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    Than how the f*ck did you read the question??! 4 years ago  
    "love a long life" "without ever falling in love" I don't get his stupid question! 4 years ago  
    It wasn't his chose dude, he could have just got it 4 years ago  
    Only cause that guy is hot...oh wait, that would be my husband....F*CK 4 years ago  
    Bestiality LOL, f*ck that, neither 4 years ago  
    He'd still be my son though....oh wait...you mean my husband would have cheated on me? Wait that doesn't make sense, cause i would have given birth to him....WAIT WUT?? 4 years ago  
    Hipsters live life on the edge!! #YOLO4LIFE 4 years ago  
    Being alone doesn't mean i won't be loved 4 years ago  
    So...It says soul mate not BF 4 years ago  
    It would be an honor to have my ear bitten off by The Mike Tyson himself. 4 years ago  
    ASTRONOMY RULES!!! 4 years ago  
    What's wrong with being gay? 4 years ago  
    ALREADY AM! 4 years ago  
    I'm not gonna get caught, but i also don't have a job...so, yeah 4 years ago  
    I can kill my most hated enemies!!! IF they get chosen of course 4 years ago  
    LOLO 4 years ago  
    Are you a pedo? 4 years ago  
    My classmates are so annoying!!! They stuff up everything! 4 years ago  
    I would love him to bits if he really did care for me 4 years ago  
    Pro choice dude! You can choose if you wanna have a baby you don't even want for 9 months in your tummy or not. People can mind their own f*cking business! 4 years ago  
    It says your favorite, doesn't have to be WDTFS!! you dumb bum 4 years ago  
    People who keep saying zip line are f*cking retards! "NO EQUIPMENT" read the f*cking question first!!! 4 years ago  
    NO EQUIPMENT!!! 4 years ago  
    No equipment dumbass! 4 years ago  
    "only a meter below the surface" WTF does that mean!?? 4 years ago  
    `15,16,17 Year olds have sex too, That's way fun :P 4 years ago  
    I teen is a kid right? woohooo, 15 4 life! 4 years ago  
    If you don't love it, LEAVE! 4 years ago  
    too* 4 years ago  
    Rich jerks at restaurants make me sick! *vommmmit* 4 years ago  
    Is Obama really checking that chick out!???? PLEASE SAY NO!! 4 years ago  
    Annoying people are so friggn'......ANNOYING. Just shut the f*ck up Hannah!! 4 years ago  
    Now i can hear what those Skinny Bitches have been saying behind my back 4 years ago  
    Sh*t i chose the wrong one, sorry bro :'( 4 years ago  
    I love the winter Olympics though! :'( 4 years ago  
    A's* LOL NAH JK, i'm blonde too and i get straight A's. UP YOURS BOYS! 4 years ago  
    Where da guys at? 4 years ago  
    ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
    I'm already like this 4 years ago  
    Only if the boy on the right was my son, HE'S SUCH A CUTIEPIE! 4 years ago  
    What a crappy painting! I'd rather have a bath with 43 of my bestest friends! 4 years ago  
    I can have a short meet and greet with Logan Lerman in Paris SUCKERS! 4 years ago +1
    Am i the only that hates Ginny Weasely in the movies?? 4 years ago  
    Now this would be a real party instead of a c*ck fest! 4 years ago  
    Funny how there's 3 white kids, two back kids, and 1 Asian. 4 years ago  
    Giant Spiders, cockroaches, brown snakes...You name it we've got it! Enjoy your stay :P 4 years ago  
    Chicks before dicks 4 years ago  
    Um, don't hate me for this, but i have never ever in my life been to Maccas or Subway. 4 years ago  
    My friends would go Bruce Lee on his ASS! 4 years ago  
    Good thing i did a bit of research before choosing :P 4 years ago  
    Haha LOL dude, didn't think of that :P 4 years ago  
    IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! literally :S 4 years ago  
    Everyone you have met were complete strangers before you met them. 4 years ago  
    NO I'M NOT!! and dude...You're a guy! 4 years ago  
    I'm coming for you Obama :T 4 years ago  
    That's why it's so awesome!!! 4 years ago  
    90% of my decision because I have the image on the right as my background :P 4 years ago  
    I would like the mystery thanks 4 years ago  
    I found out that you can actually hook up a keyboard to you Xbox, and it works XD I was so stoked! 4 years ago  
    If i wasted my time climbing up that god damn cliff, i'd might as well end it with some fun :P 4 years ago  
    I'm Australian :P FOOD IF MY LOVER 4 years ago  
    I'd be standing there like "did you kick yet?", because i'm a chick b*tch :P 4 years ago  
    I get why you didn't choose smart.....idsuhfioafoufoaigfdskjbwqEEF 4 years ago  
    IKR! I hate when i have to remind them that i get As by chance :P 4 years ago  
    Nobody likes a show off b*tchtard 4 years ago  
    PREACH! 4 years ago  
    Neither, guys are dicks and girls are b*tches! 4 years ago  
    I wanna see what it's like in somebody else's shoes when i throw a half eaten burger out. 4 years ago  
    SHE SAYS YOU CAN'T!!! WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB!! 4 years ago  
    What the heck can you do with a phone if you don't have internet access!? 4 years ago  
    SAMZIES! 4 years ago  
    I love books, but i also love seeing what the character i have read about would look like in real life. 4 years ago  
    WOOHOOO, i can say i died on the Titanic instead of going missing or being shot out of the sky like MH15 AND MH17 :P 4 years ago +4
    War can never stop. I hate to say it because of how many deaths occur because of war, but war is what keeps the whole world going. War is what makes us human. 4 years ago  
    In Australia, being smart is being popular. Dumb retards are losers :P 4 years ago  
    I don't know what i want with my life. I'm a teen. 4 years ago  
    That's for the average Aussie though. And what about the people that live within. 4 years ago  
    So, would you rather save the whole world from literally drowning itself in garbage and suffocating or just save one of two puppies from a terrible human being? 4 years ago +1
    Ur probably like a hundred or something 4 years ago  
    Phone calls are some awkward sh*t right there. Can't stand them. 4 years ago  
    Sorry Australia, but i hate racism. 4 years ago  
    WTF did i just choose!?!? I thought euthanizing meant making fun of, not f*cking killing them! I don't wanna play this game anymore :'( 4 years ago  
    You're right, I'm in high school :P 4 years ago  
    We go to school for a reason peeps. To get an education and learn discipline. Unless the teacher was hot, than he could teach me that 4+4=7 anytime ;) 4 years ago  
    Google does so many amazing things at work! I WANNA MARRY GOOGLE! 4 years ago  
    I already do that and the 23% of people who chose pee after, already pee in the shower (O)_(O) 4 years ago  
    WTF would i wanna see the most hated person in my life be $100,000 richer? Oh and...I don't got no money anyway :') 4 years ago  
    My chocolate milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard ;) 4 years ago  
    I wanna be an astronomer so bad. My family can be my equipment and research. My lover can be my job. The pleasure will come from making an amazing discovery XD 4 years ago  
    I love movies and games. But u get bored from playing the same game again after a year. SO YEAH.....BOTH RULE 4 years ago  
    some laws are just plain f*cking stupid 4 years ago  
    Maybe you should stay in high school just awhile longer 4 years ago  
    Who cares (no offence to people who do care) 4 years ago  
    I don't have keys 4 years ago  
    cars was so boring....and now they made planes....WTF!!! so not seeing that sh*t. 4 years ago  
    I cried while watching wall-e, only because the robot was alone for it's entire 'life'. 4 years ago  
    Mulan is.....weird...and not much of anything behind the story line 4 years ago  
    I love my Grandma, and she's not annoying 4 years ago  
    Your stupidity scares me 4 years ago  
    There's this thing that has been around for quite a while now, it's called the internet! Google it. 4 years ago  
    In Australia, smart = popularity, dumb = you're such a loser 4 years ago  
    Monkeys trow poop! YAY. 4 years ago  
    damn it, just remembered that Los Angeles is LA. I just had the dumbest blond moment ever. 4 years ago  
    I always eat meat anyway 4 years ago  
    I'm a girl, but i wouldn't mind cutting some d*cks balls off *evil smile* 4 years ago +2
    Thats stupid, lucky i didnt pick any 4 years ago  
    Oh god same!! 4 years ago  
    Just run out of oxygen nice and slowly 4 years ago  
    DARN IT! i totally forgot about the citric acids! 4 years ago  
    Holy sh*t, when i read your comment it sounded like u actually bit your tongue!!! weird right?? 4 years ago  
    Chicks before dicks 4 years ago  
    Stuck in an elevator for 5 hours with your crush!!!! 4 years ago  
    Hahaha even though it was thriller, i found it extremely funny!! 4 years ago  
    duh, when im dead 4 years ago  
    soft and squishy!! 4 years ago  
    mmmmm raw chicken 4 years ago  
    Haha lol, same....but i stopped now.... 4 years ago  
    EWWW GROSS, niether 4 years ago  
    All right!! let's blow up some cows with DYNAMITE!! 4 years ago  
    Never do chores AGAIN!!! XD 4 years ago  
    cockroaches in Australia a f*cking gigantic and they fly!!! 4 years ago  
    People can't spell can't they? doughnut* 4 years ago  
    That's the exact same thing.. 4 years ago  
    Teens are kids right? And i'm a teen. 4 years ago  
    ahhh, yeah it did. Do you have reading problems or something? 4 years ago  
    This person needs to learn proper grammar. It's 'for' your whole life, god... 4 years ago  
    Dude that's stupid 4 years ago  
    You may find this wierd but....i eat my toe nails sometimes. I bite them off with my teeth and eat. DON'T JUDGE ME! 4 years ago  
    Da fuq??? 4 years ago  
    Animals pooping is hilarious!!! 4 years ago  
    He means that he doesn't have sex at all, so having sex once a year means he's having sex more time than zero. Ya dumb bum. 4 years ago  
    I literally started laughing than crying at your comment *sobs* 4 years ago  
    Oh, than that totally works if you're a girl 4 years ago  
    I'd just inject myself with something lethal but painless....when i'm like 100 years old!! HAHAHAHA 4 years ago  
    Your stupidity scares me 4 years ago  
    Holy cheese cakes!! Niether! And skip 4 years ago  
    Why is there sh*t on those undies? Don't people know how to wipe sh*t off their assess after they have pooped??? 4 years ago  
    I think you chose the wrong one, you piss all the time. 4 years ago  
    Holy sh*t!!! none thanks, and skippp... 4 years ago  
    It doesn't have to, dumbass 4 years ago  
    Crickets have legs and antennae and everything!!!! 4 years ago  
    You would get laid all the time guys....at someone elses house!!! 4 years ago  
    What's up with the guy questions, there's women here too ya know 4 years ago  
    Didn't what sorta fart...could have been a rose perfume fart :) 4 years ago  
    Cat food aint that bad guys, trust me, ive tried it 4 years ago  
    In my mind i would suck him 4 years ago  
    male strippers lol XD 4 years ago  
    I don't know how you people kick walls, but who does it with their toes 4 years ago  
    PFF NO! 4 years ago  
    SORRY MUM 4 years ago  
    I'M SO SCARED RIGHT NOW.....MUMMMYYYY!!!!! 4 years ago  
    The tiniest piece of crap ey? 4 years ago  
    I googled blue waffle and OH MY GAWWWED! 4 years ago  
    EWW, F*CK NO!!, i wouldn't let someone do it to me so i wouldn't let me do it to me! 4 years ago  
    I'd rather not die thank you :) 4 years ago  
    You may find this weird, but i like the feeling after my poop come out fast and quick. If the 57% of you wanna feel what it like to have constipation, eat a bunch of unripened guavas. 4 years ago  
    No genitals, it doesnt say no penis...it says no genitals 4 years ago  
    No genitals? damn it, i chose the wrong one!!! 4 years ago  
    This isn't even bad, you'd lick yours or your girlfriends boob right? 4 years ago  
    And my menstruating days are now over!!! woooohooo, party time! 4 years ago  
    At least you don't have to the nasty right? 4 years ago  
    Oh bloody hell, so skipping this sh*t....no pun intended. 4 years ago  
    WHAT THE F*CK? and skip.... 4 years ago  
    AND SKIP.... 4 years ago  
    Lucky i'm a girl right? And skip... 4 years ago  
    I'm a girl sooo....have fun guys *creepy smile* 4 years ago  
    OH GROSS! And.....SKIP.. 4 years ago  
    AND SKIP! 4 years ago  
    AND SKIP! 4 years ago  
    DOESN'T SAY YOU HAVE TO EAT THE SHIT!!! :p 4 years ago  
    400 THOUSAND GALLONS!! my toilet would be overflowing and i would wander alot of how my gut could hold that much mayo. 4 years ago  
    CONDOMS DON'T STOP STD's!!! GET EDUCATED! 4 years ago  
    YOU NEED TO READ THE QUESTION AGAIN!!!! 48/2(9+3) - rewrite - 9+3=12, 48÷2= 24 - 24x12=288 4 years ago  
    48/2(9+3) - rewrite - 9+3=12, 48÷2= 24 - 24x12=288 4 years ago  
    The frigging period blood part in the clique is like so embarrassing. 4 years ago  
    A perfect relationship sounds too superficial. 4 years ago  
    Same thing is Australia too. 4 years ago  
    Um, are you dumb or something. You get STD's either way. And baby's are too much trouble, unless you actually want one. 4 years ago  
    I wouldn't wanna kiss someone i don't know...And that dog is just sooo cute XD 4 years ago  
    That's gravy...know your food 4 years ago  
    It just makes my day when a guy says i don't want sex. 4 years ago  
    Without Newton, we wouldn't have Einstein. 4 years ago  
    Why the heck would you want to suffer after you ate some ones flesh??? 4 years ago  
    The Zoom Cycling one looks messy, i like my logos to be straight forward. 4 years ago +1
    You can do my chores while i play W.O.W 4 years ago  
    These are software operating systems, i trust ubuntu more because it totally fixed my pc after something happened to it. 4 years ago +1
    AHAHAHA...you dog, always go for the food :) 4 years ago +3
    Fishtail looks so messy and...unprofessional. 4 years ago +1
    I don't want my jet to end up like one of those Malaysian airliners. 4 years ago  
    I couldn't stand it if my friend took the blame...don't know why. 4 years ago  
    Apple is too....complicated. 4 years ago  
    My cat is still missing...my neighbor told me he went fishing in the tummy river...i don't know where that is...... 4 years ago  
    They should definatley make one about storm, she's my fave. DO NOT make one about Gene or i will die!! She is soooo annoying! 4 years ago +2
    Damn, i forgot about that....how do i change answers?? 4 years ago  
    I have never felt what it was like to have bad attention, so it would be pretty educational to see what other depressed teens lives are like. 4 years ago  
    EWWWW GROSS! NEITHER! Totes skipping this question!! 4 years ago  
    Either way, you go to school...and i hate school this year, like soooooo much X( 4 years ago  
    Pewdiepie is SOOO HOT!!! i love his smile XD 4 years ago  
    The first one looks so much more comfortable, i could even sleep in it. 4 years ago  
    Da fuq is funnyjunk?? 4 years ago  
    At least you don't have to shave your legs. Although you'll sorta look like scary stupid hag without eyebrows. 4 years ago  
    IT's SO FLUFFY, I'M GONNA DIE!! 4 years ago  
    Red apples are soft and gross! When you take a bite out of one you're just like "What the F**k is this S**t!!??" 4 years ago  
    I think they look just fine, WTF is wrong with you?? 4 years ago  
    wouldn't* 4 years ago  
    I* 4 years ago  
    I have 'an' almost* 4 years ago  
    You do realize you're social networking right now, right? LOL. 4 years ago  
    You'll be talking to a camera, i get all weird when i talk to myself and my voice changes so i wouldn't be good at all :) But give it a try and tell me :) 4 years ago  
    them.* (you forgot the full stop) 4 years ago  
    I seriously hate it when jerks misspell things on purpose. Mostly because i speak proper English and can't understand what the f**k you're trying to say. It's just not cool dude...Damn it, i chose the wrong thing to hate, how do i change? 4 years ago  
    jenna marbles is awesome, but the community channel rules!! 4 years ago  
    I love rebbeca's voice and her youtube vids...even though Friday was annoying as f**k. And she also became super famous at just 15..WOW! 4 years ago  
    No, i'm serious...ill be your first subscriber if you do create one :) 4 years ago  
    Damn it, you should start a youtube channel though, you look like you have the face for one :) 4 years ago  
    Just wondering, are you THE kian lawley- superkian13?? 4 years ago  
    Well, in some parts of the world religion isn't the cause of the wars and attacks and stuff. But it would be nice if there were less wars. 4 years ago +2
    I am religious (I don't go to church or prey everyday though) but i friggin hate war, it's just so...infuriating that people have to fight because they don't believe in other religions. It's bad enough the holocaust occured, i don't want another genocide to occur. 4 years ago  
    hand sanitizer has soap in it, which CAN kill you so... 4 years ago  
    The technology thingy sounds scary, what's the point of life if we're all immortal :( + if you go back in time, you can prevent something from happening and you can basically tell the future!! 4 years ago  
    LOLZ 4 years ago  
    I chose Justin because i just wanna see what he's like. I judged him way too much and i don't think it's fair that he should be treated like girl/druggo/messed up nut case that's full of him self. I mean, that's definitely what he shows himself as on tv but..i just wanna see the real him. 4 years ago  
    Yeah true, although you have to have a brain first to go into college and you have to think clearly about what you're gonna do in the future. Not going to college guarantees a lower paying job that's probs quite embarrassing, like working at Maccas. 4 years ago  
    I honestly don't mind with the religions in the world. I mean different nations believe different things and i just don't mind. I respect every ones decision. Even though i didn't choose to be baptized as a christian when i was a baby, i still respect my religion. I used to go to Sunday school, it was so fun, but i don't go to church :) 4 years ago  
    Oh LOL, well....i dont wanna destroy the world with my size so....atom :) 4 years ago +1
    An atom. duh. Atoms make up EVERYTHING! Even a puny galaxy. 4 years ago  
    hermione is fun, playfull and smart, katniss is always sad. 4 years ago  
    drugs and alcohol can easily go away in a blink of a eye, but thinking that ur fat, that low self esteem will be hidden somewhere 4 years ago +1
    i wore really grown up, teenage clothes when i was 8 4 years ago  
    So immature :) 4 years ago  
    i can get over my enemy, but friends are for life, it would be really awkward between us 4 years ago  
    sure you wernt mate 4 years ago  
    Im infertile, so, i dont mind, thats life 4 years ago  
    lol 4 years ago  
    The old one looks too crowed 4 years ago  
    What if there were children and babies in the crowd. 1 life doesnt matter for the life of many 4 years ago  
    Dude, ur so right, i just hate it when people do this. I dont dislike gangman style only because its stupid and i dont understand it, AT ALL 4 years ago  
    im only getting hit on, im not gonna marry that person! 4 years ago  
    im a farely skinny person, i wanna gain weight to see hhow fat people feel 4 years ago  
    I can SELL the gifts, duh. and the question didn't say how many or what kind :) 4 years ago  
    im already average, nothing special or unique, i luv myself 4 years ago  
    Being fat is gross, although u can lose weight, the nerd bit will always stay! 4 years ago  
    They could be very useful for dinner..i mean 'in dinner' mwahhaahaha 4 years ago  
    haha love dr 4 years ago  
    I've wanted to be a lawyer since i was 5. Being a doctor and treating sick people is disgusting. PLUS lawyers get paid more :0 4 years ago  
    smart rules over stupidness, i feel sorry for all these 52% who chose stupidness. by the way, your not always gonna be pretty, the picture is there just as an example. 4 years ago  
    I Have a lot to do, and with limited time, that cant be done 4 years ago  
    I don't want to hang out with losers and be bullied 24/7. Most groups that i fit into are really popular :) 4 years ago  
    If i finda soul mate, its my friends duty to support my relationship, and if they dont, i guess i can be friendless 4 years ago  
    ANY KIND OF FOOD!! YUM! 4 years ago  
    I can make new friends anyway, but giving up my computer? i have school, and a life, i can't give up something this important. the 71% that says they would rather lose their computer are liars and possibly adults. 4 years ago  
    yeah but not the gays, thats gross 4 years ago  
    What your saying is true. im christian and i believe that people (gays) need equal rights. But there is a thing at the back of my mind that is tell me that homosexuals are an abomination to this planet. My feelings differ. i do get creeped out when i find out someone is gay, like niel Patrick Harris, and Ellen. 4 years ago +1
    What your saying is true. im christian and i believe that people (gays) need equal rights. But there is a thing at the back of my mind that is tell me that homosexuals are an abomination to this planet. My feelings differ. i do get creeped out when i find out someone is gay, like niel Patrick Harris, and Ellen. 4 years ago  
    as long as the house cats are baby kittens 4 years ago  
    do the right thing! 4 years ago +1
    I have never seen snow in my lfe 4 years ago  
    i don't need a mirror to remind me how beautiful i am 4 years ago  
    Henry the 8th was a moron for inventing the divorce, it ruined so many peoples lives 4 years ago  
    da guq!! 4 years ago  
    5 hours of sleep is insane, i would be so exhausted 4 years ago  
    i'd rather hurt him, than have him hurt me 4 years ago  
    Coke use to have actual coke in it when it was invented 4 years ago  
    funny, if they fall on their face 4 years ago  
    i don't mind having 5 years taken away from me in a coma. Being paralyzed 4 life would be the same thing as beiing a coma, but the coma is only temporary. 4 years ago  
    caribean 4 life! 4 years ago  
    $10,000 to every 100,000 african kid is 1 000 000 000 4 years ago  
    to the 33% who chose the selfish act. when this happens to you in real life, will u choose the money? 4 years ago  
    when i ake the million, i can get that job where i make more money 4 years ago  
    As long as the elevator is air conditioned and i wont fall to my death 4 years ago  
    Minecraft is for geeks who dont have a life...Get some fresh air freaks!! 4 years ago  
    The both suck! 4 years ago  
    i have 4 siblings, the life of 1 is't worth the life of many others 4 years ago  
    If i had a son, i would let that lazy piece of sh*t look after him self. parents these days are too soft on their kids 4 years ago  
    if u kill Hitler, u save thousands of peoples lives, but u may alter the future. 4 years ago  
    if u get rid of all the lunatics, u can save millions of lives 4 years ago  
    i already do that anyway, sound shows it all 4 years ago  
    A retirement home is for mental non-hot granies, i'd rather live with all the young hotties in a mental institute 4 years ago  
    As long as its the titanic 4 years ago  
    i feel so sorry 4 those fatties at macca's, i cant believe their parents let them be fat! its disgusting!! 4 years ago +1
    Tattoos are forever, u have to make a choice and if its a bad one, than ur body s screwed up 4 years ago  
    i can be hot while being smart 4 years ago  
    Nightares are awesome, greate for writing short stories 4 years ago  
    Vegetarians are weak, how can vegetables protect you 4 years ago  
    Emma is a great role model for younger women, Nat is just superficial...even got a nose job, b*tch 4 years ago  
    Their called secrets for a reason 4 years ago  
    Star trek is gayyyyyyyyyyyy- sorry dad 4 years ago  
    Stuff u 4 years ago  
    Chrome is getting to complicated, im firefox for life! WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY! 4 years ago  
    when im high, ill have fun before i die 4 years ago  
    I can turn trash into fab, real fast 4 years ago  
    im a sucker for beethoven 4 years ago  
    id get in trouble with the must money! 4 years ago  
    begging is 4 whimps 4 years ago  
    heaven could be boring, or evil, or no fu. rather live on earth 4 years ago  
    i'd wish that i can wish 4 money :) 4 years ago  
    Make ordinary losers jealous! duh 4 years ago  
    One must not simply choose between the two. it requires skill. 4 years ago  
    After every thing i've done for them, they owe me 4 years ago  
    so true 4 years ago  
    women are treated worse in Afghanistan that black black people in the past 4 years ago  
    These are gross questions!! 4 years ago  
    i dont do anything interesting on the internet soo... 4 years ago  
    I'd rather kill the person who came up with this Question 4 years ago  
    So true mate 4 years ago  
    Im a genius, i dont need happiness, i can create it 4 years ago  
    good, go kill ur self 4 years ago  
    I rather live in the future than the past 4 years ago  
    Duh! 4 years ago  
    i rather die than listen to both 4 years ago  
    Fails are funny 4 years ago  
    true 4 years ago  
    ewwww gay 4 years ago  
    Harry potter duh! who would want to watch a bunch of pale skinned, drama queens parading around like retards! 4 years ago  
    Ruleing can make u smart 4 years ago  
    Bella is a b*tch! Hermonie is like it levi'o'sa not levio'sa' 4 years ago  
    FUNNY! 4 years ago  
    Mermaids are evil, thats y they rule 4 years ago  
    Hebrews didnt deserve what they got, HITLER WAS A JERK! 4 years ago  
    no one showing up at a funeral is depressing. Id rather be alone when i get married 4 years ago  
    i have no idea how to respond to this 4 years ago  
    Yoda talks sh*t! i cant understand him. Literally sh*t 4 years ago  
    also true, but monkeys trow crap at u! 4 years ago  
    so true 4 years ago  
    Less days duh! going everyday to work would be horrible, u have to wake up everyday early in the morning. 4 years ago  
    Playing that game is the gayyest thing to do!!! IT WOULD RUIN YOUR SOCIAL LIFE! 4 years ago  
    If im immortal, i could be rich. i would live for eternity and make money!!!! 4 years ago  
    If i can lie i could do anything!!!! even rob a bank and say i didn't do it, people would believe me! pure genius! 4 years ago  
    Why? 4 years ago  
    If i can speak and write in every language, i can read and listen to every language, DUH! 4 years ago  
    Penguins are gross!! 4 years ago  
    sick mind 4 years ago  
    I need to know what im dreaming, its just like watching things i really want to happen, unlike boring lame movies. 4 years ago  
    i don't give a sh*t what i wear! i live in Australia 4 years ago  
    hah why? urs only 1cm? 4 years ago  
    My family and friends can earn immortality by them selves!! lazy bastards! 4 years ago  
    one hundred million :) 4 years ago  
    There's a revolver, it has one bullet. you point the gun at your head and shoot, if you live, u live, u die, u die. 4 years ago  
    I don't care, if i survived i would be rich. Bigger chance of winning than losing. 4 years ago  
    Teleportation and flying is kinda the same thing, you can go anywhere u want! And so is invisibility and reading minds. 4 years ago  
    This is disgusting question! but i would have the cheese but not eat it :) 4 years ago  
    Going back to change the past is fun! and you can mess with people minds. 4 years ago  
    Zombies are hard to kill, and with zombies there will be more. But what if world war 3 in a nuke war, EVERYONE WILL DIE. 4 years ago  
    Whats star bucks? 4 years ago  
    I dont use my internet much so... i need to listen to music, and one ear ain't gonna cut it 4 years ago  
    I feel like crying. i chose baby because come on!! its 100, 100 puppies. Thats a lot of cuteness going down the drain. 4 years ago  
    Wizards, cause you can do anything, its magic!! 4 years ago  
    ha ninga 4 years ago  
    Yolo sucks ballz, Hakuna Matata is 4 life! 4 years ago +1
    I wanna see what its like to have my brother beg for forgiveness :) 4 years ago  
    By executing one person, you could save hundreds of peoples lives, by not letting those killers lose. 4 years ago  
    me too 4 years ago  
    Fattness is gay, no offence fat guys, but it's disgusting! 4 years ago  
    Are you kidding me!!! It's magic and wizards and witches. WITH MAGIC YOU CAN MAKE MONEY! duh... 4 years ago  
    The future scares me, so it would be cool what everything is like. I probably wont have grand children though, kids are annoying! 4 years ago  
    loaning is a dangerous business, i hope everyone knows that. Th bank can take anything you own if you don't pay back. 4 years ago  
    Haha, so true 4 years ago  
    If i know when im gonna die, i can live my life fully until then. 4 years ago  
    I'd rather fly because you can go anywhere! like Paris, or New York. if you read minds, you just read minds, kinda boring but a cool way to find out secrets. 4 years ago  
    lol 4 years ago  
    I get weird around people i like so.... yeah, and it would be pretty boring just with your love and nothing, nothing, NOTHING! at all. 4 years ago  
    Im a shy person, so id rather spend my time in the dark than in the spot light. If you do something bad, its all on cameras so celebrities better watch themselves. 4 years ago  
    Luve bites you in the butt. Look at the divorce rates, id rather be rich than have my heart broken into a million pieces. 4 years ago  
    I love Emma Watson, she is a great role model. I would love to show her around my hometown of The gold coast. It would be just like a Vaca 4 years ago  
    Dude, im christian and i believe in God, believing in something like that gives me faith, without faith your nothing. And yeah so what this is the 21st century, just because the world is changing doesn't mean people will. I i were you i'd keep my mouth shut. 4 years ago  
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