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“Life is a disease: sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal.”
― Neil Gaiman

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    I'm misanthropic, easy choice  
    ordered food is generally better but more expensive  
    I wanna see the world, invisibility would should be a bonus (me gusta), also telekinesis would be better then all of them if you ask me  
    good luck living in a teepee in the antartic  
    me gusta  
    I voted always know when someone is lieing lie (100%)  
    Porn on tv!  
    Emma Watson  
    "i'm home"  
    meh, harlem shake, don't really care either way though  
    if you were immortal you could probably make alot of money  
    to quote professor slughorn "I prefer the back seat, more room to stretch out you know?"  
    just cause you're famous doesn't mean you have to do drugs  
    Would you rather  
    Love doesn't exist in my minds eye, simply primal animalistic instincts  
    carpe diam  
    Suits lower my ability to move, don't like that  
    I don't care what humans think about, misanthropy has it's benefits  
    Same if I ruled, however I see humans as a problem  
    5 months of no human interaction  
    I wanna be cremated anyway and i'm an organ doner  
    This is pretty much how life is  
    I wanna be able to switch between languages casually, only instrument I care about is piano anyway  
    Because Emma Watson  
    Neither, but If i was forced, a tattoo, also Christians god doesn't like tattoo's you hypocrites  
    Emma Watson  
    I already get free music  
    their pain brings me pleasure  
    I wanna meet my assassin selves  
    Honestly though neither have alot of evidence behind them, the difference between God and the big bang is the big bang is a theory, God has to be believed on based on faith, faith by definition is the belief in something without any proof, only idiots do that  
    Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. 1 Corinthians 14:34 you listen to all the bs that thing spits out?  
    That merely opens the question of what created what created it?  
    no one ever states what started god either you moron  
    heck, idk...  
    would rather have a ps2 just cause Kingdom hearts +1
    I wish it was a round trip...  
    brawl or melee?  
    what friends?  
    everyone at google always seems to be having an epic time  
    I use creepy  
    false, Yahoo stock owners do  
    I've always used controllers for gaming, using a keyboard just feels weird  
    Windows is more customizable imho  
    I have a mac and can safely say I greatly prefer PC's  
    I prefer just a normal dumb phone.  
    firefox was good, then chrome came out  
    I use a dumb phone, does the one thing I care about makes calls +2
    the silent assassin  
    Don't know either of these people but how can I say no to a fellow atheist +19
    I want boobs but somehow I dont think it would be as cool if they were on me  
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