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    Sleep with on a bed of gummy worms. That's my midnight snack sorted out.  
    I don't have friends :( I'm so ronry  
    Toy train wouldn't really hurt +1
    Average garden snake  
    Rubber Knife?  
    I'll just wait until they are gone.  
    I would have to have perfect concentration.  
    The image attracted me to choosing.  
    He does have an ass though.  
    If I was f*cked up enough to do that (or any of the stuff under the gross category) then I would rather take les lives.  
    Wear the underwear over my pants like superman!  
    Use an Altoid, the curiously strong mint!  
    Never said the nails have to be sharp.  
    I wont get sick.  
    Well I never ate a shuriken so jokes on you.  
    Transfer the data to a newer better PC. Problem solved.  
    I don't have any past relationships so that would be the quickest conversation ever.  
    I'll just use a parachute.  
    I don't care who knows about my $5 foot long.  
    I'll just go commando.  
    Why does the toaster have to be plugged or the wall socket be hooked up to power.  
    Clicked the wrong one.  
    Could be garden snakes.  
    That shack actually looks pretty cozy, and I like my internet.  
    "On a restaurant", why the hell were you on the roof? +71
    More heat with a fat person.  
    Go bald.  
    Give 1 to 9 people who need a car.  
    X-box is good because it has apps and all that the PlayStation consoles are better for gaming, and cheaper.  
    Mountain climbing is a long lasting moment and you achieve something, skydiving is just a quick rush and you accomplish nothing.  
    Save the atmosphere.  
    "May I"  
    I cant focus with noise or TV, I'll end up paying attention to the other thing.  
    I've never had a girlfriend, I know, sad.  
    I never go out anyway.  
    Deaf, I can still game.  
    Both (I already am).  
    Make and test games. Win/win.  
    I did when I was like 3 I was told, so done.  
    I want that shirt.  
    The alone one is sad.  
    I could communicate by writing, typing, texting and sign language.  
    Climb, then jump!  
    Who says being weird means you look weird, I'm already weird and I don't look like that. No offense to the people in the picture (unless they are photo-shopped).  
    I would like to know the date so I know when to not give a crap and do what I want.  
    At least the pig won't throw sh*t at me.  
    I don't have Incognito mode, I have InPrivate Browsing. lol  
    A Mac is a Mac, just customize some kind of super PC that's over 10 times as powerful as a Mac.  
    My lest favorite song 5 time in a row, listening to my favorite song 50 times in a row would become very repetitive and I wouldn't like it that much after.  
    Hey, If I survived the Russian Roulette and got $100,000,000 so I would be rich enough.  
    With Ronald I wasn't sore.  
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