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Would you rather never Never be able to sleep or Never be able to stay awake for more than 2 hours 9 months ago 69 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have no... Left arm or Right arm 9 months ago 51 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather...... Be sick with a constant painful cough or A throbbing headache 10 months ago 74 votes 4 comments 0 likes
If some random person asked to kiss your hand would you rather Say yess or Punch them in the face 10 months ago 71 votes 11 comments 0 likes

Imagiman has posted the following comments:

The show was horrible 9 months ago  
Idk but I think x=95 y=-53 9 months ago  
Basically my dreams 9 months ago  
Hardest decision ever made 9 months ago  
I have anxiety already butt I don’t want depression because I know that’s way worse 9 months ago  
I want aids 9 months ago  
Less visible 9 months ago  
I will loose weight faster than a lactating cat after giving birth 9 months ago  
Omg 9 months ago  
Yea I winnnnnnnn.... 9 months ago  
Doesn’t mean I need to use my power 9 months ago  
Most money in the world is that old and some people eat it for fun sooooo.......... 9 months ago  
This is how I want to die 9 months ago  
Nooo I ment to click question A but if I did I would bring back gravity Falls 9 months ago +1
Awwww but physics are sooooooo fun 9 months ago  
Neither 9 months ago  
I despise mc Donald’s click like if you prefer little ceazers pizza 9 months ago  
I like death 9 months ago  
I don’t have a car yet 9 months ago  
A is actually a mental disability where you feel no emotion 9 months ago  
Adorable 9 months ago  
My best freind would say no because he ain’t like that 9 months ago  
Less chemicals and I know more about what’s In it 9 months ago +2
I don’t like brownies unless their in ice cream 9 months ago  
Saw wasn’t scary it was just bloody but I still love all the movies 9 months ago  
My mom used to give this to me when I was sick 9 months ago  
Everything can cause cancer 9 months ago  
I’m fine with weed because it’s a pain killer but alcohol is useless and does no good for you except make you an idiot for a long duration of time 9 months ago  
I do this when I’m angry and I don’t want to hurt anything valuable 9 months ago  
There the same 9 months ago  
Jumping off a clif and flying as my last moments of life 9 months ago  
Jelly looks less like dog sh*t 9 months ago  
I can right down my wishes in detail first then ask for it 9 months ago  
Their is probably butter cooked into the loly pop already 9 months ago  
I will just take medicine to slow down or sooth the swelling,rash, or itch 9 months ago  
Don’t kill Gary the snail 9 months ago  
Snakes are less scary and I can forgive a snake 9 months ago  
Yess I want to be death collect the dead 9 months ago  
?????? Fu*k you too author 9 months ago  
Science!!!!!!!!!!! 9 months ago  
I dare you to have sex with your refrigerator 9 months ago  
I’m vegetarian 9 months ago  
Humans are animals 9 months ago  
I love cheese 9 months ago  
Baby can come after 9 months ago  
Basically me 9 months ago  
I see it as you drank some so it’s half emty but if I filled it up half way than it’s half full 9 months ago  
I choose female 9 months ago  
That would help when I feel like I’m about to have an anxiety attack 9 months ago  
i have been to a pubic park that had wood chips on the ground ( purposely put there ) 9 months ago  
She has better personality 9 months ago  
I just can’t afford to go to Disney world 9 months ago  
I just hope I brought my ps3 9 months ago  
That’s cute I like it 9 months ago  
I like both 9 months ago  
I prefer strait hair like mine 9 months ago  
I simply chose the hotter one 9 months ago  
Silence kiellllllll yooooou 9 months ago 9 months ago  
I’m a guy and I think that dress I beautiful and even I could look good in it 9 months ago  
I am atheist!!! Da dada 9 months ago +1
I’m a guy but I would rather call a girl pretty because it means more than just wanting to have sex 9 months ago  
A turtle will live longer 9 months ago  
It makes me feel fancy when your actually poor 9 months ago +1
So I know what I need to accomplish and so I can make my death the best one ever 9 months ago  
You wanna smell my nose clippings 9 months ago  
Those sexy claws 9 months ago  
I only stutter when I have angziety or too much caffeine 9 months ago  
I love sour candy 9 months ago  
I like Sony TVs a lot but I grew up with Samsung and I loved it so it always been my favorite 9 months ago  
It only said it was dirty not full of cigarette ashes 9 months ago +1
I will shift into a ufo 9 months ago  
Don’t judge me 9 months ago  
Stuffy noses give me sore throats 9 months ago +1
Oh peeeeta 9 months ago +1
I’m Spider-Man your friendly neighborhood spider 9 months ago  
Never dieing is my nightmare 9 months ago +1
Nude 9 months ago +1
This is actually the exact way I want to die when I get older 9 months ago  
I absolutely love cats 9 months ago  
I like cats more sorry 9 months ago +1
Me 9 months ago  
If you do wrong you get shot that should be the end of it 9 months ago  
I need decaf because caffeine makes me twitchy weak dizzy and gives me bad anxiety 9 months ago  
I don’t believe in god 9 months ago  
A wahooo 9 months ago  
I will be sexy as hell 9 months ago  
I love no one 9 months ago  
What if I was satan 9 months ago  
I wouldn’t have any guilt 9 months ago  
I don’t know how Euro currency works 9 months ago  
My car won’t break and shatter but my tv will 9 months ago  
I want it my way ; ) wink wink 9 months ago  
spooter men 9 months ago  
I love Italian pasta 9 months ago  
Yes they can 9 months ago  
I will loose weight faster 9 months ago  
I was born in California 9 months ago  
I would put wheels on the toilet 9 months ago +1
That would be hella epic 9 months ago  
Mine will kill all of the pedos 9 months ago  
Racist b*tch 9 months ago  
Pulls out a gun sit yo asses down 9 months ago  
A baby spider ( it never said it had to be human ) 9 months ago  
Would if my grandma was blind 9 months ago  
Hell yea 9 months ago  
Because humans are useless 9 months ago  
Humans don’t matter 9 months ago  
Humans don’t matter 9 months ago  
Wait no I change my mind I would rather tumbler because less restrictions = more [email protected] 9 months ago  
I love animation 9 months ago  
would if they all wanted to die 9 months ago  
This question disturbs me ...........a lot.......i mean a lot..... 9 months ago  
Humans are useless so eat humans instead leave that poor puppy alone 9 months ago  
While doing it 9 months ago  
I love fruit 9 months ago  
Ewwwwwwwwwww 9 months ago  
Apple is sh*t 9 months ago  
It makes me feel less like a pedo-bear 9 months ago  
Just no 9 months ago  
????????"???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 9 months ago  
This way I can wear a wig and not be chased down because I look like big foot 9 months ago  
I’m already vegetarian so this question was easy 9 months ago  
Ummmm neither??.. 9 months ago  
Three words, get fake teeth 9 months ago  
This will go down the throat a lot quicker 9 months ago  
I will use text to speach 9 months ago  
I don’t need my right arm 9 months ago  
That would be an epic adventure 10 months ago  
I can then speak like spongebob 10 months ago  
You can suck my balls mr garrison ( joke from South Park) 10 months ago  
I can use those text to speech things 10 months ago  
Get a job job lazy bum 10 months ago  
Sadly already have 10 months ago  
Hey you random stranger quickly say Hawaii,uuuuuuh?... okay? Me: puts in ear plugs now I can’t hear people mention any other location 10 months ago  
Prisoner 1: how did you get in ? Prisoner 2: I murdered my entire family prisoner 1: oh well I just stole a loly pop from a candy store.... 10 months ago  
I can kill my worst enemy 10 months ago +1
Cats are easier to take care of 10 months ago  
I don’t care if they like the same gender it none of my business 10 months ago +1
I don’t give 2 sh*ts if my freinds don’t like my soul mate they can deal with it or get out 10 months ago  
I’m a lefty I must follow where my arm leads me lol 10 months ago  
I’m an atheist so question A just swaps to just being dead when you die 10 months ago  
Well I could just stop sleeping oh whait wouldn’t that lead to question B as well 10 months ago  
Jump of 10 months ago  
Ha ha ha I’m picking my nose so what?!?!?!?!.... 10 months ago  
So be myself??... 10 months ago  
Hakuna mutata for the rest of your days!!!!!!!!!!!!... 10 months ago  
All I know is I would be the most asked for prostitute 10 months ago  
Oops I forgot to read the authors comment so I ment to choose the other one 10 months ago  
Demands for infinite knowledge 10 months ago  
Make a music language ha ha loop hole jk 10 months ago  
A lot of people have sex before getting married 10 months ago  
So what who cares 10 months ago  
But it would have a way less severe affect to the future if you stoped this one [ if you believe in the butterfly effect] 10 months ago  
Hey at least it’s still sex 10 months ago +1
I don’t like chocolate enough to change my las name to hitler 10 months ago  
I can use other apps than just iTunes [ illegal ones ] 10 months ago  
Animals are more important than any human no matter what age so (baby: someday I want to go to the moon me: why wait [kicks the baby to the moon] 10 months ago  
This is basically how your brain works 10 months ago  
I fixed my comment thank you for showing me my mistake lol 10 months ago  
Boobies boobies boobies!!! 10 months ago  
My freinds can have my back this way 10 months ago  
Cat 10 months ago  
Have fun daughter (cries silently: they grow up so fast) 10 months ago  
New law: I can make as many laws as I want 10 months ago  
My crush will just date herself because my crush is my best friend 10 months ago  
Only if I become as hot as the girl on the right phew she is hot 10 months ago  
Pepsi is amazing 10 months ago  
It has to be natural tho because the fake ones are stupid as all hell 10 months ago  
The one on the right is cute 10 months ago  
Pc looks cooler and functions better you make your pick 10 months ago  
I would then weigh 90 pounds /real life weight 180 pounds you can do the math if you want 10 months ago  
So I could take as many breaks as I want and have my re time to think about what to say so you wouldent need a rewind button 10 months ago  
Mmmmmmmm 10 months ago  
Yup almost every one pressed the rong button except me 10 months ago  
I love Minecraft 10 months ago  
Same 10 months ago  
My parties will include videogames 10 months ago  
I have a chance of living with being stabbed rather than being shot 10 months ago  
You can bleach your white shirt and it won’t damage it 10 months ago  
B all the way 10 months ago  
What’s mono 10 months ago  
Boobies 10 months ago  
I’m 14 so hell yea 10 months ago  
Me 10 months ago  
Never said you couldn’t have sex if you choose love 10 months ago  
Yes 10 months ago  
I don’t want to date a four year old ewww grose 10 months ago  
Bigger boobs 10 months ago  
I want to see those titties jiggle baby 10 months ago +3
The 13% that chose to do their pet are creeps 10 months ago  
Omg 10 months ago  
Oh yea 10 months ago  
Wow 10 months ago  
Lol 10 months ago  
Mmmmmmm teddy...... oh teddy harder harder ohhhhhh 10 months ago  
I want that brunette on my body lol 10 months ago  
I want to do the one on the left 10 months ago  
The girl in the pink is fugly 10 months ago  
The hottie in teal looks way hotter and ready to have sex than in the pink 10 months ago  
Without sadness then how would we know what happiness is and what would sadness be replaced by (Freind: my daughter just got murdered and raped ,me: smiles grimly sorry I can’t feel sadness 10 months ago  
Ohhhh kinky 10 months ago  
Just find regular love instead of true love 10 months ago  
Be raped by your darling 10 months ago  
To stop you from coming back into an abuse I’ve relationship 10 months ago  
You don’t need marage to prove your in love with someone 10 months ago  
I prefer brunettes 10 months ago  
My crush is my best friend 10 months ago  
??? 10 months ago  
I hope she says no to him and if not you might not see him around much longer 10 months ago  
Just be freinds with benefits 10 months ago  
I never said you couldn’t have oral sex 10 months ago  
Notice me sempi 10 months ago  
I can kill my worst enemy 10 months ago  
A fart bomb 10 months ago  
Your weakness is every time you grant a wish you get a random curse that lasts 24 hours 10 months ago  
DaSavior or your weakness is water 10 months ago  
To be able to fart sprinkles and burp out random lost souls and use them all to my own advantage 10 months ago  
I love cats way to much to do that 10 months ago  
In a public bathroom 10 months ago  
One word porn 10 months ago  
Clash of clans 10 months ago  
A dildo 10 months ago +1
Because he doesn’t exist 10 months ago  
They didn’t that’s why it’s not true 10 months ago  
I prefer a smooth clean ass unlike you weirdos who chose not to wipe their but 10 months ago  
I’m a guy and I still believe they 99.9% of all men are stupid worthless pices of sh*t 10 months ago  
Harley Quinn is super hot 10 months ago  
I don’t even tell my friends most of my real life problems 10 months ago  
Build an animation studio programming studio a theatre and a giant inflatable dick 10 months ago  
This is way cheaper 10 months ago  
I’m not a copy cat 10 months ago  
Only if I get to go further than the feet 10 months ago  
The way I go three bedrooms is a realy big house as of in itself 10 months ago  
Your Weakness is using your powers 10 months ago  
Idk 10 months ago  
Repare it from being dirty 10 months ago  
Jk lol 10 months ago  
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 10 months ago  
‘This was an extremely difficult question to answer 10 months ago  
I will rise from the dead to turn into a Minecraft creeper and blow his ass away right before he takes his last hit 10 months ago  
Clicked the ring one 10 months ago  
There are such things as tears of joy not smiles of sadness 10 months ago  
I love strawberries 10 months ago  
Don’t do drugs sorry 10 months ago  
I like killing the innocent 10 months ago  
You can put more details in first person 10 months ago  
I just joke around and it makes it less scary 10 months ago  
I want them to see what greatness looks like before they die 10 months ago +1
Im a lefty so I dont need my right hand 10 months ago  
I love the cold 10 months ago  
Is your refrigerator running 10 months ago  
I don’t know who the hell to us us is but anyone is better than Pewdiepie 10 months ago  
Smoke tumble weed every day ( tumbleweed passes by) 10 months ago  
I got to bed too late at night to do that 10 months ago  
I love mint ice cream it’s my favorite 10 months ago  
Men are rotten disgusting creatures that have near to none reasons to live 10 months ago 10 months ago  
Mine starts wiht R 10 months ago  
Neither 10 months ago  
I can turn all the dirt into edible food for all the starving children 10 months ago  
Since im a guy I can at least wear gloves to cover the nail polish 10 months ago  
I’m vegetarian 10 months ago  
This was one of the hardest question I’ve ever been asked 10 months ago  
Look at the codes on all the money and sell each one for mor than 5000 dollars each therefore I have all the moneys 10 months ago  
Now I can cut myself without getting in trouble 10 months ago  
Wooo 10 months ago  
Yeah 10 months ago  
I’m 14 year old boy soooo.... 10 months ago +1
I kinda have choice (A) i guess so I would definitely prefer choice (B) 10 months ago  
I’m super annoying 10 months ago  
Mmmmmmmmmmmm......yea 10 months ago  
I already do this 10 months ago  
I’m both 10 months ago  
Neither I’m a guy 10 months ago  
.??????? I haven’t had a first kiss yet 10 months ago  
So I can plan for how to set up their room and choose their clothes 10 months ago  
Ask the person out and eventually probably do more than just checking her out ;) 10 months ago  
Apple is trash 10 months ago  
PS3 is best 10 months ago  
We can make it funny because we would be making fun of it 10 months ago  
I’m not gay sorry 10 months ago  
I want to be a pornstar (an ugly one that is) p.s. I’m a guy 10 months ago  
I’m both.... :| 10 months ago  
If it’s a veggie burger because I’m vegetarian 10 months ago  
Idk I don’t care about the car brand I just care that if I push my foot on the gas it drives 10 months ago  
What’s so bad about sex before merriage 10 months ago  
Sex box 10 months ago  
Glasses don’t fix your eyes they just help them so the authors comment is now debunked 10 months ago  
I can wear glasses 10 months ago  
Neither I’m a guy 10 months ago  
I just chose this one because it a hotter pic 10 months ago  
Sooderman!!!!! 10 months ago  
I can think without being disturbed in the middle of the night 10 months ago  
If it said girlfriend then yess 10 months ago  
Humans are less important than animals 10 months ago +1
I could say pwety pweeez 10 months ago  
It never said you couldn’t get smarter 10 months ago  
I don’t like chocolate 10 months ago  
Who said your arch enemy knew that he was your arch enemy 10 months ago  
Smoothies galore 10 months ago  
I love birds 10 months ago  
So I can at least still imagine the image easier 10 months ago  
I depends whose wearing them and when I can take them off 10 months ago  
Stuffy noses give me sore throats 10 months ago +1
If I get stabbed there’s a higher chance of me living 10 months ago  
I have enough friends 10 months ago  
I absolutely love the cold 10 months ago  
I’m a boy 10 months ago  
I don’t like guys I only like women 10 months ago  
Ewwwwww I’m vegetarian 10 months ago  
The United States chosen Selena Gomez the most votes out of everyone 10 months ago  
My face is okay so...I guess shure 10 months ago  
God is fake 10 months ago +2
I’m 14 years old and I have never kissed any one (this is year 2018) 10 months ago  
I don’t have to wear uniforms in school ha ha 10 months ago  
I will be free!!!! 10 months ago  
Walmart has more,food 10 months ago  
Hey if I’m ugly and loved by everyone I technically would still get the girls and once I have that what’s the point in being good looking 10 months ago  
Hi best frein...uh I mean..uh..uh dad???? 10 months ago  
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