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    i do not have a daughter ;) +590
    nerd glasses ;D  
    i would rather KILL...  
    so if you get raped at 8 you don't want an abortion? ok SURE  
    i'm 5'7, and would love to be taller :P  
    macs a joke.and gates gives to charity  
    Americans sometimes lack intelligence, they don't realize we spell thinks differently and FYI america was populated by us, unless you're an american Indian YOU spelt it wrong. +394
    think about it. all justin beaver fans are about 7 so what are they going to do?  
    what are doc martins classed as >_>  
    difference: Geeks=not smart but have no friends ect, nerdsare smart and have a few friends.  
    bieber..really? NO i want mcr  
    what i was gunna say :P  
    music speaks all languages.  
    Pro gay marriage? you get MY vote :)  
    Sneak ALL the food! +2
    i hate sports.and FAVOURITE is ENGLISH  
    already depressed.  
    ik sign language, and i think GOING deaf would be easier than going blind, adjustment wise.  
    ;cough cough; significant other isn't waiting, hes out with me ;)  
    what dumb asses picked computer?  
    mmm gingerss  
    people. have you SEEN middle class? our princess as middle class, jesus christ.  
    you can call me shallow but we all know realistically you need to be a attracted to who you date.  
    i give to charity, but i'm to young for a job so i has no money >_  
    true XD  
    piranhnas are safer but i'd love to swim with crocs :)  
    its shocking how many people would happily resort to cannibalism.  
    ...camel toe..lol  
    baby i love ze rock.  
    bi sexual ^-^ but also.. GAAAAYYSSSS  
    can i be that boss cat?  
    with my mentality though.  
    i'd go to mcdonalds anyway  
    hey! who stole my gravestone?  
    'live in underground'  
    it stains MOHAHAHA  
    depends what game tbh.  
    trick question. correct answer is kill self. +12
    df happened to howard?  
    ashton for the sexiness (with loger hair) but charlie for the damn right awesome  
    superman was my childhood, then chinese actor killed it  
    i hate both.  
    hate both.  
    have you SEEN googles offices?  
    ...then what created god -.- things must be created by something simpler than itself, the universe tehrefore must have a simplistic begining, god is far to complicated.  
    i have both  
    ...13%..you on crack?  
    screw your username xD and i'm already the later.  
    use tinfoil xD  
    its 46-54, athiest ftw :D  
    barney is sexy as F**k  
    yes but zelda is the game...  
    smart=rich=ALL THE OPERATIONS  
    ;cough; money please ;cough; +2
    white chocolate technically isnt chocolate but me loves it ^_^  
    human centipede, middle person died first.  
    YOLO. you Obvioulsy Love Oreos.  
    define sexy...  
    win ^_^  
    i'm mixed race, forget being a slave i'd get murdered >_>  
    10 cars= sell = money = motorbike  
    ice-cream cake. problem solved.  
    screw you. gerard way all the way  
    i HATE apple.  
    i like the ones with both colours..  
    dentures=problem solved.  
    GAMES!!! (and yeh i'm a girl who loves ps3's ^_^)  
    livign in britain. our accents are not sexy we sound agressive and drunk. +1
    past history.. isn't that the definition of history.  
    athiest ftw!  
    'cough cough' 'picks real life option'  
    skip.. SKIP  
    screw you buff dude i hate muscles...  
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