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    So.... Would you rather live in Heave forever or live forever in a place full of evil, crimes and just bad stuff?  
    ... Have you seen the nukes they got these days? The biggest bombs are designed to wipe entire nations on one shot.  
    Would you elect a braindead if he was black?  
    Let's say that a war crazy maniac got into being a president in USA... You think that wouldn't touch the hold world? +1
    Yes it does!!! *Pees on Rage* >. +2
    Well, America is big place and I do think that their politics matter abit to rest of the world aswell. :3 +2
    Not if ye don't stuff yerself there weekly :|  
    Oh. OH! >:c So ugly body means automatically being fat? >;c Some people like fat >;'c Ugly body could also mean skinny D:  
    But there's beaches. :3  
    :| Not sure if joking or serious, but I'll tell you anyway that they speak english in there.  
    I have and it didn't end up good. Illegal it is!  
    I already shave my head.  
    Well, contract killer just seems also exciting, so...  
    It would be awesome to know when someone is planning to shoot you or when a car is about to hit you!  
    Holy dear gawsh... Google it.  
    France just seems too rainy for me for some reason. Italy is nicely warm and has nice food :D +1
    Holocaust and hold WW2 was horrible, but they taught us so much. It's an possibility that things could be even worse these days if all that didn't happen. Just my opinion :|  
    I just don't believe in big bang. I mean there's nothing behind it.  
    Make smokes illegal :3 +778
    How 'bout neither?! +6
    ... Are ye a 6 year old?  
    Suits are sexy!  
    Suits are sexy!  
    I am NOT a liar >:C  
    But I would be sixteen who had sex and yeah... I would be kinda whorish, wouldn't I? Except if I was raped of course.  
    How come that your kind of people always have to say that "God doesn't exist" whenever the word "god" is mentioned?  
    Both! :|  
    Green apples are more sweet. Red apples are too soft for me.  
    Shut it you darn liberal, loose-jean wearing, worm eyed, weed smoking, tree hugging, world loving, sissy, wuss, whimpy, vegetarian, democratic kiid! +2
    I am European and I can tell you that E.U is doomed. Most people in my country didn't want to join it but our leaders made us.  
    Actually, nevermind. I vote for religious fanatics because they ruin the reputation of all religious people. +1
    Religious extremists are bad and just use their religion as an excuse to do these things, but Greed does cause more evil. +1
    Both for non-religious and religious reasons, I go for Israel. :) +2
    I'm christian, so...  
    I might die from my own puke or blood while sleeping on my back.. So stomach it is.  
    Everyone should have right to express their beliefs and religion as they want, as long as they don't push it down anyones throat... like you are doing right now.  
    What's sexist about being nude in a movie..? +8
    Surprised at the results. In your own religion, you could be worshipped!  
    I love em both, but Hunchback Of Notredame is just pure art piece..  
    Bald can be very stylish! Some people shave themselves every day! Skinny is just nasty.  
    I want to continue my bloodline.. so A.  
    Well, when you die, those extra years don't matter too much in hell, do they?  
    Damn! I was supposed to vote on Pro-life! +1
    I already hunt alot, getting most of my meat mahself! :D  
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