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There are two types of people - those who like anime and those who haven't tried watching it. 4 years ago +1
No. 5 years ago  
Oh, the irony... 5 years ago +2
I chose B. 5 years ago +1
Find out they don't exist?I already know that... 5 years ago  
Most famous youtubers are annoying douchebags... 5 years ago  
Deidara you would blow everything up lol 5 years ago +2
Video game testing isn't the way you think it is. And as a developer you make 5-6 figure salary. 5 years ago  
This site has existed without it before? I would've quit if there was no such feature...having to answer questions again and again. I don't understand you 33%. 5 years ago  
Rasengan is more powerful? You know you have to actually hit something with it, right? Yes, some versions can be thrown but it's still easy to dodge. Chidori Current - close-mid range AoE, Senbon - difficult to dodge, weapons can also be charged, Sharp Spear - mid-long range precise strike, Transmission - all-cutting technique, Thunder - precise long range AoE, Kirin - theoretically undodgeable guided one shot one kill strike.You don't need to be close to your opponent and all of these are also faster moving than their rasengan equivalents(e.g., sharp spear appears instantly and Kirin reaches its target in less than a second) Also when Naruto and Sasuke fought at the Valley of the End chidori won when clashed directly with a rasengan. Please tell me again how rasengan is better.... 5 years ago  
AFAIK "Bieber" isn't a type of music. The only thing that might be considered worse that dubstep is dubstep. 5 years ago  
If you flip the switch you'll be responsible for killing the 1 person and if you do nothing you will have nothing to do with the case. I couldn't care less about 5 people, the world is overpopulated anyway and I don't want to bother with lawsuits... 5 years ago +1
After giving birth women sometimes might say "Let's have another child!" but have you heard a guy, after getting kicked in the nuts, say "Let's do it again!"? 5 years ago +1
I'd rather use piratebay. Yarr! 5 years ago  
Both are disgusting... 5 years ago  
I hope all of you who chose Sherlock Holmes know that Capt. Jack Sparrow has a compass that points to the thing he wants to find... 5 years ago +3
Trick question! It depends on the script. 5 years ago  
The joke's on you I don't use any social media. 5 years ago +1
Never played survival, never will. Creative FTW 5 years ago  
Electricity is considered "the cold blooded fire bending" and only the most proficient fire benders could use. 5 years ago  
Assuming it's 8 hours per day, I'd work 40 hours and have 5 days off. Perfect! 5 years ago  
Damn, didn't read the "being master" part an I was like - "It's more likely to kill myself with the first one" 5 years ago +1
Forever alone with a fake facebook profile(made for games) here...couldn't care less. 5 years ago +1
WTF 41%? You learn this in 1st grade and even if you didn't remember it doing it your way makes the existence of brackets pointless which leads to the other answer. I don't many retarded people... 5 years ago  
Drug cartel members would probably shoot you, but the russian mafia would do much more gruesome things. You can read in details on some deep web pages. 5 years ago +1
12% retards and facebook b*tches... 5 years ago  
Eggs were laid by reptiles, which came before the chicken, which means the egg was first. 5 years ago +2
You read "Don Vito Corleone" in his voice, didn't you? 5 years ago  
"...(it'll bring you an unfair advantage) and you decided not to take that opportunity..." This is where you're wrong. I'd do anything to get an advantage.No matter if it's fair or not. 5 years ago +3
The idea is to choose for yourself, not follow other people's opinion... 5 years ago +11
WTF I thought it was just a saying. Seriously, how is that even possible?! 5 years ago  
I hope you know that Amaterasu is also a type of fire release(it's said "All types of fire release" so it should be included). It requires Mangekyo Sharingan so you will have this too, obviously. Let alone the other benefits that come afterwards ( probably Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, Kamui, etc.). Good luck, shadow clone users. 5 years ago  
1 pound is equal to about 1,6 dollars so basically you were offered 1 million and 1,6 million dollars and you took the 1 million. Congratulation! 5 years ago +2
My life>>>no matter how many lives 5 years ago  
what's with all these barn comments, wtf? 5 years ago  
I can be a perfect lawyer which will probably get me far in life. 5 years ago +5
Come on 66%!? I'm willing to argue here. 5 years ago  
Annoying orange isn't just annoying, it's retarded. 5 years ago +1
I find most models unattractive anyway... 5 years ago  
Jb because i'll beat, torture and kill her... 5 years ago +1
They lost me at the wow part... 5 years ago  
It really depends on the script lol 5 years ago  
watch Srpski Film lol 5 years ago  
The speed perk makes you invincible. Nuff said. 5 years ago +1
So you're saying Bill Gates can't afford it? 5 years ago +4
SUBWAY is healthy. 5 years ago +1
I thought this was a "Biggest difference in votes" question attempt... WTF 53%?! 5 years ago +2
If you voted yes, you think there's something that can not be achieved. Everything is possible. 5 years ago  
Think about how many times you touch your computer? It says nothing about touching your mouse or keyboard. Just have someone turn it on/off and you're set. 5 years ago  
Sushi is disgusting anyway. Never understood why people like this s#!t so much...blah... 5 years ago  
I saw this question like 2 days ago... 5 years ago +1
I Am Legend gets me down, especially the dog's death ;( 5 years ago +2
So then why when Sasuke and Naruto fought and collided Chidori and Rasengan Sasuke won? Yes, he had the curse mark, but Naruto had the Kyuubi's cloak which evens the situation. P.S.: Chidori Current and Sharp Spear seem pretty versatile to me. 5 years ago  
I'm a wingtsun expert. 5 years ago  
The red skull looks so fake :/ 5 years ago  
I have a PC. 5 years ago  
if(a="Yes" || b="Yes") the answer is Yes so... 5 years ago  
Mathematically the odds are good, but you never know ... 5 years ago  
I love only myself so... 5 years ago  
Like a give a sh*t about facebook.... I don't even have a profile there... 5 years ago  
coffee is disgusting ... 5 years ago +1
Scarlett Johansson is overrated... 5 years ago  
One word - hypothermia. 5 years ago  
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