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    Except for Yahoo answers  
    = (  
    I think God was the big bang  
    You don't know that  
    I have not experience with either of them so Imma pick the better looking one  
    Shoot, meant to pick gamecube  
    Apple sucked after Steve Jobs died  
    But the votes are 50/50  
    Only for Yahoo Answers  
    PC-fags... like me  
    That makes no sense.  
    Apple sucked after Steve Jobs died... = (  
    Religion is fine, but the religious fanatics are the problem  
    Luxury tent? Best of both worlds I guess...  
    Why did you put the same comment twice??  
    Why did you put the same comment twice??  
    You can use data to access the internet because... am I wrong?  
    They need to not keep the same questions on the front page.  
    They both still taste good  
    Do you mean Marmite guy? +4
    Kek'ed so hard  
    That's kind of not possible so...  
    I'm not gay!  
    Some people pee and don't even know it  
    Gummy cockroaches?? No?  
    That Snape face tho  
    I'm bald and I don't have hair  
    You can change your name  
    I'm so sorry mom +1
    That's happened before...  
    An angstrom sized baseball  
    My own dip spit.... Ooh tobacco!  
    COVERED razor blades!  
    This is how you make someone cringe.... Eugh!  
    WTF is toe cheese??  
    Sperm filled Twinkie is a delicacy in Antartica  
    It took a long time but I can already do that... So...  
    Boobs and a dick. Good combo...  
    You know, just thinking about this makes me uncomfortable  
    That depends on how much pubes in the sandwich or how much vomit is in the milkshake  
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