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Would you rather wear cute glasses or or sun glasses 92,200 votes 435 comments 1 like

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lol i have macs and use pc at work....but i get virus on my pc..nothing on my mac  
so hard lol  
i have alot of viruses on my computer already  
porn +3
guys with guys = more free girls +7
good reference derp  
is that susan coffey?  
ummm utube +1
cuz redheads give more out  
i beg to differ +1
sun block derp  
i made 3 of them and i had to put her in it she is the hawtest girl in the world  
omg i am not the only one who knows her  
no idon't think so  
i wana move to canada cuz ur right  
very well played but tht is the USSR i was tlkin more of religious wars tht caused genocide  
a Maserati  
i will kill her  
i am a hardcore Catholic but with out religion we would have no more war +7
water polo  
i wouldjust say smd +2
girls with nothing is not an option y  
susan coffey +2
idk bic y not suck it  
i luv canada  
well no one needs to wait for me they come home with me  
she is my fav model in the world  
it is ok i still love her +1
shut it  
back up +1
the awk moment when ur a jew jk  
i like this college girl who is a model so yea +2
i get to rest with girls which to me is better than being alone  
i made this just so tht i can vote for the hottest girl in the world Susan Coffey  
boss comedian  
fingernails +12
no bic skyrim +2
mayb i do is there a problem  
i have both so i will stay neutral  
canada +2
well i don't rlly like them i love them +6
u guys that voted for x ray vision have no intention for using it for the right reason +5
it is just my ex +3
had tht happen to me it hurt when she agreed o well she was an ex anyways +1
shut it vince +2
fack u natalie +4
i like redheads +3
don't u guys no the song by blink 182 i wana F**k a dog in the ass +2
he don't talk +1
wrong nvm +1
welll cussing out ppl ien diffrent languag  
rock band sucks +1
i have an earthlink and a gmail  
idc +1
canada +1
together with everyothe beatle +1
well the first moive stars should have awards named after them and ppl will do like roast for u and stuff  
yes +1
the give good bjs +1
hahah bic  
i hate drops +1
who ever dies first  
with yanez +1
drunk girls like pools +1
we bikinis vs fully clothed  
o so u want my large thang  
i can't afford dinner +4
i love canada  
live porn  
when i am drunk  
chicken is healthyer +1
it is called hair cuts  
i like PU55y +1
a genealogist  
i had it my way with his daughter and wife +1
men have authority  
the other pic tells u how to shut up  
both +1
i have had elevator secx  
smart=money money = GURLS  
i love CANADA  
both at the same time +4
i am good at recieving +3
well i can eat the ppl tht i hate +2
i can live forever and kill the richest for their money +1
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