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    "death cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge"  
    "death cannot be avoided by acting upon this knowledge"  
    animals are cute  
    it hard probly tattoos  
    i love being a kid  
    of corse  
    I'd rather wake up next to the KFC guy telling me it was "perfect."  
    One is much less than 100  
    Poliece: How much money did you still from the bank, sir? Me: I swear I didn't steal any money (Stole a billion dollars)  
    Cause of death: Ballpoint pen. From now on, I will be terrified of ballpoint pens. Date of death: I can plan my life accordingly +1
    You guys can hit people with hammers that appear out of FREAKING NOWHERE. Iam gonna lauch a blue shell at the leading kart  
    Don't you understand sarcasm?  
    I don't wanna be gay  
    If my enemy died, wouldn't I be happy?  
    Super Mario 64 and Call of Duty +8
    SpongeBob FTW  
    I want Burger King now booooo shut up I don't like McDonald well I like it but I waned beger king I am so anger becase I want buger king and a gen I wanted burger king becase it has a crow I want that crow  
    Anything but PS3  
    Thumbs up for Super Mario 64!  
    Spongebob FTW +1
    God is already a great ruler +1
    trololololololo +1
    eat my HOTdog  
    Michael Jackson was a thriller  
    Michael Jackson was a thriller  
    I could care less.... +1
    Michael Jackson was a thriller  
    gingers do have souls  
    shunt up  
    tow esey  
    im hungry  
    lol sowe funny dvfhsssdsdm  
    I dot know and I don't care  
    that's want she said  
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