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    $5,000,000 actual feels heavier 11 months ago  
    carry the suitcases 11 months ago  
    die 11 months ago  
    I'd rather ide 11 months ago  
    Coke. Aka A & W Root Beer. 11 months ago  
    I am gonna stick to what aGOd made me. 11 months ago  
    I'm already a Psychopath.....I need friends. 11 months ago  
    God made it go bang. God created the Big Bang. 11 months ago +2
    Hmm....4 girls one guy.....awesome. 11 months ago  
    I hate 4 girls. 11 months ago  
    Apples have cyanide. 11 months ago  
    Adult....can have love. 11 months ago  
    I would have heli. 11 months ago  
    Bleach. 11 months ago  
    Christian.... 11 months ago  
    Hearing Aids. 11 months ago  
    Jack The Ripper-copycat. 11 months ago  
    I no need sleep. 11 months ago  
    Fly? Pffft...what does my mother think? 11 months ago  
    I love the heat. 11 months ago  
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