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Just Yuri Just Yuri? or Just Yuri. 1 year ago 58 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Quiz time 3!How old am I? A-13/15 B-16/18 C-18/21 D-21/25 E-26+ It's or Game time started 1 year ago 31 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Quiz time! Question 2: What is my favorite band? A:Led Zeppelin B:Pink Floyd C:Queen D:The Beatles E:Dream theater I know! or It's.... 1 year ago 35 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Screw it, better late than never. Quiz time! Where did I live for the first 9 years of my life? A-Lebanon, B-The US, C-Qatar-D-The UAE, E-France. Comments or Not 1 year ago 28 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If I don't get up to 500 profile views in the next hour I will spoil the GOT finale episode Okay or Nooo 1 year ago 51 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Today officially marks 2 years on rrrather for me Congrats or Why are you still on here? 2 years ago 105 votes 10 comments 0 likes
There has been a lot of questions from guests/noobs lately, what do you think the explanation for this is? I think.... or Idk 2 years ago 43 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Better album? The Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall 2 years ago 76 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Comment your top 3 songs or Not 2 years ago 79 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Not eat your meat, but not get to have any pudding or Be a good kid and eat your meat, then have your pudding 2 years ago 131 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Goodbye Au revoir or Adios 2 years ago 71 votes 7 comments 0 likes
I'm willing to make a rrrather amazing race story under certain conditions Sure or Nope 2 years ago 79 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Describe me in three words or less Sure or Ok 2 years ago 60 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Join the #MakeRrratherGreatAgain movement, spamming the site with quality questions and writing #MakeRrratherGreatAgain in the description! On it! or Nope 3 years ago 68 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Hey, I know this isn't an actual WYR question, but I felt that I had the need to inform you that I will be temporarily leaving Rrrather, until at least mid-June, because I am currently under a lot of pressure due to finals coming up. I have about 200 pages to memorize, and countless lessons to review, and this website is eating away some of my time. I know that I haven't been very active lately, and this has to do with the finals too. I may visit this site once or twice during this absence to check on things, but I'll probably not comment or enter the chat. Anyways, I'm sorry you had to scroll all this, just felt like I had to tell you what's going on. Goodbye! or You were a prick anyways 3 years ago 91 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Is team fortress 2 A class-based shooter or The only war themed hat simulator 3 years ago 361 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Best Lannister (Vote only if you watched GoT or read ASOIAF) Tyrion Lannister or Any other Lannister 3 years ago 565 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Narcissistic, Ignorant, but nice or Nihilistic, Depressed, but smart. 3 years ago 111 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Will you/Did you Go to college /University or Not 3 years ago 104 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Undertale Character Tourney: Round 1, 3/32 Toriel or Moldsmal 3 years ago 73 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Undertale Character Tourney: Round 1, 2/32 Dogaressa or Snowdin Shopkeeper 3 years ago 82 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Undertale Character Tourney: Round 1, 1/32 Catty or Doggo 3 years ago 866 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Should I change my profile description? Yes, it's getting old or No, I like it 3 years ago 90 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Double your intelligence or Quadruple your knowledge 3 years ago 15,449 votes 192 comments 1 like
Is VorpeHD transgender? Yes or No, s/he is ... 3 years ago 123 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Have you ever experienced death right before your eyes? Yes or No 3 years ago 198 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Who is the current Lebanese president? Comments or Keep scrolling 3 years ago 117 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Which fact about me is true? I visited the USA many times or Amal Clooney comes from my mother's little village, so in a way I'm related to George Clooney 3 years ago 162 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Happy independence day Lebanon! Yay or Nay 3 years ago 56 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Live a life full of hardships, but you will make the world a much better place. or Live a long happy life, but you will be forgotten 3 years ago 94 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Druze or Jewish 3 years ago 90 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Ask me anything! Ok or Nah 3 years ago 68 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Do you visit rrrather mostly Because of the questions or Because of the community 3 years ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes
In a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being great and 1 being terrible, how awesome do you think I am? *Comments* or Why should I even care about you N00b 4 years ago 102 votes 37 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Mario kart wii or Mario kart 8 4 years ago 114 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Is Avatar the last Airbender An anime or A cartoon 4 years ago 115 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live in a world where there is eternal world peace, technology is a lot more advanced, no global warming, no more poor people, there is freedom, liberty and equality everywhere...but everyone will lose their personality. or The world stay as it is 4 years ago 141 votes 15 comments 0 likes
( I don't usually follow the crowd but this seems fun)Can you guess my name? Yes! or No! 4 years ago 85 votes 55 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a hero but have everyone treat you like a villain or Be a villain but have everyone treat you like a hero 4 years ago 115 votes 21 comments 0 likes

Heti123 has posted the following comments:

Still best girl though 1 year ago +2
dQw4 1 year ago  
Ill miss you too 1 year ago  
So far I've only liked one person, and she's waaaay out of my league 1 year ago  
I'm still pretty young so it might work out better 1 year ago  
I get arrested but ruled innocent 1 year ago +2
Idubbbz 1 year ago +1
I used to love this as a kid 1 year ago  
BBB 1 year ago  
A bit late, don't you think? 1 year ago  
Duh 1 year ago +1
Same thing 1 year ago +1
Hogwarts house? 1 year ago  
Jacksepticeye 1 year ago  
Great animation 1 year ago +1
I see a line of cars and they're all painted black. With flowers and my love, both never to come back. I see people turn their heads and quickly look away. Like a newborn baby it jus happens everyday. 1 year ago  
Cash 1 year ago  
D or C, leaning towards D 1 year ago  
He's one of my favorite users, even though I like B too 1 year ago  
Kendrick>Kanye 1 year ago  
Top 3 of all time 1 year ago  
I don't want to have to avoid myself 1 year ago  
I think that he only allows naked men, not women, to be posted here, given his preferences. 1 year ago +2
A doesn't happen that often 1 year ago  
I'm john cena 1 year ago +1
I'll move the censor bars with my mind 1 year ago  
Why the censor bars? 1 year ago +1
Anwsering only by yes or no, are you ashamed of wetting the bed last night? 1 year ago  
What Sanara said 1 year ago  
Also, nice fractal 1 year ago  
Biggie cheese 1 year ago  
C 1 year ago  
F. 1 year ago  
A 1 year ago  
C. I dropped it twice lol. It's fun for a bit but the. It gets slow. Brb doing it again. 1 year ago  
B? I vaguely remember something like this but I don't know if you changed jobs since then. 1 year ago  
Beautiful city, visited it last summer 1 year ago +1
One of the first prog songs ever 1 year ago  
Before they die 1 year ago  
There is actually a slightly higher chance to roll a 6 than any other number because of lighter weight. That's why snake eyes are rare. 1 year ago  
I speak 3 languages and understand 4 1 year ago  
Much better than the movies. I mean the movies are fun but it's just no the same imho. I don't want to be an elitist but that's just what I think. 1 year ago  
B 1 year ago  
So you're saying D ISN'T legendary? 1 year ago +1
D (And that's part of why you're one of my favorite users) 1 year ago  
Mjaddara 1 year ago  
Probably my favorite OST 1 year ago  
Dr Manhattan 1 year ago +1
Exams 1 year ago  
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell 1 year ago +1
B? 1 year ago  
D? 1 year ago  
E 1 year ago  
Get outta here 1 year ago  
"First thing is that I will donate all of the US's coffers to Black Lives Mattter..." 1 year ago  
Bee 1 year ago  
Fuсking fuсk bitсh; it ain't censored for me 1 year ago  
Most of this site 1 year ago  
WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY HAIR? (Ik josuke says that it just felt fitting) 1 year ago  
Hey vsauce! Michael Here. 1 year ago  
Nah 1 year ago  
A 1 year ago +1
E, not edgy enough 1 year ago  
;) 1 year ago  
I also think about beautiful women though 1 year ago  
It smells fuсking awful though. Dont ask how I know. 1 year ago  
Useful 1 year ago +1
AF 1 year ago  
Dragah? 1 year ago  
Usmanc 1 year ago  
Hemorrhoids 1 year ago  
Ninja 1 year ago  
DIO 1 year ago  
Slug 1 year ago  
Nintendo 1 year ago  
I might be slightly sociopathic but I'm probably not. 1 year ago  
She wouldn't care, dad would just mess with me 1 year ago  
Am I in this? 1 year ago +1
A..........nother brick in the wall 1 year ago +2
F U 1 year ago +1
Ja 1 year ago  
More of a. Challenge.. I'll try to guide them into the right direction 1 year ago  
More expensive 1 year ago  
Become the best voice actor ever know to man. Also a great singer. 1 year ago +1
كل خرة 1 year ago  
Since echoes is my favorite song then how could I not like Koichi? However my favorite anime character is Killua Zoldyck. 1 year ago  
I'm already A 1 year ago  
Most gay people are men too tho 1 year ago  
The most comfortable thing that I can wear 1 year ago  
Lol I'm a virgin 1 year ago  
A has a whole trope around people hating him. Idk B but he has be better 1 year ago  
I hate pop but it's profitable so I'll just make a couple hit songs and live the rest of my life in luxury 1 year ago  
I used to beat the hardest difficulty during school breaks 1 year ago  
A mummy 1 year ago  
It's 2:30 AM 1 year ago  
A can be ironic at least 1 year ago  
Has a better chance to be successful 1 year ago +1
I'm just trying to knock it out asap since soy will probably lose to the next one 1 year ago  
One piece has over 700 episodes though, so it ain't A 1 year ago  
Isn't XXXTENTACION a meme? 1 year ago  
Ketchup is the most overrated condiment to graze the earth 1 year ago  
Halawi 1 year ago  
XXX 1 year ago +1
"In my own bed, with a belly full of wine and a maiden's mouth around my cock, at the age of eighty," -Tyrion Lannister 1 year ago  
Not 15 1 year ago  
Eid Mubarak btw 1 year ago +1
BOTW 1 year ago  
Escape to Canada 1 year ago +1
Me 1 year ago  
Nothing personnel* 1 year ago  
I was just bored and sh*tposting, I ain't gonna do it 1 year ago  
He would just adapt himself 1 year ago +1
Since this site is dead I'll change the deadline to 3 hours 1 year ago  
I HOPE B wins but it won't happen 1 year ago  
A 4 year old wouldn't know what dating is, while a 9 year old cannot date a 4 year old 1 year ago  
Half your age plus seven 1 year ago  
I feel that A would hurt my nonexistent dating life 1 year ago +2
Israel's only claim to the land is a 3000 year old book 1 year ago +2
Different eras though. 1 year ago  
Plant a bomb 1 year ago  
Multiple animals > 1 animal 1 year ago  
3>6>4>7>1>5>2 1 year ago  
Ravenclaw 1 year ago  
Does sushi count 1 year ago +2
Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon 1 year ago  
They already kind of do (women can't transfer their nationality to their children) 1 year ago  
Eu4, CK2. Tho A are cool too 1 year ago  
Threesome time 2 years ago  
No, she's also from Harry Potter. 1 of the main villains. She tortured the Longbottoms to insanity, killed Sirius black, is Voldemort' most loyal servant, and held her own against Hermione, Ginny, and (I forgot) during the battle of hogwarts 2 years ago  
She's not more powerful, but she's definitely smarter and more...sane 2 years ago +1
Lmao I did this level just yesterday 2 years ago  
B are A 2 years ago +2
Sigh 2 years ago  
I do, but the way they teach things at my school they aren't as useful as notebooks 2 years ago  
You forgot to mention that some dude ran over people in his vehicle 2 years ago +1
I don't even have notes because of how incomprehensible they can be 2 years ago  
You haven't seen my handwriting dude 2 years ago  
BEGONE THOT 2 years ago +2
Already do 2 years ago  
There's ironical fun in cringe 2 years ago  
Make tests immensely easier 2 years ago +1
The creator of jojo has great taste in music 2 years ago  
And sell her for two fidget spinners 2 years ago +2
E N G L A N D I S M Y C I T Y 2 years ago +2
Anger 2 years ago  
I was on vacation in italy 2 years ago +1
At least I ate a lot of pasta 2 years ago  
4 is still the best 2 years ago  
Fuk I missd it 2 years ago  
Unpopular opinion: To Pimp A Butterfly> DAMN. 2 years ago  
Idk you sorry 2 years ago  
Who remembers jrob? 2 years ago  
No one would believe me for B 2 years ago +1
Yup 2 years ago  
:) 2 years ago  
Yup 2 years ago  
Cannibal Holocaust? 2 years ago  
I want Connor to win but he probably won't 2 years ago  
Turning 16 in 2 days 2 years ago  
Both are cool 2 years ago  
It's jut a passing trend like yo-yos in the 90's 2 years ago  
I'm so lazy 2 years ago  
Wait.....didn't you hate vegans/vegetarians? 2 years ago  
r/madlads 2 years ago  
I want to be included but idk what I'll be like 2 years ago  
I like trains 2 years ago +1
Yes please 2 years ago +2
Best civ game 2 years ago +1
Don't care either way 2 years ago  
Never dated 2 years ago  
Same 2 years ago +1
HERESY 2 years ago  
But not an important/official one, just regular school tests 2 years ago  
As well as all the rather comments 2 years ago +2
My description is WAAAYYYY better 2 years ago +1
Kinkeh 2 years ago  
Club penguin 2 years ago +1
Ah, i see you're a man of culture as well 2 years ago  
Try to include me 2 years ago  
AIDS 2 years ago  
Tried A, didn't work for me.... 2 years ago  
The Room 2 years ago +1
No concerts here :( 2 years ago  
Fuсk, I didn't die :( 2 years ago  
Killing a chicken 2 years ago  
Cool 2 years ago  
You just asked a whole group of internet users what they would like. What were you expecting? 2 years ago +1
Has more cancer 2 years ago  
Hippo probably 2 years ago  
Dog? 2 years ago  
Depends if they love you back or not 2 years ago  
I am the senate 2 years ago  
Cool 2 years ago +1
June 22nd, a day before my birthday 2 years ago +1
Misclick 2 years ago  
Vrcrcsxgu 2 years ago  
Depends on how long you mean by long. 2 years ago  
Duh 2 years ago  
Tear down the wall 2 years ago  
At myself because I managed to get a girlfriend 2 years ago +2
Duh 2 years ago  
Great 2 years ago  
And lose it all in a succession crisis 2 years ago  
Anyone who picked A is a liar no matter what 2 years ago  
I think we all know why we chose this 2 years ago  
I just like bands 2 years ago  
Oh yeah lol 2 years ago  
//www.rrrather.com/view/193840 2 years ago  
Don't worry, a quick RESET will fix it for you, I heard! 2 years ago +4
Whatever you're into I guess 2 years ago +1
I literally posted just 1 comment about club penguin lol 2 years ago +3
Me I guess...Idk who else except frisk but I imagine that someone else would do them 2 years ago  
What turns you on the most? 2 years ago +2
B passed 2 years ago +1
Me 2 years ago  
Tmw you've been on the site for two years but still don't appear on these questions 2 years ago  
I am a master of deception! 2 years ago  
I TRICKED YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAimsolonelysavemeHAHAHA 2 years ago  
It has a lot of Floyd references and the main abilities for the hero are "Crazy Diamond" and "Echoes". The main ability for the villain is "Killer Queen". All you need to know. 2 years ago  
I thought it said Kevin Garnett for a minute lol 2 years ago  
BoooooooooooooooooooOoooooooOooooooooooooobs 2 years ago  
Me too! 2 years ago  
Heti123 2 years ago  
Ameizing 2 years ago +1
Diamond :P 2 years ago  
I seld...fūck, someone said that already 2 years ago +1
A4 2 years ago  
Depends on wether I am talking to people or writing it down. 2 years ago  
50% of my calls received. The other 50% is my mom 2 years ago  
Don't know how to snap my fingers 2 years ago  
Kobe was the goat of 1v1 tho 2 years ago  
Does running into traffic not giving a fück saying that either I die or I get to the other side quicker count? 2 years ago +1
Better music taste 2 years ago  
Sell it after 99 days 2 years ago  
Hemendrag 2 years ago  
never 2 years ago +1
I know 2 years ago  
Palindrome 2 years ago  
Yes 2 years ago  
YO U G R E E D Y D I R T B A G 2 years ago  
Shrekalicious 2 years ago  
Heti123. Self deprecating humor is best humor 2 years ago  
Most human have two legs, but the average legs on humans is less than 2. Crazy, right? (Totally serious, reply if you want explanation) 2 years ago  
Fidget spinner 2 years ago  
I guess you could say...your decision to spam....has been..reset. 2 years ago +2
If it was Club PENGUIN, though, that would be a different story. It was literally my childhood 2 years ago  
Maybe he's a BLU spy disguising as a red spy? 2 years ago  
Whoops, meant years. Edited it. 2 years ago  
Not him, but I would guess part two. It's more widely known, is much longer, and has a kickass solo. 1 is a bit too mellow and 3 is energetic but too short imo. He might have a different answer though 2 years ago  
No kawhi 2 years ago  
Put my finger up my butt. 2 years ago  
Bucks Kareem> Shaq (magic and lakers) > Lakers Kareem > Shaq (Heat and other) 2 years ago  
Holy Roman Empire. 2 years ago +1
Tiffeha 2 years ago  
Sadly (Even though I don't like the celtics because I'm a lakers fan but I hate the cavs more) 2 years ago  
They were fun to make fun of tho 2 years ago  
If I had one 2 years ago  
Apple of the earth 2 years ago  
For about 15-30 mins. After that I can't stand it. 2 years ago  
Both. 2 years ago  
Same. Unironically 2 years ago  
Does Ralph Nader count 2 years ago  
Why not 2 years ago  
Unless you count wii fit 2 years ago  
Kobe Bryant 2 years ago +1
Clicked for Pink Floyd 2 years ago +2
One drip 2 years ago  
But do you know that you can save up to 10% on car insurance by using GEICO? 2 years ago  
I read this as furry 2 years ago  
I went to your profile to do it but it said that you didn't like me and wanted me to leave now :( 2 years ago +1
B is so overplayed 2 years ago +1
But only supply weapons and very few troops 2 years ago  
Nuuuuu 2 years ago  
Doesn't specify how high 2 years ago  
You know the moment when you realize that you mean almost nothing to the person that means the most to you in the world? 2 years ago  
Pink Floyd 2 years ago  
A reddit post (miscoick) 2 years ago  
B just hurts the eyes imo 2 years ago  
B is much more costly; I could just give the turtle away and suffer the fine and I will pay less than in B 2 years ago  
Anything but Le Pencil 2 years ago  
I follow the NBA but don't know much about college ball 2 years ago  
+ 2 years ago +1
Just make sure the rope is dairy free :) 2 years ago +4
Sexier pic 2 years ago +1
False. Those are just two photos, which represent, but in no way are, a standard cable and a standard cat 2 years ago  
Got any weed? 2 years ago  
The rick in B eats sh*t 2 years ago  
What do you mean by that? 2 years ago  
Know A already 2 years ago  
To shut it down 2 years ago +1
Y'all need Jesus 2 years ago  
e* 2 years ago  
I don't want to play alone :( 2 years ago  
Straight to marriage 2 years ago  
Duh 2 years ago  
Don't have to worry about that problem tho, they split up long ago 2 years ago  
F*ckwad 2 years ago  
Also when the password is incorrect 2 years ago  
A girl in my class 2 years ago  
10/10 would drink again 2 years ago +1
Bleach 2 years ago  
Cowboys From Hell and Cementery Gates are lit 2 years ago  
Tough 2 years ago  
Looking at your profile pic I can see why 2 years ago  
Not at all haha. About 11 degrees each eye. 2 years ago  
1v1 club penguin n00b.......oh wait :( 2 years ago  
I'm approaching that milestone too...about 10 days left 2 years ago  
DBS was a disappointment imho 2 years ago +2
Bird person D: 2 years ago +2
I have over 250 hours in this game 2 years ago  
They lyrics on Pink Floyd songs got nothing on this guy! 2 years ago +1
Tough, but B has more songs I like (although the songs I like from A i like more than the songs from B) 2 years ago  
Use the other foot 2 years ago  
Meem 2 years ago +1
*Pet 2 years ago +1
Close, but I prefer A 2 years ago  
RADDD 2 years ago  
You. I like you. 2 years ago +1
I threw a water bottle at my teacher because she wasn't letting me sleep in peace 2 years ago +2
Grinding monsters is a bore. 2 years ago  
Cedar tree 2 years ago  
This is stereotyping, not racism. Do I hate thais? No, of course not! This is a little bit of lighthearted humor. It's not like I told two Indian guys to write kill all Jews or something like that... 2 years ago  
That's a joke 2 years ago  
(At the toilet) Here I sit, and hesitate; shall I sh*t or masturbate? 2 years ago  
Classic rock 2 years ago +2
Now I have to worry if she's a trans 2 years ago  
Don't you get it? I'm a teenager. I'd smash ANYTHING. 2 years ago +2
Mom's spaghetti 2 years ago  
Mostly because I never sealed an envelope before 2 years ago  
Join us. We have shawarma. 2 years ago  
(For explanation, sharp notes are a half step higher pitched than regular notes Ex:C# is a bit higher pitched than C) 2 years ago  
Oh...well imma slowly walk away in shame. 2 years ago  
Guitar joke? 2 years ago  
The gameplay is great, but some some bugs quand facial expressions ruin the immersion. Wait until they patch them then buy it. 2 years ago  
A is one of the few rappers I like, but I follow the NBA much more than I listen to rap. 2 years ago  
Wether* 2 years ago  
Possibly becaue B is closer to the equator maybe? Idk 2 years ago  
My parents are kind of...weird. They're mainly Druze but they are influenced a lot vu India, and they believe that the Indian deities are all just different aspects of the same absolute entity. It's complicated. But it's just my family, the only thing Druze and Hinduism probably have in common is reincarnation. 2 years ago  
They.....do both actually haha 2 years ago  
If it's an actual question, not really. But I skip tournaments I don't know about all the time. 2 years ago +1
Shit man, why did you have to get so philosophical? Now I'm depressed. 2 years ago  
I have the absolute worst handwriting in history. 2 years ago  
Y-you too?.. 2 years ago  
Ha, your life is a joke 2 years ago  
Coulimnists day, Pink day, Take your dog to work day 2 years ago +1
You mean Me Me Big Boy? 2 years ago  
If I wasn't that lazy I think I would've made it there too....but I just don't feel like it 2 years ago  
Y-you too..... 2 years ago  
Fine 2 years ago  
Y-you too.... 2 years ago +1
Pepe 2 years ago  
I guess you're right...but still, I see them more as a neutral than a complete pacifist, but I see your point of view 2 years ago  
Yeah, but what about when they were urging Adriel to kill the humans throwing rocks at him? That may not be completely 100% evil, but it sure isn't pacifist. 2 years ago  
Brutal 2 years ago  
Pepe 2 years ago  
Pepe 2 years ago  
Pepe 2 years ago  
But can't you say that about psychopaths/sociopaths etc? 'Mentally disturbed'? I know it isn't their fault, but this doesn't change the actions that they do/want to do. 2 years ago  
Unless you say nohomo 2 years ago +1
Lebanese dishes in the next round 2 years ago  
Eh....kind of both. More like corrupted by the world. 2 years ago +1
'The Wall' (the album) was released in 1979 2 years ago  
My crush would like me back :) 2 years ago +3
Psychopaths are born, sociopaths are created. 2 years ago +1
GradeA? 2 years ago  
55.kG. I'm skinny af 2 years ago  
Except if you're counting TF2 2 years ago  
Sell it for millions 2 years ago  
C R T 2 years ago  
The celtics will probably get Fultz. And the lakers might not even get their pick because they're on a 3 game winning streak, sadly. 2 years ago  
Na 2 years ago +1
15 000 2 years ago  
Gasoline 2 years ago +3
Dairy, yes. But I only like fish meat. 2 years ago  
If I have godlike telekinesis I can lift myself with it so no need to fly, I can also throw myself and control my body so no need for speed either 2 years ago +2
Pie flavored pie 2 years ago +1
Who parked their car on my sandwich? 2 years ago +1
You know who's gay? 2 years ago +1
Why won't you let me die? 2 years ago +1
I am a stegosaurus 2 years ago +1
Oh hello mine turtle! 2 years ago +1
I like trains 2 years ago +1
Meow meow I'm a cow I said meow meow I'm a cow. 2 years ago +2
You're making me hungry 2 years ago  
Bite my wrists. I don't want to sound too emo but the pain is addictive. 2 years ago  
Mostly because of the Pink Floyd (and other rock) references 2 years ago  
Ahhh, I see you're a man of asdf culture as well 2 years ago  
Win-Win 2 years ago  
56.44 2 years ago  
Upper-right 2 years ago  
Top 2 for me 2 years ago  
Cities Skylines 2 years ago  
70's are awesome...I should've picked b though since I rarely watch movies 2 years ago +1
Read books 2 years ago  
so it's 15707.96 + 2094.4= 17802.36 ft3 2 years ago  
There are a lot of abilities you aren't good at at all, like for example speaking Chinese in my case. If i was 3 times better at that, it would still be nothing compared to being 20% better at my best skill 2 years ago  
15707.96 2 years ago +1
4v3 2 years ago  
Beard>Clean>Moustache 2 years ago  
Looks cool 2 years ago  
Any female with relatively large mammaires 2 years ago  
Hitler had a weakness for that combo too 2 years ago +4
Funny as hell 2 years ago  
Almost 16 2 years ago  
9 years old 2 years ago  
Spain, France, Belgium, USA, Qatar, UAE, Cuba, Jamaica, a bunch of other Caribbean countries I don't remember, 2 years ago  
The square root of 136 2 years ago +1
HxH 2 years ago  
Defeated Grindelwald, Young Dd> Voldy > Old Dd 2 years ago +1
First round and I'm against f*cking bohemian rhapsody. Just my luck. 2 years ago  
Not that hard 2 years ago  
Happy birthday! I hope you 'reacted' well to the fact 2 years ago +2
It is. 2 years ago  
I'm supposed to be left handed, but my parents forced me to use my right hand when I was a child and now my handwriting is sh*tty 2 years ago +1
Comfortably numb, Pink Floyd? 2 years ago  
Duh 2 years ago  
That's a serial killer's heart, ripped out of his body 2 years ago  
Money, it's a gas 2 years ago  
The best band of all time 2 years ago  
Dead children 2 years ago +1
That's 5...oh, I get it. 2 years ago +1
Protective, big, hairy, strong 2 years ago  
IV was the best tho 2 years ago +1
Misclic 2 years ago  
Pink Floyd is the GOAT 2 years ago +1
I actually got hit by a Mercedes a week and a half ago 2 years ago +1
Let me rephrase that: do you trust citizens to own nuclear weapons? 2 years ago +1
Duh 2 years ago  
Since we are all, as people, part of history...does my crush count? 2 years ago +2
Second best civ game 2 years ago  
Eu4. 2 years ago  
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