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Lol this web is fun

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    im 10 3 years ago  
    i can't date people that ar 0 3 years ago  
    clicked the wrong one 3 years ago  
    not shores but hores 3 years ago  
    i rather comfy to death than freeze to death 3 years ago  
    ipad 3 years ago  
    superman has 2 much powers but he still sucks ass 3 years ago  
    oops wrong one 3 years ago  
    i won ma money 3 years ago  
    bi 3 years ago  
    i hate both because i have a life 3 years ago  
    i don't want to die 3 years ago  
    new episode of south park is coming today 3 years ago  
    i like both 3 years ago  
    i met europe 3 years ago  
    i will eat them in a month 3 years ago  
    skeleton finger b*tchez 3 years ago  
    like if you saw specter 3 years ago  
    mc donalds gives you food an they put prices in everything its obesity 3 years ago  
    i think sexism is a kind of racism so ha 3 years ago  
    i will escape 3 years ago  
    your all lazy 3 years ago  
    can't touch this 3 years ago  
    my hair is sh*t 3 years ago  
    im 25% german 3 years ago  
    i like ipads 3 years ago  
    is the cruise picture from zack and cody 3 years ago  
    2 words plastic surgery 3 years ago  
    i ment usa 3 years ago  
    cats are lazy 3 years ago  
    what is thereby 3 years ago  
    sorry but i dump im not a wingman im a wing taker 3 years ago  
    how long is short 3 years ago  
    whats euthanizing 3 years ago  
    with translation 3 years ago  
    you can watch movies about books 3 years ago  
    win bets 3 years ago  
    i think the hunger games are just about that katniss is super pist of at everybody because she is on her period 3 years ago  
    there is something with my computer because i life in overijssel not gelderland 3 years ago  
    my arch enemy is also my friend so lol 3 years ago  
    re;inions only start wars 3 years ago  
    im 10 lol 3 years ago  
    4 goldenmoon78 your story is creeper than the bloody mary thing 3 years ago  
    tip.1 4 having sex don't eat something! i know and im 10 3 years ago  
    you can get money as a gift 3 years ago  
    I am not a wingman i am a wing taker 3 years ago  
    I can give my son money so he isnt homeless any more ;) 3 years ago  
    You can scream nana for 1 hour but 10 is to long 3 years ago  
    Cats are lazy( like mine which is now being fat in my bed) they will give up after 1 min 3 years ago  
    Im dutch easy choice 3 years ago +1
    Me 2 3 years ago  
    Snow bcause its fun and in the netherlands it snows all the time 3 years ago  
    If i save my sister i die the way i want to like a hero 3 years ago  
    You cant freeze to death in an elevator 3 years ago  
    If you can change into someone else you could change back to yourself 3 years ago  
    Im 10 3 years ago  
    Go 2 heaven to see my grandma that died when i was 5 3 years ago  
    Impress people 3 years ago  
    Already have this 3 years ago  
    #prayforparis 3 years ago  
    Will i get caught as a thief 3 years ago  
    Cashier cause alse you will have aids 4 the rest of your live 3 years ago  
    So i can know if people from a different country are talking about me 3 years ago  
    I would wish as first wish inwas a wizard so i could make magic with some spell 3 years ago  
    What s liberty and justice 3 years ago  
    A 5-star prison bcause in poor country's women get you knowt 3 years ago  
    9-11 bcause i only heard of the holocaust and dont know what it is 3 years ago  
    I already know when someone is lying 2 me 3 years ago  
    Opisite gender bcause i am a kid 3 years ago  
    Tatoos bcause they are super awsome 3 years ago  
    Money bcause i have €15 :( 3 years ago  
    Im light allergic 2 chocolate and 25% german so it was easy 2 choose 3 years ago  

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