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hmm about me... ok 1st thing about me. I think its really weird how I'm user 10,942 on rrrather, but my username is Juliet. Juliet without any numbers or spaces or "Juju_cutiepie101!" Hah, i would never put cutiepie in my username. too unoriginal. // 2nd thing about me. I like things original. Oh, if you didn't figure it, my name is Juliet. // 3rd thing about me, I play piano. // 4th thing about me, I have Lisztomania. Deifination of 'Lisztomania'- A need to listen to music all the time. // 5th thing about me, I listen to Alternative, punk, emo pop music genre. Like 'All Time Low', 'Fall Out Boy', 'Paramore', all that good shnazz. // 6th thing about me, Most people think I'm 2 faced, but i really just have different sides of me. My happy funny side (And if I do say so myself, I'm fuking hilarious), my "If I even hear you breathe I'll shove this pen down you're throat" (Oh I forgot to tell y'all, I have a bit of an anger problem...), and my super extremely suicidal depressed side. No one knows about that side. My mom sees that I'm a little depressed, but thinks its just a stage. I dont know, maybe it is. But anyone who knows me personally would think that I was the complete opposite of depressed. I'm a great fake smiler. But everyone thinks Im jus the badass rebel who doesnt get hurt from any words. That I just smirk it off. But I actually really care about what people say about me. A lot. // 7th thing about me, Im trying out that Lucid Dreaming thing. Need more practice. // 8th thing about me, Im a dreamer. I love to read, watch movies, read quotes, ect. // 9th thing about me, I'm a hopeless romantic. // 10th thing about me, I like when people ask me questions, SO ASK. ///// Wut wut wut, thats everything about me(: follow me on instagram @Juliet_Rawr and on Tumblr, [email protected] (I am still trying to figure out how to work Tumblr...)

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    Ok. I love Bram Stoker's Dracula, but the book twilight is actually not that bad! Im not a huge fan or anything though. But i really think the story is good but they just fuucked up the movie with the actors. Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart are horrible for the part. Everyone else was good though. +1
    It says "visit" not "live". And i personally think Greece is more beautiful and i love reading Greek History and Mythology.  
    I woill be like one pf this guys in the middle east and learn how to walk on the coals like they do, and then i would do it for entertainment and monayyy  
    "Hell is empty, because the devils are here." -William Shakespere +313
    I had this "friend" who was sleeping at my house. She wanted one of my baseball team shirts or something to wear to sleep since it was a totally awesome shirt. The next morning shes all like "ill give you back the shirt next time i see you" okay, i see her almost everyday. We go to school together. And i couple months later (like 2 weeks ago) she posted a picture on instagram of her in MY shirt that she said she would give back. ITS BEEN 8 MONTHS. I always reminded her but she always "forgot" and one time i was lost my phone and couldnt fet on instagram and i let her wear my reallyyyy pretty earings. I dont care that she posts about picture with mu earings but commenting "I love my new earings!" Bittch. Dafuc.  
    The Hunchback of Notredame was incredible... Mulan wasn't all that great... +6
    When im with my enemy, im always angry. And i heard being angry during sex is 10x better +32
    The bride is already suppose to be late. Its tradition. And im a chick, sooo... +6
    Pretty much everyone where i live is all the same religion. So yeah. If i date a guy from the same place as me, is 97% likely to be the same religion as me. So it wont be a major debate or arguement if we discuss religion.  
    What da f*** is with the cat  
    I would laugh my asss off if one day i came outside and i heard a tree say "dam you white asss wigga. Get da fak back in da kitchen hoe." But red fog seems kinda cool. +4
    Excuse to punch the biitch  
    Everytime i see a clown, i think of John Wayne Gacy. Yeah, no. I wouldnt watch clown porn.  
    No penis. Win.  
    I hate mayonnaise. No way i could sh*tt it out if i dont eat it.  
    No diick brah(;  
    Girl. In yo fayce  
    I dont have a grandpa. So i dont have to go down on him.  
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