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    Intelligence over popularity, any day. In a way, I’ve already made this choice in high school. In fact, high school is truly a place where one really does have to make this decision. Intelligence means a very promising financially-blissful future. Popularity on the hand can fade away extremely quick. Popularity can be ripped away with one quick lie. You have to march to beat of someone else’s drum in order stay in with the crowd and I’M NOT THE ONE, sugar! Being liked by everyone has never meant so much to me that I would dumb myself down for them. Please, that’s just crazy!! When it comes to intelligence people can never take away what’s inside your beautiful brain. +1
    I am a female  
    I’ll take a luxurious hotel over a camping trip any day. That’s crazy to me. I’m not an outdoors person. I’m so allergic, anyway. I prefer luxury  
    I would rather be with my soul mate and risk all my friends hate him rather than being single for the rest of my life with my friends happiness. (This is just a would you rather scenario, so friends please DON’T take this personal.) Honestly, my happiness is just as important as my friends and I deserve to marry my soul mate and live happily ever after just as much as the next girl. I’m not willing to give that up for anyone +1
    NEITHER +1
    You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you came from.  
    This a no brainer. +1
    Better them embarassed than I. They're older +1
    Meat is good, what can I say? I crave meat already, anyway. I'm a southern belle  
    I would rather go on a trip with my significant other, than my friends. I love my friends, I really do  
    I think the ability of being able to read someone’s mind would be so sexy because it would be like, “Hey, I know something you don’t know.” That creates mystery and would give me the upper hand of course. It would make interacting with people so much easier, especially men. Men are not as verbal as women, yet they act like we should be able to read their minds. Man, please!!!! Also, I love the idea of being able to know right off the bat when someone is lying. I hate when people aren’t honest with me. I will lose SO MUCH respect for you if I find out you’re lying to me, especially those habitual liars – NOT ATTRACTIVE.  
    I would love the power and control.  
    Looks don't pay the bills - money does.  
    You could die from both. Neither is meant for internal consumption.  
    I'm a hot-natured person, anyway.  
    This question is so bad. It's almost cruel.  
    Be a Price is Right Model or a Deal or No Deal Model? I would rather be a Price is Right model. It’s less women to share the spotlight with on the Price is Right and I wouldn’t have to wear the exact same color or dress style as all the other models as they do on Deal or No Deal. I hate looking like a clone of someone else. Wearing the exact same thing as someone else takes away the concept of being an individual. I pride myself on being my own person +2
    Needless to say, I believe God created the world and everything that’s in it. I used to HATE having to remember a bunch of mess about big bang theory/evolution when I was in school. I remembered just long enough to pass my tests with flying colors and then forget that mess because it conflicts with my true belief system and faith in God. Some say that it’s completely normal to question things in life like this and in fact, that you’re actually supposed to but I completely disagree when it refers to God. God is too great to be questioned especially about something that’s simply explained in the very beginning of the world’s most highly sold book: The Holy Bible. Nevertheless, I realize that not everyone’s faith is as strong as others. The fact that God created the world is so much easier to learn and remember. Even the process of how and when it was done is a great deal simpler than the mess of the big bang theory/evolution. Scientists are helpful and lovely but sometimes they just go too far, especially when it comes to detesting the word of God. +4
    I prefer babysitting the one nice child for $3 rather than the three bad-behind children for $20. First of all, I don’t babysit. (Not that I wouldn’t, I just don’t.) Second of all, no matter the behavior of a child, I would need a lot more than just $20. That’s cheap in my book  
    You can make beverages out of certain foods anyway. +2
    Facebook or Twitter? Personally, I would rather use both  
    Personally, I would prefer Superman over Spiderman. First of all, I hate spiders. The whole climbing the walls concept isn’t as appealing as it sounds. I don’t like it. I like the fact that superman actually flies without the assistance of string. When Superman wants to take off – he just does; he doesn’t have to cast out his wrist. Second of all, Superman is more built (muscular) and taller than Spiderman. I love a man whose stature commands attention when he enters a room. Last, but not least, Superman’s day job was as a reporter and a novelist, while Spiderman’s day job was a teacher. Being a teacher, going about your daily routine sometimes isn’t as challenging as being out there with the people of the world reporting the news and having new experiences in various capacities. Also, the fact that he’s a novelist shows he has a very active intellect. Notice, I haven’t mentioned the superpowers. I’ve analyzed the prospects that people take for granted. (Read between the lines.)  
    While the life of a vampire can be quite sexy, it doesn't change the fact the vampire is nothing more than a soulless demon that’s destined for hell. At least, as a heroine I would be human - a supernatural human but nevertheless a human that's actually do a good work that the Lord smiles upon. Besides, the challenge of saving people is just as sexy if done correctly. Seductive vampires killing innocent victims aren’t appealing. +1
    Date or Party? I prefer the Date over the Party. A date can be a fabulous learning experience with someone who's actually really good company. (Besides, a date can turn into a party anyway. In that case, you can have your cake and eat it, too.)  
    When every dream I wished of is accomplished, I will fall in love +1
    Stimulate my mind first. It'll make the sex better later. Food for thought.  
    I've done it before. +1
    Being a president that everyone hates isn't necessarily a bad thing because a president can do what's right but everyone can hate them because they feel that what the president did isn't particularly right. Give me a break.  
    This is a very bad question. +1
    I use both on a daily basis but most of the time Firefox gets a bit more of my attention. +1
    I love the idea of it being so very permenant.  
    I love music! Naturally, it would be fabulous to be a master of every instrument. I wouldn't take it for granted in any shape, form, or fashion. +1
    I like the idea of knowing I was "loving it" but I just can't take waking up next to a clown. Clowns are just not my thing.  
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