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Would you rather Drink a bottle of acahol for 10 days straight or Step on nails for 5 days straight 2 months ago 59 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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Does it stink tho 3 months ago  
Duh middle only 3 months ago  
Fender bender 3 months ago  
Whoooooooo ho 3 months ago  
You mean worlds worst dad 3 months ago  
Zappa do’s 3 months ago  
Lighted areas helloe 3 months ago  
Already happens 3 months ago  
Peanut man 3 months ago  
Just don’t get it 3 months ago  
From one o0pf those candy toilets 3 months ago  
Dank nmeme 3 months ago  
Do you wAㅜㅁ ㅠㅕㅒㅇㄷ ㅁ 누ㅐ즈무 3 months ago  
I’m to big 3 months ago  
Wouldn’t hurt that bad 3 months ago  
I survived the apocalypse of trump being president 2018 3 months ago  
No elevators 3 months ago  
Ford 3 months ago  
Lick the elbow 3 months ago  
Good spot of tea 3 months ago  
Did it say they’d sting me 3 months ago  
Boot head 3 months ago  
Cool 3 months ago  
War wax especially 3 months ago  
Chalk 3 months ago  
Big foot 3 months ago  
Doesn’t matter I’ll still die 3 months ago  
Ho ho ho I’m cool 3 months ago  
It’s just posin Ivey what can it do 3 months ago  
Pickle juice is goood 3 months ago  
Normal need maybe 3 months ago +1
Netir 3 months ago +1
Who ho 3 months ago  
Just go away 3 months ago  
It’s not on 3 months ago  
Snap crackle pop theirs a broken leg 3 months ago  
Nummy 3 months ago  
That’s where the magic is 3 months ago  
Yes 3 months ago  
Yes I always hated my hands 3 months ago  
Umm wrong one 3 months ago  
Already do 3 months ago  
Easy 3 months ago  
Easy 3 months ago  
Easy 3 months ago  
The jock would not work 3 months ago  
Jesus 3 months ago  
Who are the 13 present let me beat their ass 3 months ago  
Already stupid 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
Wrf 3 months ago  
She was not is 3 months ago  
It will burn your shoes 3 months ago  
Not that bad 3 months ago  
Impossible 3 months ago  
Who wants a muffin 3 months ago  
I hate mu mum 3 months ago  
I don’t live with my mom or dad 3 months ago  
Old is overrated 3 months ago  
I believe I can fly 3 months ago  
Yaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaay 3 months ago +1
Racists 3 months ago  
I am the one 3 months ago  
How about at 6 am 3 months ago  
I’ll eat my hair 3 months ago  
Ella their mate care for a spot of tea 3 months ago  
I’m 13 hasent happend 3 months ago  
Joining the Gucci gang 3 months ago  
I will kill everyone 3 months ago  
I’ll win 1 million bucks cuz I’m the survival hunter 3 months ago  
Face book sucks 3 months ago  
Baby shark 3 months ago  
Never said I would die 3 months ago  
Hey I can ride the tiger 3 months ago  
Yeah shaded 3 months ago  
I could plz tell her to stop or I’ll kill them 3 months ago  
I’ll just ignore them 3 months ago  
Stand up 3 months ago  
Jump of the building 3 months ago  
911 please save me I need some help boom 3 months ago  
The granny from the game 3 months ago  
Lions aren’t in jungles idiot 3 months ago  
Red Robin’s yum 3 months ago  
Already depressing 3 months ago  
Their both girls tho 3 months ago  
Yay for them 3 months ago  
I’m already thinking about it 3 months ago  
Maybe 3 months ago  
Hey notice it said dart vader 3 months ago  
I would beat the sh*t out of the rapest 3 months ago  
Once again you will become crazy if you live to long 3 months ago  
I’m not gay 3 months ago  
I’m not a slut nor a sex toy 3 months ago  
I want to dieee 3 months ago  
Why not 3 months ago  
It’s fine with me edit: as long as it’s a girl 3 months ago  
I’ll just become rich later 3 months ago  
My freinds can piss of 3 months ago  
I want to die 3 months ago  
I don’t hate jobs 3 months ago  
Not gay 3 months ago  
I would rather cry then die 3 months ago  
If I was imortal then I would go insane figuring out life 3 months ago  
Netir I’m not gay 3 months ago  
I like to play jazz to 3 months ago  
Kill me 3 months ago  
I have no freinds 3 months ago +1
I say give it to left strait 3 months ago  
They see me rolling they hate 3 months ago  
How would you see it after drinking huh 3 months ago  
Never said I had to eat it 3 months ago  
Mom can I play with the logos now 3 months ago  
How to eat fried worms 3 months ago  
I pee in the pool upupise 3 months ago  
Their both dead so 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
I’m 13 so 3 months ago  
What if I did it care 3 months ago  
I prefer mine about 4 foot 10 inches to be exat 3 months ago  
Wash then lick 3 months ago  
Idk what ‘tis is 3 months ago  
I’ve had sex 0 time upgrade 3 months ago  
I don’t shave 3 months ago  
Hmmmmmmmmm 3 months ago  
I already did 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
Cow sh*t 3 months ago  
A girl can’t have a penis 3 months ago  
How about some tide pods 3 months ago  
Already do 3 months ago  
Did it say I’d be alive 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
Just cleeeeeean it of 3 months ago  
I’m already trying 3 months ago  
So 3 months ago  
What it feels like to chew 5 gum 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
Kill me 3 months ago  
I’ll just treat them afterward and adopt them 3 months ago  
It would be a shame if someone where to kill me 3 months ago  
Red Robin’s yum 3 months ago  
I already tries it tastel site chiken 3 months ago  
They wouldn’t minde 3 months ago  
I don’t care I always where’d socks 3 months ago  
I would be a legend 3 months ago  
No broken legs today 3 months ago  
Who thu f want that 3 months ago  
My dude 3 months ago  
I’ll get a week person to do it 3 months ago  
Look at this net that I just found 3 months ago  
I’m already alone 3 months ago  
Nope 3 months ago  
None 3 months ago  
What about Burger King foot letuce 3 months ago  
I want to die after reading this 3 months ago  
Well 3 months ago  
Goodbye mom 3 months ago  
Het I wanna play da games 3 months ago  
No sex for me 3 months ago  
Both sound good 3 months ago  
I’m to much of a wus 3 months ago  
I like them bowth please 3 months ago  
I can sandpaper my enimes 3 months ago  
Um 3 months ago  
Ur mum 3 months ago  
Tactical nuke 3 months ago  
Take a shower 3 months ago  
Bru 3 months ago  
Stop 3 months ago  
Wtf 3 months ago  
What do you mean 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
I love chiken 3 months ago  
Netir 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
Bru 3 months ago  
No just no 3 months ago  
Bru it’s groos 3 months ago  
I want to die 3 months ago  
I can feel it coming 3 months ago  
I like worms 3 months ago  
Bru 3 months ago  
I like stuff 3 months ago  
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeee 3 months ago  
I will scare pepole 3 months ago  
No just no 3 months ago  
I really don’t mind 3 months ago  
Nope 3 months ago +1
It taste like chocolate 3 months ago  
I can kill my cites with my ass 3 months ago  
I like to shift in 3 months ago  
Lambo 3 months ago  
The second one was cooler 3 months ago  
3ds 3 months ago  
Candy cupcakes 3 months ago  
Nope vines 3 months ago  
Infinity wars 3 months ago  
No apple 3 months ago  
A box is no apple 3 months ago  
Xbox 3 months ago  
I hate apple 3 months ago  
How does this relate to tech 3 months ago  
Wrf 3 months ago  
Forza horizon 4 is better 3 months ago  
Saw iOS and said nope 3 months ago  
I am the only one capplable for the role 3 months ago  
Cool pie 3 months ago +1
I will not die retardants 3 months ago  
Saw apple and said nope 3 months ago  
I can just make a compromise 3 months ago  
I can’t fix sh*t 3 months ago  
I could infatuated get monney 3 months ago  
Send them a call for help 3 months ago  
Plz stop 3 months ago +1
I am the one 3 months ago +1
To much make it stop 3 months ago +1
Never said I had to buy it just how much it’s worth 3 months ago  
They look like their from starwars 3 months ago  
Hell here I come 3 months ago  
Going to hell is good to 3 months ago  
Sonic the hedgehog 3 months ago +1
Show me his face then 3 months ago +1
Looks like Nike it’s ok 3 months ago +1
Like both 3 months ago +1
Don’t care really 3 months ago  
These are 360 graphics 3 months ago +1
I already do 3 months ago  
How does this relate to tech 3 months ago  
I like them both tho 3 months ago  
Sun is big so bright more stuff is good 3 months ago  
I like soda 3 months ago  
Wtf is scubaru 3 months ago +1
WTH 3 months ago  
Kill the wow 3 months ago  
Who wants to ra in front of the entire world 3 months ago  
V bucks 3 months ago  
Would hurt less 3 months ago  
He’s a majical pony flying three time 3 months ago  
Saw elder scrolls instantly klicked 3 months ago  
Who the f uses internet explorers 3 months ago  
Pc 3 months ago  
Wtf does this have to do with tech 3 months ago +1
I hate guitar hero 3 months ago  
Don’t got one 3 months ago  
I’ll just kill myself in the end 3 months ago +1
I like both 3 months ago +1
Let’s see hmmmm 3 months ago  
I like to see rage 3 months ago +1
Cod 3 months ago +2
Disentangle they ask this 1ueston earlyer 3 months ago  
Idk 3 months ago +1
Netir I’m not gay 3 months ago  
I’m already not using Facebook for here 3 months ago +2
Ima computer I’m a computery guy made out of buttons and wires 3 months ago  
What are you doing with your life 3 months ago  
Wtf kind of question is this 3 months ago  
Wtf I can just guess the password 3 months ago  
I already play lol 3 months ago  
I hate pink 3 months ago  
Rip google plus 1900 to 2018 3 months ago +1
Volvo yolo Volvo yolo kilt me now 3 months ago +1
It has an eagle on it what can I say 3 months ago  
Netir their both trash 3 months ago  
My paint is the sh*t 3 months ago +1
I can send my brother to the moon 3 months ago  
My grandpa owns a Oldsmobile 3 months ago +1
Where going on a ship watch me beg neh watch me whip now hit the 1uan get your dab on 3 months ago +1
Sooooooooo ah yeah 3 months ago  
Hyundai are trash 3 months ago  
I can’t watch my show then 3 months ago  
Play games screw partys 3 months ago  
Dang son where’d ya find dat 3 months ago  
Run forest run 3 months ago  
Old cars are sooooooooooooooo cool 3 months ago  
Shot thru the heart and your to blame 3 months ago  
Their both the same brand tho 3 months ago  
Nintendo 64 3 months ago  
I want to be imprtal plz 3 months ago  
I don’t have any friends 3 months ago  
Cod 3 months ago  
Oh yah I finally am god 3 months ago  
50 50 3 months ago  
Apple is sooooo last never 3 months ago  
I like hourses 3 months ago  
Wtf is this mean 3 months ago  
Yay I won’t die 3 months ago  
Wtf is this sh*t 3 months ago  
I got a Samsung 3 months ago  
Cod4 guys 3 months ago  
Safari manye 3 months ago  
So I could blow myself up yay 3 months ago  
Wtf why is this the tech option 3 months ago  
I’m not gay 3 months ago  
Cod of course 3 months ago  
Beats rule 3 months ago  
Who the f wants to see shot about them 3 months ago +1
iPhone sucks 3 months ago  
I love war sing me up 3 months ago  
CVS sounds like care vor sh*t 3 months ago  
Wtf is guitar hero 3 months ago  
I hate both but I am a fan a satin so 3 months ago  
Why would not want to talk to anyone anymore 3 months ago  
Wtf I use iPad much better 3 months ago  
Canon all they can say kill me now 3 months ago  
Their both apple 3 months ago  
I’m selfish what can I say 3 months ago  
My computer is much more then my phone 3 months ago  
My house is a sprint dead zone 3 months ago  
A honeycomb is soooooo much better 3 months ago  
Wtf is Linux my dudes 3 months ago  
I like bowth 3 months ago  
In the stomach my fat will deflect the bullet 3 months ago  
Hotmail = sh*t 3 months ago  
Steam 3 months ago  
Debian all the way 3 months ago  
They both run like sh*t so who gives a f 3 months ago  
Blogger I guess 3 months ago  
I use amd really goddd 3 months ago  
It’s get a yellow pice of shi# or get the nice 100 bucks 3 months ago  
I use iOS only to get the good phone and throw it in the trash Android for life 3 months ago  
Who the f### uses apple 3 months ago  
I still have a ton of vhs 3 months ago  
Smg4 my dudes 3 months ago  
I like red cuz it has charizard 3 months ago +1
Wtf is ms sirois 3 months ago +1
I like both tho so 3 months ago  
Wtf who still uses monochrome (me) 3 months ago +1
Just watch my shows on my computer 3 months ago  
I chose iPad cuz I can play fortnight 3 months ago  
I use both but I prefer Facebook more 3 months ago  
I love smash bros 3 months ago  
Facebook is ok but the google building is amazing 3 months ago  
Calibri is more classic and better to understand 3 months ago  
Apple runs slow for computers 3 months ago  
Pc all th way 3 months ago  
Wtf is a black berry 3 months ago +1
Who the f uses fire fox 3 months ago  
I have a small dog sooooo cute 3 months ago  
Idk I don’t like to drive 3 months ago  
Already happened to me sooooo 3 months ago  

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