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Would you rather have the feeling of......(for the rest of your life) having something in your eye or having your nails cut too short 2 years ago 49 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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neither 2 years ago  
two angels 2 years ago  
already seen what would happen without 9/11 2 years ago  
idk 2 years ago  
god is real 2 years ago +1
hey 2 years ago  
America 2 years ago  
what about chillax? 2 years ago  
misquitos 2 years ago +2
the 9/11 towers 2 years ago  
yogurt 2 years ago  
neither 2 years ago +1
games, my family, my siblings, what my parents do to take care of me, my toys, life, and electronics 2 years ago +1
2016 2 years ago  
Curse 2 years ago  
misclick 2 years ago  
misclick 2 years ago  
same 2 years ago  
racist 2 years ago  
never heard of B 2 years ago  
well....sort of tbh 2 years ago  
yes 2 years ago  
used to 2 years ago  
i used my username for all of the sites i have logged into 2 years ago  
sneezing 2 years ago  
tough 2 years ago  
same 2 years ago  
I hate that i dont have anyone to spend the rest of my life with :'( 2 years ago  
:'( 2 years ago  
i would call the cops 2 years ago  
ALL OF YA'LL *points to everyone in the crowd* CAN GO FVCK YOURSELVES! 2 years ago  
FNAF 2 years ago  
FNAD\F 2 years ago  
never seen it but it looks cool 2 years ago  
That is not fun 2 years ago  
Do you even read the Bible? 2 years ago  
i am Asian soooo...... 2 years ago  
pizza 2 years ago +1
Both Fake 2 years ago +1
Knowledge and intelligence is the same thing 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago +1
Blockbuster is out of business here 2 years ago  
GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago +2
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