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Where would you rather live in the West Coast or the East Coast 3 years ago 56 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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It's a paint ret0rds 3 years ago  
Burning alive takes a long time to day too and your eye globes explode before dying so it's a f*cking nightmare. 3 years ago  
Que interesante, cuentame más. 3 years ago  
rugby is about grabbing a pig's stomach and running with it, so unskilled so pussy 3 years ago  
no it's not amerifag :D 3 years ago  
you have a disease then 3 years ago  
That's only because in the stupid Hollywood films the ''good'' people always wins but that's just a lie. It's fine kid you will grow up. 3 years ago  
Don't know doesn't matter 3 years ago +3
You all f*cking mainstreams. 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
She has money 3 years ago  
MW2 is a masterpiece compared to Black Ops... 3 years ago  
In PS3 you could play online without paying... What a shame it changed in PS4 3 years ago  
Is it bad if your grandfather was Hitler? I would be proud x) 3 years ago  
We choose to hit bums cause they receive help from the governement thanks to our taxes and I don't pay my taxes to help them keep buying alcohol, drugs, cigars or hookers. They are social parasites. 3 years ago  
You can DIE doesn't mather if you spread it or not ( but in case you have HIV is funnier to spread it and laugh at them later) so you and the 566 persons who liked the comment are GENIUS. 3 years ago  
Most of Einstein's calculations were wrong and corrected by other mathematicians/physicists also there are many suspicions that he stole most of Henri Poincaré work. So... Newton Rules. 3 years ago  
77% of dickheads 3 years ago  
Excuse the dude who did this question for not been that nerdie about photography 3 years ago  
I hope China, Russia and North Korea nuke US :D 3 years ago +1
Nobody cares about your age normies just skip if you are 11 -.- 3 years ago  
Pepsi just tastes much much sweeter... 3 years ago  
Not always genius x) 3 years ago  
It's the same sh*t 3 years ago  
I want them both dead 3 years ago  
They will walk in the darkness for ever. 3 years ago  
I'm straigth. 3 years ago  
I'm straight. 3 years ago  
I have cock. Skip... 3 years ago  
This is haram ALLAHU AKBAAAAAAR 3 years ago  
You can almost keep doing the same in US right now (specially with black people). 3 years ago  
Hitler did nothing wrong 3 years ago  
She would have a friend... she would have me. 3 years ago  
She would have a friend... she would have me. AYY LMAO 3 years ago  

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