders. This is why the Articles of Confederation failed in the US. Also why the entire EU alliance sucks a ss. War can bring unity. 1 year ago  
divergent, hunger games 1 year ago  
divorcw 1 year ago  
ear rape 1 year ago  
mastodons are more exotic 1 year ago  
ye it is. This one is the real roast 1 year ago  
ye it is 1 year ago  
niether 1 year ago  
dont tell anyone... 1 year ago  
or click the pause button and steal money from people you hate 1 year ago  
the fact that i get money from happiness would make me happy 1 year ago  
wolf 1 year ago  
Its code which counts how much activity is going on from each country. Its kind of like in the statistics. 1 year ago  
^^ 1 year ago  
issa joke 1 year ago  
loch ness monster has been proven wrong. You can look it up. It was actually the fossilized remains of an ichthyosaurus. 1 year ago  
id be doing them a favor 1 year ago  
you need a good leader though 1 year ago  
ye it is 1 year ago  
so people dont drag their bodies 1 year ago  
quasars contain black holes. more epic 1 year ago  
i cant use a gun 1 year ago  
fighting fire with fire with in a smart way would be not firing it. 1 year ago  
that's a good thing 1 year ago  
military grade planes sell for more 1 year ago  
b already happened to me so, lol, why not do a. 1 year ago  
both 1 year ago  
a guy willing to buy him 1 year ago  
i think of tripping on acid. but A is my second thought 1 year ago  
rather 1 year ago  
half robin hood 1 year ago  
i can sell it 1 year ago  
issa joke 1 year ago  
by me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1 year ago  
cause those are assault rifles fromt the future. Those guys created ships that traveled so many light years in less than a year. That means that they can travel faster than light. Their rifles would be crazy strong. 1 year ago  
without love we would kill everyone. 1 year ago +1
It was all Austria Hungary's fault. They had no evidence of Serbia killing their leader, but they still attacked because they thought Germany wanted a war, even though they didn't. Then Germany went full retard, and started bringing neutral countries into the war. 1 year ago  
Christianity is an old religion 1 year ago  
I would never run out of battery or die 1 year ago  
Justin Bieber 1 year ago  
if God exists or doesn't exist, it doesn't matter. Man still made religion. Religion is belief. 1 year ago  
dragons 1 year ago  
i can't get fired 1 year ago  
India 1 year ago  
peepee(heehee) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1 year ago  
B is actually legit. There have been many cases of this happening, including someone who claimed to relive four times. 1 year ago +1
long swords have been proven to be more effective than broadswords many times throughout history. 1 year ago  
that's worse 1 year ago  
flash 1 year ago  
more varying questions instead of all the popular ones always being popular 1 year ago  
no bullets 1 year ago  
as long as he isn't doing drugs. 1 year ago  
"radical islam" how is that? 1 year ago  
everyone in the world 1 year ago  
wotblitz 1 year ago  
omnipotent 1 year ago  
racism is a bigger problem 1 year ago +1
its more like 1 in 60 1 year ago  
the sims (im basically god) 1 year ago  
wasp m3 is for the real pros. more parkour 1 year ago  
the only reason i said there are good points on both sides is to stop people from getting triggered lol. just wanted a poll 2 years ago  
its a waste of time 2 years ago  
so basically would u ride a dinosaur or have a turtle 2 years ago  
Im theist and this argument is bullsh*t 2 years ago  
zeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrg ruuuuuuuuuuuusssssshhhhh!!!!!! 2 years ago  
that color of your face vs your hand 2 years ago  
werewolf, vampire, iz 2 years ago  
if you did a little bit more research, africa doesn't suffer from an extreme starvation problem. Sure there is statistically more poverty, but it is still not a bad place to live in 2 years ago  
ill keep the 80 pounds and lose my original weight 2 years ago  
no 2 years ago  
what a poopyhead 2 years ago  
It's just a myth that lions don't live in the jungle. Most lions live in grasslands, but some asian lions live in the jungle, where they sometimes even come in contact with bengal tigers 2 years ago  
looks like you sh*t your pants 2 years ago +1
meteors 2 years ago  
other way around is also true, but id rather get wealth first. 2 years ago  
where do u live? 2 years ago  
With the world's best job you could potentially save millions. 2 years ago  
i guess ill give you death 2 years ago  
infinite power gives you infinite knowledge 2 years ago  
Man don't ever make a good joke and say something like "ok ill stop now" or "ill kill myself now". 2 years ago  
11,000,000 people died 2 years ago  
The left guy knows the right guy is lying, but is never able to react the right way, or just doesn't give a sh*t, and the guy on the right still gets away. 2 years ago  
if you could read minds you would have known 2 years ago  
i don't want to cause hyperinflation in africa and destroy their economy. 2 years ago  
food 2 years ago  
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