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    ewwww 2 years ago  
    well...this is the last question...WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE?! D: 2 years ago  
    i just remembered school >_ 2 years ago  
    cuz im 12 2 years ago  
    I BELIVE I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    mine already lags :) 2 years ago  
    no school :D 2 years ago  
    so...would i rather die or die? 2 years ago  
    FOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    no. just no. 2 years ago  
    dare to pick truth 2 years ago  
    OMNOMNOM 2 years ago  
    no internet in 1700's 2 years ago  
    chose the wrong one >_ 2 years ago  
    NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    Zzzzzzz..... 2 years ago  
    two words...paper. bag. 2 years ago  
    no bees 2 years ago  
    DIE KELLY DIE 2 years ago  
    ...im a girl... 2 years ago  
    on the way down scream I BELIVE I CAN FLYYYYY 2 years ago  
    i dont drink 2 years ago  
    41% are the older sibling 2 years ago  
    FOOD 2 years ago  
    wait.....id have to date a 2 year old NOOOOO 2 years ago  
    citric acid...orange juice 2 years ago  
    pizza... 2 years ago  
    i dont have keys 2 years ago  
    LIARS!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    cuz im lazy 2 years ago  
    steal the moeny (duh) 2 years ago  
    eat them o-o 2 years ago  
    FOOD 2 years ago  
    ima kid lol 2 years ago  
    I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    where is the rewind button when u need it 2 years ago  
    time=moeny 2 years ago  
    too scared to surf o-o 2 years ago  
    time=moeny 2 years ago  
    too scared to surf o-o 2 years ago  

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