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What a shame, you came in attacking me with your little kid insults "i love putting wanna be nurds in their place!" "Booo YA!" and now you leave and try to act like I was the bully. Well I support science and I will still reason with your ABC's that you place. A - That statement "IF humans did evolved to be a single ginder" was never brought forward from the beginning. That statement which you barely said may be true but is merely a speculation as evolution is nothing more then random mutations. You were saying humans can come from a single gender population, which is of course completely illogical. B- It does not rebuttal my first comment cause it is out of context. C- I never said any of the facts you said were erroneous, I simply said they have no place in this conversation. Well kid, I hope you learn not to be a an idiot and go around trying to dismiss people's comments about why they chose their answer just so you can feel good about yourself (or whatever you were trying to do). Good luck with your life :D 6 years ago  
Your whole argument relied on the fact that you said I said no offspring would survive. I never said such thing. And no, if you bothered reading a Biology book or and book that is about evolution, you would learn that Sexual Reproduction is what made humans and any other organism diverse. Meaning we would all look the same if we were all one gender. So your point is completely invalid since we wouldn't even have features special to ourselves. Only if mutations have occurred through a mistake when the organism would divide but in all essence, those mutations would not be humans and would bridge into some other organism. But that's another topic all together. And where the hell did I put that organisms would be merely attracted to each others genitals??? You always write stupid comments on rrrather but you have been wrong almost every time I read them. So get the stick out of your a$s and understand what you say before you try and act like you actually know what you say. I say I am a nerd because I study Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for fun outside of my college work. I don't know what you think nerd means but that is my view. 6 years ago +7
Evolutionary speaking, if everyone was one gender, then nobody would "love" each other. We would all look the same and everyone would not feel the need to form relationships with any other person. Tribes formed from the benefit of protecting their mates and offspring in groups. If one of the mates wasn't masculine or famine, the parent giving birth wouldn't feel the need to stay with the other parent since they can do what the other person can do. And without gender, the form of reproduction would be self-replication........ I am a nerd...... :P 6 years ago +8
Hulu-Plus for the TV shows, Netflix for movies. 6 years ago +9
Never heard of Flyleaf 6 years ago  
censored? No....... Turned into a witty remark mocking the person who is creating debates? Yes >:) 6 years ago  
It reminded me of Itachi :P 6 years ago +1
But it also says that the state can't promote or hinder ANY religion. Yet, in 1954 they added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance. They also tried banning the teaching of evolution once. They even use the religious meaning of marriage to ban gays from getting married. They are technically promoting a religion if they are allowing it to influence our nation so greatly. 6 years ago  
I only said men cause I'm a guy. So nothing against you ladies ;P 6 years ago +3
haha Women tend to follow their own stereotypes and then get mad when they are objectified by it. 6 years ago +4
People would still continue believing their religion, everything will be the same. 6 years ago +2
You poor misinformed creature. 6 years ago  
I don't know who these people are but they are both good looking. So I based my answer on that. haha 6 years ago  
Kill 5 rapist 6 years ago +9
Well it is normal for governments to lie to their citizens because many of them can't handle the truth. They do it to maintain order. Well at least the ones who lie for the greater good not just cause they are corrupted. 6 years ago +3
I love horror movies but many of them suck now-a-days. 6 years ago +2
I never cheated cause I was the smartest one in class. haha 6 years ago  
No one ever reads the explanation ( ._.) 6 years ago +3
I said no loophole powers :( 6 years ago  
Option B is more funny xD 6 years ago  
If you eat 3 times a day and spend about 30mins eating. I would think about 7% of an average lifetime 6 years ago  
We spend about 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping so by not needing sleep, I will do much more in life :) 6 years ago +5
Dude, you are over dramatic, He is doing an OK job. Despite what you think, the economy IS improving and jobs are being created. Just very sluggish. He just failed cause he made many many promises that were far fetched from the start. Now Mitt Romney is an idiot, he almost started a war with Iran and Israel when he went to visit them during his trip overseas. He is an idiot. I rather choose the one who is doing a decent job then put my faith in a moron. Romney even said he doesn't care about the poor, he clearly views American citizens based on financial status. Compare to him, most Americans are below him in financial status. 6 years ago +2
Innocent refers to a context of what they are innocent to. So I can basically kill anyone as long as those 10 people are innocent to a certain crime. Like if I rob a store, everyone in the world expect me is innocent. So I can kill anyone I please :P 6 years ago  
If I beat Chuck Norris, I am beating up a 73 year old man. He is overrated 6 years ago +6
They're both great inventions but Option B have saved many lives and has increase the human life expectancy by at least 6 to 10 years more. 6 years ago +4
Why don't kids that get bullied stay out of the internet? If my kids were being bullied I would take make sure they stay off the internet or at least those retarded social network sites. If you can't swim, stay out of the damn water. 6 years ago  
Yes, but by having to choose if we let her or not, we are stripping away her freedom to have one. 6 years ago  
I liked playing my Tenor Sax in High school 6 years ago  
Why can't we let her decided? 6 years ago +7
I think we all know Obama is going to win. The news keeps saying it is a close race just to get views, but Obama already has more than 270 electoral votes in many polls. And that isnt even including the swing states that can go either way. I honestly wish the Republicans had a better canidate. meh. 6 years ago +2
Too many cats already 6 years ago  
I do but I hate when the other side starts bringing up unsupported claims just to back up their side. Ruins the fun of having a good intellectual debate. 6 years ago +3
Poker face! 6 years ago  
Too many rules from the Fairly OddParents. And they are also not forever. 6 years ago +1
I am already option A, apparently many people think honesty is rude but I don't care I speak the truth. 6 years ago +3
More meat....... 6 years ago +5
He's right! 6 years ago +4
I'm tired of political views. I saw the question as "Would you rather be a lawyer or a doctor." I rather be a doctor :) 6 years ago +2
She caused her own demise. I feel bad for her family but she is no hero. There are other kids who actually did nothing wrong and they suffer constant bullying and kill themselves. Yet, no one gives a sh*t. 6 years ago +3
People only voted for JFK because he was assassinated. That didn't make him a good president or anything. It is just a tragic event. 6 years ago +5
You should have used a different picture for being unprepared, now everyone who is for Romney is going to be offended and comment about politics. Unless that was your plan? 6 years ago +2
It shouldn't. What happen to separation of church and state ( ._.) 6 years ago  
I would stay inside and read a book....... 6 years ago  
I wish people were respectful to everyone's belief. Other then that, I hate when people preach to me, even when I said I don't believe in religion. Why can't they just tell me that I'm going to hell and go away? ( '-_-) 6 years ago +1
I can do option A very easily, I can BS papers and still get A's. I choose B cause I love Science :D and it is easy too. I only get nervous when I don't know what I am talking about. 6 years ago  
Well since I am a giant nerd and all, I know that when conception happens that the first cell of the baby develops. In Biology, something is only considered an organism when they have at least one eukaryotic cell, So scientifically speaking, life begins at conception. But the baby doesn't have a conscious brain until like 4-6 months. 6 years ago +14
What the hell is Club Penguin? 6 years ago  
Option B for comfort, but honestly I think both are ugly and gay. 6 years ago +2
This is already true for me, people at my college remember me by name and I still have no idea what their name is. 6 years ago  
Option A would be funny to some degree, option B is just being a pedophile. 6 years ago +3
I'm already apathetic towards lots of things. 6 years ago +2
We also have the highest rate of obesity, rape, murder. We also are suppose to advocate equality but yet deny gays rights, women still get paid much less then men and are taken less serious when trying to take public office, we are know for being consumer whores, many Americans are completely ignorant to world news. I love America, but we also have many issues, people like you only make us look like stupid ass red necks. 6 years ago +1
Toilet papering a house is more fun and it is also more of a pain to clean up. 6 years ago +1
I would make up my own imaginary friend and worship him by living a long happy life :) 6 years ago +4
If Jesus would have never existed, a lot of people wouldn't have died from the formation of religious conflicts, and wars. 6 years ago +2
Evolution is based on science, Creationism is a faith. These two theories should never over lap. 6 years ago +3
I will agree with the fact that too many people hate him for stupid reasons, but he is not intelligent, he is quite an idiot. 6 years ago +2
They both look like gay as hipsters. 6 years ago +3
Paranormal Activity was never scary. It is really stupid. 6 years ago  
After 30 seconds, I am pretty sure my hand will no longer be a hand. 6 years ago +7
Chuck Norris is like 72 years old. 6 years ago +1
Being smart doesn't mean you are a great leader. 6 years ago +4
Skyrim isn't even close to overrated. It is a really good game. Games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, now those are overrated. 6 years ago  
xD 6 years ago  
I like how all the the Romney supporters say he will lower taxes and stuff. Taxes is what pays for almost everything. We as Americans all need to contribute to help make this country better, THIS MEANS WE NEED TAXES. Offering tax cuts to the rich is completely stupid to me. They have ability to influence the country and improve it but instead they get mad and try to keep the money in their pockets as big as possible. And they call themselves Americans? HA! "Keeping America American" my ass. Learn what being an American means first. 6 years ago +3
Some people think it is gross cause they assume people who are bi sleep around like whores and easily say yes to threesomes. Stereotypes. 6 years ago +3
I always saw it as 2 possible situations :) 1)Awkward moment when heaven and hell doesn't exist and you wasted your whole life worshiping your imaginary friend. 2) Awkward moment when heaven and hell are real but you are sent to hell for telling others they are going to hell simply because you don't agree with their beliefs. 6 years ago +4
I almost didn't want to answer cause they are both awesome. 6 years ago  
I wouldn't dedicate my life to saving people just cause I have powers. I would save some people when I have the chance but I wouldn't go running around helping people. That's what law enforcement is for. 6 years ago  
If they become zombies, they are technically dead. Thus, they are no longer my family. So I would have no problem killing the zombies. 6 years ago +8
I don't know who alphacat is but something tells me he is a douche.......... 6 years ago +3
That's why I said I dont care. I know some people care but I could care less. If the government gave them the body, I would also not care. Like I said he is dead. 6 years ago  
All I read was "if you could delete" and quickly pressed beibers face. 6 years ago +15
I would not force it upon her. If she does it behind my back, i wouldn't be mad at her. But i would feel like a failure as a provider. I would never suggest such a thing. 6 years ago  
I may not like Romney but he isn't a retard like Sarah Palin. 6 years ago +4
If time froze, you wouldn't even notices. 6 years ago +5
The only thing i would watch on fox news would be the weather forecast. Even then, i cant completely trust them. 6 years ago +5
Even if you are against Obama, what kind of idiot would compare him to Fidel Castro? 6 years ago +4
I want to see a women president in my lifetime. Other than that, I honestly don't know who these people are. 6 years ago +2
Well i would be dead and not really conscious about what i do so...........And if you are a sole survivor, you would go insane in about a week. 6 years ago  
He is dead, doesn't really matter to me what they do to the body. 6 years ago +1
I don't care for both, but i care even less for Fast and the furious 6. They are just milking that franchise for all its worth. 6 years ago +1
I hate sunny days. Rainy days make me happy :) 6 years ago  
Science! 6 years ago  
What the hell? 6 years ago +5
i was a bully when i was in middle school and elementry, when i got to high school i focused nothing but school. 6 years ago  
By telling them to kiss your a$s and punching them in the face. I was a bully. I regret my actions cause one of the people i bullied for like 3 years ended up dropping out of school. I just hope it wasn't because of my actions :( I remembered that i only picked on the easy victims, the ones who didn't fight back in anyway. 6 years ago  
What's wrong with being a nerd? Just cause you are a nerd, doesn't mean you would dress like that picture. I am a nerd and I dress normal. (By normal i mean, NORMAL jeans and a regular t-shirt, Not swag fag attire) 6 years ago +2
Yet you tried to use logic on my answer by stating "Not really? Hearing things louder might get annoying as well as smelling things, it could be a horrible smell" Thus you contradicted yourself :) Your logic has no logic. 6 years ago  
I don't think less of people for not knowing scientific sh*t like me. But I hate it when they make unsupported claims with no actual reasoning. 6 years ago  
It is not possible to see the colors you see now at night since they are not being given off in forms of rays in the visible spectrum. Some animals can see farther into the spectrum thus have night vision. I am basing this off science not the picture. 6 years ago  
Stupid question is Stupid 6 years ago +3
I wrote my college English final on serial killers and found some really disturbing articles on child killers. 6 years ago +3
My point still stands all you did was say it would get annoying. Having night vision also means increasing your eyes absorbency of light in the spectrum. That could also become annoying since you would see some things different with weird color hues. 6 years ago  
As a Resident Evil fan. I say RE6 was bad. But as a gamer in general, I liked it. It was a good game, it just wasn't Resident Evil anymore. 6 years ago +1
The other options is like deciding to watch TV shows forever. The living forever will be painful but you will get over it, plus, unless you plan to be anti-social forever, you will find new people to love. 6 years ago  
I know that licking 3km of a street probably has more nasty sh*t than a hobo's piss, but I will be ignorant of it all. 6 years ago +2
You went full retard, you're never suppose to go full retard. 6 years ago  
Never played The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion but that face looks annoying. 6 years ago +3
Those infomercials made me think "Are people really this stupid?" 6 years ago +1
With heightened smell and hearing, the need for night vision is pointless. 6 years ago  
Ha! easy. I'm awesome 6 years ago  
Flying would be fun and completely eliminate for me to have to buy gas for my car. Reading minds would just be the icing on the cake. 6 years ago  
hahaha Both of these choices probably happen all the time..........wait......that's sad :( 6 years ago  
YOLO is an excuse for dipsh*ts to do stupid things. 6 years ago  
It says you won't die from it not that you still can't get diseases. So it kind of sucks. Plus, that means you would most likely die in a painful way :\ 6 years ago  
I'm already smart and great at college with little effort, having more good friends with be better. 6 years ago  
Nicki Minaj is just a stupid hoe. 6 years ago +7
People obviously never played Amnesia before. 7 years ago +3
I don't think I find idiots (Victims) on the web sad. They can simply get off the web. Stay out of the water if you can't swim. 7 years ago +2
Beats are not that great. It is like Apple.They look nice but you can get other brands that work the same for less just not as flashy. 7 years ago +4
What the hell is Roblox? 7 years ago +4
Do you know how many freaking pennies that is? Having to change them into cash would be a pain in the ass. 7 years ago +4
Your teeth won't look like that if don't brush your teeth. That is some other crap. You would have bad breath and very yellow teeth. 7 years ago  
They are not the same thing. I know many people who are geeks and are really stupid. Nerds are smart. Geeks are people who are into stuff like World of War Craft, Collecting stamps, Action figures. 7 years ago  
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