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Do not expect a former emperor of Rome never to return...

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Do you help the poor more by? Working as a missionary for most of your life or Talking about helping the poor and oppressed, yet doing nothing. 2 years ago 79 votes 36 comments 0 likes
Which is a more effect rape prevention kit? A revolver or A whistle 2 years ago 102 votes 44 comments 0 likes
On a hot day, you see a dog in a Porsche Cayenne. He is scratching on the glass, trying to get out. You know if you leave him he might die.Do you try and break the window? Yes or No 2 years ago 70 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Who is more racist? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump 2 years ago 77 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Who will win? Floyd Mayweather or Conner McGregor 2 years ago 82 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Have you been divorced more than twice? Yes or No 2 years ago 127 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Be the ruler (king or queen) of England during the sixteenth century. or Live out your life 2 years ago 88 votes 10 comments 0 likes
I have heard that conservatives are the ones who think that race matters the most Who the hell told you that? or Yes, that is true. 2 years ago 61 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Is OJ Simpson a murderer? Yes or No 2 years ago 87 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have? Been one of OJ Simpson's defense attorneys or Been one of the prosecutors 2 years ago 63 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a? Criminal defense attorney or Criminal prosecutor 2 years ago 63 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Homosexuality be illegal or Heterosexuality be illegal 2 years ago 102 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Have red hair or Dark brown hair 2 years ago 85 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Have you read the Quran? Yes or No 2 years ago 124 votes 20 comments 0 likes
What do you think of the latest Clash of Clans update? Comment or No comment 2 years ago 80 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Live in the Islamic State of Iraq or Somalia 2 years ago 86 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Find out that you were adopted or Find out you were an illegal immigrant 2 years ago 98 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Live an excellent life of eighty years, but there be no afterlife or Live a miserable life of eighty years, but go straight to heaven. 2 years ago 89 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Fall in love, and get married within the month or Never find true love 2 years ago 42 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Lose everything you own, right now or Lose all of your friends and family 2 years ago 37 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Have you ever attempted suicide? Yes or No 2 years ago 175 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you have a greater political advantage as? A white woman or A black man 2 years ago 60 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Will Joe Biden run for president in 2020? Yes or No 2 years ago 123 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Did you know that areas with least gun control, have the lowest amount of gun crime? Yes or No 2 years ago 93 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? George W. Bush or Donald Trump 2 years ago 118 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Alexw has not logged in for six days Really? or Not surprised 2 years ago 48 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Be able to play every instrument in the world at a very advanced level or Be recognized as the greatest singer in the world 2 years ago 91 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Bill Clinton or Barack Obama 2 years ago 88 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump 2 years ago 83 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Quit drinking forever or Be required to spend a minimum of 100$ daily on alcohol 2 years ago 100 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Only eat a vegetarian diet or Eat any thing you choose, but no deserts 2 years ago 310 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Only eat meat and fish or Only eat vegetables 2 years ago 249 votes 38 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have? A free Xbox One or A free original PlayStation, and any original PlayStation games of your choice 2 years ago 79 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Be without morals or Be completely disabled 2 years ago 73 votes 11 comments 0 likes
If you did not believe in an afterlife, would you die to save someone you loved? Yes or No 2 years ago 90 votes 14 comments 0 likes
If an armed person was breaking into your house, with the intent to kill you and your family, would you shoot them? Yes or No 2 years ago 111 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Do you agree that the color of people's skin does not matter? Yes or No 2 years ago 89 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Believe in God, but when you die actually be wrong or Not believe in God, but when you die find out you were wrong. 2 years ago 67 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Have no cell phone or No video game console 2 years ago 165 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Never have fish again or Never have vegetables again 2 years ago 71 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Never eat beef again or Never eat chicken again 2 years ago 60 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Live in the year 1900 or 2100 2 years ago 61 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Clash of Clans or Clash Royale 2 years ago 67 votes 14 comments 0 likes
I am brand new to rather, and would like to meet some new people Love to get to know you! or Why would I want to get to know Julius Caesar? I though the guy died 2000 years ago! 2 years ago 47 votes 30 comments 0 likes

Julius-Caesar has posted the following comments:

Why did you choose these pictures? 1 year ago  
Easy. 1 year ago +1
Feminism is a great scam. 2 years ago +2
Why is your vote not sexist? Both are wrong, but I only voted B because in Islam this is the will of God, where as no religion that I know of would define A as the will of God. 2 years ago  
If you are looking at the Old Testament, you perhaps could say this is the will of God. In Islam it definitely is.But equality is the true will of God, and neither option B nor feminism represent equality. 2 years ago  
Are your middle names Arrogant and Proud? Or is it Biased and Obstinate? 2 years ago +5
The way you pose this question is so unbiased! You think that as long as you believe something it is true. I think the reason you do not believe in God is because you cannot accept the fact that someone might know more than you. 2 years ago +2
You are right, in the sense that it is not man made. 2 years ago +2
You are right, in the sense that it is not man made. 2 years ago  
You do not have to be 160 to know that global warming is not man made. I would say it requires about an IQ of 50. 2 years ago +1
Yes, there is such thing as global warming. It has been happening long before Man. 2 years ago  
Exactly. She makes MSNBC look unbiased. 2 years ago +1
No not trolling, it is an imitation! 2 years ago  
Well, if I were Hillary Clinton, I must chose A. It is the fault of the Democrats, the Republicans, men, traitorous women, and sexism that I was not elected! Damn you America! 2 years ago +1
How many people are millionaires? How many Men can fly? 2 years ago  
Usually. 2 years ago  
He would have been good earlier, but I personally think he is a little bit too old. 2 years ago  
I knew McGregor would lose because he is not even a boxer. 2 years ago  
Floyd gonna win. Oh yes, he did. 2 years ago  
No, McGregor lost. I knew this would happen. 2 years ago  
Obviously. 2 years ago  
Oh no! 2 years ago  
Never Play. 2 years ago  
Never play. 2 years ago  
Depends. 2 years ago  
Well, I am not quite an adult yet, so I am not sure. 2 years ago  
At one time this would be easy, but now it is tough. 2 years ago  
Depends. 2 years ago  
How much longer? 2 years ago  
Both my grandmother are alive, and both my grandfathers have passed. 2 years ago  
I have had serious nasal congestion for four years. If you think you know what a stuffy nose feels like, talk too me. I am used to having a plugged nose. 2 years ago  
Makes far more sense. 2 years ago  
I see. Well you have many on mine.... 2 years ago  
You ask for "peace" and this is your idea. So, I see that PM you said me was loaded with crap, so forget that I said "deal." Instead, if you really want "peace" apologize. If not, keep up what you are doing. 2 years ago  
Interesting question. 2 years ago  
Easy. 2 years ago  
Misclick, A is awful. 2 years ago  
Hands down. Some many were murdered because of their religion. 2 years ago  
IF there were any. I have personally never met one. 2 years ago +1
Oh yes. 2 years ago  
I do not go to school. 2 years ago  
Easy. 2 years ago  
I see your point. What do you think of Texas? 2 years ago  
I don't have Netflix, but they offer some good movies. 2 years ago +1
The Soviets had power, but their leaders weakened the nation in many ways. The British Empire was more powerful, and effective. 2 years ago  
Well, I guess O.J. did go free in the end. 2 years ago +1
Troll? 2 years ago  
Way more effective. 2 years ago  
Good to hear. 2 years ago  
Sorry, but I am not ready to marry, and I am not gay, and I do not know you. 2 years ago  
What do you mean? 2 years ago  
I am glad that you do respect conservatives in my region more than liberals. 2 years ago  
I never implied that I disrespect all liberals. 2 years ago  
I do not disrespect all liberals, I have liberal friends, and some liberals have done good things. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was no coward, he was a good leader. JFK did good things. I am just saying that overall I disagree with most liberal ideas. 2 years ago  
What you said was absolutely crap. The greatest challenge for any living being who does not think exactly like you would be not going insane. If I were to ever leave this site, it would be because of what an assh*ole you are. And yes, I said that I do not swear, and that remains true. When talking about someone like you, sometimes swearing is necessary, this is one of those times. Now, I am not an unreasonable person. If you quit being such an antagonistic, hostile, pain in the ass, I will happily leave you alone. 2 years ago  
Nope. 2 years ago  
Exactly! 2 years ago  
Well you see, here's the thing. It vote A would actually be correct. Meaning you are write on something, and acknowledging the truth. Gee, I don't really see that as being possible. 2 years ago  
If they are mentally unstable then I would not sell them a gun. But, if they it proves that all of those people by a gun anyway..... 2 years ago  
Prepare to divorce you the minute the wedding is over. 2 years ago +1
Just a minute. 2 years ago  
Can I put a blanket over my underwear? 2 years ago +1
Cars 2 was not great. 2 years ago  
Misclick. Never had B. but I think A is worse. 2 years ago  
I am looking forward to Call of Duty WWII 2 years ago  
Easy! 2 years ago  
If someone wants to get a gun, they will get it. Give me an example of a "crazy person." 2 years ago  
It is really your choice, but either way, good luck! If you tell it through rather, I will make sure to vote. 2 years ago  
Yes and no. In karate yes, but it was not deliberate. 2 years ago  
It would probably be easier this way. I am glad that my series has inspired you to do this, or at least motivate. Thanks for using my question as the picture for A! 2 years ago  
That is not my solution to the gun trade. My solution is extremely limited gun control. If I want a gun, I will by it. If I can't get it legally, I will get it illegally. That is how someone who is using a gun for crime is going to think. Gun control does not prevent some crazy from shooting someone. It just creates an illegal market. 2 years ago  
It looks good, but never seen either. 2 years ago  
Still, the the less laws on guns the better. I think that gun safety should be taught, but guns should not be restricted. Automatics yes, but semi automatics no. As long as people know how to safely handle a gun I think that everything would go very smoothly. Areas with the least gun control also have the least crime. 2 years ago  
Oh, I see. 2 years ago  
You might, but a lot of criminals are stupid. Especially rapists. 2 years ago  
I agree, some people are not fit to own a firearm. But, if they want one, they will get it from an arms dealer, which then creates another criminal market. 2 years ago  
I am pleased to know that you agree that piss sucks as a defense. 2 years ago  
I see your point. But lets say you wanted to rape someone. Would you be more afraid of a taser, or a revolver? Simply having a gun protects you a lot. Would you try and rape someone who had a gun pointed at you? 2 years ago  
In some ways. 2 years ago  
Galactic is going way overboard. The wall of China was greater, especially considering the era it was built. 2 years ago  
I have never heard of those things period. What are they even called? 2 years ago  
Okay, sure. But still, urinating yourself is a stupid way to attempt rape prevention. You carry a gun, that is all you need. Bullets beat piss. 2 years ago  
That thing is just trash. A revolver is best. 2 years ago  
If he ever responded you would probably say :"You shall not test the Lord your God. 2 years ago  
Your welcome. By Indie you mean..... India? 2 years ago  
I knew nothing about any of the video games. 2 years ago  
Exactly. 2 years ago  
Slightly less awful. 2 years ago  
Exactly! 2 years ago  
I would never masturbate. This is just disgusting. 2 years ago  
Just telling you my experience. But I really think that is a problem with liberalism. They often do not take necessary action. 2 years ago  
Not a doubt in the world. 2 years ago  
Less terrible. 2 years ago  
More useful. 2 years ago  
Well I also know some middle class liberals who are the same. Most conservatives that I know however donate money to charity, or are actively involved with helping the less fortunate. At our parish there are dozens of ways for you to help the poor. 2 years ago  
You are entitled to your opinion. I am not upset that you disagree with me, I would just like to hear why. 2 years ago  
You make a good point there. 2 years ago  
Emperor Donald Trump? 2 years ago +1
Probably Murdoch Mysteries. 2 years ago  
I live in a somewhat wealthy community. 2 years ago  
Yep. 2 years ago  
Hides it better yes, but I am glad to see that you agree she is more racist. 2 years ago +1
Well, most liberals I know are armchair liberals. Lots of talk, no action. This is my experience, and it is what I see around me. Most of the people who help the needy are the religious, and most of them are conservative. 2 years ago  
Yes, that is definitely something that is no longer legal! In North America and Europe at least. 2 years ago  
You certainly can not do that now! 2 years ago  
Thank you kirke! 2 years ago  
I don't mean Sanger, I mean if she "enormously admired" any huge racist. And also, saying anti choice is just stupid. Would you be pro abortion if you knew that it meant you would never have been born? 2 years ago  
Really? 2 years ago  
If you were starving would you rather someone feed you, or someone half way across the world who is worth over 100 million dollars talk about income inequality? 2 years ago  
What do you mean? 2 years ago  
Oh my goodness, I am so sad! You hurt me feelings so badly! 2 years ago  
On what I was watching. 2 years ago  
Bias? I suppose you think that liberals want women to carry guns to protect themselves, and conservatives want women to piss their pants? 2 years ago  
Depends. 2 years ago  
Depends. 2 years ago  
A, conservative rape prevention kit. B, liberal rape prevention kit, along with urinating yourself. 2 years ago  
I am not a liberal. I do not copy other people's ideas, I do not trust the media implicitly, and I actually think. 2 years ago +1
You are still as much of a feeble coward as you were when I joined. Lostmoon this, Blue-Falcon that. You know you can not beat me in a debate, so you use cowardly tactics. I am not interested in Lostmoon of Blue-Falcon's opinions, they were wrong on a lot. If you have a problem with me, I want you to attack me on things I have said, NOT THEM! 2 years ago  
Still, if Clinton were a Republican that enormously admired such a racist, they would slander her for it. 2 years ago  
Oh, I see! Yes, you are right. 2 years ago  
What do you say everything is gay? I am far from being in support of same sex marriage, however insulting a sexuality for no reason is not good either. Again I ask, why do you call so many things "gay"? 2 years ago  
I see........... even more pathetic than I thought......... 2 years ago  
I see your point. Still, Clinton's reasons for admiring Sanger are appalling, and I would think that most democrats would realize how hypocritical it is for her to talk about racism, and yet admire someone who would be happy to see blacks and Jews murdered. 2 years ago  
I agree. 2 years ago  
No. 2 years ago  
Of course you can vote for whatever you want! But it is shocking that you can not defend your argument. 2 years ago  
Exactly! I love Reagan, I love and hate Trump. 2 years ago  
Thank God for Chupacabra! 2 years ago +1
Well, not exactly. Obama was running for president, Palin would have been VP. 2 years ago  
I never would. 2 years ago  
Oh. 2 years ago  
Now? 2 years ago  
Probably would create less conflict. 2 years ago  
You argument is astounding! How must be a liberal. 2 years ago  
Never, except for accidentally in karate, but it was not a real "punch." 2 years ago  
Why do you think that? 2 years ago  
I totally agree! What chance does Conner have? 2 years ago  
Why did you vote for Trump? Are you unaware of Clinton's love for Margaret Sanger? 2 years ago +1
I am totally non racist! One of my biggest hero's thinks that Jews and black people are human weeds, that must be exterminated! Does that not prove how anti racist I am? Kill black people, kill Jews, my hero Margaret says. And look how non racist I am, by admiring her! Lots of love to black America, Hillary. 2 years ago +1
I share almost nothing in common with either of them. I can easily prove it! This is really hilarious. 2 years ago  
Who is a b*tch? 2 years ago  
I do not understand. 2 years ago  
Many are, but some are older. 2 years ago  
Misclick. I do not know what you mean by "sexy", but I like GoldenMoon78 better! 2 years ago  
Why did you even do that? 2 years ago  
Quite a few have, though the majority of people have not. Celebrities have often been divorced three or more times. 2 years ago  
I would not want it either. 2 years ago  
Never. 2 years ago  
There is no reason not to make it illegal. There are many reasons to make it illegal. One would be the amount of abortions would go down substantially. 2 years ago  
It was before. 2 years ago  
Premarital sex. However, thankfully sex before marriage is illegal in some countries. 2 years ago  
Never. 2 years ago  
No, he did not love them. However, blacks and gays were discriminated by so many, and Jews have been hated by almost all for a long time. That means nothing, or at least very little. 2 years ago  
Yes, I have. But if you want a more detailed evidence, read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. It is all true, not one lie in there. All facts. 2 years ago  
This is supposed to mean something? Do you think this is hard evidence or something? 2 years ago  
Those were all English words. That is about it. 2 years ago  
Okay then. You mock my traditional thinking. Explain what makes sex so great. Please, educate me! 2 years ago  
I thought you wanted to be friends. 2 years ago  
Excuse me? I find the outfit revolting. Why do you speak like this? 2 years ago  
That only begins to describe! 2 years ago  
Yes, I know that! But B just disgusts me, personally. That thing looks..... awful! 2 years ago  
What ever the hell B is, I hate it! 2 years ago  
Very good point. But, Rodney King was beaten after being drunk, driving 80 mph, and assaulting police. Zachary King was the black man who was REALLY beaten unjustly, and yet no one talks about him. 2 years ago  
More than ten. 2 years ago  
Nazis? Oh I am loving this! The Nazis called themselves "national socialists." They believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast sums on public education. They purged the church from public policy, and promoted a new form of pagan spirituality. They declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia and gun control. They hated the free market, provided generous pensions for the elderly. Hitler was a strict vegetarian, and Himmler was an animal rights activist. So where is the conservatism? 2 years ago  
Aren't you smart! 2 years ago  
That is not what I meant. What I am trying to say is that liberals care about race, unlike conservatives. I do not know what else it is you are asking. If you are just talking about more liberal racist crap, then forget my comments. 2 years ago  
So would I. 2 years ago  
Actually, only one person told me that. That person is on this site. 2 years ago  
2. 2 years ago  
This is a troll, so misclick! 2 years ago  
Rarely. 2 years ago  
100% guys! Economically, socially, everything! The Nazi's even called themselves socialists. He was a communist in almost every way. Read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg! 2 years ago  
Death fell upon all. 2 years ago +1
I agree with you, 100%. Do you like Allen West by the way? 2 years ago  
I misclicked. I agree with you, however vegetarians and vegans might vote B. 2 years ago  
No. 2 years ago  
Chat doesn't work for me either. He seems pretty lazy when it comes to his site. 2 years ago +1
Really? 2 years ago  
I was told that they can still sue you because they are now injured. 2 years ago  
That makes three! 2 years ago  
Sometimes both, but almost always B. 2 years ago +1
I already have B too! 2 years ago  
Seriously? Do you actually want to debate with me? The only reason why I have not attacked you on ANY political issue in the world is because you are unreasonable. 2 years ago  
WHAT? That is just stupid. Read some conservative quotes about race. 2 years ago  
Sadly, if you do that, I am told that THEY can sue YOU! I know it is stupid, but that it was I was told. 2 years ago  
Oh yes! 2 years ago  
Yes, however in moderation it is fine. 2 years ago +1
No she isn't. She said that for some reason, unknown to her, you have something against me. She is right! Oh, and under your own liberal rules, what you said was racist. You said GoldenMoon was wrong because she is black. That would be a very common liberal argument, and because you are a liberal, I will use it. You disagree with GoldenMoon because she is black. There. 2 years ago  
Exactly! You and I think that Obama was terrible, but she and I will never agree. But you and I are on the same page on a lot. Conservatives and libertarians agree on many things. 2 years ago  
That is fine. 2 years ago  
Yes, in my opinion. Did I ever say otherwise? 2 years ago  
GoldenMoon says you did not actually think my questions were unoriginal, you were just being a troll. I have heard you do it often. 2 years ago  
Well, it was just illogical. 2 years ago  
Yes, I read it just fine the first time. But why would you rather got to Hell? Are you trolling, again? 2 years ago  
YOU, do not have to care. I was only saying that your comment was 100% wrong. 2 years ago  
What? 2 years ago  
I am sure the almighty YHWH will stone you for your comment. After all, he says he is God, right? We must not question him, LOL! 2 years ago +1
Clash of Clans has millions of downloads. People love the game. I feel it is overplayed and overrated, but it is still good. It used to be terrible, however. That is why I quit so many times. 2 years ago  
Cool! 2 years ago  
No, it is not! Many people would vote B, and some protestants are against all kinds of "violence." 2 years ago  
Gay? 2 years ago  
Exactly! 2 years ago  
Indeed. 2 years ago  
Me too! I like Reagan WAY better than Trump. 2 years ago  
I agree, just slightly. 2 years ago  
Possibly, though I doubt he will win. 2 years ago  
I agree. It is not always sexist to criticize a white woman, but it is usually considered racist to criticize a black man. Unless he is a Republican. 2 years ago  
Really? That is bad. 2 years ago  
It used to be terrible, now it is not. 2 years ago  
Oh yes. 2 years ago  
LOL. 2 years ago +1
Okay. 2 years ago  
Yes, but people have attempted suicide and failed. In many cases, they end up not killing themselves. 2 years ago  
Like I said before, this is a poll. And, it was my second question! Nobody behaves like this, except for you! 2 years ago  
That is true. You do not need meat to get protein. 2 years ago  
Oh. 2 years ago  
Drinked? 2 years ago  
Depends on what it is. 2 years ago  
You have an original PlayStation and all the games you ever wanted for it? 2 years ago  
I do too! 2 years ago  
I love meat too! 2 years ago  
You can try and jump of a bridge, and get stopped. Then talked out of it. It can happen. 2 years ago  
Okay. Thanks for your comment! 2 years ago  
Looks better, but honestly never played either. I am not a huge gamer. 2 years ago  
It is really good! 2 years ago  
What? 2 years ago  
I like many of Trump's policies, but I do not like him as a man. 2 years ago  
Okay. I think that Reagan was great, and have mixed feelings about Trump. 2 years ago  
Yes, Trump does deport illegal immigrants. 2 years ago  
:). Oh, you like Trump better than Reagan? Do you quite like Trump, or just more than Reagan? 2 years ago  
If you have a gun, that is very true. Sadly, people who do not/cannot own guns do not have the right to defend themselves. I agree with you though, if they kick me door down, that is bad news for them. That door was locked for their safety, not mine! 2 years ago  
Yes, race does not matter at all. Allen West has got it bang on! 2 years ago  
I know. I would not want it at all! 2 years ago  
Okay, that is good to hear. Thank you! 2 years ago  
Good for you! I wish I did not like sugar. I do not eat that much of it, but I do enjoy it. 2 years ago  
How about, kill myself so I do not have to do either? 2 years ago  
Awful choices! 2 years ago  
I would rather be single, actually. 2 years ago  
Tough. 2 years ago  
Just one yell every thirty minutes. Only problem is, sleep. 2 years ago  
Too true! 2 years ago  
Well, it depends. But mostly A. 2 years ago  
Yes, though it was not completely necessary. The description explained it, but the question should be the same as the description. So, yes, But right from the beginning, the description said everything. 2 years ago  
Never. 2 years ago  
No, she is marking questions she says are "unoriginal." I ask for proof, there is none. I know, it sounds so stupid. Sadly, it is the truth. She attacks me with no evidence whatsoever to back it up. 2 years ago  
Wow! 2 years ago  
Where? I notice you have not given a single link, although you have made a huge amount of accusations. You think that no proof is required. Fascinating. 2 years ago  
That is true. 2 years ago  
Thank you Dragah. Yes, I am new, and never seen this question before. Talcum hates me for no reason, and I have given up trying to see why. Like I said, there is no reason behind her hatred. 2 years ago  
I have never played any of the ones you listed, but my favorite 2015 game was Halo 5. Not sure what month that one came out. 2 years ago  
So do I. 2 years ago  
Exactly! Smart man! 2 years ago  
Unbelievable. 2 years ago  
No I did not. My point is that an area with one million people with no gun control laws, will have less shooting than another area with a million that has strict gun control. Just think logically TalcumPowder. 2 years ago  
Of course Antarctica will have less shootings than Switzerland. That is the point I am making. I am not using actual figures, I know the population of Antarctica is not three. 2 years ago  
Never played A, love B. 2 years ago  
Lol! 2 years ago  
This is a troll. 2 years ago  
Not at all! 2 years ago  
You can't. As soon as you hit A, it is gone. 2 years ago  
You would lose everything. 2 years ago  
I don't agree with everything you said, but Reagan was way better. 2 years ago  
Yes, it is true. Of course an area that has 350 million people will have more shooting than an area with three people. That is just obvious. 2 years ago  
Good to know! 2 years ago  
A very good question. I am more worried about the future, because I think it will be worse. We will probably have more problems five years from now, than we do now. 2 years ago  
Yes, because homework does not have to be done at home. 2 years ago  
You take karate? 2 years ago  
Your welcome. 2 years ago  
No. 2 years ago  
I never said he was. 2 years ago  
Fascism started with Mussolini. 2 years ago  
I did not. I have to go now, I can debate with you later. Unlike you, I actually have things to do, other than rrrather. 2 years ago  
I do not have a problem with both healthcare systems being available. However, government will find a way to take over, and it will lead to only public health care. Anything that is private liberal government wants to destroy. 2 years ago  
Your understanding of everything is absolutely pathetic, sorry. I never said that Hitler created Fascism. 2 years ago  
What difference does that make? 2 years ago  
"free" heath care does not exist. Nothing is free. Private health care gives far more options, and involves less government. 2 years ago  
Yes, that it true. However, you do not have to IDENTIFY yourself as a communist to be a left wing extremist. The Nazi's were very progressive, and even went so far as to call themselves socialist. But how could they call themselves communists? They hated Stalin. So, they had to call themselves something else. Fascist. 2 years ago  
What? 2 years ago  
Totally. I would not want A. 2 years ago  
Of course Hitler was a left wing extremest. The Nazis called themselves national socialist, they were a totalitarian government, they had big government, social programs, free health care, and much more left wing crap! Hitler was also anti communist, because the fascists and the communists were like two dogs fighting for the same bone. They had to distance themselves from each other, even though they thought alike. 2 years ago  
Not very often. 2 years ago  
Depends. 2 years ago +1
I think this is fairly obvious. 2 years ago +1
More of a threat, and he killed more. 2 years ago +1
No doubt! 2 years ago  
You have got to be kidding. 2 years ago +2
Then I can kill him! 2 years ago  
Heil Merkler? Just because you are German it does not make you Hitler. Plus, Hitler was a left wing extremist, Merkel is not. 2 years ago  
You have wasted so much for your life. Why would you write stupid things like that? Do you have any life outside of this site? I doubt it. 2 years ago  
Happy birthday! 2 years ago +1
Not yet. 2 years ago  
I think it is shocking! 2 years ago  
Thinking abortion is murder makes a lot of sense. A is just stupid. Do not confuse the two. 2 years ago +1
Of course they are not! 2 years ago  
Ho ho ho! 2 years ago  
I know what you mean! Is rather addicting? I read your profile description, I think it is really funny! 2 years ago  
Who? No one does. I am pro life, but A is just insane. I have never heard that before, who believes it? 2 years ago  
Really Musta? 2 years ago  
Not unless it was my only food source. 2 years ago  
Liberals! 2 years ago  
That is not what I was saying! I am saying that liberals, whether they be white, black, male or female, will hate you if you are a Republican white woman, or a Republican black man. 2 years ago  
Exactly! You disagree? 2 years ago  
Were I not conservative? It means that they only care about race if you are liberal. 2 years ago  
When did I say that black men hate Republicans. And I was not saying you chose you sexuality because I am homophobic. I said it because you are an asshole. Yes, I never swear, but that is the only word I can think of to describe you. 2 years ago  
Yes. They hate non white conservatives, and conservative women. They just pretend they do not exist. No liberal ever talked about Condoleezza Rice, the first female Secretary of State, and the first woman! 2 years ago  
Were I not conservative liberals would say that your comment was racist. A lot of them, at least. 2 years ago  
Homophobic? How am I homophobic? I think that gays are people, just like everyone else. And you just told me that race does not matter, and then you call ME, and Indian, racist. What is that all about? 2 years ago  
That is one! First of all, you are not a politician. Second of all, you do not have a good political knowledge or understanding. Three, you are just full of hate, so Lord knows what you believe. 2 years ago  
That is not even really a question, that is a poll. There is a difference. 2 years ago  
You said earlier that I have a sh*tty point of view on liberalism. To say that to me, could be interpreted as racism from a liberal point of view. Were I not conservative, that is. 2 years ago  
Find me some who don't. 2 years ago +1
You kind of have. And even if you have seen ten million questions, I still want proof! You can not give me any. This is how you are personally attacking me. You hate me for absolutely no reason, and so you say my questions are unoriginal garbage. When I ask for proof, you bring up your votes. Isn't that rich! 2 years ago  
They do. They always talk about race, and they make such a fuss when a non white person gets elected to political office, or in any context. 2 years ago +1
How am I an idiot? You are an idiot, and also just a piece of garbage. You think I am the problem, you are the problem. You just go around looking for problems. You probably chose to be lesbian because men hated you. Every woman on this planet will hate you too, soon enough. Or are you just hostile to some people, so it does not look as bad? 2 years ago  
What is your point? 2 years ago  
AGAIN, NO PROOF! 2 years ago  
Of course not! But they had the same gun control argument. And I notice you say my questions are unoriginal, yet you are unable to prove it. 2 years ago  
Where have you seen this? 2 years ago  
Technically, from a liberal's point of view, your comment could be considered racist. From my point of view however, you just have a serious problem. 2 years ago  
Do I? How is that? 2 years ago  
Where have you seen this? 2 years ago  
Where have you seen this? 2 years ago  
Where have you seen this? 2 years ago  
Show me where this was asked! 2 years ago  
Never. 2 years ago  
I see why you voted B. There are no questions to ask her other then "what is your problem?" 2 years ago  
This is actually you at your finest. You are one of the worst users on this site. 2 years ago  
She is always being hostile. Yelling is just part of it. She hates everything for no reason. Just ignore her. 2 years ago  
I only have one question for you. What is wrong with you? 2 years ago +4
To imitate you: "This question is unoriginal garbage!" 2 years ago  
Where I you I would say "This is unoriginal garbage!" 2 years ago  
Where I you TalcumPowder I would for no reason say "This question is unoriginal garbage!" 2 years ago  
COMMENT ON THE 50% AND PROVE IT! 2 years ago  
If you want to be a hostile idiot, get your facts right. Vote on ALL of my questions, and find unoriginal ones. Don't just say they are unoriginal, prove it! You are probably not interested, because you would rather lie, then find out what is correct. 2 years ago  
They are not! Have you seen more than one? 2 years ago  
I do not want to humiliate you, but yes, Rass is a little fat. Sorry man! 2 years ago  
Like a massage? Then what makes sex so special? For people who are in to that sort of thing, why not just masturbate. I really do not understand this, but I do not want to be a bigot. I want to hear the best reason for loving sex you have! 2 years ago  
Here, let me help you. Is the feeling sexually arousing, or physically comfortable? 2 years ago  
Well I have never masturbated, and never will! Back in India, it would be appalling to masturbate. Say that is backwards, that makes you racist, under liberal law. In South Korea, it would disgrace your family. Again, say that is backwards, and you are racist under liberal law. Those are two great nations socially! 2 years ago  
But if you have no argument, just please just say so. I do not want to keep writing if you are to vacuous to talk. 2 years ago  
Even if you have zero reason for why sex is great, that is your business. You can love it for no reason, and I can be critical of it for no reason. If you feel embarrassed because you can not defend your statement, I will be a gentlemen and let you walk away. However, if you have any argument has to why it is great, I am all ears! 2 years ago  
It would be interesting. Better him than Kanye! 2 years ago  
Done! 2 years ago  
I have played the new Super Smash Bros, but on 3DS. Is it much different than on the Wii U?I would give it about a 7. 2 years ago  
Neither can I. 2 years ago  
I am assuming that you masturbate then? 2 years ago  
This is just shocking! If it is "so great" explain it too me! I can explain to someone why something tastes great, even if they have never tasted it. Defend your argument! 2 years ago  
He does look bad. 2 years ago  
Nice one Goldenmoon! 2 years ago  
Okay, I have to like that one. 2 years ago  
LOL! 2 years ago  
How is it comfortable!? 2 years ago  
Why do you behave I like this? I cannot stand you! 2 years ago  
He was a terrible president, but you said we shouldn't debate on politics. 2 years ago  
Obama was awful. We do not agree politically, so we should not debate on this. He was however, a gentlemen when he left office, and that counts for something. 2 years ago +1
Oh no. They love Obama. 2 years ago  
Defend your argument better than that, please. How does orgasm make "sex so great.?" 2 years ago  
Okay, thanks. 2 years ago  
Oversensitive? I have heard rapists that have more respect for women and modesty than that guy. Don't get me wrong, I hate feminism! But how that guy talks it appalling! Tell me Rass, what is so great about sex. 2 years ago  
Misclick. It would not be that serious. It's not like I work naked, or do things I am not supposed to do. Speaking of, what the hell is our profile picture, elisae? Why would you want a naked woman with lots of tattoos as your pic? Not to be judgmental or anything, I am just wondering why? 2 years ago  
Of course not! Who do you think gets to pay for that? 2 years ago  
Knowing how is one thing. But can you do it is the real question. 2 years ago  
This has nothing to do with the question, but Alexw has not logged in for 10 days. Is he just inactive, or do you think he might actually be quitting? P.S. When can my question be posted on the "newest" category? Thanks guys! 2 years ago  
Trump is way better than Obama. Boo-Rad, is Trump still on the fence for you? 2 years ago +1
LOL, that must be a joke. Witty was no sexist, even if I never knew him. I have viewed his questions, and there is absolutely no proof of sexism. 2 years ago  
LOL, that must be a joke. Witty was no sexist, even if I never knew him. I have viewed his questions, and there is absolutely no proof of sexism. 2 years ago  
You were a great legend that sadly, I never met. Perhaps one day the inactive lazy Alexw will let you reopen your account, and you will be back. The chances are almost zero, but good bye. I wish I had met you. 2 years ago  
In the end, I will be glad I chose this. 2 years ago  
I am a guy. 2 years ago  
I would never know, right? 2 years ago  
Is that what you look like Rass? If it is, I like your profile picture WAY better. 2 years ago  
Perverted, playboy, vacuous pig! Go to hell! 2 years ago +1
Okay, got to go. Nice debating with you, and we can talk later/tomorrow. 2 years ago  
Enhance capitalism. Then, for job that are currently low paying, yet essential, make sure they pay more. Government can afford to do this, if the economy is wealthy. If there are plenty of wealthy people, than there will be a wealthy economy. 2 years ago  
It took you long enough! 2 years ago  
It does not have to be that way. 2 years ago  
What do they do? Let me tell you. They find a better job. But as you say, manual laborers do not make very much, and we need them. But if the economy is wealthy, then manual laborers can get payed more. The wealthy the people, the wealthy the country. Provided the people's money is not coming directly from government. 2 years ago  
I also notice you are silent. Is this what you always do when you loose? 2 years ago  
Not anyone. 2 years ago  
Oh yes, they oppose capital punishment. However, they think that innocent children should be murdered, and people do not have the right to defend themselves. Communists however, are even worse. They have killed over 100 million people. 2 years ago  
Your arguments keep getting worse, and you are evading the question. Why will there always be poor people? 2 years ago  
Why will there always be poor people? 2 years ago  
But let me offer you my definition of social justice: I keep what I earn, you keep what you earn. Disagree? Then how much of what I earn is yours, and why? 2 years ago  
His feet died, that does not mean they hurt. 2 years ago  
The Gauls are defeated. 2 years ago  
If you had any empathy in your soul, you would encourage people to work hard, and keep government out there lives. As a libertarian, ilovefreedom gets liberty. So do I. 2 years ago  
Yes and no. A manual labourer works hard, but there job is also unskilled. A CEO has moved into that position, through a different kind of hard work. CEO should get payed more, do you disagree? 2 years ago  
When I see commercials about starving children, I feel sad. I feel sad for them, and for the people here. The left is trying to destroy our economies. Soon, we will be no better off than them, and no one will be able to help us. 2 years ago  
Would there? In the United States of America, the only limitation is how hard you work. Everyone could be rich if they worked hard, and the nation would be even greater. Sadly, the left is trying to destroy that. 2 years ago  
I am no centrist. You are a communist! 2 years ago  
They will hate you either way if you are a Republican. 2 years ago  
Capitalism, matthew, capitalism! It is the key to success, a a good economy of hard working people. 2 years ago  
You want to help children starving in China? You create an economy where if they work hard, they can get whatever they want. Not murder them. 2 years ago  
Much rarer. 2 years ago  
Capitalism! 2 years ago  
I have never played the zombie version of COD. 2 years ago  
Intelligence>Discipline>Strength. 2 years ago  
Misclick! It does not work for me. 2 years ago  
She is not very attractive. 2 years ago  
Anon67, do not be so sensitive. I am Indian too, and I can say that race does not matter. This question is not offensive, it is just boring. 2 years ago  
I have 0 chance in B. I have almost zero chance in A. 2 years ago  
I think pretty much everyone has. 2 years ago  
Really? 2 years ago  
A fair question. 2 years ago  
Too true. 2 years ago  
What kind of a sexual encounter, and how did it begin and end? 2 years ago  
I just looked her up. I do not have to read about her to tell she is a slut. I see why you hate her, and good for you! 2 years ago  
What chance does Noam Chomsky have? 2 years ago  
Where in the ocean, and how long do I have before a train comes? 2 years ago  
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