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    Why dafuq you mad bro!!!! 8=======D  
    Wow, you're a monster;btw how is your youtube channel going?  
    Let them get in with the fun!  
    Video games  
    Life in one sentence  
    neither I'm not gay  
    Don't have any friend :P  
    realize Alex made this question....  
    lol they hatin'  
    gasps! The Lass Question!  
    they are each other  
    This totally isn't the last question  
    Who wants to read other peoples mind?  
    2 pyschopaths yay!  
    ugh what type of person made this?  
    tumblr ftw  
    obviously the 2nd choice will lead to disease and famine  
    HAVE A MAN  
    For* you were supposed to put FOR  
    obviously this was made 2 years ago  
    That hurts  
    No not what either are both sound b*d  
    if your gonna blow it at least take it out to diner first lol  
    As long as they delete their browser history I'm cool  
    Have no social life dude  
    Never have never will, AND NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE ME  
    hit some balls!  
    I prefer him dead  
    I say weird things and stupid things all my life, but who the f*ck wants to be an eavesdropper?  
    You'll die either way  
    These comments though  
    My profile picture though.  
    The cat doesn't look too safe  
    Either way they wouldn't be my friends anymore they'd be body bags  
    I AM THOR  
    I'd use them for parts  
    be a p*ssy or be a d*ck your choice +1
    True love is a commitment when both parties love each other  
    I'll keep my eat along with my dignity thank you  
    What the other guest said  
    Whats with these dumb but rich questions? I've seen like 6 already  
    smaller the easier to swallow lol  
    HTB You can't trust the internet or anybody on it for that matter  
    15 and still don't give a sht about other people purpose?  
    Push someone of the cliff!  
    Slut or not slut  
    I'm alwats lonely  
    Take a turn on I-91  
    I'd burn my clothes rather than get them back  
    Fk yo slender man show him who's the real man!  
    Fire hazard or no?  
    Everyone hates me, then when a lighting strikes them and their on fire I'll drink my glass of water.  
    Y'all can blame Obama all you want its ur opinion  
    They wanna watch? Fine let them see me I'll give them something they'll never forget  
    I Already have no friends what would stop me?  
    Not to be mean but If you know I'm a creep (which I'm not)you're the real creep  
    Who needs to know?  
    Paraplegic means not being able to use your legs paralyzed from the waist down  
    I want the other person to get roasted  
    Everyone needs a life  
    Diabetes or Diabetes both get you killed  
    De sock though  
    IF you talk without thinking you just present Bullsh*T  
    They help me in COD  
    I don't trust this kid  
    I already don't care about people  
    be a computer geek or a hard worker  
    I DON'T Even Drive!  
    HAH! Own a XBOX!  
    I plan on having no one in my life  
    Looking good  
    Pollution and chaos or hurricane season?  
    My brother.....  
    There both drunk either way  
    The price is never right  
    I cannot dance but when I do I got the good jukes  
    Doesn't APPLY TO ME!  
    I'm not a creep  
    I cannot dance  
    I hate other people  
    +DJHazro that's exactly what I thought  
    Come with a taser and hand grenade  
    I am the younger sibling.. I hate it  
    Pss in my bosses face and say I QUIT  
    Forever killing  
    You spelled the question wrong "Would you rather marry a woman who is, or Would you rather marry women who are."  
    Screw my family and society  
    They looks like there ready to kill each other  
    If they want you to take the blame they are not your friends  
    I work alone I get more done  
    I AM ALONE  
    My give is a box with a fist OK?  
    Know how to make money  
    So I can have a reason to kill other people  
    So I can tell them to go away forever  
    Don't be lazy be a man!  
    Books are always better than movies in my opinion  
    I'm never happy  
    Both lead to power lust  
    50% chance of death :)  
    Nothing is Perfect!  
    Nom Nom Nom  
    FK Hair  
    I AM A MAN  
    Tackle your way down  
    +josephs5 Totally smart  
    Enhance your Ears  
    Never done either gonna  
    MY phone sucks better if it was lost  
    responsibilty and sx? or no  
    Hah! No answer needed I am the MAN  
    I could get a hot spouse with money  
    come on people if they want diabetes they can get is, their different  
    R8 FTW  
    Hunger sometimes causes war  
    Dough Doge  
    My arm- as long as it's not my pimp arm were good  
    Jump into the Amazon  
    Spank my friends of my other? Hah got neither!  
    Fk this planet  
    I'd learned nothing but enjoy school  
    Who the fck wants to be a facist?  
    I have no loved ones  
    Who said I needed a family?  
    I can hold it!  
    I don't need a life  
    I love no one! Hah  
    Through my computer out lol  
    Hah! jokes on author got no girlfriend! Single life is treating me well. Hah! Got no friends either!  
    So I can knock it down  
    Use my smartness to be popular duh  
    The streets can teach a lot  
    Company of religion duh  
    Um how about I don't want to  
    Neither The sun is my Star  
    It doesn't I can't kill them  
    I'd wish to have the power to make people go away  
    No Marriage= No divorce  
    Neither because I hate life  
    World wide, our New york?  
    I'm already a kid why stop?  
    monkeys have a crappy reputation  
    Dream the real life and be the real life  
    You're not you when you hungry- eat snickers  
    It's just as good  
    More Internet more solutions to hearing  
    I'm alone already what would stop me?  
    Learn deep darkest secrets then expose them  
    +GoldenMoon78 what a smart friend  
    +GoldenMoon78 Don't Stop Believing  
    Wizard with the power to make people go away  
    +GoldenMoon78 you're friend was a pro  
    b what u want  
    Either way someone dies  
    Because Unity  
    Many people just want money and fame over Harry Potter  
    Funeral because why not?  
    Puppies Because Hunger Games  
    More bloodshed politics  
    Because hunger games  
    +666 LostMoon15 enjoy your number  
    Shrimp with intellect  
    McDonald looks like a pyscopath  
    Smartness leads to power, and you can change your body with that power  
    Live your live to the fullest BC your 2nd life you wouldn't win the lottery either  
    As long as you have love nothing else matters THE LIES THATS SAYS  
    Time is money  
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