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    How original 1 day ago +1
    No body modification looks good..if God wanted you to look that way He would have made you that way 2 days ago  
    Old spongebob 2 days ago +1
    Don't have the time to handle such a high honor 2 days ago  
    Fore q 2 days ago  
    Money 5 days ago  
    I talk to myself..well mostly say random sh*t but whutevaar 5 days ago +1
    Giving is more rewarding 6 days ago +2
    They treat 7 year olds as adults in dirty hollywood 1 week ago +1
    I have love for everyone 1 week ago +1
    This year I did 1 week ago  
    I work so no big deal 1 week ago  
    Sex doesn't mean much to me 1 week ago  
    Yuck 1 week ago +1
    Not here in Kentucky any way 1 week ago +1
    Cornflake poop 1 week ago  
    Uranus needs to be wiped out 2 weeks ago +1
    If sh*t is so secure why is there so many murders among other things 2 weeks ago  
    Looks like the sun is brighter in this picture 2 weeks ago  
    Sugary stuff already does that for me. 2 weeks ago  
    It's best to not tell people your goals and just do them 2 weeks ago  
    I've been a virgin so long I've almost reached wizard status 2 weeks ago +2
    They cut my wee wee off when they did it 2 weeks ago  
    Always best to have female friends 2 weeks ago +1
    Watching porno not as much 2 weeks ago +1
    No you don't.. just pick up a new hobby or something make life interesting for you 2 weeks ago +1
    Porky pine nutz 2 weeks ago +1
    Pregnant women are cute 2 weeks ago  
    Already too good at wasting time 2 weeks ago  
    Taste the rainbow b*tches 2 weeks ago +1
    I've lost the ability to cry 2 weeks ago +1
    Helpful if you sh*t yourself 2 weeks ago +1
    Less likely to get poo'd on 2 weeks ago  
    My taste in music changes by the minute 2 weeks ago  
    I have better things to be annoyed with 2 weeks ago  
    If I want to skinny dip I want to do so without judgement 2 weeks ago +1
    Have him for dinner 2 weeks ago  
    I value alone time 3 weeks ago  
    Die patch die 3 weeks ago  
    Hoo dey 3 weeks ago +1
    Assburgers 3 weeks ago +1
    Most likely breathed or blinked 3 weeks ago  
    Cause my hiney's clean 4 weeks ago  
    My imaginative thoughts can be scary at times 4 weeks ago +1
    Their food is decent for what it is 4 weeks ago  
    Theres better animated movies out there 4 weeks ago  
    I see his penis 1 month ago +1
    Cue the music 1 month ago  
    Aye it's 50/50 two votes in 1 month ago +1
    More useful 1 month ago +1
    The work that I do kind of balances things out 1 month ago  
    No questions in 15 hours holy monkeys 1 month ago +2
    What kid isn't these things 1 month ago  
    He'll be freaked when he finds out you're actually a 40 year old dude 1 month ago +3
    Unless they're acting retarded on them 1 month ago +2
    Ain't nobody got time fo dat 1 month ago +1
    Hoo 1 month ago  
    He'd peel the green right off that cracka 1 month ago +1
    Honestly would rather go with my crush because she's perfect in every way 1 month ago +1
    Fo shizzle 1 month ago  
    They'd probably keep to themselves unlike a lot of people 1 month ago +1
    Rather been aborted if those were my only options 1 month ago +7
    Dogs or any animals don't deserve human rights 1 month ago  
    I like their music videos..Flea always cracks me up 1 month ago  
    Not a fan of rain 1 month ago  
    60's is prob one of the worst decades for music 1 month ago  
    I'll just take the next 5 users that comment after me 1 month ago  
    As a matter of fact I wish the internet never came into existence..the world would be a much better place 1 month ago +3
    Cooler 1 month ago  
    Just being active in general does the body some good 1 month ago  
    Already went to Arby's today it's kind of my go to 1 month ago  
    Why not I have nothing better to do at the moment 1 month ago +1
    No other questions in 7 hours..RIP rrrather 1 month ago +1
    I like having a small group of "friends" 1 month ago  
    Not my thing 1 month ago  
    Percentages are actually pretty sad tbh 1 month ago  
    Looks cooler 1 month ago  
    plus her music is better..though the new stuff she's putting out ain't that great 1 month ago  
    You need to get out more..there's plenty of women better looking than she is 1 month ago  
    Your crush might end up liking your friend instead 1 month ago  
    Sorry I'm Elmo 1 month ago  
    Never cared about it any way 1 month ago +1
    Only sometimes 1 month ago  
    I wanna box those tittiez 1 month ago  
    Demeanor of a lot of successful people 1 month ago  
    Pretty old song now...was back in 2004 1 month ago  
    Over and Over by Nelly and Tim McGraw because of the way you worded the question 1 month ago  
    I'll take time to talk to anyone 1 month ago +1
    Don't care 1 month ago  
    Look up fart face then you'd see 1 month ago  
    I didn't say anything I typed it you chicken nugget 1 month ago  
    You wish 1 month ago  
    F animal rights 1 month ago +1
    But I'd comfort her and make her feel safe 1 month ago  
    Grow up 1 month ago  
    If you ain't first you're last 1 month ago +1
    Both of them look nice 1 month ago +1
    I'm past that age and never did 1 month ago  
    I like my hairy man titties 1 month ago  
    I'm very peculiar about who I befriend but I'll be nice to everyone if I can 1 month ago  
    Just accept life as it is..you can appreciate things better when you purchase them yourself 1 month ago  
    I have friends hotter than her 1 month ago  
    I guess about 6..I eat really fast 1 month ago  
    I have a gun if needed 1 month ago  
    Seen better 1 month ago  
    Drives me crazy being stuck inside any where 2 months ago  
    Inbetween 2 months ago  
    Topless 2 months ago  
    Working in retail both are about equal 2 months ago  
    #stressless 2 months ago  
    Difficult to choose they both ugly 2 months ago  
    Still kind of fun at times though 2 months ago  
    Was better back in the 80's and 90's 2 months ago  
    I'm generally a happy person...I get bored to death easily though 2 months ago  
    I listen to almost anything 2 months ago +1
    That pitbull n*gga got some ugly teeth 2 months ago +1
    $10 does well to even buy a decent meal 2 months ago  
    Called the police station a time or two though 2 months ago  
    I like my picture it's sexy 2 months ago  
    Waifu Wednesday? Time for you to get away from the internet and start your career. 2 months ago  
    West Virginia's roads have to be f*cked with all the coal mining that goes on there 2 months ago  
    Sorry but any average looking girl is probably better looking than she is 2 months ago  
    Neither is that great 2 months ago  
    This question was tougher than I anticipated 2 months ago  
    Just don't watch me while I'm pooping..that's kind of weird 2 months ago +2
    I think most people just look for the opposite of themselves 2 months ago +1
    I'd rather eat my toenails and die of internal bleeding 2 months ago  
    I'm white so pretty sure I'm from Nigeria 2 months ago  
    Love to know what my crush thinks of me but I think I'm kind of figuring it out on my own 2 months ago  
    Stick his spikey hair up his nostrils and kill him 2 months ago  
    Maybe we can be friends because I don't have friends 2 months ago +1
    Squish its gutz 2 months ago  
    Would rather wait and find the right person than hop into something that prob won't work out 2 months ago  
    That kid definitely did something to that fudge 2 months ago +2
    I wish a woman would invade my personal space 2 months ago  
    Those chicks have to be aliens..no nips or puss 2 months ago  
    I think racism has decreased over the last few years but we are slowly losing our freedom 2 months ago +1
    I guess rap because I just listened to "Better Now" by Post Malone 2 months ago +1
    Kind of depends upon what they say 2 months ago  
    Rub me the right way honey 2 months ago  
    All anime is poop 2 months ago  
    Real world has so much more meaning to it than this new age technological bs 2 months ago  
    Daydreaming of celebrities isn't worth my time 2 months ago +2
    You monstahh 2 months ago  
    Kind of helps boredom 2 months ago  
    Wow really? If someone hates their mother that much just stay away from her 2 months ago  
    Love to watch Gordon Ramsay's shows though 2 months ago  
    You can watch Youtube year round 2 months ago  
    I think she only takes the bbc 2 months ago  
    Pretty well true I'd say...I am always straightforward with people 2 months ago  
    Joined April 8th, 2014 2 months ago  
    Buy some pick 3's with it 2 months ago  
    Wouldn't that make her Jemima Bond 2 months ago  
    Both look like worthless scum 2 months ago  
    lol 2 months ago  
    Think I could pretty well but don't have experience 2 months ago +1
    Best kind of bees are boo bees 2 months ago +1
    Wasn't me 2 months ago  
    I get anxious more than anything 2 months ago  
    Uh huh huh you said turd 2 months ago +1
    Just brush ya teeth or get some mints 2 months ago +1
    Damn difficult to eat healthy though 2 months ago  
    I just don't like dogs that much 2 months ago +1
    I am a tad superstitious 2 months ago +1
    I spoke to my madre 2 months ago  
    Prob 5 mins exactly 2 months ago  
    Usually when I'm feeling anxious 2 months ago  
    wolf and owl 2 months ago  
    loyal and loving 2 months ago  
    Pretty confident I can whoop ass if I need to 2 months ago  
    That would make me think that it's not the right time 2 months ago  
    I've personally never had a woman tell me that she's never wanted to 2 months ago  
    Fake News 2 months ago  
    Been through option "B" most of my life and just now getting to the point that I'm coming out of my shell a bit...life is so much better when you decide to let others in. 2 months ago  
    If someone killed themself I wouldn't want to mimic that 2 months ago  
    They ain't bothering me..I have a life away from this website 2 months ago  
    They've been very naughty and deserve a spanking 2 months ago  
    I'm not afraid of homos I just prefer to not be around them 2 months ago  
    Not all the time though 2 months ago  
    i work around a lot of women so pretty simple 2 months ago  
    Smaller since I lost 130lbs 2 months ago  
    I laugh at random sh*t like that 2 months ago  
    People even called Jesus and Einstein idiots 2 months ago  
    Both have issues 2 months ago  
    Dunno haven't watched it yet 2 months ago  
    Cyborg would only win if it's a basketball match 2 months ago +3
    Oprah Winfrey 2 months ago +5
    Fart bubbles you little brat! 2 months ago  
    Many times 2 months ago  
    Odds are I'm better looking than some random dude 2 months ago  
    Sometimes 2 months ago  
    Maybe people could have meaningful relationships 2 months ago  
    People shouldn't let others influence their actions or thoughts 2 months ago +1
    Not as plastic 2 months ago  
    I don't use social media 2 months ago  
    a flying reindeer 3 months ago  
    It really doesn't make much of a difference 3 months ago  
    They say opposites attract...I kind of find that true 3 months ago  
    Don't want to be black 3 months ago  
    When you're disciplined you know you've made it..if you only seek motivation you're still searching. 3 months ago  
    So many damn drones any more you can barely even see the stars 3 months ago  
    Movies and television in general are boring 3 months ago  
    Paper will always be useful 3 months ago  
    Less likely to be killed maybe 3 months ago  
    Both options are pretty dangerous 3 months ago  
    No really into just hooking up..I like to take the time to get to know people 3 months ago  
    I dream I'm pooping in front of people often 3 months ago  
    Less likely to be shot 3 months ago +1
    Neither, sorry mate 3 months ago  
    Demonrat* 3 months ago  
    Then wipe my ass with them 3 months ago  
    We all live in a yellow submarine 3 months ago +1
    Freak people out more 3 months ago +1
    Life of the party 3 months ago  
    Just because I usually never read them 3 months ago  
    I fear nothing or no one but God 3 months ago  
    I love a good adrenaline rush 3 months ago  
    I think about this one girl way to much to be anything close to ghey 3 months ago  
    I often feel smarter than everyone else...I'm a cocky d-bag 3 months ago  
    Lol 3 months ago  
    I get bored easily...my job keeps me on my toes 3 months ago  
    My mom 3 months ago  
    I hardly ever text anything 3 months ago  
    Shooting hoops 3 months ago  
    Wouldn't want to end up in a warzone 3 months ago +1
    Mmm that tastes good! 3 months ago  
    Talk about pussy all up in your face 3 months ago  
    Newspaper is the way to go 3 months ago  
    God knows 3 months ago  
    100% sure I'll die someday 3 months ago  
    Riding horseback would be better for the economy and for the environment 3 months ago  
    I had a stroke yesterday 3 months ago  
    Because of blue eyed girls 3 months ago  
    Just squeeze everything to death that bothers me 3 months ago  
    I'm not really lazy at all any more..I think it's very important to be active for your body's sake and your wallets sake 3 months ago  
    They can be known as my sex slave but I'd never have sex with them..I take relationships seriously 3 months ago  
    I don't really have any one thing that turns me on than another..I like exploring options 3 months ago +1
    Never get bored 3 months ago  
    Just don't make dumb decisions 3 months ago  
    If you're a convicted felon college won't do much for you 3 months ago  
    Kill time basically 3 months ago +1
    Introvert that secretly wants to be an extrovert 3 months ago +1
    Not desperate..rather let my work alone do the talking 3 months ago  
    Some people think they're more entitled than others because of their color 3 months ago  
    My mother 3 months ago  
    I'm not a people pleaser..maybe 2 4 months ago  
    Work or shoot hoops 4 months ago  
    I think my life would actually be a pretty good concept for a movie 4 months ago +1
    Usually smarter people are in the minority 4 months ago  
    Only way I hold it unless checking something real quick 4 months ago  
    Good looks don't hurt though..a lot of it has to do with who they hang out with 4 months ago  
    Sexy eyes 4 months ago  
    More of a NF and Post Malone guy 4 months ago +1
    Too much fun trying to figure people out 4 months ago  
    I'd do anything as a kid to make girls laugh 4 months ago  
    Crowsh*t 4 months ago  
    RC beats both 4 months ago +1
    Aging isn't a bad process if you take care of your body 4 months ago  
    Everyone sh*ts..if she's gotta go she's gotta go 4 months ago  
    Edward Scissorhands is one of the GOAT 4 months ago +1
    Fresh Prince is legendary 4 months ago +1
    By far 4 months ago +2
    I work as a cart pusher..they all try to hit me 4 months ago +1
    I'm getting closer to 30 4 months ago +1
    More opportunity to travel 4 months ago  
    Farts make you laugh 4 months ago  
    Purple is swag...a color of royalty 4 months ago  
    I think standing out from the crowd is a big plus 4 months ago  
    Basically just because I try to do the right things at the right time 4 months ago  
    NF has overtaken this guy 4 months ago  
    I'm already good looking 4 months ago  
    Never a good idea to be over-confident because it usually kicks you in the ass 4 months ago +1
    My crush is way too beautiful 4 months ago  
    Don't mind them thick in the right places though 4 months ago  
    That picture of Hayden is way overused 4 months ago  
    Everyone has anxieties it just affects people in different ways 4 months ago  
    Hotter back in the day 4 months ago  
    Lol 7 months ago  
    Though I hate Islam because it goes right against my religion there's no need to kill people minding their business 7 months ago  
    What I was thinking 7 months ago  
    The way I've been treated most of my life I just return the favor 7 months ago  
    Jesus is my Heavenly Father 7 months ago +3
    I dunno what Fortnite is but hear more about it than I want to 7 months ago  
    Only way I win a race is if I'm racing sumo wrestlers 7 months ago  
    Haven't roller skated in a long time 7 months ago  
    Probably be awkward cause they're in their 30's now 7 months ago  
    Get chicks 7 months ago  
    Is this question fo real 7 months ago  
    Maybe I could be on The Voice 7 months ago  
    Not so sure If ISIS actually exists 7 months ago  
    They need to get off of their phone 7 months ago  
    If I wuz a womens 7 months ago  
    I work a lot during the day 7 months ago +1
    NSA would freak 7 months ago +2
    Isn't life in general a warzone 7 months ago +1
    Don't do either 7 months ago +1
    Can do without ice and snow the rest of my life 7 months ago +1
    Cities are too polluted I'd get cancer 7 months ago +1
    Doesn't say I die right after fudging 7 months ago +1
    Sounds like a brand of trail mix 7 months ago  
    My brain would explode though cause I'm already damn smart 7 months ago  
    Basically the same thing 7 months ago +1
    Makes me bored 7 months ago +1
    Tell her I can give her money for some favors 7 months ago  
    Already in a nice position 7 months ago  
    Trading goods is more efficient 7 months ago +1
    Rarely into feet depends upon mood 7 months ago  
    Cool way to end a fun/busy day 7 months ago +1
    Cute pussy 7 months ago +3
    Get up watch tv for an hour shower then go work usually 7 months ago +1
    Wear myself out then go to bed 7 months ago  
    All these spam questions are only the beginning of the fall of this website 7 months ago +2
    Hot women 7 months ago  
    More proven 7 months ago  
    Not like it matters if you're about to die 7 months ago +2
    Wouldn't vote either 7 months ago +1
    Going to be more like an orchestra with all the yeses 7 months ago +1
    Jesus is God in flesh 7 months ago  
    I am a big fan of Demon Hunter all of their songs are pretty great 7 months ago  
    Read other as goat cheese fart 7 months ago  
    Call animal control 7 months ago +1
    I might be weird but I think we are among aliens today disguised as humans 7 months ago  
    Nobody died of note 7 months ago  
    Most laws are full of corruption 7 months ago  
    Cause nobody is good but God 7 months ago  
    We all have desires 7 months ago  
    Don't have time to worry what others do 7 months ago +1
    2/8 7 months ago  
    Hate this picture it's disturbing 7 months ago  
    9/26 7 months ago  
    Not cool but most well known 7 months ago  
    Not the best looking but looks versatile 7 months ago +1
    Why not... 7 months ago +1
    6/10 7 months ago +1
    The farting noises make it better 7 months ago +1
    2/10 7 months ago  
    Wouldn't say sexy but looks cooler 7 months ago  
    0/10 7 months ago  
    2/11 7 months ago  
    3/10 7 months ago  
    I didn't think I'd do the quiz but oddly enough I got 5/7 7 months ago +1
    I like Comedies and Thrillers 7 months ago +1
    I'd let them know that the true meaning is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ 7 months ago +2
    You're lying if you say no 7 months ago +1
    Gummi worms 7 months ago +1
    Days can be stressful but my life isn't terrible on a certain day 7 months ago +2
    Just use her for money 7 months ago  
    Lol 7 months ago  
    Not really into following celebrities 7 months ago  
    I think the word kill shouldn't just be thrown around as if it's something normal to do 7 months ago  
    Durr 7 months ago  
    Throwing in a black girl makes things more interesting 7 months ago  
    Cold seat doesn't bother me...I prefer non sweaty poops 7 months ago  
    Either way you're never going to be rich 7 months ago  
    Sorry Joe but it's no contest 7 months ago  
    Play dead 7 months ago  
    Love because it is the most rare 7 months ago +1
    Social status means nothing to me 7 months ago +1
    You can't grow as a person if everything is perfect 7 months ago  
    Smart people just use their smarts to their advantage 7 months ago +1
    Who? 7 months ago +2
    Like a 3 7 months ago  
    Ed Sheeran sucks 7 months ago  
    1...I have trust in nobody but God 7 months ago  
    Then you can go through the 90's 7 months ago  
    No school ever again 7 months ago  
    Om nom nom 7 months ago  
    Turn the page, wash your hands 7 months ago  
    My Father is God 7 months ago  
    Be in the NBA 7 months ago +2
    Ehh I have better things to do than worry about senseless things 7 months ago +2
    An 8 7 months ago +1
    Approximately 10 mins a day 7 months ago +1
    Don't use social media 7 months ago +1
    Luckily I didn't have much pain 7 months ago +2
    A bit of both..it seems like I've always had to prove myself throughout my life. 7 months ago  
    This country shows no respect for veterans or anyone that works their asses off every day. All it cares about any more is intruding on innocent peoples lives and trying to have total control of you. 7 months ago  
    I have a INTP personality very rare 7 months ago  
    Damn yo fine 7 months ago  
    Don't trust anyone but God 7 months ago +1
    What are you an Indian phone scammer 7 months ago  
    You're too young to understand..wait til you're old enough to work then you'll get what I'm saying 7 months ago  
    Just try again at a different time 7 months ago +1
    Listen to your mother 7 months ago +1
    People's opinions of me mean nothing..even I'm still learning who I am and what I want to make out of this life that has been given to me 7 months ago +1
    If you're the most liked of anything you're probably not doing your job that great. 7 months ago  
    Don't care..nothing that I have interest in 7 months ago  
    When it comes down to it if you don't have a little bit of depression you do not care about life. 7 months ago  
    Depends upon the severity of the situation 7 months ago  
    They'll hate that I'm gone 7 months ago +3
    I'm attracted to women of every race..it more or less depends upon who they hang out with and what kind of family they have. 7 months ago  
    Have never played either...probably would get bored as shet 7 months ago +1
    I don't believe you have an actual horse army 8 months ago +1
    Don't care I'm drunk 8 months ago  
    The person considered a loser is too intelligent 8 months ago  
    Everyone sucks...I'm the best user 8 months ago +2
    Worked but was a fairly decent day 8 months ago  
    I'm just a quiet person in general 8 months ago +1
    Nobody is equally liked or disliked 8 months ago  
    I don't like socializing 8 months ago +1
    Part time but I earn every penny 8 months ago  
    Making too many of them 8 months ago  
    I voted for him so I guess 8 months ago +1
    I'll be at work 8 months ago  
    Funny question 8 months ago +1
    Nothing about Oprah is worth a sh*ttt 8 months ago +1
    Nearly 48 hours 8 months ago +2
    Want a taste of that dark chocolate 8 months ago  
    Be cool to be a ginger 8 months ago +1
    NFL is poop 8 months ago  
    Not something that interests me though 9 months ago  
    She's not really attractive at all 9 months ago  
    My life is complete..thank you 9 months ago +1
    Mario was always there for me during my childhood 9 months ago +1
    Can I trade the horse for the chimpanzee? 9 months ago +1
    I am not and am against it 9 months ago +1
    Hate to say it but someday this website will be gone...people tend to lose interest in things 9 months ago +1
    I enjoy watching it...pretty cool game 9 months ago  
    Rocko's Modern Life...miss it so much 9 months ago  
    Really would love a place like Texas or Arizona 9 months ago +1
    Dunno was a long time ago 9 months ago  
    God did take a rib from Adam to make Eve 9 months ago +1
    Jeopardy and Price is Right are my faves 9 months ago  
    Much funner experience 9 months ago  
    There's no question that other thing is a man 9 months ago  
    I like living with a chip on my shoulder 9 months ago  
    Here often though 9 months ago  
    A part of me would grow if that happened 9 months ago +3
    The Pokemon Go epidemic alone almost caused an apocalypse 9 months ago +1
    If I were to visit New York I'd rather be out on the water rather than roaming the streets 9 months ago  
    Gotta have Bowser he was my suggestion 9 months ago  
    In a way 9 months ago  
    Have hoes to make money for me 9 months ago +1
    She'll still be sexy when she's 80 9 months ago +1
    They always have pizza 9 months ago  
    Having a hot chick open her mouth for me is hot 9 months ago +1
    Important to keep your family close because the bible says in the end times they'll be split and despise one another 9 months ago  
    61% 9 months ago  
    Never crossed my mind 9 months ago  
    Just unfair 9 months ago +1
    A lot of women have kids so I'd think so 9 months ago +1
    Witchcraft is Satanic sh*t 9 months ago  
    Bang her while listening to Barney music 9 months ago  
    I see London I see France 9 months ago  
    Only thing that I know is real...everything else that seems "as is" in this world is questionable 9 months ago +1
    She looks too manly for me 9 months ago  
    Rather be around Mexicans than homosexuals 9 months ago +1
    Not really looking forward to anything 9 months ago  
    Don't really listen to people's advice..I like the way that I do things 9 months ago +1
    Stay active every day try to get in at least 10,000 steps 9 months ago  
    I didn't think that I'd use this site very often that's why I didn't put much thought into my username 9 months ago  
    I hate drawing attention to myself 9 months ago +1
    Rather not be blind and deaf 9 months ago  
    I never do facebook..would miss Youtube but would get over it 9 months ago  
    I was over 300lbs and spent my whole day behind a computer 9 months ago +1
    Just basic kissing leading to sex is my preference 9 months ago +2
    Dreams are too interesting to give up 9 months ago  
    Rather be what God intended me to be 9 months ago +1
    I don't obsess over my phone like a ton of people do 9 months ago  
    Everyone's opinion about me is different though 9 months ago  
    If you're not depressed though you don't care about life because you realize you have weaknesses 9 months ago  
    A lot of "conspiracies" tend to be true 9 months ago +1
    Worked today 9 months ago  
    Gay people are gross 9 months ago  
    Damascus is a ruinous heap 9 months ago  
    Not every homeless chick is dirty and disease infested 9 months ago +2
    Both are dumb and uninteresting 9 months ago +1
    Cuddlebuddy.com 9 months ago  
    Shit 9 months ago +1
    I don't hate anyone though I prefer to not be around some people 9 months ago  
    I didn't say anything I typed it dummy 9 months ago  
    Get a life loser..some social interaction would do wonders for you 9 months ago +1
    Southern Rock most likely 9 months ago  
    Either way your poop is gonna be a really cool color 9 months ago  
    I am an introvert but I think it would make things even more boring either way 10 months ago  
    I got a lot of odd voices in me 10 months ago  
    Have to be pretty lazy if you've never raked leaves 10 months ago  
    Life doesn't have many barriers so basically we as humans do have a lot of power 10 months ago  
    Nobody would be able to poop 10 months ago  
    I'll probably never figure out where I'll live 10 months ago  
    Quiet awkward fat kid 10 months ago  
    Automobile 10 months ago  
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