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    artificially colored 10 months ago  
    b would lead to a 10 months ago  
    xd 10 months ago  
    make millions, quit and then do youtube then ill become FAMOUS 10 months ago  
    both because i'll be having sex with a hot girl XD 10 months ago  
    Hard 10 months ago  
    I am i guy so neither i'm not gau 10 months ago  
    I dont watch Television 11 months ago  
    Twitter is gay 11 months ago  
    I dont play neither 11 months ago  
    YOUTUBE **** YA 11 months ago  
    Niether 11 months ago  
    neither 11 months ago  
    A gummy jelly fish 11 months ago  
    GUMMY WORMS 11 months ago  
    XD 11 months ago  
    Holes in your fingers are not a real thing. It's you mind that makes it look like you do but you don't. 11 months ago  
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