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    Both are pretty nice 2 days ago  
    Be cool to be a ginger 2 days ago +1
    JFK is a boss 2 days ago  
    NFL is poop 4 days ago  
    Not something that interests me though 1 week ago  
    She's not really attractive at all 1 week ago  
    My life is complete..thank you 1 week ago +1
    Mario was always there for me during my childhood 1 week ago +1
    Can I trade the horse for the chimpanzee? 1 week ago +1
    I am not and am against it 1 week ago +1
    Hate to say it but someday this website will be gone...people tend to lose interest in things 1 week ago +1
    I enjoy watching it...pretty cool game 1 week ago  
    Rocko's Modern Life...miss it so much 2 weeks ago  
    Really would love a place like Texas or Arizona 2 weeks ago +1
    Dunno was a long time ago 2 weeks ago  
    God did take a rib from Adam to make Eve 2 weeks ago  
    Jeopardy and Price is Right are my faves 2 weeks ago  
    Much funner experience 2 weeks ago  
    There's no question that other thing is a man 2 weeks ago  
    I like living with a chip on my shoulder 2 weeks ago  
    Here often though 2 weeks ago  
    A part of me would grow if that happened 2 weeks ago +3
    The Pokemon Go epidemic alone almost caused an apocalypse 2 weeks ago +1
    If I were to visit New York I'd rather be out on the water rather than roaming the streets 2 weeks ago  
    Gotta have Bowser he was my suggestion 2 weeks ago  
    In a way 2 weeks ago  
    Have hoes to make money for me 2 weeks ago +1
    She'll still be sexy when she's 80 2 weeks ago +1
    They always have pizza 2 weeks ago  
    Having a hot chick open her mouth for me is hot 2 weeks ago +1
    Important to keep your family close because the bible says in the end times they'll be split and despise one another 2 weeks ago  
    61% 2 weeks ago  
    Never crossed my mind 2 weeks ago  
    Just unfair 2 weeks ago +1
    A lot of women have kids so I'd think so 2 weeks ago +1
    Witchcraft is Satanic sh*t 2 weeks ago  
    Bang her while listening to Barney music 2 weeks ago  
    I see London I see France 2 weeks ago  
    Only thing that I know is real...everything else that seems "as is" in this world is questionable 2 weeks ago +1
    She looks too manly for me 2 weeks ago  
    Rather be around Mexicans than homosexuals 2 weeks ago +1
    Not really looking forward to anything 2 weeks ago  
    Don't really listen to people's advice..I like the way that I do things 3 weeks ago +1
    Stay active every day try to get in at least 10,000 steps 3 weeks ago  
    I didn't think that I'd use this site very often that's why I didn't put much thought into my username 3 weeks ago  
    I hate drawing attention to myself 3 weeks ago +1
    Rather not be blind and deaf 4 weeks ago  
    I never do facebook..would miss Youtube but would get over it 4 weeks ago  
    I was over 300lbs and spent my whole day behind a computer 4 weeks ago +1
    Just basic kissing leading to sex is my preference 4 weeks ago +2
    Dreams are too interesting to give up 4 weeks ago  
    Rather be what God intended me to be 4 weeks ago +1
    I don't obsess over my phone like a ton of people do 4 weeks ago  
    Everyone's opinion about me is different though 4 weeks ago  
    If you're not depressed though you don't care about life because you realize you have weaknesses 4 weeks ago  
    A lot of "conspiracies" tend to be true 4 weeks ago +1
    Worked today 4 weeks ago  
    Gay people are gross 4 weeks ago  
    Damascus is a ruinous heap 1 month ago  
    Not every homeless chick is dirty and disease infested 1 month ago +2
    Both are dumb and uninteresting 1 month ago  
    Cuddlebuddy.com 1 month ago  
    Shit 1 month ago +1
    I don't hate anyone though I prefer to not be around some people 1 month ago  
    I didn't say anything I typed it dummy 1 month ago  
    Get a life loser..some social interaction would do wonders for you 1 month ago +1
    Southern Rock most likely 1 month ago  
    Either way your poop is gonna be a really cool color 1 month ago  
    I am an introvert but I think it would make things even more boring either way 1 month ago  
    I got a lot of odd voices in me 1 month ago  
    Have to be pretty lazy if you've never raked leaves 1 month ago  
    Life doesn't have many barriers so basically we as humans do have a lot of power 1 month ago  
    Nobody would be able to poop 1 month ago  
    I'll probably never figure out where I'll live 1 month ago  
    Quiet awkward fat kid 1 month ago  
    Automobile 1 month ago  
    Prob not my type 1 month ago  
    I can only dream to have as much swagger as Enrique 1 month ago  
    Jerky til death 1 month ago +1
    Other looks kinda gayish 1 month ago  
    Totes 1 month ago  
    Not necessarily 1 month ago  
    Not something I think about regularly 1 month ago  
    They made my shirt 1 month ago  
    Doesn't matter to me...I just tend to be attracted to petite women 1 month ago  
    Plain sh*tz 1 month ago  
    Girl in the pic is hot 1 month ago  
    Can't believe some people have never seen a Sonic 1 month ago  
    Not in a sexual manner any way...that's what the bible calls unnatural affection 1 month ago +1
    IHaveAnIdea 1 month ago +2
    As I've gotten older don't do as much though 1 month ago  
    Not in today's society with sexual perversion at an all time high 1 month ago  
    Be kind of like vaping through your ass 2 months ago +1
    The game or pizza 2 months ago  
    I guess if people are bipolar their opinion can change 2 months ago  
    People are just pains in the ass and make me angry 2 months ago  
    Has a cooler name 2 months ago +1
    Only time your pants should sag is when you have poop in them 2 months ago +2
    Rebecca is better 2 months ago  
    Nobody's great but God 2 months ago  
    I like the position she has her hand it makes me so horny 2 months ago +1
    Phones are overrated and have made people dumber 2 months ago  
    I don't like turkey 2 months ago  
    Life is too short to do something that you don't want 2 months ago  
    Groups of people bother me...I like being alone most of the time 2 months ago  
    And a grizzly bear gave it to her from behind 2 months ago +4
    Almost looks like their made out of chocolate cake 2 months ago  
    Kinky 2 months ago +1
    You have a bad taste in music either way 2 months ago +1
    Thank you I feel a lot better about my self now 2 months ago  
    Interesting picture for sure 2 months ago  
    If you're going plain you got to go with ruffles with dip on the side 2 months ago  
    Homer is dumb too but in a more sensible manner 2 months ago  
    The United States getting rid of the dollar and moving on to digital currency 2 months ago  
    Depends upon the circumstance..it's joggers if lounging at home but jeans if I'm at work 2 months ago  
    Not usually any way unless I'm extremely tired 2 months ago  
    Using the pedometer app on my phone...I've been doing this since the beginning of last year and have lost over 100lbs making a goal of 10,000 every day 2 months ago  
    I use a calendar to write down the amount of steps I take every day 2 months ago +1
    These questions are getting old..you could at least have some naked pictures of them 2 months ago +2
    Pride is what got Lucifer kicked out of heaven and made him the devil so by default what they do is wrong and goes against human nature...put only gays on an island and they'd all eventually die out because they can't reproduce 2 months ago  
    The way homosexuals express their gayness these days it doesn't take much to figure them out 2 months ago  
    Fart is always a safe answer 2 months ago  
    Tell me how my asphalt tastes 2 months ago  
    Why I don't hang around gays 2 months ago  
    No such thing as true happiness 2 months ago  
    I work too damn hard to run out of money 2 months ago  
    Neither really...I've had some fuhk't up dreams 2 months ago  
    Probably would never use them because I like challenges 2 months ago  
    I don't have any close friends yet I don't try to make them 2 months ago  
    Pretty good day..I worked hard then came home 2 months ago  
    Me crush crush cause I caveman 2 months ago  
    Become as God making it to heaven 2 months ago  
    It doesn't take a scientist to see that you are a fool 2 months ago  
    Yes I am a proud Christian and no I'm not a faggot and if killing yourself is something on your mind you need to seek help 2 months ago  
    But I'm against abortion. 2 months ago +2
    Black licorice is nasty though 2 months ago +1
    Rather smell a pig fart 2 months ago  
    I think they walk among us today disguised as humans 2 months ago  
    World will end before then any way 2 months ago  
    Dogs are too loud 2 months ago  
    If you think about it don't we already 2 months ago  
    Peanut 2 months ago +2
    I like anything that's chewy 2 months ago +1
    He's nearly 90 years old so that would be odd to say the least 2 months ago  
    Normal shouldn't even be in the dictionary because there's really no such thing 2 months ago  
    Certain cases 2 months ago  
    I love art but suck at it 2 months ago  
    I talk to God throughout the day 2 months ago +1
    Would make more sense 2 months ago  
    I never want to smoke anything my entire life 2 months ago  
    Give me money b*tches I need to research this sh*t 3 months ago  
    I'm cool 3 months ago  
    Hats sometimes give me a headache 3 months ago  
    Nearly 9:30PM at the moment 3 months ago  
    I was in 5th grade and really had no clue what was going on 3 months ago  
    Laughing at all the crying haters on tv 3 months ago +1
    Remembering the birth of Christ 3 months ago  
    Not much into newer video games 3 months ago  
    Too many 3 months ago  
    Me 3 months ago  
    #YOLO 3 months ago  
    That idea may just be crazy enough...to get us all killed! 3 months ago  
    I wish gay still meant happy..calling them homosexuals is better 3 months ago  
    I never use the chat 3 months ago  
    I never try to do 25 3 months ago  
    It's made people dumber 3 months ago +1
    Yes darling you are a pretty young lady..don't let others tell you otherwise 3 months ago  
    If I could afford them why not 3 months ago  
    I work with people in a pissy mood all of the time...don't have the time 3 months ago  
    Honestly depends upon the circumstance 3 months ago +1
    I'm gonna win Mega Millions tonight so no need 3 months ago  
    Good question...never really thought of it 3 months ago  
    I like either Arizona or Texas 3 months ago  
    Either way you're smelling bad body odor 3 months ago  
    Quieter 3 months ago  
    That butt looks ready for sausage 3 months ago  
    Would hate to but maybe I might run over one or something by accident. 3 months ago  
    Internet for the most part is a waste of time 3 months ago  
    People starving in Africa 3 months ago +1
    As long as I have my middle fingers I can communicate just fine 3 months ago  
    Never go there 3 months ago  
    Never met my dad I'm a bastarded child 3 months ago +1
    I don't live there 3 months ago  
    wee wee 3 months ago  
    Just throw'em off lol 3 months ago  
    But people should love themselves no matter what they may look like 3 months ago  
    California has too many gays 3 months ago  
    Go Big Blue 3 months ago  
    Something someone did in high school many years ago isn't relevant 3 months ago +1
    It is cool how people make such crazy designs though 3 months ago  
    No such thing as reincarnation...we're spiritual beings having a flesh experience 3 months ago  
    Something important to somebody shouldn't have to be debated 3 months ago  
    Why most children are born out of wedlock 3 months ago  
    Not into transgender looking cartoons 3 months ago  
    tv series and movies aren't that interesting to me 3 months ago  
    Be funny 3 months ago  
    Each have their perks 3 months ago  
    Hah any normal person wouldn't want others to see their history 3 months ago  
    Overdone though 4 months ago +1
    Brownies wouldn't be there for you after you eat them 4 months ago +1
    Eating is a priority sleeping is a necessity 4 months ago  
    But one person that is popular whose music I do not like is Ed Sheeran 4 months ago  
    Have epic basketball games 4 months ago +1
    Masturbation 4 months ago  
    Instinctual knowledge > basic knowledge 4 months ago  
    It can be a tough task starting out but try going for 10,000 steps every day it's how I lost over 100lbs without even changing my diet 4 months ago  
    Basically do any way 4 months ago +1
    Tend to listen to them more but like both 4 months ago  
    I was 10yo in 5th grade 4 months ago  
    Read this as suicide over a fart 4 months ago  
    Depends upon the circumstance 4 months ago  
    I don't like attention 4 months ago +1
    Other reminds me of a bull 4 months ago  
    Just work then die 4 months ago  
    Just never use them 4 months ago +2
    Catholics are dumb 4 months ago +5
    These questions are boring 4 months ago +3
    Rather watch someone that isn't boring 4 months ago  
    Basketball 4 months ago  
    I like the beach but don't go as often as I want so guess not 4 months ago  
    Something new each time 4 months ago  
    Paranoia isn't a part of me 5 months ago  
    I won't care because I'm dead 5 months ago  
    God wouldn't have created us if we served no purpose 5 months ago +1
    Fat = lazy 5 months ago  
    Single and don't care..in no rush 5 months ago  
    I'm not God 5 months ago +1
    I don't even like touching cigarettes 5 months ago  
    I'd do you no harm 5 months ago  
    In the room I'm sleeping 5 months ago  
    It makes me have to sh*t 5 months ago  
    A dead person isn't going to bother anyone 5 months ago  
    I don't go around trying to be liked or make friends 5 months ago  
    I don't keep up with Youtube much any more 5 months ago  
    I average 40,000 steps at work 5 months ago  
    Texting altogether should be banned..it has taken too many lives 5 months ago  
    I just want to float in the ocean 5 months ago +1
    I know a fat guy named Jason 5 months ago  
    Both are basically useless whores 5 months ago +1
    Stian is too similar to Satan 5 months ago  
    Babies are too fragile and I'm too clumsy 5 months ago  
    Kind of any way...people that act that way seem fake 5 months ago  
    Both are a freakshow so neither 5 months ago  
    Not on that particular day at least 5 months ago +1
    Ed Bassmaster 5 months ago  
    Old spongebob 5 months ago  
    It is fine to think anyone is nice looking..it doesn't mean you're gay 6 months ago +1
    People make a bigger deal out of these things than they should 6 months ago +5
    Don't use the website enough to care 6 months ago +1
    Repenting is key...all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God 6 months ago +1
    Classic 6 months ago  
    I work hard for my cash and save the dough til I need it 6 months ago  
    When Jesus makes his return 6 months ago  
    Don't think I'd ever have a black kid 6 months ago +1
    Su ks that I likd both combined 6 months ago  
    Depends 6 months ago  
    Though there is no such thing as a "good" person..we're all sinners and not perfect 6 months ago  
    Like Black Eyed Peas Bob Marley Frank Sinatra Weird Al & Hall and Oates the others I don't care for 6 months ago  
    Homosexuality will never be acceptable to me..pretty sick how a mental illness is applauded. 6 months ago +1
    Do 6 months ago +1
    Just going by success..don't care for either personally. The Harry Potter ride at Universal is fun though 6 months ago +1
    Send it up with a letter attached 6 months ago  
    No clue about either 6 months ago  
    No brainer 6 months ago  
    I do like orange juice every once in a while though 6 months ago  
    Because I try to take care of my body the best I can 7 months ago  
    April 8th, 2014 7 months ago  
    Feel like people are being sarcastic most of the time 7 months ago +1
    But I get what you're saying 7 months ago +1
    Honestly don't know because I've only been to a select few. 7 months ago  
    Been single my whole life 7 months ago  
    Describes my day at work yesterday 7 months ago  
    lol 7 months ago  
    There's beautiful women in every country 7 months ago  
    Don't have much any way 7 months ago  
    No motivation if everyone expects the best from you every day 7 months ago  
    Can't curse that often because I work 7 months ago  
    So do I 7 months ago  
    Eminem is a sell out 7 months ago  
    Other is hot too but scissor tattoo by the armpit isn't at all attractive 7 months ago  
    Wish I didn't 7 months ago +1
    I don't like being stuffed in the house all day 8 months ago  
    Don't care 8 months ago  
    A lot of drugs 8 months ago  
    My town sucks ass 8 months ago  
    Going to be one any way 9 months ago  
    I spend time here but it could be better..a lot of questions are uninteresting 9 months ago  
    It's not right trying to predict someone's death 9 months ago  
    This website is dead today 9 months ago +3
    I like looking like a guest 9 months ago  
    Well what should I have for my picture 9 months ago  
    I feel no sympathy for things that don't exist 9 months ago  
    I don't try to be 9 months ago  
    Depends upon the harshness of it 9 months ago  
    Why do you have to respond to every one of my comments...do I get to you that much? It's funny to piss people off online. 9 months ago  
    I'm not gay 9 months ago  
    Teenagers are smart asses 9 months ago +1
    $200 is a lot of money and people are bad about paying back 9 months ago  
    Everyone should know 50 people 9 months ago  
    Any chick 18 or older 9 months ago  
    I didn't know what to make my name...I figured I'd use the website maybe once or twice and didn't put much thought into it 9 months ago  
    Only good news 9 months ago  
    Nobody is good but God himself but I do prefer our President to be a believer 9 months ago +3
    ICP isn't bad..the juggalo stuff is pretty retarded though 9 months ago +1
    Harambe was shot? 9 months ago  
    I need to further inspect those breasts 9 months ago  
    Basketball players purposely do this all the time 9 months ago  
    No clue...I have other things to do than watch Youtube all day 9 months ago  
    I know a guy named Kevin...not one of my favorite people 9 months ago  
    Neither is great tbh 9 months ago  
    Christian people sin just like everyone else we are forgiven by repentance 9 months ago  
    Already know Oprah will be the next president (God help us all) 9 months ago  
    Yeah pretty sure she's totally made of rubber 9 months ago  
    Neither 9 months ago +1
    Neither 9 months ago  
    Ignore it 9 months ago  
    Everything will be war torn 9 months ago  
    Both are evil 9 months ago  
    2050 will not look like that..will be the opposite 9 months ago +1
    I'm definitely not gay so will never know 9 months ago  
    I'd live in Phoenix 9 months ago  
    He's not any more...just bones 9 months ago  
    I have a INTP personality which is extremely rare 9 months ago  
    Saddest thing is that people fall for it (mostly the libtards) 9 months ago +3
    7:45PM 9 months ago  
    I like most sports but play basketball and badminton more than any other 9 months ago  
    Not an attention seeker plus fame comes with a lot more trouble than its made out to be 9 months ago  
    I try to be respectful to everyone but trolls aren't worth my time 9 months ago  
    The economy is total sh*t for anyone that isn't rich 9 months ago +1
    Don't know them 9 months ago  
    I agree everyone that supports abortion should have been aborted 9 months ago +1
    Health is good just wish for nicer weather 9 months ago  
    This isn't the same country that I grew up in 9 months ago +2
    It's usually a black guy beating up his white wife 9 months ago  
    Nirvana is overrated 9 months ago +1
    I've lost over 100lbs so most of my clothes doesn't fit me properly 9 months ago  
    I'm not a piece of sh*t just a slice of turd 9 months ago  
    Evidently it doesn't work for you..no chill always seem quite angry 9 months ago  
    I don't have to smoke weed to feel good 9 months ago  
    I make such great quotes I should be famous 9 months ago  
    It is best to be humble and giving rather than owning/having more than one person should 9 months ago +1
    Being rich is not a good thing shows how greedy a person is 9 months ago  
    Either way I'm through with that hoe 9 months ago +1
    Bird poop doesn't taste good 9 months ago +2
    I'm mostly subscribed to people that don't get hundreds of thousands of views 9 months ago  
    I enjoy being outside 9 months ago  
    Fart 9 months ago  
    I'm not really social though 9 months ago  
    The gay agenda is way over-pushed 9 months ago +1
    I would applaud 9 months ago +3
    I wasn't surrounded by a bunch of homosexuals growing up 9 months ago  
    They're too smart for human interaction though 9 months ago  
    These questions are just as dumb as which cartoon character would you rather bang 9 months ago +1
    neither 9 months ago  
    I don't care what other people do 9 months ago  
    Only adults would argue over something like this..kids don't care plus santa is just a character any way 9 months ago  
    $1,000 is nothing honestly 9 months ago  
    I'm not much of a social person but if it came down to this scenario I see someone elses life way more important than mine especially if it is a child 9 months ago  
    Those are some trashy looking dudes 9 months ago  
    There's a cure for cancer out there it's just not released for population control 9 months ago  
    Could get laid more often 9 months ago  
    Who cares I am anti-gay too 10 months ago  
    I want the person I marry to be my best friend 10 months ago +1
    Kind of interesting and not at the same time 10 months ago  
    Always wondered what it's like to have black parents 10 months ago  
    Very beautiful woman 10 months ago  
    Still got a good 4 years or so I think 10 months ago  
    There's not one person in this world that is one race 10 months ago  
    Don't spend so much time online and you'd feel better 10 months ago  
    12,000 steps and counting...I've had at least 10,000 or more every day since July 29th last year 10 months ago  
    Oprah could be Satan in disguise 10 months ago +3
    I'm not a wuss that's easily offended 10 months ago +1
    Watch the NCAA basketball tournament and played a bit of basketball my self 10 months ago  
    There's enough action to keep things interesting 10 months ago  
    I'll just feed them quackers instead 10 months ago  
    I love strawberries but prefer to eat them as is 10 months ago  
    Not unless I marry a girl thats family has a different heritage than I 10 months ago  
    Other is overused and uninteresting 10 months ago  
    Not having the same interests as I 10 months ago  
    Intelligence is everything 10 months ago  
    If I can afford them why not 10 months ago +1
    12 10 months ago  
    It's kinda impossible to actually know 10 months ago  
    I'd rather you'd never post a question again 10 months ago +4
    But just because someone curses it doesn't automatically condemn them to hell 10 months ago  
    Not gay 10 months ago  
    I'm not the idiot that is turned on by cartoons 10 months ago  
    Quit asking dumb questions like this what are you 5? 10 months ago  
    I'd rather be remembered for something positive than negative 10 months ago  
    If people didn't live so disgustingly some diseases wouldn't exist 10 months ago  
    People can easily fake a disability that's how so many people get government benefits 10 months ago +2
    Taylor Swift is probably the most overrated singer in the world 10 months ago  
    At least he has the ability to change emotion 10 months ago  
    I don't want to look like a dork 10 months ago  
    Makes me constipated though 10 months ago  
    Not a fan of either really 10 months ago  
    Curls on guys look gay af 10 months ago  
    All about comfortability 10 months ago +1
    There aren't any 10 months ago  
    Kind of makes people seem ignorant when they curse all of the time 10 months ago  
    Oddly enough I dreamed if a baby named James...mind blown 10 months ago  
    Like both but tend to listen to SOAD most 10 months ago  
    Go away you confused non-religious ass wipe 10 months ago +1
    Lifewar by Demon Hunter is a good one 10 months ago  
    I've lost over 100lbs 10 months ago  
    Condom 10 months ago  
    Everything in the picture 10 months ago  
    You can argue a point without being disrespectful 10 months ago  
    Totally depends upon the subject...I could talk all day about basketball 10 months ago  
    I wouldn't date anyone that's not a Christian 10 months ago  
    Disgusting is a better word 10 months ago  
    I wouldn't kill anyone 10 months ago  
    Wolves are beautiful animals 10 months ago +1
    They're not as big of a deal to people as the news make them out to be 10 months ago +1
    I basically only watch basketball 11 months ago  
    How are the same questions always allowed 11 months ago  
    I've lost over 100lbs so improving 11 months ago  
    A whole bag is a lot of calories to burn 11 months ago  
    Just picking because of the picture don't look into a lot of the comments people write 11 months ago  
    It doesn't keep people from doing it 11 months ago  
    Please tell me which is most stupid someone being armed in public or someone texting and driving not paying attention to their surroundings putting everyone in their driving area at risk 11 months ago  
    Cars are just as if not more dangerous than guns do people want to rid of them as well? 11 months ago  
    Though I do try to limit my self 11 months ago  
    Maybe once or twice a week..since I've gotten older not as much 11 months ago  
    I'm not dumb 11 months ago  
    God gave scientists the brain they possess if something isn't a part of God's will it will not come to pass 11 months ago  
    2003 11 months ago  
    Use to have a master rating in online pool 11 months ago  
    Chicago is trashy 11 months ago +1
    Took a whiz 11 months ago  
    Normally I would have picked Hawaii but I need a laptop 11 months ago  
    Isn't trolling what the internet is intended for 11 months ago  
    Bullying people is wrong except if it's a gay kid because they're asking for it 11 months ago +2
    Might happen though when Oprah is our next president 11 months ago +1
    I like to keep a low profile 11 months ago  
    More likely to find a nerdy virgin chick to hook up with 11 months ago  
    Hopefully you wasn't on CNN they're terrible 11 months ago +3
    Been an active member for 5 years or more 11 months ago  
    ISIS is some made up group 11 months ago  
    Gordon Ramsay would not choose this option 11 months ago  
    Ihavenoidea I've commented thousands of times 11 months ago  
    Dropped out after 10th grade 11 months ago  
    For those that chose the other option please seek help immediately 11 months ago +1
    16 11 months ago  
    I didn't think I'd still visit it regularly though 11 months ago  
    It's all about basketball here in Kentucky 11 months ago  
    Worked too hard to get to the weight I am 11 months ago  
    Don't watch Youtube much any more 11 months ago  
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