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Who would you rather listen to? (dubstep fans only) Skrillex or Bassnectar 7 years ago 1,963 votes 36 comments 0 likes

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Neither. Both worthless. Safari 7 years ago  
Look it up stupid 7 years ago  
No you dont. You dont even know me *breaks into tears and jumps off chair and hangs self* 7 years ago  
I love your mom 7 years ago  
Surfing. F the snow 7 years ago  
Bat=Small winged mammal, Bath=water in a tub used for bathing. 7 years ago  
same basic logo. If no one else but me noticed 7 years ago +4
haha elevator-Warm Ski Lift-Frostbite on my ass? 7 years ago  
haha like it matters 7 years ago +3
Show about cooking meth. Only in america 7 years ago +2
You think im kidding 7 years ago +1
Drinking tiger blood and sneezing coke 7 years ago +7
Same answer either way 7 years ago +3
haha i have a ps3. Totally worth it 7 years ago +2
You hate cars because your to stupid to drive one 7 years ago  
haha 7 years ago  
What the f*ck is yakisoba? 7 years ago +5
Neither because i have better things to do then sit on my ass all day and watch some stupid fake show about someone elses problems. This is exactly what America needs, more little crybabies whining about their problems instead of actually trying to solve them 7 years ago +7
COW! 7 years ago +2
haha usually if you have one you have the other hahahaha 7 years ago +3
too bad i have no talent in either. and neither do any of you 7 years ago +2
White chocolate is as pointless as white basketball players 7 years ago +5
Both make me throw my tv out of my second story appartment window and then follow them 7 years ago +149
Both were created by Satan to kill small communities haha yet we couldnt live without them. 7 years ago +6
lol do i even need to justify this with an answer? 7 years ago +3
RX-8 looks like something a Nissan would Shit out 7 years ago +114
So either satans minion, or deal with sick people all day. Lose lose haha 7 years ago  
mmmmmm snow cones 7 years ago +2
Live it up till you die, if its gonna happen regardless what does it matter? 7 years ago +2
Blockbuster still exists? 7 years ago +7
I dont think anyone does 7 years ago +5
They probably both have aids 7 years ago +2
Neither because im Straight. 7 years ago  
Actually id rather put my genitals in a meat grinder then put up with either of them 7 years ago +289
Both of these shows make me wanna hang myself when i realize that this is what MTV has become 7 years ago +4
Am i the only one who has no f*cking clue what this is? 7 years ago +7
Anyone who is that dedicated to either has no life. Just saying 7 years ago +1
Online dating is for fat lonely ugly people who have 70 cats because their the only thing that would ever love them 7 years ago +2
haha i love how his jersey is #69 7 years ago +2
Friends all the way 7 years ago  
If you cant break up with someone to their face, you have to be incredibly spineless and you dont deserve to be in a relationship in the first place 7 years ago  
Does it even matter? 7 years ago +2
Ipad, Biggest, most retarded, useless piece of crap ever invented 7 years ago +5
Dur? whats the difference? 7 years ago +1
Haha i miss hotmail 7 years ago +1
Camaro=Instant classic Bugatti=Instant death trap 7 years ago +1
Smash bros, best gamecube game ever haha 7 years ago  
Google owns Facebook So its the same company either way 7 years ago  
Musical instruments, too easy 7 years ago +1
Is that a question? Really? 7 years ago +3
Attention retards, ITS THE SAME PERSON and their both worthless 7 years ago +1
i already am a midget.... im greatly offended 7 years ago  
Im sorry Obama, but borrowing more money doesnt help us get out of debt 7 years ago +3
either way their all fake 7 years ago  
I am a ninja 7 years ago  
hahaha did 4 year olds make this question? 7 years ago +9
Haha it really doesnt matter either way, i drive a beat up POS 7 years ago +4
Is this really a question? People are way to dependent on the internet, yet on the other hand i feel like a hippocrite because im on the internet as we speak 7 years ago +5
Uhhh Dur? 7 years ago +1
Thats how Charlie Sheen does it 7 years ago +9
Splat! 7 years ago +8
In soviet Russia, TV watches You 7 years ago  
Annonymousley online, where no one can critisize my horrible sense of fashion, because its not like i ever leave the house for anyone to see my clothes 7 years ago  
Haha obviously someone was bullied in highschool 7 years ago  
i lose my keys 3 times a day. i'm used to it now 7 years ago  
Who wouldnt wanna be a kid forever? 7 years ago  
Burned. it doesnt hurt for long 7 years ago +2
Rain, easy. hate snow 7 years ago +1
Almost cant decide 7 years ago  
I already get horrible millage so it doesnt matter 7 years ago +3
i'd be dead. What do i care who misses me or not? 7 years ago +3

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