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    it needs to be ferrari or lambo 2 months ago  
    who?? 2 months ago  
    Chocolate melts too! 2 months ago  
    ENGLISH!!! 2 months ago  
    bro if it is fake then why if there still a flag on da moon! 2 months ago  
    https://tenor.com/view/stop-stopit-mj-jordan-nope-gif-5098905 2 months ago  
    why did u select Ipad 2 then?? 2 months ago  
    what f*cking car is american! 2 months ago  
    Telstra 2 months ago  
    I know right! 2 months ago  
    woolworths 2 months ago  
    buildin craftin minein! welcome to the world of Minecraft. 2 months ago  
    the egg.. the bird laid an egg and it was a deformed version of the bird and it is now what we eat today! chicken! 2 months ago  
    Australia because we have gay marriage, free health-care and the best animal: the Knagaroo! 2 months ago  
    Canada because we have gay marriage, free health-care and the best maple syrup. Well we have that too BOI 2 months ago  
    Um get your facts right! we have all of what canada has and more! 2 months ago  
    no tax! I can drive! live life without limits boi! 2 months ago  
    OH no! it is now 82%! 2 months ago  
    If I don't want something on that dish! I get my own sh!t 2 months ago  
    not yet... 2 months ago  
    -.- American supports Aussie things.... 2 months ago  
    In chinchilla there is a watermelon festival every 2 years! next one is in 2021! 2 months ago  
    Mercedes-Benz... but I will go with RR 2 months ago  
    LOL I don't have a daughter 2 months ago  
    A what? 2 months ago  
    when I went to school. I had uniforms! they Fing suck! 2 months ago  
    It is a no brainer! even tho I believe in Jesus! 2 months ago  
    would save lives if it costed mine! #gooddeed! 2 months ago  
    We will kill u XD 2 months ago  
    Wait 10% voted blackberry! 2 months ago  
    never lived in america... IDK 2 months ago  
    I don't know what utopia is 2 months ago  

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