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not bad 1 year ago  
misclick 1 year ago  
gr misclick 1 year ago  
yea 1 year ago  
yea 1 year ago  
not a 1 year ago  
not b 1 year ago  
both overplayed as heck but a takes the slight edge 1 year ago  
original was better 1 year ago  
not A 1 year ago  
honestly tough 1 year ago  
both good 1 year ago  
arf 1 year ago  
already do 1 year ago  
mine diamonds 1 year ago  
fun 1 year ago  
basically a free 850 dollars 1 year ago  
misclick 1 year ago  
never b 1 year ago +1
wonder woman and besstboy 1 year ago +1
both 1 year ago  
i did A before i typed well 1 year ago  
D 1 year ago  
C 1 year ago  
idk 1 year ago  
g 1 year ago  
sadly imposs rn cause browns are 0-2 1 year ago  
d 1 year ago  
a 1 year ago  
d 1 year ago  
c 1 year ago  
tough but c 1 year ago  
E 1 year ago  
D 1 year ago  
a 1 year ago  
oh god i think c 1 year ago  
B 1 year ago +1
e 1 year ago +1
WAS GONNA SAY C BUT A 1 year ago  
a 1 year ago  
I MEAN C 1 year ago  
oh oops 1 year ago  
99% sure you've told me this before, B edit : D 1 year ago  
d 1 year ago  
don't seem like you'd listen to e or a but a's New album isn't earrape so e 1 year ago  
e 1 year ago +1
misclicked hard 1 year ago  
a is sickening 1 year ago +2
C 1 year ago  
d 1 year ago  
probably a 1 year ago  
ez 1 year ago  
sike 1 year ago  
love both but when did ranch lose and how is ketchup third place, how odd 1 year ago  
zoinks 1 year ago  
lovvve buffalo sauce 1 year ago  
s o d i u m 1 year ago  
stupid question imo 1 year ago  
tough but deadpool 1 year ago +1
yeet 1 year ago  
i love bob marley 1 year ago  
yeet 1 year ago  
although i hate to say it yes b is better HOWEVER I haven't tried 'a' but I will soon 1 year ago  
o f c o u r s e 1 year ago  
ok a is losing im pissed 1 year ago +1
probably 1 year ago  
easy 1 year ago  
too lazy and i don't come on too oftenn 1 year ago  
b sucks 1 year ago  
love ranch 1 year ago  
caramel sticks to my teeth and isn't all that great 1 year ago +1
anything but a 1 year ago  
both are good 1 year ago  
yes 1 year ago  
love this sh*t, sriracha isn't even that good 1 year ago  
yeah 1 year ago  
thank god b is finally done for, shouldve been gone longggg ago 1 year ago +1
yeah 1 year ago +1
what usmanc said 1 year ago +1
misclick 1 year ago  
thanks for making me hungry 1 year ago  
never heard of either. is this some europe thing 1 year ago  
at this rate this tourny will go on for approx 54ish days 1 year ago  
should've rigged it 1 year ago  
B is gonna win 1 year ago  
wtf how did 1000 island beat blue cheese 1 year ago  
both look like pedophiles 1 year ago  
thomas the dank engine 1 year ago +2
dank af 1 year ago  
love this 1 year ago  
yess 1 year ago  
depends 1 year ago  
tough 1 year ago  
oh true 1 year ago  
Spawn and Sonic 1 year ago +2
yeah 1 year ago  
ryu and boo-rad 1 year ago +1
probably botw or pubg or some random switch game 1 year ago +1
'a' looks good and is probably gonna be better than the jetpack and future bullsh*t that bo3, aw, and iw have. can't wait 1 year ago +1
MP solos 1 year ago +1
tough 1 year ago  
^^ 1 year ago  
let me be in it xx 1 year ago +1
loved this 1 year ago  
moves like jaguar 1 year ago  
oh sh*t that'd be grand 1 year ago  
debatable 1 year ago  
hell yuh 1 year ago  
yeet 1 year ago  
Global warming aint no hoax 1 year ago +1
thanks 1 year ago  
gym is pretty stupid 1 year ago +1
interesting 1 year ago  
eAsY 1 year ago  
drowning seems more painful 1 year ago  
Ravenclaw 1 year ago  
both are very believable 1 year ago  
it's been dead 1 year ago  
yeah 1 year ago  
that's be rad 2 years ago  
insert in 2017 we'll have flying cars meme here 2 years ago +1
less spooky 2 years ago  
obviously? 2 years ago  
this wouldn't fucck up your life at all 2 years ago  
*sigh* rip me 2 years ago  
valentine's day 2 years ago  
more frequent? i think 2 years ago +1
ooh 2 years ago  
who's your character of choice 2 years ago  
easily 2 years ago +1
hell yeah 2 years ago +1
me too 2 years ago +1
depends, but actions can be more reliable 2 years ago  
misclick, what's the point in living if you're alone. hell, what's the point in living if we're gonna die 2 years ago  
add my gender, a helicopter :,) 2 years ago  
one usually 2 years ago  
happy day of birth 2 years ago +1
I didn't know that 2 years ago  
what usmanc said 2 years ago  
who 2 years ago  
tldr 2 years ago  
scare it 2 years ago  
gotcha 2 years ago  
ohyus 2 years ago  
does that relate to the question 2 years ago  
who 2 years ago  
eh 2 years ago  
who 2 years ago  
wow you still do these tournaments xD 2 years ago  
I barely even come on. sure I don't care honestly 2 years ago  
Hardly ever eat lunch anyways 2 years ago  
15 ;) 2 years ago  
Fun Times, Goodbye World 2 years ago  
rip 2 years ago  
easily the best song on the album 2 years ago +1
great question... 2 years ago +1
add AnonymusDuck on steam!! 2 years ago  
TERRIBLW 2 years ago +5
B got repetitive 2 years ago  
love it 2 years ago  
Easily 2 years ago  
guest from Massachusetts 2 years ago +1
died last year 2 years ago  
NEVER A 2 years ago  
J Cole , Big Sean, Wiz 2 years ago  
love this one tbh 2 years ago  
"Off my best users overall list" XDDDD 2 years ago +1
Zacharius and Sarah 2 years ago  
Hell yay 2 years ago  
Good luck! 2 years ago  
continue this series pls 2 years ago  
Tough but i love drake 2 years ago  
definitely 2 years ago  
Tough 2 years ago  
Way cuter 2 years ago +1
^ 2 years ago  
I bet some retard would listen to anaconda 24/7 xD 2 years ago  
obviously 2 years ago  
whoever I liked more 2 years ago  
sure ™ 2 years ago  
screw makeup 2 years ago  
Thanks :) 2 years ago  
yeah 2 years ago  
ye 2 years ago  
I joined but I'm not here 0_0 2 years ago  
Tough one 2 years ago  
I'd be happy if I was given a million and able to keep half 2 years ago  
I only go on occasionally 2 years ago  
dam 2 years ago  
More money 2 years ago  
he's a young good player and has a good future 2 years ago  
yeah 2 years ago  
Definitely 2 years ago  
my blankets 2 years ago  
jrob196 definitely 2 years ago  
both are good 2 years ago  
^ 2 years ago +1
Would be dope as long as I survived 2 years ago  
Sure 2 years ago  
B is boring 2 years ago  
lol im trying and i think it's working, I only go on like once a week whereas last year I was on 2-3 hours per day 2 years ago  
Better chance of survival maybe, tough 2 years ago +2
._. 2 years ago  
Even tho I suck ass 2 years ago  
Wut 2 years ago  
okie 2 years ago  
Sorry friends 2 years ago +1
Den murder dem 2 years ago  
I can live without bacon 2 years ago  
Better known I think 2 years ago  
Fvck.. 2 years ago  
yeeee boii 2 years ago  
"get politically aware cunts" ~ Ilovefreedom 2 years ago +4
that's not gay retard 2 years ago +3
one of the best call of duty games 2 years ago  
it was lit 2 years ago  
totally 2 years ago  
About 4 times a week 2 years ago  
Coyote or a Black Widow 2 years ago  
perfectly fine 2 years ago  
Dank 2 years ago  
Drink bleach 2 years ago  
._. 2 years ago  
did you watch it? 2 years ago  
xD 2 years ago  
What jadenl said 2 years ago +1
Wanted to watch it 2 years ago +2
Hate people who do B 2 years ago +1
xD 2 years ago  
Can't wait for the movie 2 years ago  
Sweet 2 years ago  
How big are the woods 2 years ago  
Captain America Civil War 2 years ago +1
Halo good tho 2 years ago  
Sure 2 years ago  
15 or above 2 years ago  
Hi 2 years ago  
Depends 2 years ago  
Nice 2 years ago  
These questions are pretty dope 2 years ago  
Yay 2 years ago  
Both are cool tho 2 years ago  
Squirtle 2 years ago  
MindlessPie 2 years ago  
Except child marriage 2 years ago  
dislike both but the lesser of two evils 2 years ago  
Cool question 2 years ago +2
both are good songs 2 years ago  
yay 2 years ago  
hey, better than i could've made a question 2 years ago +1
O sh*t 2 years ago  
you're right 2 years ago  
Nice question 2 years ago +2
Don't vote at all if you're voting for 3rd party candidate, they ain't gon win 2 years ago  
live in walmart 2 years ago +1
Neither 2 years ago  
-_- 2 years ago  
Fucck off mate 2 years ago  
The question wasn't "Do you wear contacts?" 2 years ago  
Oh lord 2 years ago  
Any one but B 2 years ago  
You can't put yourself in more than twice lmao 2 years ago  
xD they're the same person 2 years ago  
Way worse 2 years ago  
Tru 2 years ago  
You can't put urself in 4 times 2 years ago  
You can't put yourself in 3 times haha 2 years ago  
Not A 2 years ago  
A would probs hurt way worse 2 years ago  
Not B 2 years ago +1
Unintelligent man of African American descent 2 years ago +2
Homepage 2 years ago  
You're not keemstar 2 years ago  
T-t-t-tt-tt-otally 2 years ago  
Sometimes says Virginia 2 years ago  
Well both are effin morons and both will ruin the country 2 years ago  
Sometimes 2 years ago  
Better than Crooked Hillary, but option C Gary Johnson 2016 2 years ago +1
Cowboys 2 years ago  
Hell ye 2 years ago  
Pissed the Dodgers lost 2 years ago  
Saw Rihanna clicked Rihanna 2 years ago +2
Didntknow you've been abused 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago +1
Misclick, already does exist 2 years ago  
xD 2 years ago +1
cocky basterd 2 years ago  
VERRRRY ANNOYING 2 years ago  
Been in love / Broken a heart / Been heartbroken / Kissed / Had a gf / Been cheated on / Been stung / gotten all a's / Been bullied / Been a bully / Felt insecure / Been ignored / Been embarrassed / Cried myself to sleep / Stayed up all night / Smiled / Laughed / Fake smiled / Hated myself / Hated someone / Wanted to die / Am depressed / Always been clean / Seen a therapist / I ACCEPT MYSELF :) 2 years ago  
Aw :( 2 years ago +1
Ik the person in your picture is you, it's gay as fucck 2 years ago  
There scientific evidence to prove you're a gay fuucckboy 2 years ago  
Heaven 2 years ago  
Anyone but A 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Hillary - "it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not running the law." Donald - because you'd be in jail 2 years ago +7
lmao 2 years ago  
Misclick 2 years ago  
Fucck Harambe 2 years ago  
why tho 2 years ago  
Tough 2 years ago +1
Fucck yeah 2 years ago +1
Sorry whoever 2 years ago +1
Dope 2 years ago  
UK pls 2 years ago  
Young, Wild, and Free is the sh*t 2 years ago  
Never 2 years ago +1
One more vote 2 years ago  
Rekt 2 years ago  
S T O P 2 years ago  
With my family/friends 2 years ago  
Hella duh 2 years ago  
Better than Crooked Hillary 2 years ago  
Misclick, almost every day 2 years ago  
Ello 2 years ago  
Somebody trying to murder a completely innocent person / family 2 years ago +1
Fudge 2 years ago  
Misclick, I'd do it for 10 mil 2 years ago  
CoD 2 years ago  
He's awesome 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Your theory makes sense 2 years ago  
Half European 2 years ago  
Hell yeah 2 years ago  
Take a look at the jenners and the kardashians 2 years ago +1
Badass 2 years ago  
Omg same 2 years ago +1
No this IS PATRICK 2 years ago  
Wanna talk on tweeter 2 years ago  
QUEEN 2 years ago  
It's been boring 2 years ago +2
RIP 2 years ago  
@ alexw front page this dude's questions 2 years ago +1
Noice question m8 2 years ago +3
Fucck yeah 2 years ago +1
Duh 3 years ago  
I miss blockbusters 3 years ago  
MASTER SERGEANT 3 years ago  
It's been like this for like a month, idk why 3 years ago  
Niceeee 3 years ago  
Was a guest for like 2-3 months 3 years ago  
Don't care honestly 3 years ago  
Iconic 3 years ago  
This should win the whole tournament 3 years ago  
Hell yeah 3 years ago  
Ehh 3 years ago  
Hmm 3 years ago  
Obviously 3 years ago  
Duh 3 years ago  
Definitely 3 years ago  
What friends? 3 years ago  
csgo 3 years ago  
Hell yeah 3 years ago +1
A bit overrated but a good show 3 years ago +1
I have a chance of survival still 3 years ago  
That_Person ftw 3 years ago +3
Almost all the time 3 years ago  
Sure 3 years ago  
One of my favorite Queen songs 3 years ago  
I feel like throwing up on teh tea cups 3 years ago  
Harry Potter for sure idk what else 3 years ago +1
Fries 3 years ago  
Hell yeah 3 years ago  
Both are asshats who have no clue how to rap 3 years ago +1
Saw B, clicked A 3 years ago  
Jesus solos for the 3rd time 3 years ago +1
I miss the old miley 3 years ago  
U sure? 3 years ago  
AJ solos 3 years ago +1
Red & Purple 3 years ago  
Fries are the only good thing about it 3 years ago  
Smart 3 years ago  
Halo 3 years ago  
Ohmigod 3 years ago  
Lol dayummm 3 years ago  
Hold up did I make it to the next round? 3 years ago  
She's awesome 3 years ago  
This site is bullshiit 3 years ago +1
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