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I'm a white girl and I hate Starbucks 2 years ago  
I'd feel bad for the baby but less would die :( 2 years ago  
you could just be underweight and gain more, I feel like it would be easier to gain weight 2 years ago  
It didn't say half your height 2 years ago  
If you lived twice as long all your friends would die 2 years ago  
Yes v 2 years ago  
Yes v 2 years ago  
Then they'd be too sad to come to my funeral 2 years ago  
but my dad doesn't have to like the girlfriend if I was a lesbian 3 years ago  
ok i dont have a girlfriend and my bff is a girl sooo 3 years ago  
I already learned about b 3 years ago +1
why would u want option A they would get in the way and they r heavy 3 years ago  
I will be a narwhal that is super soft and rainbow 3 years ago  
I have skype but most of my friends have google hangouts 90% of them 3 years ago  
armed robbery 3 years ago  
I don wanna man I wanna be a woman 3 years ago +1
I could haunt ppl 3 years ago  
u cant drink anything else but u could just eat ice cubes for a drink 3 years ago  
Option C neither 3 years ago +1
I thought it said what is better 3 years ago  
I'm only gon get more likes cuz its opposite day 3 years ago +4
constapated overweight old loser noway 3 years ago  
CHINEESE FOOD YUM 3 years ago  
Ive been to georgia and its bootiful 3 years ago  
I will just stand next to my three least favorite ppl 3 years ago  
im a girl sooo 3 years ago  
it says u rule the world for ten years then u wouldn't be ruling the world for ten years sooo 3 years ago  
If u cant die u would always lose ur friends and family 3 years ago  
but thats how u die then u wouldn't be finding out how u die 3 years ago  
I will get to play on my laptop longer 3 years ago  
WHEN PIGS FLYYYY I WILL DIEEEEE that will be my life motto hehe 3 years ago  
ewww whoever made this must be a cannibal 3 years ago  
my last words should be THERE BETTER BE INTERNET CONNECT- 3 years ago  
u can kill urself anytime 3 years ago  
if hitler wasn't their then someone else would be like hitler 3 years ago  
if im in front all is fine 3 years ago  
I could be the front 3 years ago  
girls can be circumcised look it up 3 years ago +1
I just wont have a son 3 years ago  
they look so much alike 3 years ago  
I would make my sis do it 3 years ago  
but I need electricity for Internet 3 years ago  
is futere a planet or sometin 3 years ago  
Teletubbies r prverts 3 years ago  
I LOOOVE Pretty Little Liars I'm acctualy watching it as I answer this question 3 years ago  
I could mess up their lifes 3 years ago  
most of my ancestors r german 3 years ago  
I dont wanna drink beer 3 years ago  
Did any1 else see the red button and just pushed it 3 years ago  
I have a lot of German in me 3 years ago +1
it drives men mad but women... welp im awomen 3 years ago  
preschool 3 years ago  
wut bout preschoo, 3 years ago  
omg yasssss didgeridoo 3 years ago  
us is right next to canada so its closer to family 3 years ago  
im in the middle 3 years ago  
u can loose weight but not do tgat much to become pretty 3 years ago +1
i hate taylor and as long as it was nice about me yeah 3 years ago  
it says wut would u rather eat so u ate it b4 anything else happened don be stupid use ur brain 3 years ago  
u eat it with the butter r u stupid 3 years ago  
when ur teacher gives u an assignment on sex shes crazy 3 years ago  
immediately* 3 years ago  
avatar* 3 years ago  
who saw avavtar and immediatly clicked the other one 3 years ago  
IM ELECTRIC BABY 3 years ago  
but if i were a girl i guess i would be... 3 years ago  
im a girl 3 years ago +1
it doesn't say never 3 years ago  
it would be a fight about whos the happiest 3 years ago  
i could have a plushie hoard 3 years ago  
im a girl sooo 3 years ago  
one bff with many oter friends 3 years ago  
icecream cakes 3 years ago  
Id yell im electric baby 3 years ago  
mcdonalds has the best fries thou 3 years ago  
flats cuz if ur a girl then u know 3 years ago  
its ow healthy and nice they are 3 years ago  
call me Katelyn queen of narwhals from now on 3 years ago  
im a woman and also no internet 3 years ago  
every place that has had communism failed and u live in the us which is capitalist 3 years ago  
google translate duh 3 years ago  
hamster fur? 3 years ago  
my friend would set me up and it would be all good 3 years ago  
diapers i could be a giant baby 3 years ago  
god is real sooo if u choose option a they would both be real 3 years ago  
second* 3 years ago  
a little could be a milaseconf 3 years ago +1
well i was just having a water gun fight.... 3 years ago  
im already in acting class and i have a bad voice 3 years ago  
u dont have to have it cut 3 years ago  
umm no internet back then 3 years ago  
im a girl 3 years ago  
u can change ur body but u cant exactly change ur face 3 years ago  
I only get grounded for a day sooo 3 years ago  
its called moving 3 years ago  
u can add drinks in ur food 3 years ago  
if we started over their would be a new hitler 3 years ago  
I could live at the very edge of canada closest to Minnesota then I could visit family alot more 3 years ago  
cuz america is awesome 3 years ago  
im not a lesbian 3 years ago  
perfume has less if u get this little bottles and id smell pretty 3 years ago +1
lose weight 3 years ago  
chocolate icecream wala 3 years ago  
i dont wanna be a guy id rather be a girl 3 years ago  
some* 3 years ago  
it is kinda sexist and offensive probably to somme 3 years ago  
their both good but dark chocolate is terrrible 3 years ago  
it means ur paralyzed from the waist down 3 years ago  
I hate cofee but if it ad whipcream it would probably be better 3 years ago  
OREOOOS 3 years ago  
Ramsay cuz Ramsay sounds like Ramsey and i live in Ramsey idk either 3 years ago  
i do my homework the day its due and finish it during class and turn it in at the end of class 3 years ago  
my fave celeb doesn't even say crap soo if he doesn't swear I dontthink he could be bad 3 years ago  
i dont wanna live forever I wanna meet god 3 years ago  
putting down animals in this case puppies 3 years ago  
it means putting down puppies 3 years ago  

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