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Would you rathe be a CIA agent or a MI6 agent? CIA agent or MI6 agent 7 years ago 570 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hear only music, or not hear at all? Music or Deaf 7 years ago 2,549 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eveyone spoke in song all the time, or randomly broke out into a musical number during key moments. opera (rock opera) or musical 7 years ago 1,848 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the most famous director in the world, or the most famous writer? Director or Writer 7 years ago 329 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the Grim Reaper or Death? Grim Reaper or Death 7 years ago 936 votes 34 comments 0 likes

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that's because they are a parody of horror movies (slashers is particular) 7 years ago  
But than you have to find special erasable ink. 7 years ago  
I think he has... 7 years ago  
*getting 7 years ago  
yep, but get free music witthout the chance of federal prison is always nice ^_^ 7 years ago  
Horrible coffee or free music, hmm... 7 years ago  
You say that a lot. 7 years ago  
The definition of geek is someon who passionate about a certain activity or interest. So I'm pretty sure we're all geeks in one form or another. Of course, if you are talking about a techy geek, than that is definately me ^_^ In order to be a nerd I'd have to start getting Straight A's =/ 7 years ago +2
I was thinkin' the same thing. 7 years ago  
By your ip address. 7 years ago +1
why would you WANT to have a cord? 7 years ago +1
again, you would here the person talking, just in song. 7 years ago  
also, if I might add as I looked this up, the originall xbox controller had two more buttons than the dual shock controller. They were the black and white buttons. 7 years ago +1
no... 7 years ago  
no, I don't eat fast food period. but this is a 'would you rather' 7 years ago  
*sigh* the result of a close-minded world.... 7 years ago +1
Thanks man! 7 years ago  
I've never had any problems with PSN 7 years ago  
*oops just realized it says hour, meant to say honor. Wow! Am I bad at checking my spelling, or what? 7 years ago  
Meant to say 'As do I' 7 years ago  
darn =( 7 years ago  
they would store the energy they get from synthetic chlorophyll in synthetically and chemically made food. Am I Right? 7 years ago +1
I thought it was the holy spirit? 7 years ago  
what do darwin have to do with the big bang? His theory was evolution. 7 years ago +1
why is that? 7 years ago  
That's what I said! 7 years ago  
*what 7 years ago  
that's whats what I said! 7 years ago  
I think the true question is can we really comprehend the state of our existance. How can something exist or (for that matter) not exist? 7 years ago +4
Wie kann ich =) 7 years ago +1
not giving an specific Internet address but I just found out what a blue waffle is.... 7 years ago +1
oops just realized it says hou, meany honor. 7 years ago  
Dude! so awesome! 7 years ago  
that gets it's ass handed to it on a silver platter by Ellen Ripley 7 years ago +1
It's a show on cartoon network, kinda like teen titans only better and with a richer plot and character developement. 7 years ago  
Obviously people care if they voice their opinion about it. 7 years ago  
dude, your answers are epic! and you are totally oppisite of Gaius from South Carolina (Who is mainly a prick). 7 years ago +1
*but I dispise 7 years ago  
neither do i, but dispise potato chips... 7 years ago  
ahhh... 7 years ago  
=P 7 years ago  
no you wouldn't be deaf but everyone would speak in song, and everyday sounds would have a musical rhythm to it. 7 years ago  
says you 7 years ago  
interesting, since i skipped i cant vote. Then I verbally vote for Choice B 7 years ago +1
ah, then i make my choice. 7 years ago  
You know there is a reply button? 7 years ago +1
It says "Would rathe carry an open umbrella everywhere you go?" 7 years ago  
Even with Gods guidance, man is still flawed. 7 years ago +2
Why not? 7 years ago  
Yeah i'm sorry realized that after read ALL the posts. 7 years ago  
XD!!! lmao 7 years ago  
excuse me? 7 years ago  
How so? 7 years ago  
*need 7 years ago  
yeah i know, but I didn't feel the nee to correct myself. 7 years ago  
I ace exams, but hardly ever do homework. 7 years ago +10
Red-Tailed Hawk 7 years ago  
more insulation. 7 years ago +3
Shoot! shoulda said sidekick (Young Justice =P) 7 years ago +2
um best buy is one of the most thriving tech retail stores in the nation. I've only evere seen a dollar tree in oregon. 7 years ago +1
same thing 7 years ago +1
That is inappropriate to say to someone whos making a very valid point. 7 years ago  
Yeah people should put the whole question, instead of 'Would you rather'. At least that's what I do. 7 years ago  
Oh my lord that looks delicious!! 7 years ago +2
The one on the left seems to be kind and empathetic, and also real. the one on the right just seems superficial. 7 years ago +4
uh yeah if get the home made ones like above, but by very little. 7 years ago +1
Oh the friends I would imagine =) 7 years ago  
It's ass whooping time! 7 years ago  
they said they love the muppets. 7 years ago  
huh? 7 years ago +3
Gilbert's voice is epic. 7 years ago +1
It would be an hour to get my ass kick by Chuck Norris =) 7 years ago  
Um, there are two of these questions.... 7 years ago +1
No it means what he said 7 years ago  
um how do you write a language without symbols? 7 years ago  
and the are such things as patches 7 years ago  
but win7 runs faster 7 years ago  
but much more wisdom can yet be gained. 7 years ago  
then you lead a sad sad life. 7 years ago  
So does Germany. They are known for their cars, chocolate, and beer. 7 years ago  
Finnally someone from Oregon =) 7 years ago  
so are you 7 years ago +2
I already live in Cali. 7 years ago  
Sexist 7 years ago  
I like hardcore games so I need a console with better specs. 7 years ago +1
you can't erase ink 7 years ago +3
neither 7 years ago +2
Has no one seen supersize me? 7 years ago +3
people where less accepting in the 1700's and treating other races horribly and brutally. 7 years ago  
The only thing that makes theses shows any good is Simon Cowell. 7 years ago  
family guy was based of the simpson so it uses a lot of their jokes. 7 years ago  
I don't drink. 7 years ago +1
Such an oppressive male thing to say. 7 years ago  
I had an incident at universal studies, so now every time smell or taste white white chocolate i wanna throw up. I'm not too big a fan of milk chocolate either, sweetened dark is much better. 7 years ago +2
Simpson was the original and best cartoon satire show. 7 years ago  
I totally agree with you. 7 years ago +1
you must be joking... 7 years ago +12
I'm 18 and I don't remeber it. 7 years ago  
What is the trust picture of? 7 years ago  
its not 'be' its 'do' as in 'have sex with' 7 years ago  
Mccain is supporting ACTA so screw him. 7 years ago  
I'd love to visit Tokyo, although Hong Kong would be just as great. 7 years ago  
more history, and rich cuisine. 7 years ago  
More security 7 years ago  
Depends on which Nightmare on Elm Street you are refering to. But does is matter? They'e both by Wes Crave nand they're both epic. 7 years ago  
Ninja's work best in the dark. 7 years ago +3
I find this offensive. 7 years ago  
it says lego, but it should say Lego Techninc... 7 years ago  
I'd rather work for my own country. Besides, I have no idea how MI-5 operates. 7 years ago  
Latin, French, Spanish, Persian, Greek 7 years ago  
lol, you do know that's Jim Carrey right? 7 years ago  
I'd rather not have so much bad luck 7 years ago  
I don't like being accused for something I didn't do. 7 years ago +11
I had mine when i was 15. 7 years ago  
Bruno Mars is a good singer, but Adam Sandler is not a good actor. 7 years ago +1
I wish I could sing, I can already act. so when I'm a singer I'll just do both. 7 years ago  
You can wish for all the knowledge in the universe. 7 years ago +1
i wouldn't cheat 7 years ago +2
politics bore me 7 years ago  
that's because it is 7 years ago  
im guessing you mean concert muscians? 7 years ago +1
actually you're an omnivore 7 years ago +3
high cholesterol 7 years ago  
they can still confuse you for a seal. 7 years ago  
I'd get 1 mill. then invest =) 7 years ago  
I can't stand weather hotter the 70 degrees. 7 years ago +1
yeah, but can it play games, write documents, store files? 7 years ago  
I watch all my Tv shows online now. 7 years ago  
That's in Anaheim not Los Angeles 7 years ago  
I've already been to L.A. 7 years ago  
good jeans last for years, I myself have two pairs of Lucky Brand. 7 years ago  
do you now? 7 years ago  
I couldn't live without music. 7 years ago +12
shoot i read it wrong, I thought ity said gratefully 7 years ago +6
yeah it is 7 years ago  
it's "they're" not "there" 7 years ago  
what are you talking about? 7 years ago +1
why? 7 years ago +2
26% of people have no life. 7 years ago  
They are both kings =P 7 years ago +1
Such ignorrant thing to say, I suppose you believe anything people tell you? 7 years ago  
i fuggin hate no-life narrow minded idiot who hide their pathetical lives behind a keyboard. 7 years ago  
i'm genetically short, so yeah I wanna be tall 7 years ago +1
notice that the majority of vote for God are from the states 7 years ago +4
you do realize the bible was written man right? 7 years ago +5
just translate it, he is free to speak his own language 7 years ago  
you'll get sick faster eating plastic 7 years ago  
I was gonna say the same thing. 7 years ago  
hey bnl is good band, just because she memorized the lyrics doesn't mean she doesn't have a life. 7 years ago  
Man you gotta love BNL! =) 7 years ago  
where did you here that? 7 years ago +1
dualshock has the exact same number of buttons as the 360 controller. Dualshock in my opinion has a much simpler and cleaner layout. 7 years ago +2
I don't drink =P 7 years ago +3
well I've never seen Black Swan and The King's Speech was awesome. 7 years ago  
the terminator has been destoyed been before. Rambo doesn't die. 7 years ago +1
then you've been to the magic kingdom 7 years ago  
the collective negative energy that forms a sentient entity. 7 years ago +1
no, death selects who dies and how. a reaper harvests the souls and bring them to their destination. 7 years ago +1
it all depends on the person in question really... 7 years ago  
never seen the movie so i dont get whet the deal is about... 7 years ago +1
I'm a ginja =P 7 years ago  
just becuase she is promiscuous doesn't mean she'll get an std. There is such a thing as safe sex you know. Also, being a slut is better than her possibly killing herself as a result of depression. 7 years ago +1
I only have a debit card with chase (which of course use MasterCard) but I don't see the need to pay for things with money I dont have, and if I do then I just get a loan. 7 years ago +1
Um, I already have an iPod touch all to myself.... 7 years ago  
that isn't always the case 7 years ago  
a reaper is a servant to death and is the one who harvests the souls. 7 years ago +1
so you would rather your daughter be anti-social, possibly suffing from depression that could lead to her eventual suicide? 7 years ago +1
the post stated that she would have 'No' friends. 7 years ago  
Says the jerk objectifying a group by saying they aren't real people, and who says a she doesn't have real friends. True, she might have a lot of flings and aquaintences, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any real friends. 7 years ago +1
Reading books used be the only thing I did. But now I'm starting to turn into a Cinema Buff. 7 years ago  
I'm very claustrophobic. 7 years ago  
Saw is a "make you think film" whereas PA is more of a "make you jump". 7 years ago +1
not anymore 7 years ago  
If I were to be trapped as a animal for the rest of my life, it would be one that could fly. 7 years ago +2
We can communicate with other nationalities even if we don't speak their language. Talking with animals is unprecedented 7 years ago +3
I happen to be christian thank you very much. 7 years ago +1
I really don't care for japanese twins. 7 years ago  
I'm a soccer fan above all else. 7 years ago +1
Oregonian Blood coarses through my veins. 7 years ago  
My crush IS dating my best friend and I am happy for the two of them. 7 years ago  
Well I'm a writer so.... 7 years ago +2
I like how mellow cats usually are, then again the same can be said about Basset hounds. 7 years ago  
As a I said once before, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. 7 years ago +5
Ignorance is bliss, and social drama is overrated. 7 years ago +2
I am a thespian, through and through. 7 years ago +2
My friends nicknamed me Ginja (Ginger Ninja) 7 years ago  
the mind is a terrible thing to waste. 7 years ago  
I hold the philosophy that a man's mind is his last and only sanctuary, and as such, should not be intuded apon. 7 years ago +2
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is still the better chain. 7 years ago +1
BOTH of the pics should have been from USA shows (hank makes a much better docter than "Dr. Sexy M.D." 7 years ago  
If I knew when, then I'd have all the time I need to set my afairs in order and to have a fun and happy life. There is no use in be afaid of any particular thing for the rest of your life. 7 years ago +1
I beileve god to be an ascended entity formed from the big bang 7 years ago  
I would not wish it upon anyone to live a life without knowing the comfort of having a friend. 7 years ago +5
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