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Would you rather be forced to change your... political views or religious views 8 months ago 94 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be... Rich and single or Poor but in love. 9 months ago 109 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never.... (assuming you would be able to survive) sleep again or eat again 9 months ago 90 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get mauled by.... Your own pet or A wild animal 9 months ago 64 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.... Be able to fly, but only up to 2 feet (0.6 meters) off of the ground or Be able to turn invisible, but only for up to 5 seconds at a time 10 months ago 159 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which would you never celebrate again? Christmas or Your birthday 10 months ago 82 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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I can prove the delusional Christians wrong! 8 months ago  
I changed from Christian child to an atheist. Where's your proof God is real, 52% of voters? 8 months ago  
This is literally the worst question I could have misclicked one lmao. Sex time 8 months ago  
andruc knows what's up, lel 8 months ago  
If God was not created, then he does not exist. Nothing can be eternal, nothing can be timeless. The Bible was just a fairy tale attempting to explain occurrences we did not know about back then. Science has exposed the answers. While we do not know the true origin of the universe, believing in a power above all others is definitely not an excuse in the 21st century. Before I go, from when I grew up, I thought Christians were supposed to accept everyone for their thoughts and beliefs, yes? Why do you keep coming back like a loser and attacking everyone with different beliefs? I don't think your God will like that. 9 months ago +2
How did God come to exist? If God is the superior power above all things, then how was he made? In addition, the universe is constantly expanding. If played in reverse, it would shrink down to a tiny dot, as big as described in the big bang. The universe would then begin expanded. I don't know where you get your info and your fairy tales. God doesn't exist. 9 months ago +1
What kind of moron wrote this question? You'd have to either be an idiot or a cat hater like no other. 9 months ago  
Born in a Christian family, I became an atheist. Enough evidence can prove God does not exist. 9 months ago +1
lol unpopular opinion is no. 9 months ago  
Neither of them, they're boht awful. At least Battlegrounds isn't so painfully overrated. 9 months ago  
I won't have to suffer. 9 months ago  
"Assuming you would be able to survive" 9 months ago +1
I've never been popular in my life. I'd look ugly if it meant being popular. 9 months ago  
Hate you cause I felt like joking around lol 9 months ago  
oops. Misclicked. Pirates 9 months ago  
WTF had no friends? I can be friends with my daughter and she won't have to become a slut. 9 months ago  
Win-win 9 months ago  
5 billion a week? HECK YEAH 9 months ago +2
Living twice as long = twice as much suffering. 9 months ago  
What's the difference, really? 9 months ago  
oops misclicked 9 months ago  
The 400,000 gallons would take forever, but a shuriken's gonna require some surgery to fix. 9 months ago  
TECHNICALLY that is a waffle with food coloring! 9 months ago  
-_- 10 months ago  
I didn't know that existed, god sorry 10 months ago +1
Free money! 10 months ago  
[Insert kid having a panic attack because there's no WiFi] 10 months ago  
What 10 months ago  
No one's gonna care about your name if you're pretty. 10 months ago +1
Sleeping with him doesn't mean I have to get it on. 11 months ago  
I'll just sit near them. 11 months ago +1
Jumping off the Empire State Building would have a 99% chance of killing you on impact. 11 months ago +1
This was written by a 2nd grader 11 months ago  
I'll be dead before either end. 11 months ago  
7% of voters are idiots. 11 months ago  
I need to get a PC and upgrade from this shtty Mac. 11 months ago  
Who voted for Justin Bieber lmaooo 11 months ago +1
C: End the life of the person who posted this. 11 months ago +1
Striking back always feels great. 11 months ago  
I actually had no idea these existed. 11 months ago  
Fortnite is trash, I'll take the textbook in a heartbeat. 11 months ago  
Was this guy trying to get a 1-99 question? 11 months ago  
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