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I am a drummer, and I LOVE LIFE(and TX)

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    Buy cure for death  
    What if you were raped +1
    Superman has all powers  
    Anybody better than trump  
    One on one  
    Actually... adult  
    Sex, and not get anyone pregnant...  
    Just sayin'  
    No good option  
    No good option  
    Wife would find out  
    Eat the owls  
    Two hours, even though its good, life goes on  
    Very wide rope  
    Subway doesnt leave its food sitting on a heated oven preaviously cooked, while a giant clown is chasing you around. Plus customizable sandwich +1
    Then i could turn good at something i love  
    My grannies aint anoying  
    At least they get something  
    Already did both  
    They might be hot  
    Know it all, then get rich being the best musicisn ever  
    Screw toast  
    At least i have a life not to be rude  
    I dont get scared  
    I would be a carrer, make everbody hate eachother, and win  
    Retards nobody plays pc anymore  
    Not like kim-jung-un though  
    I am  
    I wouldnt care  
    Not much sexism in the u.s  
    Heck yeah  
    I would make good choices, and ask for advice  
    Less chance of getting smashed by the rocks  
    Cant see hermione in the books  
    No food in my food  
    I know right  
    Fame is wealth  
    Escape the city  
    They cant climb  
    It would take 3hrs, months, years?  
    Then i would read books  
    My family would want my moey  
    Yes pikeme12 yes  
    Bad-ass two timer, or smart-ass sexy beast? Ummmmm.....The smart-ass  
    I would put a good one under  
    I could be 2nd  
    I would be popular if i knew everybody  
    Who is that? He looks like he is trying to poop  
    I dont use computers  
    I love rain  
    Ha funny  
    Im sorry it was hard  
    Ten wishes. I would wish a hot wife, with lots of money  
    So fun, even if i die, i like a thrill  
    Marrige. They pretty much are.  
    Basically Very Sexxxxxxyyyyyy, or bella.  
    My younger self, so if i get married to a bad person, i will know not to get near them  
    Overdressed, like a spy  
    Having sex is true love, at the moment  
    My school mascot is a unicorn, and who would want to have sex with a fish  
    I would rather mentally never age, because there are some dumbass rown men, that still live a normal life  
    Hell Yeah  
    911. That was a sad day, when the world started hating muslims. Nobody hates germany, even though that happened.  
    Dont use amazon  
    Get away. You can't prove they are lying.  
    Penguin. They stay cute, and don't attack people  
    Get a hearing aid  
    Screw ninjas, they got nothing on me...can't touch this.  
    Got meat?  
    Side chick. All im going to say  
    Know what they are going to say, or who they like, then fly to that person and date them  
    It would be funny when you have sex  
    If i die, I will comeback and haunt the person who killed me  
    I could get them to kill somebody, and not have it blamed on me  
    I would get a bunch of girls  
    Live freely, or almost kill yourself trying to prove a point.  
    Humans Vs. Dumb ass dead creatures? Just put a metal tray on yor head, and fight on. We have weapons, all they have is breath that smells like asshole.  
    That way, they would give me pity sex forever  
    Never, I just clicked one to see what other people posted. I will never kill anything I won't eat, and im not a canibal, or a puppy putter-downer  
    Burger King. Ronald Mcdonald is probably terrible at sex. Well, judging by the resturant he represent's, he probably sucks at everything. Plus, Burger King's mascot is fake, and I could kick his ass if he came anywhere near me.  
    Either greedy, or no money. I dont have money right now, and im happy. Knowing i am helping others, makes me happier  
    Anybody who picks pause, is a stalker, creeper or.....rapist  
    both, I would get magic, and make myself a werewolf, like that one professor  
    Put the bad guys in jail, and make the world a better place. Plus, im not to crazy about looking at other people injuries  
    Not as painful, and if you want to remove it, it doesn't hurt  
    I am very skinny, doubling my weight would be 140 pounds, while losing half my height would make me 2ft 5 inches tall  
    When the world ends, you will be floating in space, for eternity, if space is even there  
    Just because you hot, don't mean you can't be the 2nd smartest  
    I would find a cure for death, and buy it with my money  
    No kids though  
    Time is money  
    Then I could be, MY bestfriend  
    I would never go by it or be where it already is, if its a person, I WILL KILL THEM  
    There are sharks on the internet too, but they can't kill you  
    We got Schlitterbahn  
    I could find out yalls weakness, and stop you from flying, hahahahahahahahahaha  
    Who needs money, when you got love. Its worth way more.  
    Jenna Ortega..boyyyyy  
    I would by myself into HP's world  
    Why need a ruler, if we have order, and peace  
    My Man...Joey12  
    I would be dead, so I wouldn't know  
    Me too  
    A hell no  
    Never said it wasn't my sweat  
    Charlotte01 is a LIAR  
    True dat  
    Why don't you shush  
    I'm twelve  
    I'm afraid of heights  
    Who says I can't be loved  
    Go casino  
    Can play x-box on tv  
    There you go California  
    It looks amazing  
    I don't have a favorite song  
    I love food  
    Spicy is awesome  
    I could still see and have fun  
    I have to go with miss Colorado  
    Starbucks is like a kids restaurant while coca-cola is for both  
    I'm kinda both  
    Yahoo +1
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