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Love anime!!! Favorite is Naruto. I'm from the Netherlands and i'm 15 years old. NEDERLAND!!!! XD

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    It's soccer not football!! It's from Europa dummies!!  
    Hm I can't punch!  
    A Naruto Shinobi!!!  
    Some strawberry sirop with it  
    one bullet goes into the pistol and then you close it so you don't know where the bullet is. Then you have to put the pistol on the side of your head and shoot. You win when the other is hit by the bullet but lose when well you were hit  
    If I was a ninja from Naruto then I gradually be a ninja  
    Wish for my sister to come back...  
    Ha they don't know what Yaoi means so that's a point for me XD  
    I would change the weight of the people I hate then they will fall down on the stairs!!!  
    I would make a act and then people would pay me or draw  
    Then I want to be a ninja in the anime Naruto!!  
    I love rain. I love to go on my bike and listen to music in the evening while riding in it  
    Goddammit me too!!!  
    Sharks only attack if they smell blood  
    I know it already!! Just 1 my bf!!  
    Lasagna, pizza, ice cream, lasagna, capachino, speggati and did I already said LASAGNA!!!  
    I've got this already but I really hate physical pain. I cry everyday so what's the difference  
    I live there so EU!!  
    I don't live there so I just randomly clicked on one of them. You can decide who you think is the best because I don't know them +1
    What friends?  
    Omg lol zelfde woonplaats XD  
    When a guy is around me others say that we are boyfriend and girlfriend  
    I'm a loser without true friends...  
    Mwahahaha!! I AM SATAN!!! XD Nah just kidding i'm a dark angel so I wouldn't do stuff but I don't believe in god either  
    A 11!!!!! +2
    I don't have really friends so more friends would make me happier  
    just be nosy yourself at your nosy neighbors. Watch them while they watch you XD  
    I couldn't do without my Lasagna  
    I clicked on the wrong answer XD  
    I hope to find Slenderman with his brother Splendorman and his proxy Jeff the killer  
    I met my BF on instagram XD  
    ...it didn't say you would die from the shark but  
    If I had annorexic then I could eat a lot so I get normal again  
    Skulls are awesome. XD  
    What social life XD  
    I live in the Netherlands and even if you cut my head up I think I just fit in with my head XD  
    ...I don't celebrate christmas...  
    My youngest brother was an accident XD  
    I have a older brother, two younger brothers and a dead little sister.  
    My Talent is to have skill XD Nah just kidding  
    I only choose Australia because I hate Justin Bieber who comes from Canada XD  
    Why does this remind me of Ben drowned and Dark Link -.-  
    Everytime i'm in the lesson i'm just going to draw. I draw 80% at the lesson  
    I hope my voice is gorgeous then XD  
    I don't even watch it -_-  
    Well I listen to creepypasta's they are so awesome and that guy's voice who tells it can talk really good and it sounds good as well  
    Well that girl is me and that boy is my brother XD We've got those two here already  
    If I could prevent my sister's dead I would be happy  
    We don't have barne here but he's freaking me out  
    Lol I love that  
    My laptop does that every freaking 5/10 minutes  
    Well i'm just fiveteen but nobody said what you do with that person so i'm a girl and straight so I don't mind sleeping with my daughter if I had one  
    Fairy tail +87
    I love silence. No people to bother with  
    I rather feeling pain then nothing at all. I love that song!!!! and it's great how you made two options out of the lyrics  
    Well I date a person who is like this and i'm the same so we shall help eachother  
    Well if Hitler is killed then maybe your parents have never met because of their parents or something like that  
    Five people is simple. One of them includes my sister. The other is my grandmother's husband, my father's brother, the mother of an old elementary friend I don't talk with anymore and the brother of a girl I don't know I hate or think I am friends with her  
    I am already forgotten while i'm alive. Why would it care if I am forgotten when i'm dead  
    I love horror  
    Our lockers are tiny so you can come and try it  
    I'm often in Germany but I don't like it nor dislike  
    I'm going to London with school in June. I hope it's nice there  
    When I heard him the first time I was in my friends room and saw it on TMF and then she yelled from downstairs: 'What song is it now!?' I yelled back at her a stupid boy in a room. I hated him already  
    If i'm going to the school I want I can go to the burger king any time cause it's against the school  
    That would be awesome!!! Both of them  
    I already have good personality's (People say)  
    F*ck i'm fourteen and when I had some beer, I puked and I don't know if wine is tasty  
    I had my first boyfriend on the internet. He was sweet but I dumped him on my own reasons. To tell i'm fourteen  
    Oh my god no I don't want that pickachu gives me a shock!!  
    Aaaww that is horrible  
    Jessica is my name XD  
    Then I can say 'I'm a vampire without it I would die.'  
    At least your breath would smell nice  
    If I hear bad news you can cheer me up right after that  
    I would say that I would appriciate it  
    I HATE FISH!!!!  
    I would want to lose my memory because then I can forget that I had a sister who died  
    I have siblings from the hell so five brats I easy can take on  
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