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    Ronald McDonald is Freaky.  
    I already do the dishes. +1
    The Cold never bothered me any way.  
    I want lots of children.  
    Oops sorry Did not understand I thought it meant like the egg was lade first and then the chick hatched out and grew to be a chicken. But the Chicken has to lay the egg. GOD IS REAL and He created the world and everything in it in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  
    You Don't walk upside down in Australia.  
    More equipment.  
    God created every thing in 6 days and that's final.  
    My dad rides 45 minutes to work every day.  
    As long as it was written By a christen Artist.  
    I'm 11 and I don't where Makeup.  
    Red Gatorade Rocks.  
    I already have Been saved and am going to heaven  
    Some times I say stuff that is funny to me But then everyone looks at me like I'm stupid.  
    Bethany Hamleton got threw it.  
    That's what my mom has in one ear and I'm considering it to.  
    Oops clicked the wrong one. I like to wear heals but only on special occasions cause there bad for your feet.  
    God Is real.  
    Close the shades.  
    Long live Aslan!  
    I Don't were pants. Ever.  
    I'm a girl.  
    With Oreos you get to make big frosting balls YYYUMM.  
    I would like to be able to experience the god coming back and taking every cleansed person to heaven.  
    Can't wait to have children.  
    Next year I'll have the year off.  
    I'm a Girl so I'm flipping.  
    Get a Wig (pretty wig).  
    I sleep on my side.  
    I'm 11 LOL  
    Once you start it's really hard to stop I think.  
    I was born in Italy and would like to see it again  
    Aliens don't exist so it would never happen.  
    Have already gone camping in my back yard listened to music all night whith my sister.  
    Can't wait to get married and have a family.  
    Scared of hightes  
    I love reading.  
    I don't have a controller.  
    You have to climb to the top to jump off but both of them would be awful for me I'm scared of hights.  
    Your husband could be really good and you both fall in love with each other.  
    Dancing is so fun and it doesn't been you can't do both.  
    Bethany Hamilton got threw it.  
    Every one gets presents plus you and you get the pleasure of giving. And you get to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  
    I have glasses there really annoying sometimes.  
    I don't know if I should chose to make Gay marriage illegal smoking illegal or drinking illegal.  
    I've done it a million times.  
    Cats and kitten's are so cute dogs are to but the one I have right now is sometimes mean and doesn't listen to you.  
    Baby's don't date. But it would be awful if my crush dated my enemy.  
    I love my religion. God is awsome.  
    Bring the Cats on so cute.  
    You get to continue a dream without your little annoying brother waking you up.  
    Born in Italy  
    I have 90% chance of Living.  
    There both awful.  
    You only get to look at mermaids.  
    you are dead.  
    I don't use iTunes  
    The Big Bang is a stupid thing and so is evolution and whoever study's them is wasting there time. +1
    God is real and he is awesome and he will come and take us to a place of paradise and everlasting fun!  
    If you jumped off the Ski lift then you would die.  
    God is real and awesome.  
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