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Educated prick/moron.

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    Upsane Where +1
    Childish Gambino currently.  
    They do a lot of kinky stuff in Anime. +1
    I purchased both, and BF3 beats the hell out of MW3.  
    I can buy bacon.  
    So you'd pick now, because he can act. Dummy.  
    ...have all been terrible.  
    Superman is a superhero with too many abilities. They added flying later. He used to only be able to jump high. He can already do so many things, why add flying? He's boring. He can only die from a rock from a planet that no longer exists. Lame.  
    I'd murder that game.  
    Crazy for Swayze.  
    I'd find it hilarious if A was a pic of Ashley, and B was a pic of MK.  
    In their prime?  
    Tough call, but I grew up on Friends.  
    He won't make it to 30. Hopefully, he kills himself.  
    14% of the voters should kill themselves.  
    Just not against us. :)  
    CLOSE call. In tennis they basically orgasm every time they swing. But, bikinis and jumping? Eh... gotta say volleyball.  
    Insane Here  
    NYG >>>>  
    Australia does, too.  
    Idiot. +5
    *face palm*  
    Just add Kool-Aid.  
    Hopefully that person had a ton of pineapple for days prior to this.  
    35% IS LYING!  
    I'd jack off to either.  
    I don't have to rip the glass out?  
    They have enough alcohol in the world to deal with the tapes.  
    "I'm a white male. You can't even hurt my feelings." -Louis CK  
    My "annoying" grandma(s) are dead, so... I'd just be hanging out at a cemetery.  
    Steve Jobs helped start Pixar, too. But, Bill's company made XBox... Jobs by a hair...  
    If that's the case, wiggle out of the sand.  
    Really close call.  
    Zipline sure sounds like f'n equipment to me, you morons.  
    Neither. I'm a straight male.  
    Phone is more expensive to replace.  
    Value? Yes. Deliciousness? No.  
    Neither, I'm a straight male.  
    I'd highly prefer a solid meal than leftovers spread out over a giant open space filled with fat people and their chubby kids running to the chocolate fountain.  
    Only girls would pick hair stylist, and both would pick chauffeur.  
    Can I pick which one?  
    O_ama's a b*tch.  
    Dinner AND sex? Ummm... yeah.  
    I hate quite a few extremely attractive females. They'd give in at some point.  
    I'm half Croatian. It'd be rad to go there. +1
    I like drinking.  
    Wild Cherry Pepsi > Cherry Coke though.  
    But, you die in either case here. So, being able to swim means sh*t.  
    I'm an Atheist, but if it existed, I'd totally go to Heaven.  
    14% said BIEBER?!?!  
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