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    Creationism or evolution? That isn't a question  
    I really don't like the big spiders!  
    I don't pee in the shower and I'm not lying. If you want to pee in the shower, that's fine, but don't call me a liar for not doing it!!  
    I think that by stopping polution, a lot of animals will be spared.  
    rather the short pain  
    I already regret my choice  
    Rebecca Black made a bad song, but for the rest, she's nothing special. Justin Bieber doesn't only make bad music on a regular basis (can be debated), but is also a douchebag (cannot be debated)  
    As long as it's the prison from my country (Belgium)  
    Even if you could talk to animals, they probably don't have anything good to say.  
    I don't drink starbucks, so this one's easy for me  
    If I'm gonna marry a guy instead of a girl, than he'd better be stinking rich!  
    can I punch a tire?  
    Cancer is a rich people (or 1st world country) desease and I think that it's good that people die, to counter overpopulation in US/EU/CH/JP/... and yes, I've lost people to cancer.  
    At least I'd have a car  
    Marvel has the coolest, but Batman is the coolest. Difficult.  
    Don't like cars.  
    Galaxy for me plz!  
    Just say no.  
    Cause it says HD.  
    Don't know the other one, but I've laughed quite a bit at Spongebob, even though the new episodes are lame.  
    Not a big fan of either of them, you can give me the old Disney movies, like Lion King, Tarzan, Hunchback of ND, ...  
    If you haven't seen the Hunchback of the Notre dame (or Mulan), than your vote is meaningless. I get that Mulan is more popular and has a more feministic point, but I fell in love with the Hunchback when I was little and no other movie can beat that!  
    Preferably none...  
    Depends on whether or not you've commited a crime, I suppose. And if you did, what crime as well.  
    What's the difference?  
    Something tells me that those who chose the first answer do nothing for others.  
    Parents? Lottery?  
    Haha, God, Fictional!! Love it. The truth has been spoken!  
    Lovely question  
    I prefer food over a movie.  
    Small dogs are cats - Ron Swanson  
    Wizard as in Jace the Mindsculptor, definetly. Although ninja's are cool as well!  
    The Americans had it coming!  
    The power of manipulation!  
    Love this one!  
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