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Hi guys here's some stuff about me. I have almost died four times, I ride and show horses, I like reading and animals, I love sports like soccer and football, and I am extremely wild and adventurous.

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Would you rather watch a movie with Robin Williams as the main character? or Jim Carrey as the main character? 4 years ago 86 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (girls) Have to work out without any deodorant? or Work out without a bra? 4 years ago 98 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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I love it when squidward does that 4 years ago  
I love your songebob comments 4 years ago  
Maybe I can finally sneak candy past my mom who has a radar like a SWAT man 4 years ago +1
I am the biggest wimp that walked the planet 4 years ago  
Ha I love that guy! I like the really old lady too that's in the wheel chair that's almost dead 4 years ago  
China is way harsher 4 years ago  
Ha I can't stand people at restaurants that eat with chop sticks and they aren't even Chinese 4 years ago  
Ok I think I've had enough rrrather 4 years ago +2
Ok that's really messed up 4 years ago  
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea... 4 years ago  
Thank God. That's what I think too! Girls have long hair. Boys have short hair. The thing I hate the most is when girls shave one side of there head. Who does that?! 4 years ago  
Gaga is a freak show, nikki needs some help 4 years ago  
Yeah I know right 4 years ago  
Ewww why do people let their gross mutts lick them in the face and mouth?! That is nasty. They eat crap, barf all over the place, get full of ticks and fleas, lick their you know what's and other dogs you know what's, and then they come and lick u. Oh then they sleep with you after running around in crap all day. Sounds fun. 4 years ago  
The Hunger Gamez 4 years ago  
Dang it clicked the wrong one. I like Liam Hemsworth from the hunger games 4 years ago  
It looks like my bunny 4 years ago  
I HATE DISNEY 4 years ago  
That picture 4 years ago  
It's a fresian horse! I like them. 4 years ago  
You can spend it whenever and wherever 4 years ago  
Looks better 4 years ago  
I HATE pool 4 years ago  
I'm really not into coffee. I still get hot chocolate when it's a hundred degrees in Florida 4 years ago  
PIZZA LAND! 4 years ago +1
THE WATER IS PURPLE! 4 years ago  
I knew about it in fourth grade. I don't even know how I knew though 4 years ago  
I'm like five feet tall. Like I'm really gonna do that. I have to jump to reach the cookies at home lol 4 years ago  
I'm not a people/city person. I can't picture me being there with all those people 4 years ago  
If you don't want a child, don't get pregnant. Problem solved. 4 years ago  
Yes thank God for your answer 4 years ago  
If you don't want a kid, don't get pregnant. It's that simple. 4 years ago +2
Yes. Yes you are 4 years ago  
Holy crap. 70 morons voted for Obama. No wonder he is in office 4 years ago +1
b has a weird face 4 years ago +1
Thank God I didn't pick b 4 years ago  
Do we really want the U.S. to be overrun by Muslim terrorists? 4 years ago  
Won't run outta bullets 4 years ago  
Who are these people? 4 years ago  
More money 4 years ago  
This boy in my class had webbed feet but they weren't full blown webbed. It was like an inch webbed or whatever you call it 4 years ago  
All you have to do is throw kibble at them. Done. 4 years ago  
Yeah you don't want boobs down to your stomach at age 20 4 years ago +1
Ha I know right 4 years ago  
My boyfriend had his parents give him "the talk" using Barbie and Ken.... poor kid 4 years ago  
I like fishies 4 years ago  
It actually is. In one episode he gets his face smashed or something 4 years ago  
That picture is so sad 4 years ago  
There is this chicken in China that lays huge eggs that have double yolks and another egg inside. 4 years ago +1
Now I do 4 years ago  
My hilarious best friend. She's 13 and acts 2 4 years ago  
I had one a long time ago and it's way bigger and better than Apple. Now I get a Samsung Galaxy S6. 4 years ago  
It was on FOX 4 years ago  
They had it on the news that t get rescued question dog from a tree. Seriously. No one cares 4 years ago +2
I punch weaker than I kick 4 years ago  
Everything is balanced. 4 years ago  
Oh 4 years ago  
Fluffy 4 years ago  
Shoot them with my bow and arrowz 4 years ago +1
Nemo 4 years ago  
I like this question 4 years ago  
Well if God made all the creatures, the chicken would be made and not the egg 4 years ago  
I stubbed my toe ten minutes ago and went splat on the floor in front of my mom and bro. It was hilarious tho 4 years ago  
What's so incredibly bad about Mormons? 4 years ago  
I'm a girl. Ha 4 years ago  
Whack the crap outta him with a stick....BATTING PRACTICE 4 years ago  
What is is with all the hating on barnacle boys nose? 4 years ago +1
Oh man I wish I didn't look up nyan cat song 4 years ago  
I just liked the duck 4 years ago  
World War Z was more hilarious than funny. One zombie got booted in the face, and other zombies were just hilarious. 4 years ago  
I just liked the pic 4 years ago  
Omg I love courage the cowardly dog. It's a pretty demented show though 4 years ago  
Chocolate lucky charms 4 years ago  
Well Rue died by being stabbed, and Prim eventually dies by being blown up 4 years ago  
I love taylor swift 4 years ago  
How do people expect a bang to create a perfect world with people and animals??? 4 years ago +1
Well that explains a lot... 4 years ago +1
I like spraying stuff 4 years ago  
Well that was disturbing 4 years ago  
It's funny when the wiggler gets mad. He gets all pouty 4 years ago  
Angelina is weird looking. She has a billion tattoos and has a square face 4 years ago  
I know right 4 years ago  
Omg I'm really crapping right now 4 years ago  
Ew the guy in B is hideous. 4 years ago  
Ha A is hilarious 4 years ago  
Yes 4 years ago  
I've ridden Montu. I live in Florida, and it was kinda boring actually but thrilling 4 years ago  
3 rabbits, 6 fishies, and a mustang herd of almost 110 horses 4 years ago +1
The only reason I watched Jurassic Park is because Chris Pratt is hottttt... he's the guy in the pic 4 years ago  
I always thought tattoos were ugly and ruined a person. I saw a really pretty girl and a hot guy but they were covered in tattoos 4 years ago  
Mr. Bean! Seriously though if I had either one of those I'd probably shove it back where it came from. 4 years ago  
She's so ugly 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
Why do they keep posting if we've seen any stupid movies? 4 years ago +5
Whoa 4 years ago  
Dang it picked wrong one 4 years ago  
I just Thor is kinda cute 4 years ago +1
That picture looks like an ouchie 4 years ago  
Why isn't Justin bieber for the ugly picture 4 years ago +1
Asshole 4 years ago  
Asshole 4 years ago  
I just like wiener dogs 4 years ago +1
The first one is the Wendy's girl and she's really a blonde 4 years ago  
I have blue eyes 4 years ago  
Oh I didn't even see the guys butt sticking out 4 years ago  
Because molecules scatter more blue light than red light 4 years ago  
It's a good series 4 years ago  
FORGET ATLANTIS. i want a magical sea horse 4 years ago  
I live in Florida and it's horrible. It's hot all the time, winters never really are cold, doesn't snow, and mosquitoes. THOSE DANG MOSQUITOES! 4 years ago +1
SPARKLES!!!! 4 years ago  
I love Patrick 4 years ago +1
Soccer, football, baseball, tennis, horseback riding, karate, bowling, golf (I regret every minute of that) and ballet when I was 8. 4 years ago +1
I love Steve Erwin 4 years ago  
Ew black licorice makes me wanna rip my tongue out 4 years ago +2
There isn't anything on mars except sand and rock. You mise well go to the desert. 4 years ago  
I got scarred for life when I saw a mom having a baby in accident at a MOSI science center when I was 10 4 years ago  
I just liked Spongebob 4 years ago  
Colder 4 years ago  
Hmmm almost drowned in the ocean, had a girl try to kill me by chocking me and bashing my head against a wall, and extreme salmonella. And I'm 12! Oh yeah. I barely made it from being ran over by my Spanish Teacher.... 4 years ago  
Sounds fun but I'd probably pee my pants 4 years ago +2
Gosh I can run for like two minutes full throttle before I'm dead. And I'm 12. That's scary....what's it gonna be like when I'm 20??? 4 years ago  
My boobs are already huge 4 years ago  
I have freckles. I would give those rich snotty girls pimples everywhere 4 years ago +3
I can't go to the bathroom without my phone or ipad 4 years ago  
That would hurt for guys 4 years ago  
Sounds fun 4 years ago  
Ewwwwwwww ok smegma is what gets caught in a horses wiener in its sheath so it's like dirt and wiener 4 years ago  
I just liked Pichachu. In real life that guy is dead. 4 years ago +1
I'm on the toilet 4 years ago +1
God Michael is so hideous 4 years ago  
If your poor and he dumps you, your screwd 4 years ago  
God is real 4 years ago  
Oh have better chances of seeing God then of me not wearing a bra 4 years ago +1
Oh yeah let's get our toes smashed into our feet so demanding men think we look cute 4 years ago  
Why do you wanna live in the days of corsets and slavery and side saddles and long dresses and full of diseases that no one could cure? 4 years ago  
We already know that anyway 4 years ago  
I write way better in pencil for some retarded reason 4 years ago  
I'm a girl and I already have boobs so... 4 years ago  
I am a Mormon so... 4 years ago +2
Well the first pic is scary... 4 years ago  
Well maybach exceleros are 8 million dollars so... 4 years ago  
Ha 4 years ago  
I look for cheat codes but fail at finding the 4 years ago  
Hey you know the baby polar bear is really a stuffed animal? 4 years ago  
Gosh I answered this question before I looked up what the human centipede was.....ewwwe 4 years ago  
That's a dumb question. Obviously the black berry. Jk who wants a black berry 4 years ago  
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