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Name's Heather. I'm pretty friendly and very accepting. Fairly open about myself and my life, ask me anything. I tend to be a little weird... but I love humor and I love to make people laugh however I can. I like interwebs people, they are my kind of people. Send me a message or comment... cuz ya know, you're already at the end of this. ;D "There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments." — Chris Rock

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    Easier to smuggle stuff. +1
    Haha, it happens. No problem :3  
    I get notified every time someone spells "healthier" wrong. :P  
    He was betrayed by his friend, beaten by his own people, then handed over to the Romans to be beaten again. They lacerated him with their whips and forced a crown of thorns into his scalp. They then forced a wooden beam on him to carry to the place of crucifixion. Bruised, beaten and naked they nailed him to that cross, which was designed to make it difficult to breathe and to make one long for death. They spit on him, and laughed at him. ht tp: // ww w. you tube. c om/ watch?v=Hj0XhslZNKQ He came to bring life on earth, and eternal life so that we could be with him forever. He did come to save his children. He gave his life for us. He was loved by many but rejected by many too, even today people reject Jesus. They don't believe that He was the Messiah, that He came to save. Jesus said whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Whoever believes that He was who he said he was, died and rose again on the third day, that His blood was shed for the remission of our sins, and confess it with their mouth then they are saved. (5/final)  
    EXACTLY! Why would a loving God sit back and watch his beloved creation die out and go to hell to forever be excluded from his presence? He DIDN'T. He didn't sit back to watch everything he loves be destroyed. God steps in, uses a man, or men, to try to get everyone to turn from their sins, allows sacrifice as a pardon, establishes the ten commandments. But even with just 10 rules to follow, man still would mess up. It was a time and time again thing and God knew something had to be done. There would never be enough spotless animals to pardon every sin, to cover every wrong doing. Something else had to be done. The ultimate sacrifice. No blood of a spotless lamb could cover the multitudes of sin, it had to be a man and he had to be spotless. God came to earth to be that lamb, because of His great love for us. And that's when Jesus was born, wholly man and wholly God. He brought more than eternal salvation with him, he brought unconditional love, hope, healing, miracles. He nevered shunned or looked down on people because of their sin, he looked on them with love and told them to turn from their sin. He was tempted like every man is so he knows first hand how you feel. (4)  
    Contrary to what many people say, hell isn't for bad people. When man sinned, it brought death on him and since we are spiritual beings, having the eternal breath of God within us, our spirits have to go somewhere when we die. Because God is perfect and so is heaven, sin cannot be present there; so when sinners die their spirits cannot go to heaven they have to go somewhere else, hell, to await judgment. God cannot destroy hell because sin is still present, and sin still cannot enter heaven. Even if God made us WANT to do the right thing, don't you think man would still choose his own sinful desires? Wouldn't man just choose the fleshly ways he was born with? Don't you think some would rebel just like Lucifer? Won't some try to justify what he thinks is the right thing? If God made us want to do the right thing and we go against what we "want" -for whatever reason- we've sinned and cannot go to heaven. And also, if God made us want to do the right thing, wouldn't that be interfereing with man's free will? Wouldn't that make him the unloving choose-me-or-go-to-hell kind of God so many people try to make him out to be? (3)  
    I believe that God, ultimately, has a bigger plan, because why would He create us in the first place? I believe He created humans because He wanted something to love, and, given that we are made in his image and can possess emotions, that we would return the love. God knew that man would fall, but instead of creating something else or forgetting us completely, He knew that he could take the bad and make something good of it. And if you think about it, there can't be good without bad, or bad without good, can there? I think God uses the bad to show his goodness and grace so that all can see and feel his love. If all was good and perfect, how could God show that he loved you? If you were never lonely, how could He show you that he's always with you? If you never experienced sadness or held a burden, how could you even fathom that God could bring you peace? If Satan never whispered in your ear that you're a worthless not good for anything piece of dirt, how would you know just how valuable and loved you are? If Satan didn't inflict pain and tear you down, then you would never know how it feels when God, who still is holding you by the hand, pulls you to your feet and tells you that your sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. Don't get me wrong, Satan has a place waiting for him but that time will come when he's destroyed everything like he initially intended. (2)  
    The human mind can't discern, or comprehend, all that God is. We are finite and God is infinite. God is omniscient...There is a difference between knowing of lust, and partaking in it. Just like there is a difference between knowing what driving is, or even how to drive, and actually driving. Watching someone drive only makes you a bystander, an onlooker, an observer, not the driver or a driver at all. God knows what lust is but that doesn't mean He's lusted after his creation. Having never committed a sin, He is perfect. God is omnipresent in that He is omniscient. He knows everything that is happening and where it is happening, as His spirit is everywhere. You couldn't get away from Him unless you went to the only place He won't be, and that's hell. If He wanted to take his spirit away, He is able to but He won't. (1)  
    Thank you for being the first comment I've seen to correct the claim that they both happened, or that God created the big bang, when clearly the Bible states otherwise.  
    I advise you to read the first chapter of the Bible.  
    You cannot say it is a lie if you have not seen the truth in the first place. Considering only about 16% of the human population doesn't have a religion, I think it is safe to say that maybe these few are actually the ones who are wrong. And if "religion" is a lie, then why does it work? Why do people get miraculously healed? Why do people have spiritual experiences? Why are people happier, why do people succeed more? Why do things just seem to work for them, as if there is always a way out of every bad situation? Because there is a loving God, whom the majority of humans believe in, who guides them. God didn't say we wouldn't enjoy this life, in fact he wants us to, but he wants the best for our lives. He doesn't want us to go out and do whatever we want if what we want may end up destroying our spirit or even lead to death. Evidence for God is all around you. I believe, if you ask Him to reveal himself or show you that He is real, He will take the opportunity because it means you're opening the door for Him. He doesn't come where He isn't invited, so ask Him..give him a chance...and then you too will know why the majority of humans have a "religion".  
    Lol! +32
    Screw bungee..what if it breaks?! D: +28
    Oh shut it. +1
    At least they got to grow old together. +1
    God has no beginning or end... He is outside the realm of time. +2
    Or maybe you just think you do. +2
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