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    I dressed normally 10yrs ago 1 year ago  
    1. Female doctors are better 1 year ago  
    Can already control my dreams 1 year ago  
    No one said there wasn't a mute button 1 year ago  
    Gaming is love, gaming is life 1 year ago  
    Who needs friends 1 year ago  
    It would make my life complete 1 year ago  
    Bribe the police 1 year ago  
    I have no friend... 1 year ago  
    Do I get paid for this? 1 year ago  
    Eat them 1 year ago  
    Bye religion 1 year ago  
    Free stuff 1 year ago  
    Constantly sell the vehicles and hire a chef like if you agree 1 year ago  
    Doesn't matter had sex 1 year ago  
    If there was liberty there would be the liberty to enforce justice upon others 1 year ago  
    Doesn't matter had sex 1 year ago  
    Didn't study for the test? YOU SHALL NOT PASSSSSSS 1 year ago  
    At least dogs dry 1 year ago  
    Even without marriage you can still reproduce. Just that everyone would be bastards 1 year ago  
    Yep 1 year ago  
    At least humans are predictable 1 year ago  
    Walk around naked 1 year ago  
    Prisoners get free stuff 1 year ago  
    Being physically never aging doesn't mean your mind doesn't age 1 year ago  
    What worse than dropping your ice cream? The holocaust. What worse than the holocaust? Dropping the second ice cream. 1 year ago  
    Also the return policy. Return items for free cash 1 year ago  
    You can buy anything from amazon 1 year ago  
    Cloth 1 year ago  
    Meh least I'm not like you last girlfriend 1 year ago  
    Niether 1 year ago  
    Your a wizard harry 1 year ago  
    Sigh 1 year ago  
    Come up behind people without breathing the just start breathing again. 1 year ago  
    One bullet in a revolver, spin the chamber put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. If your lucky you hear a click, if not... 1 year ago  
    Yes 1 year ago  
    In about 50-100 years the international language will be English anyway 1 year ago  
    Zombies don't have nuclear weapons 1 year ago  
    Stuff the baby. There are over 6-7 billion people on earth. No one is going to miss one 1 year ago  
    It's always my way. Always. 1 year ago  
    Stuff africa. Sorry but true. If every millionaire gave 1 million dollars to a fund that goes towards poverty/starvation, there would be no problems like that. 1 year ago  
    If you have Ewing you could rewind 1 second every second therefore stopping time as well as the ability to go back in time. 1 year ago  
    When you don't know who either are but you answer anyway. 1 year ago +1
    Blood is... not my forte 1 year ago  
    PURE MUSCLE 1 year ago  
    Except food... and water... and air... you see where this is leading? 1 year ago  
    Time is money 1 year ago  
    Tell righty the situation and if he loves you back then he will understand. 1 year ago  
    Im sorry but thousands of Africans die each day. One isn't going to make a difference. The lightsaber is unique though and therefore much more valuable. Sorry if you don't agree. 1 year ago  
    A really really small dot 1 year ago  

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