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    Like if you hate people who ask for likes.  
    Lol without superman the justice league wouldn't have made it through darkseids relentless onslaught and antimoniter  
    I like my penis  
    It was a whopper :D  
    Starting now everyone must marry a pelican!  
    XD you know it  
    Why would it matter if I was named hitler?  
    If I had a lightsaber there would be any starving African children. >:-)  
    That would be pretty hot XD. Its that time of month again honey, Let me grab the popcorn +1
    Still have sex  
    I don't have friends  
    Why is this even a question  
    That woujld be pretty badass  
    Depends one which brother  
    If you are a celebrities spouse you still have money  
    If its sex its sex  
    For all those people who play league and answered this question it would be a super party.  
    Why is this in technology?  
    I like Christmas because I can see others around me happy and hey, I even get a few presents too.  
    Because some people love other certain people. The question is would you rather bring back people who you never knew or if you would bring back say your dead father or mother or grandmother or grandfather.  
    With infinite knowledge comes infinite power.  
    I would make a law that lets me determine the laws of the world and change or get rid of them at will. Or create more.  
    Cant have sex with unicorns  
    I would wish for infinite wishes.  
    If you look at the statistics Germany has one of the lowest votes on A. Take that you racist biggots.  
    I would still have my hair it would just be a little loose.  
    So basically he is asking what kind of person you are. If you are A than you will pick B and vice versa. This man is a genius, GET HIM A COOKIE!  
    Life is full of risks. Take them every once in a while.  
    And of course the comments section of this question takes up half of the f*****g page +1
    I think this would be a perfect example of a question that needs a both button.  
    Like this comment if you are living in 2017  
    A walrus has the second biggest penis in comparison with his mass of any animal.  
    So a rotted banana or a white guys dick. XD I misclicked.  
    lol so a small amount of pudding or diseases  
    Option B is basically my life, How do you think I got to this site.  
    I saw Emma Watson and clicked her  
    If I could read minds I would be a master of dialogue and I would never hurt anyone's feelings.  
    I don't know any celebrities and certainly wouldn't wanna date them because they are caught up in too much sh*t  
    well if I ruled I would have trump hung and Hillary burned. So it works out perfectly.  
    I can bring back a flying car or something and patent it and make millions and millions of dollars and than my grandchildren would be SUPER happy  
    A quiet wedding sounds nice  
    I don't have a cell phone and most of the things that you can do on an iPhone or any phone require internet.  
    If I change my last name to Hitler, than no one would bully me because they would be too afraid. gg life  
    I think it would be fun to learn some things about Europe.  
    imagine the lives you could save with a lightsaber  
    I am good at singing imo  
    Xd I love the picture for option A  
    I love how this is the top voted comment  
    Well that would mean my crush is lesbian.  
    still can have sex and still can fall in love however they will die so you will be depressed. Still worth it.  
    If you mentally never age, wouldn't you never learn anything? You'd be mentally f*cked...  
    They killed thousands of Jedi before they had the stupid idea to coop themselves up in a spaceship and get blown up. Dooku was arrogant and Maul thought he could take on two Jedi and survive. However if you look back at the lore and not just dwell on the moves than you would see that the Sith are superior  
    36 PERCENT TO 64 PERENT AND MOVIES ARE WINNING? f*cking hipster *ssholes  
    does anyone have kryptonite in marvel. Does anyone have sh*t on anti-monitor or doomsday? I didn't think so bro.  
    I hope those potatoes are battered and fried.  
    A man with 16 inches of bacon. YAS. I would sleep with that guy just for the breakfast in the morning. lol  
    So have something awesome that could get wrecked if I drink or someone else drinks or if there is one stupid driver ooooorrrrr have a cool house  
    I hate 3 girls. Have sex with them. Or eat them of course.  
    lol camel toe  
    So lose innocence forever or lose sex forever. Well since there are 150,000 other life long kids and since we would probably figure out about sex... I think yall get what I am coming too.  
    Lol actually I believe you would figure it out eventually  
    Story time. I had this friend that I considered my "best" for years. I loved her for about half the time I had known her. I asked her out a few months back and it was the worst thing I have ever felt in my life. She said no but than tried to say that it was her and not me and now she doesn't talk to me anymore. Honestly if I could go back in time just once in my life or if I had one wish right now I would wish or go back and never have asked her out. worst mistake I have ever made and I have regretted it for 4 months now.  
    This should have been a unisex question. Notice the him in each one. I have no friends so whatever  
    More league of legends every day.  
    That 7 percent are desperate old women  
    Is there a neither button.  
    Anarchy or Tyranny.  
    I would wish for infinite wishes. Than I would wish for an overrule over the no money rule. Than I would wish for superpowers. Than I would wish that someone would love me.  
    I would look at myself naked XD. I am a messed up human.  
    Mermaid sex guys. Think about it.  
    looks like the penguins are having sex XDXD  
    So would we look like the opposite gender or would I be a guy with a vagina?  
    Ever heard of the nuclear bomb?  
    Who the fck would survive a nuclear war?  
    that's the same as the second answer  
    Well right now I am already a nobody in a bad world.  
    I get to argue for a living...  
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