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    I'm a white girl and I hate Starbucks  
    you could just be underweight and gain more, I feel like it would be easier to gain weight  
    It didn't say half your height  
    If you lived twice as long all your friends would die  
    Yes v  
    Yes v  
    Then they'd be too sad to come to my funeral  
    If u cant die u would always lose ur friends and family  
    but thats how u die then u wouldn't be finding out how u die  
    ewww whoever made this must be a cannibal  
    my last words should be THERE BETTER BE INTERNET CONNECT-  
    if hitler wasn't their then someone else would be like hitler  
    they look so much alike  
    I would make my sis do it  
    but I need electricity for Internet  
    is futere a planet or sometin  
    Teletubbies r prverts  
    I LOOOVE Pretty Little Liars I'm acctualy watching it as I answer this question  
    I could mess up their lifes  
    most of my ancestors r german  
    I dont wanna drink beer  
    Did any1 else see the red button and just pushed it  
    I have a lot of German in me +1
    it drives men mad but women... welp im awomen  
    wut bout preschoo,  
    omg yasssss didgeridoo  
    us is right next to canada so its closer to family  
    im in the middle  
    u can loose weight but not do tgat much to become pretty +1
    i hate taylor and as long as it was nice about me yeah  
    it says wut would u rather eat so u ate it b4 anything else happened don be stupid use ur brain  
    u eat it with the butter r u stupid  
    who saw avavtar and immediatly clicked the other one  
    one bff with many oter friends  
    icecream cakes  
    Id yell im electric baby  
    mcdonalds has the best fries thou  
    flats cuz if ur a girl then u know  
    its ow healthy and nice they are  
    call me Katelyn queen of narwhals from now on  
    im a woman and also no internet  
    every place that has had communism failed and u live in the us which is capitalist  
    google translate duh  
    hamster fur?  
    my friend would set me up and it would be all good  
    diapers i could be a giant baby  
    god is real sooo if u choose option a they would both be real  
    a little could be a milaseconf +1
    im already in acting class and i have a bad voice  
    umm no internet back then  
    u can change ur body but u cant exactly change ur face  
    its called moving  
    u can add drinks in ur food  
    if we started over their would be a new hitler  
    I could live at the very edge of canada closest to Minnesota then I could visit family alot more  
    cuz america is awesome  
    im not a lesbian  
    perfume has less if u get this little bottles and id smell pretty +1
    chocolate icecream wala  
    i dont wanna be a guy id rather be a girl  
    their both good but dark chocolate is terrrible  
    it means ur paralyzed from the waist down  
    I hate cofee but if it ad whipcream it would probably be better  
    Ramsay cuz Ramsay sounds like Ramsey and i live in Ramsey idk either  
    i do my homework the day its due and finish it during class and turn it in at the end of class  
    my fave celeb doesn't even say crap soo if he doesn't swear I dontthink he could be bad  
    i dont wanna live forever I wanna meet god  
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