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    don't have one  
    Popularity is useless  
    Disney lannd  
    So, be smart, or be smart  
    A climbing gym  
    Golden state warriors  
    The giants  
    Full house +1
    I do live in the desert  
    Its only once  
    iliketoeat, that is disturbing  
    I am short  
    I have glasses already  
    I'd become the flash  
    This has happened many times  
    Its asking would you rather get fat, or get fat  
    Those jokes are what made me chose this  
    I'd rule the house  
    I'd just stay home  
    I think that baby is actually cute  
    This is a stupid question  
    It never said you couldn't have both  
    That hamster looks like a dying rat  
    Screw you shady  
    being the star of a losing team makes it all your fault that your bad  
    I am already one  
    Disguise it as a hat  
    A comedian, like Joey Gladstone  
    What's boxing day  
    Without water your dead  
    All the animals in australia try to kill you +1
    Id make chocolate ice cream  
    If you were smart, you'd work out  
    i wouldn't be illeagal  
    White chocolate is not actually chocolate  
    I f i wreck one, i have 9 backups  
    If there is a darth vader m&m involved, yes  
    Im a 12 year old male  
    Seven yearolds are smarter  
    I do this often  
    I already have one  
    i always dance instead of walk  
    Do 4 stupid contest then go into the olympics  
    My butler would sleep in the cellar  
    I want to murdder that 28%  
    Trump did  
    Im 12, so i'd drink dr pepper  
    Im a loser with true friends already  
    Im both  
    Lottery winners spend it all within a week  
    I want to be that cat  
    after 50 times, you'd hate it  
    Completley numb for a week would suck  
    I'd go on a boat  
    im the oldest  
    i just want the $20  
    I don't need to enhance my looks  
    I'd bail them out  
    i will kill this 41%  
    Id be a hated dictator  
    Gandalf will come  
    Iphones people  
    Wolverine rules  
    Coming soon to the summer Olympics, ROCK CLIMBING  
    I wouldn't get caught +1
    Wolves eat owls  
    I'm already the eavesdropping expert  
    At least they got something  
    I wont be starving  
    i want to live  
    I love climbing  
    I'd much rather go on a fly  
    Controllers for melee weapons  
    Ive seen it already  
    Not that kind of lambo  
    Robotic arms all the way  
    I've got plenty of these  
    IM A MAN  
    Thats nasty  
    i want a deathmatch  
    My wife would have a really good job  
    Did she marry a horse?  
    $100 is to much  
    Peace and quiet  
    Alaska is cool, litterally  
    Calls are more reliable  
    Oh the pranks  
    That face though  
    Have good thoughts  
    Im 12  
    Games are interactive movies  
    I'd buy what I really want  
    I could educate myself  
    I cat is bad enough  
    If my friends hate HIM, then i'm gay  
    What's the difference  
    Whos natalie  
    A law of no laws  
    Longer weekends  
    I am a kid  
    If it were those stupid aliens from signs  
    I use none  
    Only if I had the dirt bike  
    No shyscrapers ever  
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