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Would you rather have more votes on your would u rather or more likes on your comments 7 years ago 318 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather learn enlgish or literature 7 years ago 487 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to live music or recorded music 7 years ago 700 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to a rave( like EDC) or clubs 7 years ago 363 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go back to school for the same amount of years as a teacher or a student again 7 years ago 1,039 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ride roller coasters with only loops or roller coaster with only 5000 meter/foot drop 7 years ago 871 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use curse words or substitute curse words 7 years ago 423 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What is more fun? prank calls or trollin 7 years ago 425 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the underground explored or have more space exploration 7 years ago 388 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live your life on an airship or live your life on a boat 7 years ago 425 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a part of the mainstream or a hypster 7 years ago 881 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Black Ops Nazi Zombies or MW3 survival mode 7 years ago 2,560 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have you or ur gf wear lingerie or bikini 7 years ago 129,534 votes 919 comments 1 like
Would you rather be found by your parents naked in bed or passed out after a secret party at your house 7 years ago 1,075 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear cute glasses or or sun glasses 7 years ago 91,598 votes 435 comments 1 like
Would you rather take a shower or bath and always stink (only others can smell it) or or not take a shower and smell great 7 years ago 81,684 votes 454 comments 1 like
Wound you rather be an African american slave in the 1800's or a Jew in Nazi Germany during the beginning of WWII 7 years ago 634 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Whould you rather be a nazi in WWII or a terrorist right now 7 years ago 243 votes 3 comments 0 likes

JuevosmanBIC has posted the following comments:

on* 6 years ago  
ur back one yay 6 years ago  
lol i would kill my chicken 6 years ago +2
fake online date 6 years ago +3
Maserati 6 years ago  
acid rain 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago +3
lol i have macs and use pc at work....but i get virus on my pc..nothing on my mac 6 years ago  
so hard lol 6 years ago  
i am not gay i hve my gf who i love verymuch and she loves me back so go be stupid sum where else 6 years ago  
thank u for understanding the question correctly 6 years ago  
again made for both genders if u read the question... and if u dont want to answer this then skip it 6 years ago  
i have alot of viruses on my computer already 6 years ago  
morgan freeman 6 years ago +3
porn 7 years ago +3
CANADA 7 years ago +2
guys with guys = more free girls 7 years ago +7
those beach float balls r very fast 7 years ago  
bothhhh 7 years ago  
unicorns 7 years ago +1
me gusta both ;) 7 years ago +2
wear* 7 years ago  
all gurls are beautiful in someway or another no mater wat they where or look like like if u agree 7 years ago +1284
like u 7 years ago +1
good reference derp 7 years ago  
i no ;p 7 years ago  
lost in amazement? 7 years ago  
kill the babys smile? 7 years ago  
been divingin for 5 years 7 years ago +1
i can't stand all this bs 7 years ago +1
i got both 7 years ago  
none ewww glovin for the win 7 years ago  
syndicate 7 years ago  
Canada here i come 7 years ago +3
mute? 7 years ago +4
legally blind works 7 years ago  
so u still go on 7 years ago  
is that susan coffey? 7 years ago  
they are the same girl 7 years ago +9
no she is whereing a swimsuit 7 years ago  
with the way american gov is going nothing will nver look like tht in 2030 7 years ago +4
ummm utube 7 years ago +1
screw america 7 years ago  
trade? 7 years ago  
i would like to thank u alex for making this site if i am not mistaken 7 years ago +4
obamas thumb is in americas ass anny ways 7 years ago +8
i no but i made it in mind of u gurls 7 years ago  
i would burn my family picture 7 years ago +9
cuz redheads give more out 7 years ago  
polo i don't like to swim 7 years ago  
yea and when i started i was 36 and after season i got 28 for the 50 free 7 years ago  
wow i brought this site to this school and everyone is using it now 7 years ago  
shoot them in battlefield or mw3 7 years ago +1
i love to skate butt my friend got hit by a car longboarding u no who you are bic 7 years ago  
how about before you make another wyr read throught the rest so that we don't have dumb?s like this repeted or close to something else 7 years ago  
i am sorry they are both emazin 7 years ago +2
against each other idk but they will always win in fights against anyone else 7 years ago +2
it is the ? porn or music 7 years ago  
yea ur right bic 7 years ago  
anyone name the group on the left 7 years ago  
i beg to differ 7 years ago +1
as they say in skyrim yol 7 years ago +2
i was in English when i mad this so yea 7 years ago +2
i made this not just for guys 7 years ago +3
ummm up 7 years ago  
i am used to being hated 7 years ago +5
never said it had b use in the right way 7 years ago +3
test would b easy 7 years ago +2
taste like chicken 7 years ago +3
i would just bring my ipod 7 years ago +11
sun block derp 7 years ago  
me 7 years ago +1
tht is so true reid 7 years ago  
i luv u reid u din't have to make this ? for me 7 years ago  
i made 3 of them and i had to put her in it she is the hawtest girl in the world 7 years ago  
yea i no i had the best time of my life on a cruise 7 years ago +3
thx u no y i choose cruise 7 years ago +1
i hope ppl understand this ? now 7 years ago +1
if you are a christian it is called adoration 7 years ago +2
i no i will have always have someone to tell my story they don't have to believe me they just have to help me push through 7 years ago +2
burp 7 years ago +4
german cool american usually dumbass 7 years ago +3
reid i love u giveing every one an option of being a bic( awesome) or diez (fag) 7 years ago +4
wrong one derp 7 years ago +6
havin half the animal race includes us humans 7 years ago +2
yay for chocolate 7 years ago +1
wrong one love gets sex 7 years ago +3
wrong one 7 years ago +2
when? 7 years ago  
said the guy who quit club 7 years ago +1
omg i am not the only one who knows her 7 years ago  
no idon't think so 7 years ago  
sut up read 7 years ago +2
i ruv u bic 7 years ago +3
everybodys doing the fish 7 years ago  
ur rlly annoying with this comment 7 years ago +7
depends how many shot gun shells do i have 7 years ago  
no one to say goodbye to 7 years ago +1
canadian doller 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago  
susan coffey 7 years ago  
susan coffey is 7 years ago +3
Susan coffey 7 years ago  
i wana move to canada cuz ur right 7 years ago  
again i wrote this for both genders 7 years ago  
thank you 7 years ago  
derp 7 years ago  
or get new shoes that you where holding while walking around 7 years ago  
yea don't fack with babyface 7 years ago  
very well played but tht is the USSR i was tlkin more of religious wars tht caused genocide 7 years ago  
which bic is this 7 years ago  
with swanson bic 7 years ago +1
french is spoken in canda 7 years ago +1
well i will sit for a mill asec 7 years ago +1
fack u babyface 7 years ago +3
i don't want gummy centipedes in my ass 7 years ago  
bic 7 years ago  
susan coffey 7 years ago +2
and i am awesome at screwing u 7 years ago  
susan coffey 7 years ago  
raped in a game on mineccraft 7 years ago  
susan coffey 7 years ago  
a Maserati 7 years ago  
black is not tht famous 7 years ago  
i am sharing with u world like if u want som 7 years ago +1
i will kill her 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago  
Canada 7 years ago +2
paramore 7 years ago  
skate board 7 years ago +1
o ya i am in the middle of them while watching tht movie 7 years ago  
Skyrim 7 years ago  
dead sour patch kids 7 years ago +4
we at least we can hang out cuz u didn't say we would die 7 years ago +1
well i don't mind getting raped by my 2 best friends i mean 2 girls and me = win 7 years ago +2
u no i am just messing i am just a dog person 7 years ago  
i play water polo 7 years ago +2
i am a hardcore Catholic but with out religion we would have no more war 7 years ago +7
main stream sucks 7 years ago +5
roflcoppter 7 years ago +1
i am a dude 7 years ago +1
very true bro 7 years ago  
with out religion means no war 7 years ago +2
well i got so say that even tho i live in cali i rlly live in mexico 7 years ago  
i will draw my forehead then frill it 7 years ago +1
feed the crack head 7 years ago +2
you racist bic 7 years ago +4
well this ? is still for you i made it for both sexes 7 years ago +4
give a thumbs up if u no the group on the right 7 years ago +5
screw the mainstream 7 years ago +4
water polo 7 years ago  
20 morre votes to make 1000 pls votee 7 years ago  
the average american can't do it i bet 7 years ago +2
both 7 years ago  
susan coffey 7 years ago +2
i cna't get any uglier y not 7 years ago +3
wow the best selling game was skyrim and u don't no 7 years ago  
we already eat spiders plus gummy spiders r not too bad 7 years ago  
i wana b a soul ninja 7 years ago  
u don't no sh*t about naruto 7 years ago +2
susan coffey 7 years ago +2
i have both 7 years ago +1
red heads 7 years ago  
i can walk to knotts so yea 7 years ago +1
f the main stream i would rather glove which i do 7 years ago  
maserati 4 life 7 years ago +1
the one witht then hot girl 7 years ago +1
i wouldjust say smd 7 years ago +2
GUMMY WWORM 7 years ago +3
blearuto 7 years ago  
at least i no how to survive 7 years ago  
we already do 7 years ago +6
mike is a boss 7 years ago  
i will 7 years ago  
well i hate swimmung even tho i am a waterpolo player 7 years ago  
real vs cgi megan fox 7 years ago  
wta ever side canada is on i am 7 years ago +1
well then u havn't check my pants 7 years ago  
yeea big foot would rape me in a race not my ass 7 years ago  
girls with nothing is not an option y 7 years ago  
lol botdf 7 years ago +1
susan coffey 7 years ago +2
this is my friends nick name baby face 7 years ago  
they didn't say caramel apples with gummy worms 7 years ago +3
i read both but hp 7 years ago +2
idk bic y not suck it 7 years ago  
i luv canada 7 years ago  
i love canada 7 years ago +1
taylor has talent and nicki is to main stream so i hav never herd her songs 7 years ago  
redhead 7 years ago +1
women i will protect u 7 years ago +3
a weight ball 7 years ago  
bieber is a mainstream fag 7 years ago +3
bvb 7 years ago +2
neither they r mainstream 7 years ago  
nothin is better 7 years ago  
hardstlye dupstep 7 years ago +1
bic 7 years ago  
send me a pic lol 7 years ago +1
well no one needs to wait for me they come home with me 7 years ago  
would u like to b seen wearing which anywhere 7 years ago +1
whhere ever u want 7 years ago +1
i am no rapist i only will do it if a girl wants it 7 years ago +1
both i love this girl btw they r the same girl 7 years ago +1
then we should sleep together jk unless u wana ;) 7 years ago +4
she is my fav model in the world 7 years ago  
it is ok i still love her 7 years ago +1
shut it 7 years ago  
my shot gun 7 years ago +18
wewill always need docs 7 years ago  
f the main stream 7 years ago  
back up 7 years ago +1
the awk moment when ur a jew jk 7 years ago  
i will murder their pictures 7 years ago +1
i like this college girl who is a model so yea 7 years ago +2
i get to rest with girls which to me is better than being alone 7 years ago  
i made this just so tht i can vote for the hottest girl in the world Susan Coffey 7 years ago  
hi bro 7 years ago  
don't worry about it bic 7 years ago  
boss comedian 7 years ago  
watch on mute while sleep 7 years ago +3
fingernails 7 years ago +12
no bic skyrim 7 years ago +2
wow bic 7 years ago +1
mayb i do is there a problem 7 years ago  
i am sorry i have been single for a long time so yea i am not cheating on any one 7 years ago  
i am sorry it just came out of me from no where 7 years ago  
tht is me i mean y not be one 7 years ago  
which bic is this? 7 years ago +1
i am ugly 7 years ago +7
i have both so i will stay neutral 7 years ago  
well it would be the case of a gorrilla vs my shotgun sorry 7 years ago +2
well u can jack me off all day 7 years ago +10
i am a dude at an all guy school f tht 7 years ago +3
i love canada 7 years ago  
yea i rather get my drill and screw in a screw in to a pencil sharpener 7 years ago  
so i can bang my hot teacher 7 years ago +2
it is messed up learn us history 7 years ago  
canada 7 years ago +2
emma stone 7 years ago +4
5k84l1f3 7 years ago  
idc lol 7 years ago  
i am a dude 7 years ago  
hay u never played the game? 7 years ago  
f the main stream 7 years ago +2
i am not some child play toy 7 years ago  
i am both 7 years ago  
well i don't rlly like them i love them 7 years ago +6
u guys that voted for x ray vision have no intention for using it for the right reason 7 years ago +5
shoot my foot 7 years ago +1
i like me sperm cells 7 years ago +1
it is called make not act 7 years ago  
where ever i am at the moment is cool with me 7 years ago +2
it is just my ex 7 years ago +3
hay what starts with s and ends with ex tht gives u mutipl orgasims? skrillex 7 years ago +6
i don't rlly like bassnectar's style and skrillex is gettting to main stream for me 7 years ago +1
ya for ropes 7 years ago  
had tht happen to me it hurt when she agreed o well she was an ex anyways 7 years ago +1
fake teeth? 7 years ago  
don't disrespect others opinion if some one want to believe something let them 7 years ago  
well the intresting is i can deafen my self 7 years ago +1
it is halo vs call of duty 7 years ago +1
shut it vince 7 years ago +2
where is my fav model option go under 7 years ago +2
i got both an xbox and ps3 and i don't have xbox live no loose for me and i have a mac so it don't die 7 years ago +1
u turn me on 7 years ago +3
i done sex in public 7 years ago +1
boith 7 years ago  
i would listen to the cd on mute 7 years ago +11
blue looks hawt 7 years ago +4
already happend 7 years ago +5
SKYRIM 7 years ago +2
trick ? u don't have one 7 years ago +6
depends do u like tht music cuz tht person don't 7 years ago +1
i always thought about it as transformer sex 7 years ago +1
i didn't make this be a skip i really want you to think about it 7 years ago +1
wrong one i just kill the terrorist and then they can't hate anythin 7 years ago +3
both 7 years ago +2
fack u natalie 7 years ago +4
i like redheads 7 years ago +3
as long as they come off 7 years ago +6
shane is more of a tech skater sheckler is too main stream and not as a good skater as o'neil 7 years ago  
i am going to hell aready F it 7 years ago +3
i can kill my self 7 years ago  
don't u guys no the song by blink 182 i wana F**k a dog in the ass 7 years ago +2
the awkward moment when u have both 7 years ago +6
gosh at least choose a pair of hoter girls 7 years ago +10
Chocolate milk 7 years ago +2
for u girls out their here is an easyer option nothing 7 years ago +1
maxim 7 years ago  
before they put the new seat on 7 years ago  
how are them hurricanes 7 years ago  
i no cali sucks it is all about Canada 7 years ago  
i am a black belt in tae kwon do 7 years ago +2
this is a rlly hard one 7 years ago +3
daleks for the win 7 years ago +1
i was drawn in by the pic 7 years ago +3
if it does then it will be my excuse for sex 7 years ago  
action comedy witht a lot of both 7 years ago +1
sex with my date then after tht may not work then i get my one night stands 7 years ago  
both are guys one is gay the other is bi i won't tell u which is which hahaha so u don't no to choose 7 years ago  
he don't talk 7 years ago +1
wrong nvm 7 years ago +1
man i am tempted for skyrim but my true love can play skyrim with me 7 years ago  
eat a baby chicken 7 years ago +4
they both are hawt and as long as they come off 7 years ago +7
if u want comedy then blink if u want talent it is blink if u want anything it will b blink 7 years ago +3
welll cussing out ppl ien diffrent languag 7 years ago  
no i just wanted to piss off my friend who made it who was sitting next to me 7 years ago  
the maker of this is sitting next to me 7 years ago  
idc 7 years ago  
neither 7 years ago  
if she actually was my mom 7 years ago +5
both at the same time 7 years ago  
rock band sucks 7 years ago +1
i have an earthlink and a gmail 7 years ago  
idc 7 years ago +1
either 7 years ago  
idc 7 years ago  
i can b ur man whore 7 years ago +3
canada 7 years ago +1
together with everyothe beatle 7 years ago +1
well the first moive stars should have awards named after them and ppl will do like roast for u and stuff 7 years ago  
yes 7 years ago  
yes 7 years ago +1
the give good bjs 7 years ago +1
hahah bic 7 years ago  
i hate drops 7 years ago +1
i can walk up to a hawt girl and say hay ur my cuzin right 7 years ago +1
the sister girl is hawt 7 years ago +2
Philippians for the win 7 years ago +2
both are cute 7 years ago  
mincreaft for the win 7 years ago +2
who ever dies first 7 years ago  
a Maserati 7 years ago +1
as long as i have a shotgun for both 7 years ago +2
baby face gets this alot 7 years ago +1
i F.U.C.K on my first date 7 years ago +3
i love canada 7 years ago +1
crack head 7 years ago +3
tht all it is 7 years ago  
i hate uncharted 3 7 years ago  
hell ya i love Canada 7 years ago  
and i am a single male 7 years ago +18
i always talk with the buk lau accent 7 years ago +1
well i like Canadian girls 7 years ago  
i can txt 7 years ago  
depends on the ppl tht are judging me 7 years ago +1
girls say dimonds are their best friends wrong it is my d1ck 7 years ago +1
if it is a no then o well next person 7 years ago +2
both are hot 7 years ago +2
but is a dumb b*tch 7 years ago +4
i miss u Ghost 7 years ago +3
wrong one 7 years ago  
i used to watch tv then i took skyrim to the ps3 7 years ago +12
no it is called mexican 7 years ago +1
i live forever 7 years ago  
they don'e have to no 7 years ago  
some guy already does this 7 years ago  
y are u single? 7 years ago +4
bics 7 years ago  
with yanez 7 years ago +1
drunk girls like pools 7 years ago +1
we bikinis vs fully clothed 7 years ago  
o so u want my large thang 7 years ago  
i can't afford dinner 7 years ago +4
boith 7 years ago  
man whore 7 years ago  
i love canada 7 years ago  
i can b ur bf 7 years ago +8
live porn 7 years ago  
i dated a girl from alberta supper hot 7 years ago  
when i am drunk 7 years ago  
well after awhile of killing u get used to it 7 years ago +4
it is called switvching their numbs 7 years ago +3
chicken is healthyer 7 years ago +1
I AM YELLOW BICS 7 years ago  
wrong one i rather have the gays take out eachother so tht there are more girls for me 7 years ago +3
wrong one i can have sex wwith my clothes on 7 years ago  
CANADA 7 years ago  
it is called hair cuts 7 years ago  
i like PU55y 7 years ago +1
a genealogist 7 years ago  
i had it my way with his daughter and wife 7 years ago +1
men have authority 7 years ago  
the other pic tells u how to shut up 7 years ago  
as long as i can put me d**k there 7 years ago +1
both 7 years ago +1
i have had elevator secx 7 years ago  
i can put my D.I.C.K in both 7 years ago +5
i am brown bic 7 years ago  
CANADA 7 years ago  
smart=money money = GURLS 7 years ago  
i love CANADA 7 years ago  
both at the same time 7 years ago +4
i am good at recieving 7 years ago +3
well i can eat the ppl tht i hate 7 years ago +2
Canada 7 years ago  
i can live forever and kill the richest for their money 7 years ago +1
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