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I love saving poor little animals and making new friends!!!!!!

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Would you rather Hurt this or Save this 3 years ago 140 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Read this or See this 3 years ago 72 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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thats messed up 1 year ago  
neither this question is a cruel and messed up question 1 year ago  
That's not nice at all 3 years ago  
The Chinese eat poor dogs and torture them 3 years ago  
Both r soooo cuuuuuuuuttttteeeee 3 years ago  
Completely correct 3 years ago  
Both sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
Sooooooo cute 3 years ago  
Neither!!!!!! 3 years ago  
Did not mean that 3 years ago  
Soooooo HOT!!!! 3 years ago  
Neither, too scared!!!! 3 years ago  
No way 3 years ago  
Poor animals! 3 years ago +1
Both 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
Sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
Saving electricity, I mean come on PEOPLE!!!!! 3 years ago +1
Soooooo romantic!!!! 3 years ago  
Why this!?!?!?! 3 years ago +2
CHOCOLATE!!!!! 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
The one that's not black and white is HOT!!!!! 3 years ago +1
Those are cherries!!!!! 3 years ago  
Why in the world would a female is Axe men's body spray?!?!? 3 years ago +1
Wolf-Penguin!!!!! 3 years ago +2
Soooo hard 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
God DOES exist 3 years ago +1
Does it have to be a person? 3 years ago  
I'm Both 3 years ago  
I wouldn't steal because I go 2 church. 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
Both as a pet 3 years ago  
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