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    Dude, you are over dramatic, He is doing an OK job. Despite what you think, the economy IS improving and jobs are being created. Just very sluggish. He just failed cause he made many many promises that were far fetched from the start. Now Mitt Romney is an idiot, he almost started a war with Iran and Israel when he went to visit them during his trip overseas. He is an idiot. I rather choose the one who is doing a decent job then put my faith in a moron. Romney even said he doesn't care about the poor, he clearly views American citizens based on financial status. Compare to him, most Americans are below him in financial status. +2
    I think we all know Obama is going to win. The news keeps saying it is a close race just to get views, but Obama already has more than 270 electoral votes in many polls. And that isnt even including the swing states that can go either way. I honestly wish the Republicans had a better canidate. meh. +2
    Ha! easy. I'm awesome  
    Flying would be fun and completely eliminate for me to have to buy gas for my car. Reading minds would just be the icing on the cake.  
    YOLO is an excuse for dipsh*ts to do stupid things.  
    It says you won't die from it not that you still can't get diseases. So it kind of sucks. Plus, that means you would most likely die in a painful way :\  
    I'm already smart and great at college with little effort, having more good friends with be better.  
    They are not the same thing. I know many people who are geeks and are really stupid. Nerds are smart. Geeks are people who are into stuff like World of War Craft, Collecting stamps, Action figures.  
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