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Would you rather Inhale a purple platypus, and then pray for our lord and survier, Jesus Crust, as Mr. T's pet unicorn comes through your roof and shanks your carpets until your ears bleed or Not 4 years ago 118 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you think... Fennel tastes like it smells or Smell like it tastes 4 years ago 178 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you like the song: Come on Eileen? HELL YASSS! or Hahahahha No 4 years ago 90 votes 12 comments 0 likes
What would be worse to have while stuck in a storm Nephophobia (fear of clouds) or Ombrophobia (Fear of rain) 4 years ago 169 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Witty I think I found your next profile pic Umm, ok or How about, NO 4 years ago 173 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Should guests be forced to make accounts to ask questions Yes, guests should stop being lazy and make accounts or No, I dont care who's asking the questions 4 years ago 184 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Better plot twist Victoria had no secrets or Morgan freeman was white 4 years ago 180 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What annoys you more in horror movies When someone sees that their friends were recently killed, then they walk down a dark hallway to investigate a noise or when someone just got chased by the killer and now the killer is gone, so their friends ask them if they're ok, and they say "yes" instead of telling them wtf just happened 4 years ago 144 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you have any tips to help get rid of anxiety/panick attacks? Yeah sure. (Comment) or No not really. 4 years ago 121 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a diet of fruit skins/peels for 2 years or Have to listen to Justin Beiber Music for 2 years straight 4 years ago 152 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Better Journey song? Don't Stop Believin' or Wheel In The Sky 4 years ago 122 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which unicorn pic is better Ninja cat with desert eagles + nyan cat + Mario + MC or Batman + Unicorn. 'Nuff said 4 years ago 156 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Narfle the Garthok to "Tainted Love" with a golf club (10% chance of survival) or Run away from lava to "Highway to Hell" in a wheelchair (2% chance of survival) 4 years ago 128 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do you like my (unfinished) drawing of a dogicorn? Yeah i guess or Hell no, thats ugly 4 years ago 161 votes 19 comments 0 likes
What is your OCD level? 0-10 or OVER 9000!!! 4 years ago 159 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which one is better This bad asspetting a kitten or This badass petting a puppy 4 years ago 146 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Your walking to buy lunch and you have a dollar. Where your going you can afford pretty much anything, but a homeless man asks you for a dollar. Would you give it to him? Yeah, i can eat later or No, im heartless, and hungry. 4 years ago 135 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which one is funnier Venustrophobia (fear of attractive women) or Pogonophobia (fear of beards) 4 years ago 139 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Better quote? Alright You Alien Assholes! In The Name OF My Generation, UP YOURS! or Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates. You Never Know What Your Gonna Get Next 4 years ago 114 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Do you like my profile picture, or should i change it? Meh, i guess unicorns are cool or No unicorns are gay, change it! 4 years ago 136 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather commentate/narate your life The announcer in Halo or Morgan Freeman 4 years ago 135 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Which one is funnier/would you rather have Consecotaleophobia (Fear of chopsticks) or Anthrophobia (fear of flowers) 4 years ago 151 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Whats more ironic People with lisps can't say the word lisp or Phobophobia (the fear of having a phobia) 4 years ago 115 votes 0 comments 0 likes
What do you think is more common in for people? Achluophobia (fear of the dark/unknown) or Acrophobia (fear of heights) 4 years ago 138 votes 9 comments 0 likes

Jellybrains has posted the following comments:

Lady on the right reminds me of olive from popeye 4 years ago  
Wut 4 years ago  
Hmmm true 4 years ago  
1 handful per minute, about 150 per handful 4 years ago  
Mostly because of False alarms that Godzilla is attacking 4 years ago  
Wouldn't that just mean that a lense got removed? 4 years ago  
Thought it said watch 4 years ago  
Red Eagle 4 years ago  
My worst nightmare is B 4 years ago +5
This is a great song 4 years ago  
Omg ikr! It's a spicy (filled with spices) 4 years ago +1
Name's jellobrains 4 years ago  
Grab a stick/snake, Indiana Jones style 4 years ago +1
Just my foot gets hit 4 years ago  
Nice 100% attempt 4 years ago +1
I think abortion is ok if they got raped/forced to make a baby they don't want 4 years ago +3
And the proclamers 4 years ago  
Love this song 4 years ago  
Do I get the billion? 4 years ago +1
B is secretly a porno 4 years ago  
Loved both of these 4 years ago  
No, only Half Life 2 Chapter 2 Part 2 4 years ago  
Today, for no reason 4 years ago  
It's a derpy way of saying "Savior" 4 years ago +1
Always 2 4 years ago  
Pizza 4 years ago  
Oh yeah, I owe you for that 4 years ago  
You had Nicholas Cage at love 4 years ago  
A is completely true 4 years ago +2
Ughh wtf 4 years ago  
Hey yo, I heard you like water! So I put water in your water! 4 years ago +2
Already do 4 years ago  
Dawww, get a room you two ;) 4 years ago  
American, jedi 4 years ago  
Gliffhanger on earl 4 years ago  
The "prove you are human" NEVER works 4 years ago +1
Uggg, watching a would hurt me physically and mentally 4 years ago  
Wtf is all that can explain it 4 years ago  
Jk, i'd say something stupid and embarrassing then jump off a cliff 4 years ago  
Fugger right in the p-ssy 4 years ago  
There Are* 4 years ago  
Someone tell me ilovefreedom is better than me 4 years ago  
Yesss 4 years ago  
Jesus, F~cking what!? 4 years ago +3
"The 100 foot jouney" told me this was good 4 years ago  
Take land, kill everyone 4 years ago +1
Thanks man :D 4 years ago  
Im popular enough to be hated by one person 4 years ago +3
People make fun of my last name 4 years ago  
As an animal, can I talk to other animals? 4 years ago +1
Really? Thought that would be a loophole 4 years ago +1
Already happening 4 years ago  
Yeah, and all 6 of my twins will be there to join us 4 years ago  
I'd marry rrrather itself 4 years ago +1
Wut 4 years ago  
Not a girl btw, but if I was forced to date any guy, it would prob be him XD 4 years ago  
*dunks on Kobe* 4 years ago  
Me too 4 years ago +3
B means A 4 years ago  
Didn't read it and thought storm was an anime character 4 years ago  
But I dont care 4 years ago  
You F•ck 4 years ago  
Get famus, then smash 4 years ago +1
ERMERGERDEN 4 years ago +1
Ermergerd yuss this is awesome 4 years ago +1
Ebola has been around for years and hasn't progressed at all, so we may as well just leave it alone for now 4 years ago +2
Stop everything you are doing, and go watch it 4 years ago  
Are you like a real-life version of agent Carolina? XD 4 years ago  
I'd LET them have their phones out 4 years ago  
I guess im not popular enough to be hated ;D 4 years ago  
Exactly 4 years ago  
Just be a normal MF and the someone will bother to look at your damn profile 4 years ago  
Digested by fire 4 years ago  
B is A 4 years ago +7
Walking on tangled ice 4 years ago  
It's so bad it's good 4 years ago  
Incredibles 2?¿? 4 years ago  
Omg yuss. He's funny as hell, he breaks the fourth wall, and looks good while doing it 4 years ago  
Deadpool 4 years ago  
Both in my opinion. But if you mean more awesome, then A 4 years ago  
Book ruins the movie 4 years ago +1
Spirited away scared the balls out of me when I was 5, mostly because of the pig-parents 4 years ago  
Dildo saggins 4 years ago  
I could make hell be more of a heaven 4 years ago  
Win win 4 years ago  
Hahahahah, what girlfriend? 4 years ago  
English please 4 years ago +2
Deadpool 4 years ago +1
Where would I sh't out of? 4 years ago +1
Just die 4 years ago +1
Lightly 4 years ago +2
All the wrong people are saying all the wrong lines, and the plot is stupid 4 years ago  
10000 days later- 4 years ago  
Defineatly vin diesel XD 4 years ago  
Unless ilovefreedom dies 4 years ago +1
The half time show this year was F-ing cray cray 4 years ago +2
Or any Studio Ghibli movie 4 years ago  
11/10 on originallity, also, this isnt that bad of a hell 4 years ago +3
If I liked them and knew them enough 4 years ago  
Skyrim was to bring back the Elder Scrolls Series, now it's time to bring back the Fallout series 4 years ago +1
It's because eevee is so boring, so they made multiple models 4 years ago  
I knew dendelions were edible 4 years ago +1
A looks like food-porn 4 years ago +2
I say "die in a hole", then point at you 4 years ago  
Perfect XD 4 years ago  
Sad Up 4 years ago  
No, just no 4 years ago  
Die 4 years ago  
Die 4 years ago  
I friggin loved that movie 4 years ago +1
My comments dont get likes 4 years ago +1
Soooomeeooooooone shooooooooooott meeeeee nooooooooooow! 4 years ago  
How about, just die 4 years ago +2
Ill buy something that is going to get me a few pennies in return 4 years ago  
Its not like I dont do this already 4 years ago  
Splash 4 years ago  
Mochi is pretty good 4 years ago  
I found a ton of stuff in my wall that belonged to a little girl around the 1900s. It scared the shiz out of me, but I still think it's pretty cool 4 years ago  
All the emos would come out to rome the streets, once more 4 years ago  
Sugary bagel 4 years ago  
Nazis killed the people that they feel didn't deserve to live. ISIS is a terrorist group that kills random people 4 years ago +3
Uniwhale, 'nuff said 4 years ago +2
I'd rather gangster unicorn 4 years ago  
Totally me :D *gets shot multiple times by DP and Witty* 4 years ago  
I agree 4 years ago  
Cave Johnson 4 years ago  
To some people, this is a dating site 4 years ago +3
Deadpool 4 years ago  
No, unless people really love Nintendo, and PS characters 4 years ago  
Art 4 years ago  
A can be useful 4 years ago  
B can kill you 4 years ago  
Missclick 4 years ago  
She's more willing to have sex 4 years ago  
Their power would be to sit in an invincible plastic bubble and annoy the hell out of everyone 4 years ago +1
Get over here! 4 years ago  
A is totaly the "adult" version of B 4 years ago +1
Has no lyrics 4 years ago  
No, guests don't speek english 4 years ago  
Clouds are what make sunsets pretty though 4 years ago  
Everyone hates my favorite song :( 4 years ago  
Have super speed or the force? Hmmm 4 years ago  
Horse 4 years ago  
The damn bunny tho 4 years ago +1
Modern Family Guy 4 years ago  
Isn't this the lady from Matilda? 4 years ago +1
Cant wait for halo5. Kinda pissed they made it an ADS game though 4 years ago  
I'd say COD, just because it's more multiplayer based anyway, but Halo is more focused on the campaign 4 years ago  
Small portions 4 years ago  
A is trolling in a way 4 years ago  
10,000,000 what? 4 years ago +3
How about 1 is enough 4 years ago +3
There's this thing called school that you might want to try out 4 years ago +2
He's dead, right? 4 years ago  
A makes B 4 years ago  
Let's see, who is old and has cancer 4 years ago  
I just... Just, can't. To that 28%, just... Wow 4 years ago  
It's that bad 4 years ago  
Dammit space core! How did you get out again!? 4 years ago  
Missclicked. But anyway... When life gives you lemons, you dont make lemonade. You make life TAKE BACK those lemons. GET MAD! DEMAND TO SEE LIFE'S MANAGER! Make life rue the day it thought it could give cave johnson lemons! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM THE MAN WHO IS GOING TO BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN, WITH THOSE LEMONS! Im gonna get my engineers to make combustable lemons, to BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! -Cave Johnson, we're done here 4 years ago +1
NO ONE ASKED YOU 4 years ago  
Both of these are me 4 years ago  
Exactly why you should've picked B, cause you don't even know the power you can harness in skyrim 4 years ago  
You sir, have no soul XD 4 years ago  
A pitbull bit me and pulled me off my bike on christmas eve a few years ago 4 years ago  
But you can cause chaos in Skyrim too. are you able to summon dragons to eat people, or blow people up with fireballs in Gta? Hahahaha NO 4 years ago  
Oh trust me, i love clouds and rain, i just mean: what would be worse to have in this situation 4 years ago  
400,000,000 links with fans 4 years ago  
Bungie jump 4 years ago  
You wanna have an ugly-off!? Cause I'll win! Bruh 4 years ago +1
I use B as a joke a lot 4 years ago +1
I saw most of Boyhood and it was a good movie 4 years ago  
B sounds fun 4 years ago  
Internet, yes. Food, yes. Sleep, no. 4 years ago  
My friend is gay and christian so he believes he is posessed 4 years ago  
Usually the tips are just fat 4 years ago  
Batnips and batass 4 years ago  
If you picked A, im going to rip out your... Oh wait, you don't have a soul 4 years ago +1
Though I prefer Console gaming 4 years ago  
Same 4 years ago  
I didn't notice it at first, so then I looked at it and I cracked up 4 years ago +3
Ohh wait, To all fallout fans, im gonna pick A 4 years ago +1
Alex is probably the 1 tie so-far 4 years ago  
If us men can concentrate hard enough, we can harness the power to shoot lazers out of them 4 years ago +5
Makes us want Halo 5 more so we can see what happens. Plus, she can be fixed, but only by Halsie 4 years ago +1
Anybody else in humboldt county will know that our local pizza places are 100x better 4 years ago  
It's only fun when you've got no idea what your doing 4 years ago  
BB gun 4 years ago  
Anywhere from 5-8 4 years ago  
A 4 atmost 4 years ago  
-40 unless I know them, or are friends with them 4 years ago  
Ughh Probably, The Perks of Being a Wallflower 4 years ago  
Seems legit 4 years ago +2
Add a few zeros to that and ya have my dancing skills 4 years ago  
What!? JELLYBEAN!? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!? 4 years ago  
SoniSIS 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
The unbrella would catch them, then i would have knifes 4 years ago  
Shotgun and a mechette, vs automatic and knife? I wonder what i should pick **Cough cough A! Cough Cough** 4 years ago  
Apperently, your in america 4 years ago +1
2 is overall my favorite of the Halo franchise 4 years ago  
Not a super soldier, a spartan (10x better) 4 years ago +1
I dont mind B 4 years ago  
I read t as dickpunch 4 years ago +4
I'm going to be honest (I think Jim Carrie is better than both of them 4 years ago  
You never get to really know the main character of gta3. They never have much of a backstory and he's really quiet 4 years ago  
Thought A was false so i picked B, damn i get confused easily 4 years ago +1
If were talking about halo4, shotgun and a sniper, halo1 magnum and needler, halo 2 dual mag and sniper. Gee i love halo 4 years ago +1
He was much better back then 4 years ago  
GG is marvel 4 years ago  
Teleport through time! 4 years ago  
I've been playing it way too much, but its defineatly not my favorite game 4 years ago +2
B kinda looks like someone from Princess Mononoki 4 years ago  
Golden pencil 4 years ago  
:) Smily Face Chain 4 years ago  
As a joke 4 years ago  
Backside 4 years ago  
The money is floating above the sink 4 years ago  
I never wished for that until now 4 years ago  
Ive lost faith in humanity 4 years ago +2
Stop with the damn Alucard questions! 4 years ago +3
Thats what i say about half the characters 4 years ago +1
Miss sarge :( 4 years ago  
Thought B was saying yes to gay 4 years ago +6
Say yes and prank them by pretending to be someone else 4 years ago  
Edgar's books were weird as hell 4 years ago  
Que Barbara 4 years ago  
Clicked this one trying to scroll down, meant for B 4 years ago  
Any other unicorns out there? 4 years ago  
No need for a backpack anymore 4 years ago  
Oh wait, there's a quiz? I just know because I went to a doctor 4 years ago  
B wont work 4 years ago  
*LINK*!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +3
$20 probably wont help 4 years ago +2
Same 4 years ago +1
B possitive, hah 4 years ago  
185 4 years ago  
True 4 years ago  
Brown is most common 4 years ago  
Cause thats my eye color 4 years ago  
Thought it said hips 4 years ago  
Have it 4 years ago  
So many loopholes XD 4 years ago +1
Happens too much so I've gotten used to it, doesn't bother me 4 years ago  
I thought B was a regular pen, nvm I choose A 4 years ago  
The kind of question for trolls 4 years ago  
It spits acid at you 4 years ago +1
Free Massages 4 years ago  
I thought you didn't like the newer songs XP 4 years ago  
I saw like 4 episodes 4 years ago  
Loved this show 4 years ago  
Use B to kill A 4 years ago  
*gives to weeping women 4 years ago  
They're both tails 4 years ago +1
It will change 4 years ago  
Yeah, not happening 4 years ago  
Eww justin beiber 4 years ago  
I bet you its gonna happen XD 4 years ago +1
Witty 4 years ago  
Pls be me 4 years ago  
Im gonna say Otaku 4 years ago  
BN ruins the GN 4 years ago  
Best halloween costume ever 4 years ago  
Invincible 4 years ago  
Hopefully me 4 years ago  
Both teleportation devices from valve games 4 years ago  
Youngest is probably superkidny 4 years ago +1
Nominate Crazy for craziest yser. And me for most retarded user 4 years ago  
The spinnoff of Doctor who (torchwood) was weird. EVERYONE kissed eachother casually, even da guys 4 years ago  
Thought B was Darth Vader before I checked 4 years ago +3
B is A. Also im not much of a person to get mad, so I usually laugh with trolls instead of raging 4 years ago +5
No, just no 4 years ago  
Im a fùcking unicorn bìtches 4 years ago  
I love this song 4 years ago +1
My favorite is man in the mirror 4 years ago  
I've always wanted hobbes as my best friend 4 years ago +2
Going to space is like 40% chance of death. If ANYTHING goes wrong, you're fùcked 4 years ago +3
If they hadn't laughed I would care, but when they laugh, that indicates its a taunt 4 years ago +1
If its a friend, no 4 years ago  
I nominate witty for species.of the year 4 years ago +1
And here I thought I was crazy 4 years ago  
*sees killer behind friend* Friend: whats wrong? Person: oh it must have been the wind, derp 4 years ago +4
You both act differently 4 years ago +1
No 42 is the answer to life 4 years ago  
A is double negative 4 years ago  
Same with me, mostly because they aren't everyday 4 years ago +1
If it was pizza that could talk, i'd make it my friend 4 years ago +2
42 4 years ago +1
Ive always wanted elf ears 4 years ago  
An then she shoots rockets at you XD 4 years ago  
More honorable 4 years ago  
B would effect A more (in a good way) for me 4 years ago +1
Red Dead made me almost cry 4 years ago  
Less to have to show off 4 years ago  
42 4 years ago  
Never really 4 years ago  
MC (a.k.a. Master Cheif ) 4 years ago  
Basicly me 4 years ago  
Wtf 4 years ago +1
Meta deserved to die 4 years ago  
Bye bye ISIS 4 years ago +1
More developed powers 4 years ago  
Ugh come on people, its not captain america without AMERICA 4 years ago  
How about America 4 years ago  
Can I be the unsuspected psycho killer 4 years ago +2
Doesnt break as easily 4 years ago  
They would tell me 4 years ago  
I wouldnt have very many friends, that why I act like myself, but I change myself a little 4 years ago  
I thought it said who would you rather fight 4 years ago  
Mayonaise is made with eggs 4 years ago  
I guess my street name would be JellyBrains 4 years ago  
50s through 90s were the best 4 years ago +6
I have a few 4 years ago  
Home alone taught us that Turantulas are hard to find 4 years ago +2
Do one with me (just guess what I do) 4 years ago  
My creativity can be a little freaky sometimes, so prepare for a disaster 4 years ago  
Your heart has nothing to do with sperm growth 4 years ago +3
Same 4 years ago  
Id say more like 20 days 4 years ago  
Haha thats so true XD 4 years ago  
Your drawing in,A is better than I could do, when I try drawing hands they look really stupid 4 years ago  
I hate myself for actually liking it when I watched it 4 years ago  
I must have bean tired when i wrote that, it makes me sound drunk 4 years ago  
Jesus? Is that you? 4 years ago +2
* eats pizza, gains muscles 4 years ago +1
* bats that carried bombs 4 years ago  
Dammit i keep picking which one i think is true 4 years ago  
I picked which one i thought was true 4 years ago  
Both are very true 4 years ago  
No, just because Peter is on our mind when we think of men lactating now 4 years ago  
Hahaha No 4 years ago  
Skyrim/fallout all the way 4 years ago  
A would be epic 4 years ago  
You need to fix your caps-lock 4 years ago +8
For me it had a 50% chance to instakill 4 years ago  
B had horrible damage when i got it, plus i dont like2 handed swords 4 years ago  
B isnt as usefull as A 4 years ago  
Atleas you dont have to gave blood come outta you 3-5 days a every month 4 years ago +1
Seriously 4 years ago  
Sun, just wtf 4 years ago +2
I thought it said earn 500,000 every 2 weeks 4 years ago  
Really? How old are you 4 years ago  
1 word, snow 4 years ago  
Amiright 4 years ago  
Oh america, not realizing other people spell some words with a U 4 years ago +1
That is still poisonus as F-ck 4 years ago  
But A is closer to a square 4 years ago +2
I can tell, considering you dont know skyrim is an Elder Scroll Game 4 years ago +1
Its annoying, especially when someone thinks its a damn dating site 4 years ago +1
You really love anime, don't you? 4 years ago  
Ugh pink hair 4 years ago +3
Not to be rude, but get used to it, it happens to people all the time 4 years ago  
All the time 4 years ago +1
No, B would send you to an insane asylum 4 years ago  
Same 4 years ago  
Give it to the police, they'll pay you then they'll get rid of it 4 years ago  
Make a salad outa them, also 50% of it has to be the peels 4 years ago  
A wouldn't kill you, peels an skins are edible, they just taste bad 4 years ago  
You can flex to get a sixer, but not so much for calves 4 years ago  
You're* 4 years ago  
Pretty much invincible and can morph 4 years ago +1
Ray eveyday 4 years ago  
Haha thats awesome 4 years ago  
Better accents 4 years ago +1
Could be A 4 years ago  
I like the colors of A, but the scenery of B 4 years ago  
Both portals had great Ending Songs 4 years ago +2
Make the sound of S then say X 4 years ago +1
You've gotten the closest to winning in a while 4 years ago  
I challenge myself, so then i'll have a chance 4 years ago  
Irl or ingame, cause if its ingame then B 4 years ago  
I don't want to live another life 4 years ago +1
Teeheeheee not for me atleast 4 years ago +2
No, WE are Grooooot 4 years ago +1
Its Jack something 4 years ago  
Soup has other stuff in it, and is boiled 4 years ago +2
A= LA Noire. B= Red Dead Redemtion 4 years ago +1
Damn they're both great. I miss the old halo soundtrack 4 years ago  
Railgun and Beam Rifle(halo), Dwarven Blackbow of Fate(skyrim), portal/gravity gun, smash ball (smash bros brawl), lightsaber, pokemon, and more 4 years ago  
Do more of these 4 years ago  
INFJ, plus i love how im 18% introvert 4 years ago  
Its funny how in the stats, most of the people that said yes were guys 4 years ago +5
Lol he asked this yesterday before he got an account, and its still a Nope 4 years ago +3
Im more like dan, i constantly do things that are stupid, i hate myself, and im socially akward so i rely on my phone to keep me satisfied 4 years ago  
Friggin racist 4 years ago  
Take that 3%ers 4 years ago +1
I didn't realize A said Europe 4 years ago  
XD you voted against yourself? 4 years ago  
Thanks 4 years ago  
But its not a Unicorn, its a dogicorn 4 years ago  
Its a highway, so there probably isn't much of a slope, and if there is, its not enought to help you 4 years ago  
In a wheel chair, your basicly the same as lava, you go fast downhill, and dont go uphills. Also its 4 years ago  
Its ilovefreedom, what else are you expecting 4 years ago  
Option C, Get rid of the damn wheelchair, problem solved 4 years ago +2
"How old are you?" "946" 4 years ago +1
Both are awesome 4 years ago  
Its because they forget to bend their damn knees 4 years ago  
If you put me in one, it might be the first 100-0 ever (me being the 0) 4 years ago  
B is harder to get, but Konahrik is better AR-wise and its effects 4 years ago  
I dont have a girlfriend XD meant to pick A 4 years ago  
Also his stare 4 years ago  
More Earthy 4 years ago  
*grows 1 foot taller than you. Hahahaha im taller 4 years ago  
I could find out mcDonald's secret ingredient 4 years ago  
Its better if i cant understand it 4 years ago  
I tried drawing a unicorn, but the head looked more like a dog, so i just made it a dogicorn 4 years ago  
*grows 100 feet tall* TAKE THIS MATH!!! 4 years ago +3
I usually bully younger bullys 4 years ago  
It SMASHES Call of Duty 4 years ago  
XD guests thinking this is a dating site 4 years ago +6
My dad is a great bartender, also they get more respect and money 4 years ago +1
Though the wilhelm is more iconic 4 years ago  
Ok wut 4 years ago  
Procent? XD 4 years ago  
Exactly 4 years ago  
What bugs me more than wearing socks for a while, is people spelling off with only one F 4 years ago +1
Toaster oven, dishes quicker 4 years ago  
He's funny as hell 4 years ago  
Looks like a Khajiit 4 years ago +2
Incredibles has a horrible clif-hanger 4 years ago +1
I'll be honest, i actually like MU a lot 4 years ago +2
2-3 years 4 years ago  
Very vulnerable, but more luxerious 4 years ago  
How about we make gta 5 an exception because thats the only reason people pick no 4 years ago  
Tamriel 4 years ago +1
I've practicaly given up on getting a girlfriend because they all say no 4 years ago  
First of all, wut. Second, im sorry to those who love her, but some of the parts were funny AF 4 years ago +2
That white stuff surrounding the 'yes' in A is what Miley Cirus' lyrics remind me of 4 years ago +3
People dont mind other people asking questions as long as they aren't totaly pointless and dumb 4 years ago +1
I play it on xbox every once in a while 4 years ago  
When i think of russia, ithnk of the word yolo 4 years ago  
My homework is mostly online, sooo 4 years ago  
The halo ring basicly mimmics earth and is waaaay bigger 4 years ago +2
And a deadly hat 4 years ago  
A isn't suprising because, well Batman 4 years ago +2
Ikr thats the worst 4 years ago  
people dare me to do things 4 years ago  
Sunday 4 years ago +1
I just betrayed my kind 4 years ago  
Already legal, just as long as you dont use them as a drug 4 years ago +2
With ted talks you can easily just make up your script 4 years ago  
80% of my math homework is online 4 years ago  
He has more gadgets 4 years ago  
So either batman or a super hero 4 years ago +2
Thats what option C is for, dummy 4 years ago  
Em urgh afff grammar, killing, me 4 years ago  
Theyre all the same stupid jokes 4 years ago +1
Gets divorced 10 seconds later 4 years ago  
I thought it said features, so B 4 years ago  
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