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    both would crush you  
    already is.  
    I already did +1
    but they can float  
    fire is harder to control  
    yea but you girls get to look at yourself naked whenever you want. How you get any work done is beyond me also you can have multiple orgasms  
    until you lock them inside without a litter box HELLO! but I still love em for their company  
    OK Who here cannot read roman numeral III (3)  
    you mean you CAN remove pictures from online  
    I got to pick between good/bad news once I chose the bad news because I believed when I heard the good news the bad news won't seem so bad but I was told to guess what it was this was right after my back surgery so I thought it was a problem with the operation but it turned out while I was in hospital my cat died. The good news was we bought a house to move into.  
    "Rest of your life" means up until you die that could be the very next hour  
    already can do both  
    Most useless superpower since Meg's ability to control the growth of her nails  
    How about a plane filled with everyone who voted for it? +3
    while Romeo and Juliet is a classic or else it would not have lasted this long it's story is very basic and unbelievable (SPOILERS) Romeo and Juliet are convinced they are in love and to the point of ending their life when the one finds the other is dead, but when does a first relationship work? while harry potter has a real feel of Mystery and Adventure which comes with so much more story. +3
    it will be go well with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti  
    why cant I eject after I fly the plane away should still work I think +1
    I think I would be even more upset at the fact that I am dead  
    if you dream I don't think you would remember it  
    and counting  
    You can still make $$$ if you are the best magician maybe even more  
    does anybody realize that if pokemon were real then we stand the chance of being electrocuted, frozen or crushed  
    KITT from night rider  
    you would just speed up the date  
    lets say you die from being hit by a car while crossing the street you can always avoid crossing streets during the peak hours and walla walla bing bang you wont die being hit by a car but you will still be killed by maybe the ax murderer hiding under your bed :'(  
    I don't think so if anything it would just change how you are going to die you see you don't actually avoid your fate you just change it for something else  
    This is sort of a paradox suppose you did find out how you will die and of course you would avoid every opportunity that arises but then you are opening new opportunities for your death and thus change the way you die tell me is this finding out how you will die thing a once off?  
    good thing there is no such thing as grolar bears  
    I was somewhere in the middle +3
    without a chicken to look after the egg it will surly die from getting too cold so it must have been the chicken first.  
    they already do  
    kinda both +1
    When was cookie monster green  
    everyone will know  
    You can choose your friends you can't choose your family  
    scamming is still a job its not their fault some people are idiots  
    you would anyways have to climb that cliff to get to the bungee  
    I said I wanted to have complete control of my dreams so I'm good  
    ooh tough one  
    um what?  
    you could have used a scene from titanic for the pic of option 2  
    they would give you proper protection it is just to see if the clothes hold their integrity  
    war will cause world hunger world hunger will cause wars  
    you can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design  
    I always wake up on my stomach  
    Just to try something different  
    appose to what I'm doing now  
    how would you get up there you cant avoid it  
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