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    I don't have a lover or a sibling.  
    Can't be a failure in something you don't care about.  
    This is the easiest question on this entire website. +1
    I'd punch the edgelord who proposed this question in the face  
    That computer on the right is running Windows 2000. Sheesh when was that picture taken?  
    I'd use this person as a pillow.  
    I'm not a woman.  
    I don't even watch anime, I'm not a neckbeard.  
    I hate my voice.  
    If I was gay and my dream boyfriend was Justin Bieber, I would ask to have my brains blown out.  
    Partying's overrated.  
    Apple's products are overpriced garbage.  
    A root canal isn't as bad as every says it is. You people need to grow up.  
    Neither, I'm not gay.  
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  
    38% of people are hermits.  
    Y'all can go to Hell, I use an LG phone.  
    Who in God's holy name is Ms.Sirois  
    He made our economy lazier.  
    Pick your poison! Which cretin is more qualified to run the United States?  
    I'd rather not be a living meme.  
    What kind of question is this? Would you rather sit at the Superbowl or have dinner with the former president? The answer's obvious.  
    74% of people are happy with the economy breaking down due to laziness.  
    I don't record my search history  
    I'll just wish for something that gets me money  
    True love is an illusion  
    Love is an illusion that fades later in life.  
    I already hate myself enough. I want nobody to arrive at my funeral.  
    Goddamn hermits.  
    Love is nothing but a fleeting illusion. Money is more important than living with some dumbass for the rest of your life that you will stop caring for eventually.  
    Answer on the left is horrifying  
    What if you are a child and you picked this answer? It would make sense then.  
    The person who made this is definitely an edgelord  
    I'm hardcore  
    I'm hardcode  
    I feel unclean after answering this  
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