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    Avatar has got to be the worse movie ever invented  
    wow this is literally the first time out of 800 questions where I skipped. whoever came up with this is twisted +96
    no pepe I'm a girl haha  
    I pee more then I crap  
    sheesh I probably would die a virgin anyway lol but hey not complaining  
    make her take a shower then wamo you're good or bang in the shower  
    haha I'm a chick  
    I go as myself and then when someone is like who are you supposed to be I'm like oh some famous actress named Kayla lol  
    idc about the gender but I wouldn't want someone who won't say how they feel  
    a walk to remember made be cry like a biotch  
    only on games like saints row  
    I answered even though I'm a girl and honestly don't know nothing about ..... um tht because I refuse to skip questions  
    I don't believe in regrets and I wouldn't take anything In life back no matter how hurtful it was to me or others because I learned from my mistakes but I wanna see what my future holds that would be cool  
    at least I are getting paid  
    i DO have a double chin  
    I wish everything I got was handmedowns  
    only because I the sexy accents  
    I think my family might be shocked at what came out of my mouth lol  
    I mean at least my mom I sweet my dad is craycray  
    i do not do fish  
    I'm a girl but that Harley looks SICK!  
    I will not be able to live forever that's more depressing then dying tomorrow  
    with the music I listen to the beat is important but it's the lyrics that speak to you  
    NOOOOOOOO I clicked the wrong one I just saw chocolate not the mayo part fre  
    aww man that's really hard I love both but lately degrassi has been getting boring and hey demi lovato is on glee so glee has my vote  
    um idk I never watch the Olympics  
    really only 17% want a crazy babysitter? I would love one we would get along great  
    I'm sure global warming is a problem but I try not to think about things tht I have no control over I mean I can't do much to change anything  
    who are they?  
    grr why not both  
    hey what's wrong with Rosie? at least u can have kids that won't come out discombobulated and plus my sister is to annoying to marry  
    i could handle the encounter but not the drugs so prison here I come  
    I'm already mentally challenged so it won't change much  
    why kind I question is that?  
    i would literally rather kill myself than to listen to hiphop at least some rock music is pretty decent +1
    hey glee haters go suck balls I love that show it's actually really entertaining and modern family SUCKS! +2
    uh I'm a girl so yea  
    dang where is the in between button?  
    I hate public restrooms it's like everytime I use one I feel like I should go and check to see of I just got an std or somethig  
    mw3 all day everyday add me JJDLSG92 lol  
    to bad I refuse to ever skip so weed is less damaging right? idk  
    dude u can always wear a wig  
    I need my arms for call of duty lol  
    I would not want to live that old I would be a useless loping old person by 100 that would suck  
    as a girl sometimes it feels awesome to jut let loose lol  
    I'm a girl but still I love tats and piercings so.. um yea rocker chick +1
    I mean it not like I have much to lose so why not help others  
    but I still can't swim  
    no it's the personality but looks are a bonus  
    if my son told me he was gay I would say a long as u happy if my daughter told me she was preggers I would tell her I learn how to keep we legs closed. lol  
    Darren may play gay but he is straight and even of he wasn't it wouldn't change the fact that he is so very sexy and looks a heck of a lot better than Daniel do 70% of y'all are blind  
    hey degrassi is filmed in canada  
    hey I would gladly die to chill with either demi lovato or Selena Gomez lol . I'm weird  
    lol in playing mw3 now and rrather during intermission  
    22% of u guys are crazy Selena is beautifully beautiful  
    lol I'm a chick but I still chose Megan fox  
    darn it chose the wrong one but I love how jb is the pic lmao he is a jerk sometimes lol  
    you might not be the same but that's not important . no freedom til we equan dang right you should support it #samelove  
    39% of I guys are crazy and obviously never watched the hunger games  
    it's not like losing my memory would be a bad thing  
    I would not be able to be dead because I need music in my life  
    I'm poor and miserable so why not be rich and miserable. plus I'm a firm believer that money can buy happiness it just depends on what makes u happy  
    dang I picked the wrong one. life without pretty little liars, glee, revenge and degrassi would be absolute torture  
    I'm a girl so if I found out my wife was not a lesbian I would be more worried lmao  
    get out of here Harry potter over the hunger games?? bull crap Katniss Everdeen all day everyday forever and always  
    29% of u are EVIL lol  
    better safe then sorry  
    doesn't a date ruin the point of a one night stand?  
    I AM A FAT NERD!! >_  
    forever alone bro  
    I'm a Lovaticist who wanna join me ? lol  
    you might not be the same but that's not important no freedom til we equal fans right I support it  
    I don't want kids anyway  
    Ian is to sexy not to choose  
    marriage is a wate of time anyway I don't see the point it's like once your married all you do I argue and fight anyway and then why keep someone trapped in a marriage where they not happy  
    at least I won't be freezing cold  
    if I got rid of the biebz I would hurt Selena Gomez . I can't do that  
    it's funny as heck when someone falls in front of you. as long as you're not the one falling  
    I like my dreams to much (wink wink)  
    if you bully a bully the you're a bully and you'll get bullied. right ?  
    USA!! USA!! USA!! lol  
    I'm a girl but man this question is hard  
    the way I see it is you either hurt the one family of the innocent or hundreds of families of the past and future victims of the guilty people  
    idk who either of them are  
    I definitely would NOT stay me. I'm boring no offense to myself  
    I wouldn't want to be able I read minds because if someone was dissing me in their mind we would have a problem that would end up with me in jail. lol jk  
    DAMN I meant to click the demi lovato one  
    anyone who chose A is selfish as hell bro.  
    I can't dance for sh*t but I can eat all day lmao.  
    really? hermoine over Bella . that's funny +1
    wait why I roar on the least favorite song ? that's my favorite song . and what does the fox say is a good song to lol  
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