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“Life is a disease: sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal.”
― Neil Gaiman

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Which do you prefer? Misanthropy or Philanthropy 6 years ago 129 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Somehow, I don't think i'm the retarded one here. 6 years ago  
pop tarts! 6 years ago +1
not me 6 years ago  
I doubt caps lock was invented for this reason, pretty sure it came from "shift lock" off of type writers because elderly and disabled people had a hard time holding the shift button down (understandable as the buttons on typewriters require more force and the shift had to be pressed with the pinky) 6 years ago  
So I can yell without even opening my mouth, someone tell my mom this 6 years ago  
I'm just sitting here typing 6 years ago +1
shoot idc either way, I usually laugh with them if I do something stupid 6 years ago  
whats with the ellipse? 6 years ago  
friggen piano is so beautiful have you heard dearly beloved? drums are just obnoxious 6 years ago +3
it feels a tad queer telling my dad I love him but I assure you my love for him knows no bounds 6 years ago  
I'd say things are goin pretty swell its not like murder is uncommon anyway. Still I feel bad for him and thats pretty rare comin from me 6 years ago  
Japan loves Americans :3 don't worry little lady, me big american man 6 years ago  
either way, i like making people laugh 6 years ago  
i wanna piano :( 6 years ago  
/watch?v=SYLSZ71Itks I don't think i wanna taste that rainbow 6 years ago  
pffffttt either way less hours no homework, its a win win 6 years ago  
turbobladez 6 years ago  
wait a second.... I don't have any friends! Anyway run through the trees then logout (lol runescape) 6 years ago +1
living forever would literally be a living hell 6 years ago  
that banana already looks sexy 6 years ago +7
the darkside has cookies 6 years ago  
BUT AT WHAT COST!? 6 years ago  
pick B? why not pick A? 6 years ago  
not sure why, the water road in the picture looks exciting 6 years ago  
blast from the past anyone? 6 years ago  
idk why this question ever existed, pirates don't come anywhere near ninjas imho 6 years ago  
childhood you sexy betch 6 years ago  
*checks heartbeat* unfortunately 6 years ago +3
100% of girls said video games, no wonder i'm alone 6 years ago +2
i'm kinda hungry and I like eating ice 6 years ago  
sleepers, don't ask why 6 years ago  
that burger looks pretty great though 6 years ago  
ghost busters 6 years ago +1
ice beybeh 6 years ago  
ultimate troll 6 years ago  
have I died? Is this heaven? 6 years ago  
good question, tough choice 6 years ago +4
i picked the Hulk 6 years ago  
yea Hippo's don't phuck around, extremely territorial animals 6 years ago +1
I will make 75% of you, hurt 6 years ago  
how am i supposed to know how i make you feel? 6 years ago +2
I'm 19 years old and elaborate :3 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
I'm Atheist :3 6 years ago  
There are many different types of OCD btw, I have a type called "intrusive thoughts" these may involve violent obsessions about hurting others or themselves. They can include such thoughts as harming an innocent child, jumping from a bridge, mountain or the top of a tall building, urges to jump in front of a train or automobile, and urges to push another in front of a train or automobile. 6 years ago +1
not if you're christian 6 years ago  
all of this is just time that could be spent answering my question 6 years ago  
because everything in the bible is fact? You havin a laugh mate? 6 years ago +2
Was gonna say that but I still like chidori better :\ 6 years ago  
I havent seen batman 2 yet :/ 6 years ago  
might? 6 years ago  
Can my magical pet be "an hero"? 6 years ago +1
B is clearly better cause with A theirs a chance you could break up forever 6 years ago +3
Emma watson, is that a Boy or girl in B option btw? Also boy or girl or alien in A option? 6 years ago +1
Florida sucks 6 years ago  
srsly? who likes washing dishes 6 years ago  
John Q was the only movie I cried during, then kingdom hearts, but thats a game 6 years ago  
like they'd just hand back your friends after you give them the ammo, ye right 6 years ago  
kinky 6 years ago  
as long as its not a kids movie 6 years ago  
*wink wink nudge nudge* 6 years ago  
sure why not 6 years ago +1
I cheated and picked the one i liked more 6 years ago +1
no difference 6 years ago +1
rofl 6 years ago  
no ones perfect 6 years ago +3
who has precognition? 6 years ago  
yea he got me with that too -.- 6 years ago  
depends on how you felt during the test if you ask me 6 years ago +1
hmmmm, what colour is the glass? 6 years ago +2
doing poorly, might as well take the risk 6 years ago  
which ones got more women? 6 years ago  
wel geez, hell sounds awesome when you put it this way. As opposed to groveling for an eternity. 6 years ago  
I would rather die then A 6 years ago +2
I picked B cause the picture makes me hunger human souls. 6 years ago  
Elegant cloths lower my agility, no thanks 6 years ago +1
isn't wrestlemania scripted anyway? 6 years ago  
An irrational fear of ceilings would be a bigger inconvience 6 years ago +1
Not afraid of death just afraid of getting slower and more fragile 6 years ago +3
I find that incredibly ironic 6 years ago  
I miss the ignorance to awkward moments 6 years ago  
can barely see her in the miniskirt picture but... it's a miniskirt. Also, wtf comment? 6 years ago +3
Everything I said is 100% fact according to the bible 6 years ago +2
clever 6 years ago  
its a question not a statement I just asked cause I noticed you picked virus 6 years ago  
Stalin didn't kill people because of their religion 6 years ago  
If you were all like that, I'd have no problems with religion 6 years ago  
Atheism is the disbelief in deities and i'm not sure how you were taught but I was taught good people who never devote their lives to God go to hell atheists/antitheists/agnoistics/etc. included. The story of Fritzl is just an example of God's indifference to us humans even the innocent. 6 years ago +3
thats alright because running isn't really socially acceptable anyway 6 years ago +1
A master can own a slave without giving commands, I am not a slave and I don't recognize anyones right to own me nor anyones right over my life and you shouldn't either. (you contradict yourself a few times btw makes it hard to answer EX: "God owns me because he created all life."/"God doesn't own me,", "And God does have right over humans, because he created us) By admitting you're a slave you lose almost all credibility in my eyes. 6 years ago +2
Hitler was a hero to everyone[/sarcasm], he believed he was "doing God's work" and even God himself practiced genocide 6 years ago  
We "aren't"forced, no, only promised an eternity of torture if we choose any other path. A mass murderer can go to heaven simply for asking for forgiveness before death, an Atheist who never sins can go to hell simply for being "ignorant" but I guess that depends on what side of this convoluted religion you believe in. I know of a girl who was held captive by her father (Elizabeth Fritzl) and was raped, sexually and physically abused for 24 years in front of the seven children she had had thanks to the previous attacks (one of which dies) from her own father, imagine how she must have prayed and pleaded with god for years only to receive nothing 6 years ago +2
I knew you were gonna say that, all christians say that, And I'm not sure but I think human life is valued over plant life, Do your parents own you because they give birth to you, because they planted a "seed"? No you're your own person it doesn't matter who created you it doesn't give them the right to command ownership over you and I don't recognize anyones assumption that they own me. To condone ownership of humans implies that you condone slavery, human ownership is WRONG, I know that the bible calls for slavery, as it does for rape and genocide, but that doesn't make it right. 6 years ago +2
I can't see how you could be ethically or morally serious and say that, God has no right what-so-ever over humans and why should he? With or without religion good people do good things, and bad people do bad things, but for good people to do bad things, you need religion". 6 years ago +2
kim jung un has his reasons he might not be God but if you ask him he has a different opinion. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours. 6 years ago  
Internet is akin to breathing 6 years ago  
neither of them really solves any problems, I'd just like the novelty of the fire 6 years ago  
so its alright to kill in gods name, and why such a brutal method to dispose of the children? If they were pissing off God why didn't the Omnipotent guy take care of the problem? Also Jesus died for are sins, thats like stealing something but allowing the prison time to fall on someone else and his sacrifice binds me almost as if by contract to serve God, serve God or burn in hell, it violates my free will, (that God gave me) I'm blamed for something that happened ages ago and was powerless to stop with almost no proof it even happened 6 years ago +3
i usually wake up when i try to assume control 6 years ago +2
yea, one time 6 years ago  
fear of what? dismemberment? I think thats a pretty rational fear 6 years ago  
pretty much 6 years ago  
cause kingdom hearts 6 years ago  
my toilet does A 6 years ago +2
changing clothes is too tedious 6 years ago  
orlando studios, was alright 6 years ago  
I just wanna see the 1 comment :\ 6 years ago  
dafuq? in option b you're a dick 6 years ago  
would be a great transportation method 6 years ago  
Not in home anymore 6 years ago  
uh---huh 6 years ago  
could look around cornors and avoid those awkward moments 6 years ago +1
it merely proves God is a capricious individual with a terrible resume for supreme omnipotent ruler of the world, Whats the best way to stop human suffering you ask? God says human sacrifice somewhere in the less literate parts of the middle east, also enjoy that eternal life knowing that some fellow humans burn and scream in constant agony for an eternity simply because they chose not to spend time blindly putting faith in something. Faith: Noun Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. Because proof is over rated 6 years ago +3
Blasphemy was a crime back then, was it justified for god to tell the Israelites to take the children of amalekites and bash them against rocks? is it justifiable for god to watch, with indifference, rape and famine, and all the other heinous crimes that happen today, and whats your reward for doing good? An eternity of groveling and being a bond slave. 6 years ago +4
that would save me alot of talking 6 years ago  
bs 6 years ago  
I'm nearing 20, parent thing dont really matter to much any more and the facial swap is more universal 6 years ago +1
I suppose, this human body has tons of limitations but it'll have to do 6 years ago +1
If a virus causes a zombie apocalypse what are the chances you won't be one of the affected? How would you not catch the disease after blowing countless zombies heads off? 6 years ago  
I don't mind walking 6 years ago  
I wish I could do that now 6 years ago  
I would only have one thing to say "Don't look under dad's bed" 6 years ago +4
I, walk up to the school like, "What up? I got a big cock!" 6 years ago  
what about those people who work their asses off for a dollar an hour? 6 years ago  
Who needs 15 rooms? 6 years ago  
dunno, don't really care much 6 years ago  
said the same thing I was gonna say 6 years ago  
I wouldn't keep it all but I wouldn't give "much" of it away either 6 years ago +7
Who's bob marley? 6 years ago  
I shower every 2 days, haters gonna hate 6 years ago +3
The acidic root beer would consume everything 6 years ago  
They usually have to repeat it to me twice anyway 6 years ago +1
Three days grace 6 years ago  
oddly enough I used to when I was a kid 6 years ago  
I don't think infinite candy is a viable solution to that problem 6 years ago  
by what means do you leave the objects? if you poop id much rather just not have either 6 years ago  
lot of twd questions on here... 6 years ago  
Neither options work, if you try to distract yourself its just gonna make you think about it and singing it will just make you think about it. Best way is to simply let it run its course 6 years ago  
tack on the ability to make pictures of things real, then the super power thing would be the obvious choice 6 years ago  
hard choice, basically end world hunger, or telekinesis, it boils down to limitless fun or philanthropy 6 years ago  
I don't really care for live action TV 6 years ago  
With how many functions it has, I doubt you'd need any 6 years ago +2
I can barely remember both of them thanks for the memories brah 6 years ago  
enjoy hitting a baseball with a bat, tbh both would be annoying to play 6 years ago  
I'm a great comedian as well.... Women's rights... 6 years ago  
yea, like some random segment to a show or something, sometimes even things that weren't even funny at all. 6 years ago  
pretty much all of them in 1 if you master it 6 years ago  
I like bacon 6 years ago  
first come first serve, in the real world there aren't any rewards placed on traps, unless your stealing, like a mouse 6 years ago +1
I hate eating too much icing 6 years ago +4
as long as they aren't just being biast 6 years ago  
I hear they love Americans there 6 years ago  
I just kinda think of a generic white male for guys and super hot girl for females, Yea, I know... 6 years ago  
I don't like them, but I don't hate them either 6 years ago  
Then I would actually watch TV 6 years ago  
who is Schrodinger? 6 years ago  
Accept them either way, its incredibly selfish to have kids these days and it should be considered the greatest privilege, also should be planned imho 6 years ago +1
depends on what you're looking for, unfortunately 6 years ago  
I'd like to visit hogsmead 6 years ago  
Oh, eat a snickers, lol 6 years ago +1
"I like the pairing of Hinata and Naruto" 6 years ago  
“Pragmatically speaking, I like the fact that the masses vote, abuse drugs, believe in Jesus, follow sports, and worship a flag. They are tools of social engineering that keep the many-too-many sedate, pacified, and out of many people's hair (chiefly, my own).” 6 years ago  
blasphemy 6 years ago  
Geez, calm down lady, don't comment if you can't take people disagreeing with you 6 years ago  
winning 6 years ago  
Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. 1 Corinthians 14:34 bible sure doesn't 6 years ago +2
then why do hospitals charge you for delivery 6 years ago +1
reminds me of the movie "the box" 6 years ago  
don't care both are super hot 6 years ago  
fVck b*tches, acquire currency 6 years ago  
furry 6 years ago  
oh I thought it said watch, I havent even seen A 6 years ago  
so video games vs sex video games lose horribly but sex vs music it's almost a tie? I don't understand humans, or perhaps I underestimate drake 6 years ago  
I'd rather not know but that's not an option I suppose 6 years ago +1
it's not gonna die off cause 1 person gives up sex 6 years ago  
generic headset? I've always prefered wires over batteries 6 years ago  
I want to make love to a hooker 6 years ago +3
CHOKE ON IT! 6 years ago  
ah dang you're right and only one can be the very best, in Naruto you don't even need to be the best just train until you're incredibly awesome 6 years ago  
excuse me? The "1" bus? 6 years ago  
i already go through B 6 years ago +1
*shrugs shoulders* 6 years ago  
Hearing thunder and rain outside of my house makes me feel really cozy and epic 6 years ago +4
same problem, I have the metabolism of a racecar on steroids 6 years ago  
You see a girl outside of your shower, wat do? 6 years ago  
I hope its a hot alien 6 years ago  
Han Solo shot first 6 years ago  
I almost chose music but "no music=no life" reminds me of a group of teens I know that say the same thing about rap 6 years ago  
SOTC is definitely art, also Kingdom hearts 6 years ago +1
eating is a bowl of marshmallows would be nasty though, its too much of a good thing, like icing or mayonnaise... Or felix felices 6 years ago +1
No... I don't, Just pretend I'm Fabio 6 years ago  
thanks m8 6 years ago  
Whats wrong with icing flakes and circle-o's? 6 years ago  
apple jacks have more sugar but I got bored of them :/ 6 years ago  
"what year is this!?" 6 years ago +3
Well said evoked some deep feels 6 years ago  
"Ex. Lets say you switch to Obama's body, you can switch back to yours, ever." Dafuq? 6 years ago +1
I wish it was video games, cause I already do that 6 years ago  
I don't have an Ipod :3 If I did I'd have 15 songs cause I only listen to dearly beloved the kyle laundry synthesia remix 6 years ago  
what would happen to Africa in world B? world B just in general sounds like Utopia no more teenage pregnancies or atleast alot less 6 years ago +1
my friend has and he's tried to show me but I'm not gonna sit and watch 30 minutes of minecraft gameplay 6 years ago  
b-but thats part of the series! 6 years ago  
hate microwaved food 6 years ago  
to each his own I suppose 6 years ago  
I'm a guy, might be weird being a princess 6 years ago  
nope 6 years ago  
ahhh smells like monday 6 years ago  
dat beret 6 years ago +1
hobbit included i presume 6 years ago  
I don't believe in destiny, but if I did I'd probably embrace it 6 years ago  
she had a hattori hanzo sword they had no chance 6 years ago  
I love tragic endings, they allow the imagination to do some work, the short story "all summer in a day" is a great example, I imagine the girl brutally murdering all the children afterwards 6 years ago  
what movie is that from?I literally saw that fight scene yesterday and now I wanna see the movie 6 years ago  
48% bout to be mauled by a tiger 6 years ago +2
ah, doesn't matter cause I do acctually listen to skillrex sometimes anyway 6 years ago  
We shall go together 6 years ago  
why would people rather have cool hair over never having to go to dentist/brush teeth again 6 years ago  
You're being mugged, the mugger wants money for crack, step 1: you're gonna wanna get risk control, step 2: pull out your gun, it's very important that you pull out your gun, lol sorry couldn't resist 6 years ago  
id rather watch the original rescue rangers, and have no idea what secong option is 6 years ago  
ever play "risk"? 6 years ago +2
why not both? 6 years ago +2
no difference 6 years ago  
I find operation easy tbh 6 years ago  
shy cute girl 6 years ago +1
I've already been to six flags, perk of living in atlanta I guess :P 6 years ago  
mmm garlic bread 6 years ago  
I really didn't like the chicen and waffles :\ 6 years ago +1
crap I picked to quickly, Sora has showed us pooh's pretty awesome 6 years ago  
Uranus. Wat do? 6 years ago  
some of us are, not all of us 6 years ago  
Taijutsu is for real ninjas! 6 years ago  
crap, it got me the same way 6 years ago  
that lizard is too cute to eat :( 6 years ago +1
+1 6 years ago  
iron man 6 years ago  
I still lose stuff 6 years ago  
if you know what I mean 6 years ago +2
I choose the AK-47 6 years ago  
auctioning takes to long 6 years ago  
I use both most of the time as well, only in the rare occasions where I use 1 hand to type do I use just one 6 years ago  
I don't wear or listen to any of that 6 years ago  
I've lost a little of my faith in humanity... 6 years ago  
all of are doorknobs seem to open quicker if turned clockwise 6 years ago  
Don't like the feeling of having to pee, also the first one could also be "that feeling where you just lied down and realized you haven't brushed your teeth" 6 years ago +1
I'll get over it, I'm sure 6 years ago  
I prefer my home cooking just cause I don't like gettin dressed up 6 years ago  
I wanna blow up like the picture take everyone out with me >:) 6 years ago  
honestly I just prefer not to speak, if I'm asked I generally suger coat it 6 years ago  
woah! surprised bacon isn't winning 6 years ago  
I'm misanthropic, easy choice 6 years ago  
ordered food is generally better but more expensive 6 years ago  
dream come true 6 years ago  
I wanna see the world, invisibility would should be a bonus (me gusta), also telekinesis would be better then all of them if you ask me 6 years ago  
good luck living in a teepee in the antartic 6 years ago  
just cause it sounds like fun 6 years ago  
If someone had of came out of no where and asked i'd have said I prefer closer to small, but if you show me these two pictures... 6 years ago  
me gusta 6 years ago  
I voted always know when someone is lieing lie (100%) 6 years ago  
Porn on tv! 6 years ago  
Emma Watson 6 years ago  
all countries are terrible 6 years ago  
"i'm home" 6 years ago  
meh, harlem shake, don't really care either way though 6 years ago  
live above the influence 6 years ago  
if you were immortal you could probably make alot of money 6 years ago  
to quote professor slughorn "I prefer the back seat, more room to stretch out you know?" 6 years ago  
just cause you're famous doesn't mean you have to do drugs 6 years ago  
doesn't really matter does it? 6 years ago  
Would you rather 6 years ago  
Love doesn't exist in my minds eye, simply primal animalistic instincts 6 years ago  
carpe diam 6 years ago  
Suits lower my ability to move, don't like that 6 years ago  
I don't care what humans think about, misanthropy has it's benefits 6 years ago  
Same if I ruled, however I see humans as a problem 6 years ago  
5 months of no human interaction 6 years ago  
I wanna be cremated anyway and i'm an organ doner 6 years ago  
male prostitution is actually cool :D 6 years ago  
This is pretty much how life is 6 years ago  
I wanna be able to switch between languages casually, only instrument I care about is piano anyway 6 years ago  
I wanna change my answer! 6 years ago  
Because Emma Watson 6 years ago  
Neither, but If i was forced, a tattoo, also Christians god doesn't like tattoo's you hypocrites 6 years ago  
I'm a gold digger :3 6 years ago  
Emma Watson 6 years ago  
I already get free music 6 years ago  
their pain brings me pleasure 6 years ago  
I wanna meet my assassin selves 6 years ago  
you don't know my family 6 years ago  
Honestly though neither have alot of evidence behind them, the difference between God and the big bang is the big bang is a theory, God has to be believed on based on faith, faith by definition is the belief in something without any proof, only idiots do that 6 years ago  
Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. 1 Corinthians 14:34 you listen to all the bs that thing spits out? 6 years ago  
proof? 6 years ago  
That merely opens the question of what created what created it? 6 years ago  
no one ever states what started god either you moron 6 years ago  
Not having children, reason? Give me one selfless reason to have a child 6 years ago  
Lol 6 years ago  
I'm sensing some heavy bias in the pictures 6 years ago +4
*whispers* I...I actually don't like Minecraft V_V 6 years ago +2
No 6 years ago  
Kingdom hearts 6 years ago  
considering the number of hot female celebrities... I choose Emma Watson 6 years ago  
money 6 years ago  
I feel like I'm missing something here... 6 years ago +1
Painless instant death or lose my penis or limbs...? 6 years ago  
Its friggen KAKASHI! lightning blade ffs! 6 years ago  
doesn't say I can't murder everyone on the boat 6 years ago  
I already overly express 6 years ago  
anime eyes, but not like that 6 years ago  
What loved ones? 6 years ago +1
again, I'm misanthropic, simple choice 6 years ago  
I'm misanthropic, the choice is simple. 6 years ago  
huh? 6 years ago +4
Snails are friggen cool 6 years ago +4
I'm fat :3 6 years ago  
It's simple, 6 years ago  
All the sequels kinda ruined star wars for me 6 years ago  
I don't really like spicy foods :/ 6 years ago +1
"Oh hey guys!" 6 years ago +1
Emma Watson, no contest 6 years ago +2
you guys are too concerned with physical appearance 6 years ago +4
I'd rather my family get both 6 years ago  
AK-47 6 years ago  
heck, idk... 6 years ago  
would rather have a ps2 just cause Kingdom hearts 6 years ago +1
I wish it was a round trip... 6 years ago  
Commercials 6 years ago  
brawl or melee? 6 years ago  
what friends? 6 years ago  
everyone at google always seems to be having an epic time 6 years ago  
Not really, I thought I was gonna be a rebel cause battlefield has lots of fanboys, in truth call of dutys more fun imo cause of the faster pace, im looking for a video game not a simulator 6 years ago  
I use creepy 6 years ago  
false, Yahoo stock owners do 6 years ago  
I've always used controllers for gaming, using a keyboard just feels weird 6 years ago  
Windows is more customizable imho 6 years ago  
I have a mac and can safely say I greatly prefer PC's 6 years ago  
I prefer just a normal dumb phone. 6 years ago  
firefox was good, then chrome came out 6 years ago  
I use a dumb phone, does the one thing I care about makes calls 6 years ago +2
the silent assassin 6 years ago  
Don't know either of these people but how can I say no to a fellow atheist 6 years ago +19
I want boobs but somehow I dont think it would be as cool if they were on me 6 years ago  
neither...? 6 years ago  
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