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    If it was just one, maybe, but I have too so  
    I've never seen that movie  
    That would make my early life so much easier  
    I don't even talk to my sister like that  
    My celebrity spouse would be rich anyway *cough* Robbie Amell  
    Omg yes  
    My worst enemy is HOT  
    Either way my best friend is my crush and my worst enemy is super hot  
    If my friends did that to me I'd kill them  
    It would look like I didn't care  
    She could get rejected, he'd still have a chance with me, and with me and my friends, boys are fair game. Whoever gets the guy first  
    I do!  
    I want him to know  
    I would kill him if this wasn't a question  
    As long as there not ugly  
    I can move on from a crush, that like everyday sh*t  
    Never seen the other  
    It never get cold in side  
    My friend zone is more like friends with a little bit of benefits zone  
    He's hot now  
    Why would I marry at horse, I don't even like horses and you can't have sex with horses  
    I always wrong anyway  
    id just call my haters ugly, because then they wouldn't have a comeback  
    Don't you get both in B anyway  
    If people try to mess with me, everyone would stick up for me because they all like me  
    I want my crush to know I like him, because I already know he likes me  
    He be disappointed... He didn't make a move sooner  
    I'm a girl though so..  
    I'd be goals  
    At least I know what I'm up against  
    That would make a cute story, and I.d know he'd love me and not my money  
    The guy I like is so insecure but it fun.  
    I'd go crazy and still end up in option B  
    I have a crush on my best guy friend  
    First of all, that would make a hell of a story. And I don't want to be old and unable to do stuff, if I had it my way I'd die on my 30th birthday, not that I would kill my self though, but just like natural causes  
    They don't have to talk to him  
    In the act or afterwards?  
    That's probably whats gonna happen in real life anyway  
    75% of the time were probably not going to be have sex so it doesn't matter  
    Buy a new computer or a new phone  
    Don't care about money. And if they really loved me I wouldn't be poor  
    My husband will have a job too so who cares  
    It's just a little to late  
    I don't care if I get the money or not anyway  
    If you look like that you should keep it a secret  
    I grew up with no internet in my house, I can still use data and hotspots  
    As long as it wasn't my fault  
    My worst fear is drowning... And public bathrooms  
    I hate Potatos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    If they borrow all of you clothes then you have to buy more, which cost money  
    There's a password on it, there not a lot they can do without deleting every single thing off of it  
    the people that I do hate don't know I hate them. There also hella funny  
    I don't even have cable anyway  
    My favorite animals are pigs  
    I have a fear of elevators  
    My hair gets stuck to them all the time  
    I happen to be really bad at giving orders  
    I hate history and too many people get killed  
    Tbh, my life goal is to never have a real job and be an actress. I want to be an actress because of who I am, not because of a stupid wish. Money will get me recanize, but not necessarily give me my dream job  
    It matters how this 16-year-old look and if this oldy will give me money or not  
    I was 15 when I first when to the dentist and I didn't have a cavity.  
    I know it's weird, but I use my boyfriend toothbrush all the time  
    I don't have a mom  
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