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    I want to ride my BYCICLE! BYCICLE! BYCICLE!  
    Cells formed the chicken as they originated from microbiomes.  
    They both have a better social structure than the U.S.  
    He means the game  
    Beethoven! His pieces were the best!  
    Goldfinger +1
    It's called internet explorer  
    Then capitalize your sentences!  
    dart vader?  
    Thank you! Someone finally agrees with me!  
    Give the money to more children 63%!  
    I'm very skinny, so definitely double  
    It would cause a paradox!  
    Never heard of them  
    I'm a guy  
    What? Neither  
    I'm asumming you watch Jacksepticeye  
    mmmmmmm... juicy fruit  
    Quicker way to die  
    PC is better, but only play consle  
    I know right  
    the internet is everyday  
    just cause I have one  
    You don't know what windows is?!  
    Hotmail?! Really?!  
    you get hurt quicker, plus have high chance of living if the knife hits a vital organ  
    how is this in the "tech" section  
    You can just watch youtube on your computer  
    is a lot more helpful  
    It's 2015 now but I still love the superbowl  
    King, but yeah because you don't need to do anything  
    I'm a guy and I'm not gay so f*** off  
    ease into it first  
    facebook is better in social media *cough* google+ *cough*, but google is WAY better overall  
    Classic is the best, definitely better than f***ing comic sans  
    3%, I am glad most people aren't stuped  
    I know most people like computers, the only reason I voted for controller was because I suck at keyboard gaming  
    Macs are so much better, I'm using a PC now and it is slow as SH*T  
    never watched it  
    dam right  
    I do not want to know what's on peoples minds, espesilly now a days  
    I live in California, and I want SNOW DAMMIT  
    what's the worth of a cell phone if you can't use the internet on it?  
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