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Would you rather everytime you die regenerate - have your appearance change completely (you can end up as a baby or as your opposite gender) or Immediately come back to life 6 years ago 235 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you think that peace in the middle east is something that can happen ? Yes or No 6 years ago 402 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Who do you like more with The Doctor (Romantically) ? Rose Tyler or River Song 6 years ago 143 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you know "The Doctor" ? Yes ! or No 6 years ago 257 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which goodbye scene was more heartbreaking ? Rose Tyler's or Donna Noble's 6 years ago 167 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who you like the most ? Rose Tyler or Martha Jones 6 years ago 168 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Sherlock or Doctor who 6 years ago 307 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you think that Rose should be with The Doctor [romantically] ? Yes ! or No 6 years ago 176 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who is better doctor ? nine or ten 6 years ago 180 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which show is better ? Doctor who or supernatural 6 years ago 216 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you watch a real show like 'The hunger games' ? [ the competitors would be there from choice ] Yes or No 6 years ago 320 votes 14 comments 0 likes
If you / your mate couldn't have kids, would you rather Adopt or Live without children 6 years ago 161,033 votes 918 comments 1 like
Would you rather be Attracted to every person [Males , females , children's, old people and Etc ] or Not attracted to anybody. [Never love anyone romantically and never get married and Etc. ] 6 years ago 1,143 votes 15 comments 0 likes

JmMoriarty has posted the following comments:

More time for me to think how to kill him again. 5 years ago +1
it causes awful body image 5 years ago +1
We're up all night to get loki 5 years ago +2
Going through all this crap again? no way 5 years ago +2
Well, it my native language, but it's extremely hard to learn if it's not. so many stupid rules. 5 years ago  
David was just outstanding. He will always be my doctor. 5 years ago +1
Thank you for discussing my existence. 5 years ago  
Both quite useless 5 years ago +4
A man in a suit or a man who looks like a serial killer.. I particularly find it hard to choose. 5 years ago +4
My favorite band 5 years ago +1
I mean the doctordonna, from season 4's finale 5 years ago  
My father was the one that told me . I thought he was kidding at first. > 5 years ago  
My dream when I was little girl was to marry Aladdin. 5 years ago  
Hate cannibalism, love the show 5 years ago +1
rose, the doctor and doctordonna? idk, the only thing that come to my mind right now. 5 years ago  
They're so handsome 5 years ago  
She was in one episode in season 4, 'the doctor's daughter' 6 years ago  
and they have a daughter ! 6 years ago +1
only because of jack. He was my favorite in doctor who 6 years ago  
Just because that later the question transformed to the home page. 6 years ago  
hot girls will be hot no matter what they'll wear, it doesn't mean that all scene or emo girls are hot, it just mean that those specific girls are hot. 6 years ago +8
I think it's wrong, but it's not really hurting anybody 6 years ago  
Been in Italy twice, never been in Spain 6 years ago  
I'm Jewish from Israel so yeah it's kind of impossible not to 6 years ago  
I don't really mind, to be honest 6 years ago  
THOR 6 years ago +2
Exactly what I'm doing right now 6 years ago  
Well, yeah, in both cases you can die eventually. 6 years ago  
Hard one. 6 years ago +5
Math, English 6 years ago  
Normal animals don't murder for fun, don't slave each other or rape. People are the worse. 6 years ago  
David was the best in my opinion, tho I only seen the new series. 6 years ago  
Neither. 6 years ago +6
It really mean to crash someone's belief. 6 years ago  
I write fanfictions in my head 6 years ago +1
Been in Paris three times, never been in NY. 6 years ago  
Both are my top favorite shows, but doctor who is way better in my opinion. (tho I think there's something to do with that that sherlock has 6 episodes while dw has 7 seasons) 6 years ago  
I never watched the classic who, but the 4th looks adorable. 6 years ago  
it's like saying 'black people shouldn't adopt children because the kid will become black' 6 years ago +7
O Doctor! My Doctor 6 years ago  
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll go there someday :D 6 years ago  
Fall out boy, imagine dragons, panic! at the disco, the script. You know, not all modern musician are sh*t like justin or one direction. 6 years ago  
3 weeks in America. My first time *fangirling* but still I would be more time at home. 6 years ago  
It nothing that special 6 years ago +3
Is it from doctor who ? 6 years ago  
I feel uncomfortable around guys. 6 years ago  
We already seen a romantic plot between Neal and Emma, it's time for captain hottie. 6 years ago +2
He's so sassy 6 years ago +7
jfyk, telling a girl you like her without makeup doesn't make you look sweet or nice, it just make you look like an asshole for telling her what she should or should not put on her face. 6 years ago  
I don't know, Hogwarts is awesome but I don't like the idea of being murdered. That's some dangerous school. 6 years ago  
I love crying, it makes me feel better 6 years ago  
It's not about the money, no one cares about the the second place 6 years ago +2
Allons-y ! 6 years ago +1
Unless I can be Loki. 6 years ago  
I rather be fun and with a lot of friends rather be smart the depressed. (Thought I'm more like opinion B) 6 years ago +1
That's what they teach us in school. 6 years ago  
people think and act differently in every generation, we're develop, that's the human nature, like when not so long time ago women couldn't vote and white man and black woman couldn't get married. 6 years ago +1
Oops didn't read the question right, I love IM more but if i'll be his daughter I won't be able to sleep with him so you see my problem 6 years ago  
Mickey! 6 years ago  
Already am. thought it doesn't really matter for me (I'm as far from being religion as possible), it really only makes you depressed that everybody hate you and that humanity sucks. 6 years ago +1
I'll be insecure in every site on the Internet, people on the Internet are sarcastic assholes. 6 years ago +3
Doctor Who is a family show, so I don't mind it keeping that way. 6 years ago  
I rather paint with the colors of the wind ! 6 years ago  
I have one too 6 years ago  
In the exact way that you live in USA and you can be not religion. Only a few people in Israel are very religions and most of them live in Jerusalem, were I come from we don't have religion people at all. 6 years ago +2
I know that's not right, but everytime that I see very religious persons, I immediately assume they're stupid. 6 years ago +7
She's a badass. 6 years ago +4
The Master's death was sad, but for me, season 2 finale was the most heartbreaking moment in Doctor Who. Months later and I'm still not completely over it. 6 years ago +1
It doesn't make sense that we're the only living creatures in the universe. 6 years ago +5
SWAG really means secretly we are gay. 6 years ago +4
And I'm a female. 6 years ago +1
Trees can be assholes too. 6 years ago +7
The one that gets more money 6 years ago +1
124, but I could have got a little better, I've intentionally messed up in some of the tests. 6 years ago +1
I wish The Doctor was my great grandpa 6 years ago  
He doesn't psychopath or doing drugs, he's a high-functioning sociopath, do your research. 6 years ago  
Why is Sherlock on the 'doing drugs' part ? 6 years ago  
Tumblr has changed my life, I won't survive without it. 6 years ago +3
I've tried to watch spn but it scared the sh*t out of me, and GOT full with violent and porn, so I really don't know. I'll be scarred for life either way. 6 years ago  
I would be The Doctor's girlfriend, who need money when you have all the time and space ? 6 years ago  
In every place people says you have to watch out when you're out with provocative clothes, like it have something to do with that. It basically what you've said. 6 years ago +2
What the actual f*ck. How does rape in Israel can be different ? we don't have diffrent vaginas or something. And all those stuff I said I've read on an American explanation site. 6 years ago +2
That's a lie that society tells us. Rapists goes to women with long hair or loose shirt so they could pull them by their hair and shirt, they not pick their victims by how attractive they are. Rape is not about sleeping with pretty girls, it's about control. 6 years ago +2
Rapists don't choose their victim by the clothes they're wearing. 6 years ago +2
I'm rather wear the f*ck I want. People shouldn't listen to the standards society made. If I want to wear short Jens and that's 'sluty' in your opinion, you're more than welcome to shove it up your ass. 6 years ago +4
I'm jewish. our all history is based on disappointment from humanity. 6 years ago +1
I have an opinion too. 6 years ago +2
I would marry The Doctor. 6 years ago  
A lot of movies are based on books 6 years ago +1
Matt Smith is cool. 6 years ago +1
Been there three times, but I rather go there again, I won't feel safe in Egypt 6 years ago +2
BARROWMAN ! 6 years ago  
She has one boyfriend (or fiance or whatever) in 4 years. I don't really like her but it's upset me when people keep saying that with no reason. 6 years ago  
I'm asexual so I honestly can say that I've never been in love. Maybe except when I was 10 years old. 6 years ago +1
You got me with RDJ 6 years ago +2
The doctor is an alien. 6 years ago  
Hot guy, bad picture 6 years ago +3
I'll burn you. I'll burn the heart out of you. Thought I look GOOD in this picture. 6 years ago +4
So much death could be removed 6 years ago +2
I used to being ignored, so I know that suck. 6 years ago +1
The weeping angels are really creepy 6 years ago  
We don't have states 6 years ago  
The movies are better, but if you're asking about the books including, then The hunger games FTW 6 years ago +1
Is it benedict I see ? 6 years ago +1
OOPS, I didn't read the question of the answers so I thought this is one of those 'Is she look better in blonde or brown hair' question 6 years ago  
I realy have those moments when I get really sad because I'm not or ever would be a gay man. 6 years ago  
I want my daughter to be happy and well, and if being a porn star is what making her feel good then it's sure better than being a homeless 6 years ago +3
It's stupid to say that some people are 'not normal' just because they're different than you. 6 years ago  
The doctor know best. 6 years ago +5
Once I didn't wear the strap and the remote flew out of my window. You should wear it. 6 years ago +2
They have a Hulk. 6 years ago +1
I love RDJ so much, but Benedict is an amazing Sherlock. 6 years ago +3
I see what you did there 6 years ago  
You just looking for a stage to preach, I only said that I think that David is perfect and you made it so f*cking big deal, give it a rest 6 years ago +1
I said my opinion. If you're not agreed with it, with you can suck it. 6 years ago +1
Easy. No matter how good you are, NO ONE is better than David. He was perfection. I miss him. 6 years ago +4
Only if it won't traumatized her 6 years ago  
The sleeping Beauty did nothing but fall asleep 6 years ago +12
Mulan was completely awesome, she fought for her family and saved china while Ariel just crying about the hottie she saw on the land. 6 years ago +6
I don't like the way you use the word gay. Guys are awesome. You're an ass. 6 years ago +2
How can you live a normal life after being traveled with the doctor ? 6 years ago +2
I don't see how can I get a girl pregnant 6 years ago  
I like to stay alive 6 years ago +2
Everybody has secrets, I'm just hoping I won't take mine to the grave. 6 years ago  
10 was the best. 6 years ago +3
They sometimes just send you to the past which is better than dying, but they're so creepy 6 years ago +2
The empty child was such an amazing episode. Captain Jack came for the first time *-* 6 years ago  
Drinking is legal from 18 in Israel, and I think that it's like this in the most of the world 6 years ago  
That could be nice. Not be afraid of dying every single day. yup. 6 years ago +2
may the odds be ever in your favor 6 years ago +7
Sunday. 6 years ago +1
The Doctor would save us. 6 years ago +1
Our generation suck, but we did progress a lot from the Prehistoric Man. 6 years ago  
In Iran they would have kill me in a second, so .. 6 years ago  
Run for your life 6 years ago  
Of course not, It's like learning Karate or Judo 6 years ago  
Never been in america. Always been a dream of mine. 6 years ago +5
I've got distracted because of the sexy picture on the left. The TARDIS is really hot for a time machine. 6 years ago +3
I'm learning it, it's kinda cool XD 6 years ago  
If leaving those stup*d comment make you feel good then I truly feel sorry for you 6 years ago +1
All my life is about fictional characters. They're far more interesting than the people around me. 6 years ago +3
Thought the doctor always gives second chance. 6 years ago +4
please STFU. 6 years ago +2
Where are those couple from ? TV show ? 6 years ago  
Darren Criss is supermegafoxyawesomehot 6 years ago +4
I kinda like them. And they're much stronger and cooler than the cybermen. 6 years ago +2
I did knew it. So please, calm your tits. 6 years ago  
It would be super creepy to date 5 years old. 6 years ago  
Having a baby when you're too young or too poor can destroy both the parents and the child's life. It should be a choice, It completely life's changer. 6 years ago +2
Neither 6 years ago +1
Keep telling this to yourself 6 years ago +1
I think it's kinda obvious 6 years ago +1
That what they teach us at school. Thought I didn't know that English people even write with an accent 6 years ago +2
Your father is a male too 6 years ago +7
ABC 6 years ago  
Gay marriage to be legit 6 years ago +3510
Say that to 6 million jews who got murdered. Not so easy. 6 years ago +6
Come on people ! He vas a screwdriver ! 6 years ago +2
Both awesome, but HIMYM has barney in it, and that win it all. 6 years ago +2
It doesn't really matter as long as I could drive in time and space *_* 6 years ago +2
If it's not my wedding so why not ? 6 years ago +1
I don't understand a word they say, but it's hot. 6 years ago +3
It's meant to look at 6 years old or at person of the same age and think 'I want to go to bed with them' 6 years ago +5
This is way too hard 6 years ago  
There are dead baby jokes ? The f*ck ? .-. 6 years ago +1
I'm proud of my country, but our government is really sh*t 6 years ago +2
The world already has WAY too many religions 6 years ago +1
I'm ok with my brain. But really can use some hotness 6 years ago  
You're 6 years ago  
Don't like Justin or Selena, but at least he didn't beat her up. 6 years ago +9
It would be awkward in funerals 6 years ago +5
Don't like it, but I do like money 6 years ago  
You should :> 6 years ago  
Since always. 6 years ago  
Yes 6 years ago  
Neither ? 6 years ago  
Rose needed to let Jack come up. he's hotter. hot people should live. 6 years ago +2
Well, f*ck you ? 6 years ago +2
I really don't like abortion but if my daughter would want to I'll support her. I guess. I would have a slutty daughter that for sure [Unless she got pregnant from rape or something horrible] 6 years ago  
Without animals all the world will be sad and gray. Haven't you seen bee movie ? 6 years ago +2
I see what you did there 6 years ago +6
Gays are hot but I really don't wanna think about my father in that way O_O 6 years ago +1
yes and I don't care. DRINK ALL THE MILK ! 6 years ago +3
I have my family every other day at the year 6 years ago +4
people should be wearing what they want to. 6 years ago +2
I just love saying sh*t the f*ck up XDD Don't take it personally *-* 6 years ago  
He's just hotter 6 years ago +6
Sh*t the fu*k up. Even Tom love her and told that he thinks she's amazing. So what if she's a girl ? ._. 6 years ago +3
Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come,. Pigfarts, Pigfarts, yum yum yum *-* 6 years ago +1
If people would start messing up with DNA, the world really would be in troubles 6 years ago +2
legen ...wait for it... dary ! legendary ! 6 years ago +6
I'm going to the army in two years. Everyone in Israel going to the army when they're 18 years old. I'll be in this war too. 6 years ago  
If we won't attack, they will. 6 years ago  
If my daughter will want to put thong in the age of 12 , I must have done something wrong. 6 years ago +4
I'll just win the lottery again and again and again :D 6 years ago  
It's fu*king hot here ! 6 years ago +4
My life is boring anyway. They just would have seen me in my room all day XD 6 years ago +2
Bored . 6 years ago +2
Yup I'm Jewish 6 years ago  
Whatever , but you really should understand that people CAN'T change this sexual preference. It's like you can't force yourself to be attracted to girls. God make those people gay, and god loves all of us. 6 years ago +1
Oh gosh I wish I could change it ! Be an asexual's suck. 6 years ago  
I don't care if you decide to avoid facts and science and basic human's logic, you can believe that the earth's square and that we breath fairy dust if you want to. but your ignorance opinions are hurting people and that's not ok. And BTW, to say 'fags should die' or anything else , is not belief , it's stupidity and just evil. 6 years ago +2
I can't tell if you're really that sup*d or just pretend to be. 6 years ago +4
I don't know, some people need more then just stories, they need proofs . But I'm really don't judge anyone's faith. 6 years ago  
Romney is even worse, so if someone will make it happen, it's Obama 6 years ago  
I rather see a boy wearing what he want to.. Who am I to judge ? 6 years ago +4
I love it that 71 americans voted but only 6 Australians XD 6 years ago +8
LOKI'D 6 years ago  
Hebrew [the language in Israel] 6 years ago  
I'll let gay marriage to be legal in all the states. 6 years ago +11
I'm really sorry that English isn't my birth language. 6 years ago  
*Caption Jack Sparrow is hot. 6 years ago +2
If you choose stomach ache, you've probably never had period. 6 years ago +9
When people are stup*d, they should know that. 6 years ago  
I'm vegetarian, so .. 6 years ago +5
Why you people get so upset when people believe in something ? If they're happy with their faith and it's not hurting you, why you so mad ? ._. 6 years ago +5
England◊• 6 years ago +1
I'll just answer good stuff. 6 years ago  
ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind 6 years ago +12
I don't really care 6 years ago +4
Wow. this is the the most stup*d thing I've ever see on the Internet. I'm not even going to try and explein to you how ignorant you are. It'll be easier to explain it to my dog, I'm sure it have more IQ then you have. 6 years ago +5
I'm asexual, trust me, not really fun. 6 years ago +1
And it's not something that you, him or anybody else can control it. Stop hating people because they born that way. 6 years ago +1
A rabbit will win a fight against Gale. 6 years ago  
Gale is from The hunger games too .-. 6 years ago  
Oh right, even better . *-* 6 years ago  
Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, dating Captain America. What else can you ask ? 6 years ago +9
Me too :> 6 years ago +1
I feel sorry for you. You maybe adult but you have opinions of teenager's bully. I really hope for your kids that they would not be gay, it'll be terrible with such an ignorant mom. 6 years ago +6
Wow. Really there's so many stup*d people who rather die and not kiss some guy/girl ? What the fu*k is wrong with you ? You don't appreciate life you ass*holes. 6 years ago +4
I would love to see gays kissing. it's beautiful. 6 years ago +3
It would be cool to see how would I look at minos five years old 6 years ago +3
You know, there's more religions in the world. 6 years ago +1
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