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Why dafuq you mad bro!!!! 8=======D 3 years ago  
Wow, you're a monster;btw how is your youtube channel going? 3 years ago  
TF 3 years ago  
Let them get in with the fun! 3 years ago  
neither 3 years ago  
Video games 3 years ago  
Life in one sentence 3 years ago  
neither I'm not gay 3 years ago  
Don't have any friend :P 3 years ago  
Could be the best at the 'u mad bro?' phase 3 years ago +1
Skyrim is awesome 3 years ago  
Wrong choice no one ever said I couldn't kill it 3 years ago  
blondes r dumb 3 years ago  
Fk Da police 3 years ago  
Fk Da police 3 years ago +1
Fck Da rules 3 years ago  
Option B isn't Diabetes 3 years ago  
:D My Milkshakes brings boys to the yard! 3 years ago +1
Sort of, your girlfriend is smart enough to make one but can't 3 years ago  
Last Charger on the Earth 3 years ago  
Brown 3 years ago  
Screw yourself Joey12 3 years ago  
Don't have a sister noobs 3 years ago  
realize Alex made this question.... 3 years ago  
Sad but totally worth it, there is no way I need anyone else in my life. 3 years ago  
There won't be a next time I'm probably going solo now. 3 years ago  
This is mainly a common sense question- you might pick no if you don't know them well enough or you don't let your emotions get to you. 3 years ago  
It's not that I said no, but that I f**ked up the only opportunity to get close by letting my emotions get to me 3 years ago  
I'm the savage that changed it from 50-50 3 years ago  
lol they hatin' 3 years ago  
You sir are a monster 3 years ago  
One cannot fk an opportunity up soooo bad, except me 3 years ago  
Well at least you made the right choice.. me I'm not so lucky 3 years ago +1
Well then dream come true, I'm pretty sure you would go to the formal with her regardless 3 years ago +1
I'm too young to vote 3 years ago  
Don't drink coffee scrubs 3 years ago  
Raining with a side of whoopa** 3 years ago  
A 50-50! Unbelievable! 3 years ago  
Definitely Akbar I Would blow myself up in New York City, if you are gonna blow something at least buy it drinks first. 3 years ago  
Well at least you made the right choice 3 years ago  
Misclick gaming 3 years ago  
Mario "You killed Luigi! You suns of a btches! Die!" 3 years ago  
# hunt the booty 3 years ago  
Either way I'd ill both 3 years ago  
got noone on my hands 3 years ago  
RAISE A MAN 3 years ago  
No life is worth taking 3 years ago  
My Enemy would be dead trapped text! 3 years ago  
Who has time for other people's BS? 3 years ago  
Watermelon,firemelon,earthmelon,windmelon, elemelons 3 years ago +1
I don't need anyone else in my life 3 years ago  
You don't need to groan 3 years ago  
$20! In the hood 3 years ago  
RYU HAYABUSA 3 years ago  
If your gonna blow humanity into pieces at least buy them a drink first. 3 years ago  
Just live on with my life 3 years ago  
B Hello this is the devil calling from flame palace need anything? 3 years ago  
A for death 3 years ago  
just hunt that booty 3 years ago  
Choose the A option if you like hunger games, Option B if you have leadership skillz 3 years ago  
+kiethn hunt that booty 3 years ago +1
+Penguin444 #You Hit that 3 years ago  
how about fleshy oranges? 3 years ago  
Wow wat a question 3 years ago  
WildStar, you are a terrible person 3 years ago  
The NSA is the illuminati just type it backwards! 3 years ago  
.... 3 years ago  
wtf 3 years ago  
gasps! The Lass Question! 3 years ago  
they are each other 3 years ago  
This totally isn't the last question 3 years ago  
Im Ryu Hayabusa nothing stands in my way 3 years ago +1
You wouldn't get thirsty 3 years ago  
I have no one close to me period. 3 years ago  
Just tell that btch to stay the fk away from me 3 years ago  
No friends lol 3 years ago  
They wouldn't be the love of my life anymore! 3 years ago  
Who wants to read other peoples mind? 3 years ago  
2 pyschopaths yay! 3 years ago  
ugh what type of person made this? 3 years ago  
tumblr ftw 3 years ago  
obviously the 2nd choice will lead to disease and famine 3 years ago  
ur dead either way 3 years ago  
HAVE A MAN 3 years ago  
For* you were supposed to put FOR 3 years ago  
obviously this was made 2 years ago 3 years ago  
IT's your sister! 3 years ago  
Hide and Seek champion 3 years ago  
That hurts 3 years ago  
No not what either are both sound b*d 3 years ago  
I'LL DIG YOUR GRAVE 3 years ago  
This is HALO 3 years ago  
if your gonna blow it at least take it out to diner first lol 3 years ago  
As long as they delete their browser history I'm cool 3 years ago  
Have no social life dude 3 years ago  
Never have never will, AND NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE ME 3 years ago  
hit some balls! 3 years ago  
I'd kick everyone's A** 3 years ago  
both sluts in my opinion 3 years ago  
I prefer him dead 3 years ago  
I say weird things and stupid things all my life, but who the f*ck wants to be an eavesdropper? 3 years ago  
You'll die either way 3 years ago  
These comments though 3 years ago  
My profile picture though. 3 years ago  
The cat doesn't look too safe 3 years ago  
not answering 3 years ago  
Either way they wouldn't be my friends anymore they'd be body bags 3 years ago  
I AM THOR 3 years ago  
I'd use them for parts 3 years ago  
be a p*ssy or be a d*ck your choice 3 years ago +1
just like Jason Statham 3 years ago  
BOOM 3 years ago  
True love is a commitment when both parties love each other 3 years ago  
I'll keep my eat along with my dignity thank you 3 years ago  
What the other guest said 3 years ago  
Whats with these dumb but rich questions? I've seen like 6 already 3 years ago  
smaller the easier to swallow lol 3 years ago  
FREEEDOM 3 years ago  
HTB You can't trust the internet or anybody on it for that matter 3 years ago  
I am emotionally constipated and I don't care about other peoples feelings 3 years ago  
15 and still don't give a sht about other people purpose? 3 years ago  
Push someone of the cliff! 3 years ago  
Slut or not slut 3 years ago  
I'm alwats lonely 3 years ago  
Depends on where ya shoot me 3 years ago  
Take a turn on I-91 3 years ago  
I'd burn my clothes rather than get them back 3 years ago  
Fk yo slender man show him who's the real man! 3 years ago  
Fire hazard or no? 3 years ago  
OH THE HUMANITY! 3 years ago  
Everyone hates me, then when a lighting strikes them and their on fire I'll drink my glass of water. 3 years ago  
Y'all can blame Obama all you want its ur opinion 3 years ago  
Spank me and I'll break your arm 3 years ago  
They wanna watch? Fine let them see me I'll give them something they'll never forget 3 years ago  
I Already have no friends what would stop me? 3 years ago  
Not to be mean but If you know I'm a creep (which I'm not)you're the real creep 3 years ago  
Who needs to know? 3 years ago  
Paraplegic means not being able to use your legs paralyzed from the waist down 3 years ago  
I want the other person to get roasted 3 years ago  
NO CABIN FEEVER 3 years ago  
Everyone needs a life 3 years ago  
Diabetes or Diabetes both get you killed 3 years ago  
Break it down now! 3 years ago  
De sock though 3 years ago  
IF you talk without thinking you just present Bullsh*T 3 years ago  
They help me in COD 3 years ago  
glasses 3 years ago  
I don't even know 3 years ago  
I don't trust this kid 3 years ago  
I already don't care about people 3 years ago  
be a computer geek or a hard worker 3 years ago  
I DON'T Even Drive! 3 years ago  
HAH! Own a XBOX! 3 years ago  
Rambo is a barbie 3 years ago  
I plan on having no one in my life 3 years ago  
Looking good 3 years ago  
Pollution and chaos or hurricane season? 3 years ago  
My brother..... 3 years ago  
There both drunk either way 3 years ago  
The price is never right 3 years ago  
I cannot dance but when I do I got the good jukes 3 years ago  
Doesn't APPLY TO ME! 3 years ago  
I hate my life right now 3 years ago  
CaptianSparkelz! 3 years ago  
I'm not a creep 3 years ago  
I cannot dance 3 years ago  
ThrowTv 3 years ago  
I hate other people 3 years ago  
+DJHazro that's exactly what I thought 3 years ago  
Come with a taser and hand grenade 3 years ago  
I am the younger sibling.. I hate it 3 years ago  
Pss in my bosses face and say I QUIT 3 years ago  
Forever killing 3 years ago  
You spelled the question wrong "Would you rather marry a woman who is, or Would you rather marry women who are." 3 years ago  
Screw my family and society 3 years ago  
They looks like there ready to kill each other 3 years ago  
Mysterious is easier spend the rest of the time thinking about how your gonna kill the world 3 years ago  
If they want you to take the blame they are not your friends 3 years ago  
I work alone I get more done 3 years ago  
I AM ALONE 3 years ago  
MMMM 3 years ago  
My give is a box with a fist OK? 3 years ago  
EVERYONE LOVES FIRE! 3 years ago  
Know how to make money 3 years ago  
So I can have a reason to kill other people 3 years ago  
So I can tell them to go away forever 3 years ago  
Don't be lazy be a man! 3 years ago  
Books are always better than movies in my opinion 3 years ago  
I'm never happy 3 years ago  
Both lead to power lust 3 years ago  
50% chance of death :) 3 years ago  
Nothing is Perfect! 3 years ago  
Nom Nom Nom 3 years ago  
FK Hair 3 years ago  
I AM A MAN 3 years ago  
Tackle your way down 3 years ago  
+josephs5 Totally smart 3 years ago  
Enhance your Ears 3 years ago  
Never done either gonna 3 years ago  
MY phone sucks better if it was lost 3 years ago  
responsibilty and sx? or no 3 years ago  
Hah! No answer needed I am the MAN 3 years ago  
I could get a hot spouse with money 3 years ago  
come on people if they want diabetes they can get is, their different 3 years ago  
R8 FTW 3 years ago  
Hunger sometimes causes war 3 years ago  
"Merica's losing it's touch 3 years ago  
Dough Doge 3 years ago  
My arm- as long as it's not my pimp arm were good 3 years ago  
Jump into the Amazon 3 years ago  
Spank my friends of my other? Hah got neither! 3 years ago  
Fk this planet 3 years ago  
I'd learned nothing but enjoy school 3 years ago  
Who the fck wants to be a facist? 3 years ago  
I have no loved ones 3 years ago  
Sharks 3 years ago  
Who said I needed a family? 3 years ago  
Karate! 3 years ago  
I can hold it! 3 years ago  
I don't need a life 3 years ago  
I mean who would want to see someone elses n**ts? 3 years ago  
The other one looks like a legit answer hunger games high stakes 3 years ago  
I love no one! Hah 3 years ago  
Through my computer out lol 3 years ago  
Hah! jokes on author got no girlfriend! Single life is treating me well. Hah! Got no friends either! 3 years ago  
So I can knock it down 3 years ago  
I...... um....... 3 years ago  
Use my smartness to be popular duh 3 years ago  
The streets can teach a lot 3 years ago  
FIRRREEEEEEEEE 3 years ago  
Company of religion duh 3 years ago  
Um how about I don't want to 3 years ago  
Neither The sun is my Star 3 years ago  
It doesn't I can't kill them 3 years ago  
I'd wish to have the power to make people go away 3 years ago  
No Marriage= No divorce 3 years ago  
FREEDOM! 3 years ago  
Neither because I hate life 3 years ago  
World wide, our New york? 3 years ago  
Paradox 3 years ago  
I'm already a kid why stop? 3 years ago  
monkeys have a crappy reputation 3 years ago  
fire 3 years ago  
Dream the real life and be the real life 3 years ago  
You're not you when you hungry- eat snickers 3 years ago  
It's just as good 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
More Internet more solutions to hearing 3 years ago  
I'm alone already what would stop me? 3 years ago  
Learn deep darkest secrets then expose them 3 years ago  
+GoldenMoon78 what a smart friend 3 years ago  
+GoldenMoon78 Don't Stop Believing 3 years ago  
Wizard with the power to make people go away 3 years ago  
+GoldenMoon78 you're friend was a pro 3 years ago  
Teleport 3 years ago  
b what u want 3 years ago  
Either way someone dies 3 years ago  
Because Unity 3 years ago  
Many people just want money and fame over Harry Potter 3 years ago  
Funeral because why not? 3 years ago  
Puppies Because Hunger Games 3 years ago  
More bloodshed politics 3 years ago  
Because hunger games 3 years ago  
+666 LostMoon15 enjoy your number 3 years ago  
Shrimp with intellect 3 years ago  
moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3 years ago  
McDonald looks like a pyscopath 3 years ago  
Smartness leads to power, and you can change your body with that power 3 years ago  
Live your live to the fullest BC your 2nd life you wouldn't win the lottery either 3 years ago  
As long as you have love nothing else matters THE LIES THATS SAYS 3 years ago  
Time is money 3 years ago  
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